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214: You have too many skills... and that's crippling you!

Many newer entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs are paralyzed by the variety of their skills... putting them in an endless loop of not knowing what to do. In today's episode you'll learn how to take a step back and figure out which of your skills should be relevant to your business.


213: How to start a podcast for less than $150 explained in 5 minutes

One of the most common people question ask is "how do I start a podcast" In today's episode you'll learn how to do it in less than 5 minutes with less than $150 of startup costs using a Blue Yeti microphone, Audacity, Fiverr, and Libsyn.


212: STOP procrastination for good with the 5 second rule

In today's episode you'll learn about Mel Robbins' 5 Second Rule to end procrastination. "The rule is simple: The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal you must act on in it immediately (or within five seconds) — otherwise your brain will start leaning towards procrastination."


211: $0 to $10K/mo in less than 12 months w/ Nate Bagley

Nate Bagley is an entrepreneur, speaker, and podcaster at Nate has launched a series of events throughout Utah called "Date Nights" and is the founder of the 1% Club, designed to help couples deepen their relationships through positive communication and connection. Visit his website at and follow him on Instagram at @Loveumentary.


210: Is it possible to give away too much for free?

You've heard it a million times before... "lead with value." In today's episode you'll learn what it means when you feel like you're "giving away too much information" for free in your marketing and lead generation efforts.


209: If you don't stop this, you'll NEVER succeed

EVERY entrepreneur (and person) is guilty of having excusitis. In today's episode you'll hear how if you DON'T start taming your excusitis, you'll never succeed... with a powerful excerpt from The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David J Schwartz.


208: The WRONG question that newer entrepreneurs love to ask

Beginner entrepreneurs often ask about marketing. It's easy to get excited by the world of funnels, email autoresponders, and "automated income," but in today's episode we talk about the RIGHT question to be asking and focusing on at the beginning.


207: Easy customer retention strategies that will GAIN you more customers (that all businesses can use!)

Every business should be focusing on customer retention... and if you start using simple customer retention strategies in your business it can also GAIN you more customers! In today's episode you'll get two real-life examples of GOOD and BAD customer retention.


206: There's no such thing as a setback

Today's episode is based around an excerpt from Advanced Magic: A Course in Manifesting an Exceptional Life (Book 3) by Genevieve Davis. "One of the more delightful consequences of this is that the Advanced Magician knows there is literally no such thing as a setback. There are no disasters. There are only stepping-stones to something greater. Look for the roses, let everything be okay, don’t be impatient, get completely out of the way, and watch the Magic happen. ‘But I want to make...


205: The art of storytelling as an entrepreneur w/ Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray is an entrepreneur and bestselling author who helps startups and small businesses grow with storytelling and content marketing. He has helped hundreds of startups and small businesses create scalable content marketing strategies. His book The Story Engine outlines his process for making content marketing and brand storytelling easy and effective.


204: Six things newbie entrepreneurs do that do more harm than good

Nat Harward is an endurance athlete and entrepreneur, and in today’s episode we discuss SIX things that newbie entrepreneurs do that cause more harm than good when it comes to growing their businesses. Follow Nat on Instagram at @natharward or visit his website at


203: What frustrated endurance athlete and entrepreneur Nat Harward here in LA

Nat Harward is an endurance athlete and entrepreneur, and in today's episode he reveals how his frustrations on the tennis court in Los Angeles this weekend parallel with his 6+ year journey as an entrepreneur, and which areas of focus helped him find success as a successful entrepreneur.


202: How Jenny Watzka did $40K in sales in her first 3 months as an entrepreneur

Jenny Watzka is a strategic business coach who generated $10K in revenue in her first month in business, and closed over $40K in sales in her first three months. As a long-time listener and fan of the Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur Podcast, Jenny reveals the exact things she focused on to go from wanting to be an entrepreneur to exploding out of the gates as a successful location-independent entrepreneur.


201: The truths about the business of BLOGGING

In today's episode you'll learn the difference between having your blog be your business versus having your blog as a part of your business.


200: How taking a step backward is a step in the right direction

In today's episode you'll get some relief about your own entrepreneurial journey and path, and some assurance about the path that success typically takes.


199: Taming your inner critic w/ Petra Kolber

Petra Kolber is an internationally renowned fitness expert and wellness leader who is known throughout the industry as a crusader for change and a beacon of authentic happiness. In her 25 years in the fitness world she has starred in and choreographed sixty award winning videos and fitness programs, and has spoken live to thousands of motivated followers. She has been the face and voice of leading food and fitness companies such as Reebok, Spry Living and California Walnuts. Her book is...


198: The hidden secret to Facebook Ads

Everyone is constantly looking for the "secret" to running a successful Facebook Ads campaign. In today's episode you'll learn the real secret behind Facebook Ads, and why you should invest ALL of your time in your market, your messaging, and your offer.


197: The mindset of world class tennis pros w/ Ian Westermann

Ian Westermann is a tennis pro and the founder of Essential Tennis, the world's largest online tennis instructional company. In today's episode you'll hear how the mindset behind successful tennis players directly correlates with the mindset of successful entrepreneurs.


196: Are you destined for greatness as an entrepreneur?

The feeling of being destined for greatness can be freeing or crippling. In today's episode we get real about that feeling and how you know if it's true or not... as well as understanding of what the road to greatness consists of.


195: How a tennis coach built an online empire w/ Ian Westermann

Ian Westermann has gone from a tennis coach to launching and running the world's largest tennis instructional company, with over 30m views on YouTube and over 100,000 subscribers, with thousands of tennis players around the world buying his programs and courses. In today's episode you'll learn how he got started from scratch and built an online tennis empire.