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Don’t Be a Jack of all Trades with Dean Hallett – TSH #060 {audio}

Understanding your weaknesses is important, but how you make up for the deficit will differentiate you as a leader. Having knowledge and understanding is important, but if you try to “know-it-all, do-it-all” you will lose focus on your strengths and your leadership will be less effective. Dr. Brandi and guest, Dean Hallett, former CFO of […]


Collaborating with the Competition with Remiah Trask – TSH #059 {audio}

We are saying goodbye to the days of back-stabbing competition or creating a culture of survival of the fittest. Organizations are learning that internal collaboration produces more innovative ideas and positively affects the bottom line. Dr. Brandi and guest, Remiah Trask, Founder of Design Baton Rouge, discuss how internal and external collaboration is the path […]


How to Score like the Vegas Golden Knights with Dennis Bernstein – TSH #058 {audio}

Vegas Golden Knights arrival into the NHL and Las Vegas shattered expectations, and the success was highly reliant on local support, unity, teamwork and community involvement. How can we apply this to life? Dr. Brandi and guest, Dennis Bernstein, sports journalist and radio host of The Fourth Period, discuss lessons learned by the expansion team’s […]


Visible in an Invisible Role with Nicole Wright – TSH #057 {audio}

Whether you’re one of 100 employees with the same title or working in a department with little organizational impact, sometimes we find ourselves in a position that makes us feel invisible. How can you spotlight your successes without being promoted or seeming like a braggart of your accomplishments? Dr. Brandi and guest, Nicole Wright, Program […]


Building a Leadership Community with John Janclaes – TSH #056 {audio}

Networking and creating influence are incredibly important to the success of any leader, but once you have started this journey how do you build on this? Dr. Brandi and guest, John Janclaes, CEO of Partners Federal Credit Union and Founder of The CEO Corner, discuss the importance of incorporating and collaborating with other like-minded leaders […]


Leadership: Education or Experience with Josh Allison – TSH #055 {audio}

What was once a coveted and predictable ladder for success no longer is enough. More and more first-time employees are entering the workforce formally educated with an ever-increasing variety of degrees. However, once a market differentiator, the degree has now become mainstream. As more of the positions we strive for require a formal college degree, […]


Leadership Lessons from Rockstar Legends with Brian Lee – TSH #054 {audio}

Consistency and the ability to evolve are not only essential for great leadership but are imbued attributes that attract others and build a community. Could it be that our best case study is no further than the tips of our earbuds? Dr. Brandi and guest, Brian Lee, CFO from Landings Credit Union, discuss how what […]


Hotbox Magic: How to Podcast with Scott Whitney – TSH #053 {audio}

When it comes to leadership, many people forget to celebrate. Celebrate your wins, celebrate your movement, celebrate when you kick ass! Many often ask, why create a podcast? We wanted our message of taking control of your life and achieving greatness to reach as many as possible, and the Hotbox has done just that. Dr. […]


Managing Your Boss with Tyler Valentine – TSH #052 {audio}

Your job is always a little bit easier when you get along with your boss. But how can you maximize the success, for both your boss and yourself? You must learn how to manage your boss. Being able to anticipate their needs, keep them on track and focused and prototyping solutions when issues arrive ensures […]


Leading the Virtual Workforce with Kellan Kautzman – TSH #051 {audio}

The way we work has changed exponentially in just the past three decades. With technology allowing us to work how, where and when we want, the workforce has evolved from cubicle farms to open space offices, collaborative business settings like WeWork and to the home. But this change requires us to change how we lead […]


Leadership in the Gig Economy with Patricia Barretto – TSH #050 {audio}

The workforce is continuing to transform in the global market and more are turning to the gig economy, becoming independent contractors and creating their own professional and leadership journey working for several companies instead of just one. Dr. Brandi Stankovic and guest, Patricia Barretto, Market Manager at GMR Marketing, discuss how to keep a team […]


Diversity: Time to Walk the Talk with Stacey Walker – TSH #049 {audio}

Globally, businesses are having conversations about diversity, but where is the action? A solution will not be easily implemented, and several companies have made great strides to create authentically diverse workplaces, but we must each, individually, invest in this now and for the future. Dr. Brandi Stankovic and guest, Stacey Walker, Board Director of XCEL […]


Get Lost to Find Yourself with Mario Vega – TSH #048 {audio}

There are certain milestones in your life where you grow and begin to find yourself. High School graduation and your entire collegiate experience, buying a house and starting a family are just a few. But sometimes, the best way to truly find yourself is to get lost. Dr. Brandi Stankovic and guest, Mario Vega, discuss […]


Philanthropy and Leadership with Dani Dawson – TSH #047 {audio}

What does it truly mean to be philanthropic? And what does it have to do with leadership? Dr. Brandi and guest, Dani Dawson, Executive Director of Development from UC San Diego discuss the difference between charity and philanthropy and how you can use the traits of philanthropists to increase your leadership and organizational value.


Gen Xers: The Forgotten Generation? With Heather Anderson – TSH #044 {audio}

When it comes to the generations in the workplace, Millennials get all the attention. But what about Gen X? They are getting ready to take over leadership as Baby Boomers retire, but why is there not focus on how they lead or what they do? Dr. Brandi Stankovic and guest, Heather Anderson, Co-Founder of OmniChannel […]


Army Command to Civilian Leadership with Jonathan Silk – TSH #043 {audio}

At some point in your leadership career you will need to make a transition. What happens when that next transition is unknown or unexpected? Dr. Brandi Stankovic and guest, Jonathan Silk, former Army Commander turned entrepreneur discuss transitioning to civilian life and the leadership gained from our armed forces.


Disruptor or Just Disrupting with Shana Richardson – TSH #042 {audio}

Disruption is a buzzword circling the business world and does not look to disappear anytime soon. Lyft, WeWork and Blue Apron are all companies who have disrupted their industries, but what does disruption truly mean? Dr. Brandi Stankovic and guest, Shana Richardson, CEO of Ser Technologies discuss what makes a disruptor and take us on […]


Size Doesn’t Matter with Nanci Wilson – TSH #041 {audio}

Discrimination is top of mind when referring to race, gender or sexual orientation, but what about size? There are so many people in the world who struggle with weight and the judgement against them is debilitating. Dr. Brandi Stankovic and guest, Nanci Wilson, discuss how to create a perspective and outlook in life that will […]


Networking in Everyday Encounters with Zachary Hall – TSH #040 {audio}

People dread networking events. Attempting to chat with strangers and build relationships can seem inauthentic and nerve-wracking. What if, instead of fearing these events, you took every opportunity to create a connection? Dr. Brandi Stankovic and Zachary Hall, author of Don’t Sleep On Planes, give you tips to create a more diverse network and how […]


100 Ways to Love with Jaawan Arrington – TSH #039 {audio}

With the recent tragedy that literally hit home for The Strategic Hotbox here in Las Vegas on October 1, we felt it was important to focus on LOVE. So many of our friends, family and listeners from across the world reached out we felt the need to do the same for all of you. Dr. […]