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The Wealth Standard is spending all of 2018 celebrating the principals of "Life, Liberty & Property". Join us as we separate this year's episodes into 3, 120-day, seasons! Season -1 is "Life", Season -2 is "Liberty" & we finish out 2018 with "Property", season - 3! Please leave us a review, let's make 2018 an incredible year!

The Wealth Standard is spending all of 2018 celebrating the principals of "Life, Liberty & Property". Join us as we separate this year's episodes into 3, 120-day, seasons! Season -1 is "Life", Season -2 is "Liberty" & we finish out 2018 with "Property", season - 3! Please leave us a review, let's make 2018 an incredible year!
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The Wealth Standard is spending all of 2018 celebrating the principals of "Life, Liberty & Property". Join us as we separate this year's episodes into 3, 120-day, seasons! Season -1 is "Life", Season -2 is "Liberty" & we finish out 2018 with "Property", season - 3! Please leave us a review, let's make 2018 an incredible year!




Objectivism And The Success Of An Entrepreneur With Dr. David Kelley

Objectivism is the belief that certain things, especially moral truths, exist independently of human knowledge or perception of them. On today’s show, Dr. David Kelley describes the concept of objectivism and its four pillars, as well as the most common, refutes for these tenets. He also discusses the relevance of objectivism as it relates to the success of an entrepreneur. Dr. Kelley is a professional philosopher, teacher, and writer. He is also the Founder of The Atlas Society and the...


Achieving Financial Literacy And Freedom With Sharon Lechter

Everybody wants to be financially free, but are they willing to take action? For today’s segment, financial literacy expert, keynote speaker, and best-selling author Sharon Lechter teaches about financial freedom in its barest definition and shares how you can achieve it. Sharon co-authored the international bestseller, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and fourteen other books in the Rich Dad series. She recalls the inspiration that started her into financial education and how this literacy can be a...


Lessons From Fighting For Your Business And Entrepreneurial Life with George Foreman III

We all need transformational experiences in our lives to bring more sense to it. For George "Monk" Foreman III, he turns to boxing as his way of becoming better in handling situations both in business and our personal life. Founder of EverybodyFights and serving as a business manager and Executive VP of George Foreman Enterprises Inc., he peels off the layers of fighting and how it can be applied to the business world. Moreover, George gives some interesting notes on how fighting helps us...


Why Certain Societies Succeed And Others Fail with Dr. Richard Rahn

Why do certain societies succeed and why do others fail? Former Economic Advisor to President George W. Bush and currently the Chairman of the Institute for Global Economic Growth Dr. Richard Rahn sheds some light on this question as he shares his perspectives on successful and unsuccessful environments. As an entrepreneur, he lends his understanding of how businesses and people affect economies. He talks about how only a few understand the importance of respecting structures which led to...


Reality Over Influence with Erik Fogg

Your reality is shaped by your education, where you live, and what you consume. How do you view people with different beliefs? Is there a way to bridge the polarity in society? And, how should an entrepreneur respond to influence? Patrick Donohoe gets the answers from Erik Fogg, an author, CEO, and co-host of the ReConsider podcast. Erik introduces his book, Wedged: How You Became a Tool of the Partisan Political Establishment, which talks about the way you can open your mind to the...


Financial Freedom For Millennials with Daniel Ameduri

The road to financial freedom has always been dictated by financial norms, a lot of which don’t really seem like freedom at all. Editor and the Founder of Future Money Trends, Daniel Ameduri, talks about financial freedom and what it looks like for the Millennials. Walking us through the concepts of his book, Don’t Save for Retirement: A Millennial’s Guide to Financial Freedom, Daniel notes that the Baby Boomer generation has inculcated in most Millennials the idea of saving for their...


Becoming A Tech Company with Jared Hobbs

If you want to survive in today’s global business, you have no option but to become a tech company. Experienced software engineer and entrepreneur Jared Hobbs shares his insights into what companies are doing these days that most people are not entirely aware of. As he dives deeper into how companies have evolved and are evolving, he also discusses how this evolution has impacted the tech world. Jared shares some concepts on how to get investors and how and when to capitalize your company...


The Driving Principles Of Human Progress with Dr. Walter E. Williams

Human progress and societal growth almost always influence each other. The increased pressure and the ability of man to rise to challenges paves the way for more learning and growth. In this episode, Patrick Donohoe interviews Dr. Walter E. Williams, an economist, commentator, and academic, to talk about societal or human progress. Dr. Williams explains that the core driving principles and structure of society is paramount to the idea of capitalism and discusses the environment in which...


Doing Business Your Own Way.. And Succeeding! with Kim Butler

Positive influence from significant people can bring a positive impact to your ventures in life and in business. In this episode, Kim Butler, the Founder of Partners for Prosperity and Cofounder of Prosperity Economics Movement, walks us through her experiences in business. Inspired by Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach, Kathy Kolbe, and Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, she relates how their guidance and definition of success has given her the freedom to be herself. Shaping your habits can pave the way...


A Conversation Around Politics, Entrepreneurship, And The Dynamics Of Capitalism with Peter Wehner

Capitalism is the greatest economic system in human history because it's lifted more people out of poverty than any system in human history and allowed for the conditions for great human flourishing and great technological advancements. This is according to Peter Wehner, a New York Times contributing Op-Ed writer covering American politics and conservative thought and a popular media commentator on politics. Wehner is also a veteran of three White House administrations and author of the...


Mentoring And Shaping Effective Business Leaders with Tom Donohoe

When asked to open a new law firm office in a different market, business leader, problem-solver, and health care attorney Tom Donohoe shares how he was able to apply basic entrepreneurial principles to establish their business. As someone who’s not averse to doing the leg work, he was able to build a client base in a new market and entice other lawyers to join the firm by running around forming relationships and connections. Together with his brother, host Patrick Donohoe, they discuss the...


Mid-Season Recap: Lessons On Entrepreneurship

We are only halfway through the season, and we have been learning a number of great things from numerous guests on our theme of entrepreneurship. In this special episode, host, Patrick Donohoe gives a recap of the main core principles from the season so far. Calling back the past seasons’ themes, he weaves these lessons into capitalism and 2018’s life, liberty, and the pursuit of property. Don’t miss out on this great wisdom compiled and delivered to you, and learn more about defining what...


Overcoming Adversities And Keeping The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive Through Tenacity with Ron Coury

Most of life’s greatest moments happen behind its curveballs. The only way we come out of it is by having the tenacity and persistence to go through the challenges without giving up. Someone whose life has been embodying this is Ron Coury. Ron has been a casino dealer and a realtor, as well as a partner in restaurants and gaming bars, major graphics and glass companies, and several automobile dealerships throughout the western United States. He gives us a peek into his book, Tenacity: A...


The World From An Anarchist-Anachronist-Economist's View with Dr. David Friedman

American economist, physicist, legal scholar, and libertarian theorist, Dr. David Friedman, enlightens us about his view of the world by title, which is the anarchist-anachronist-economist. As he breaks down each of these three terms, he shares his understanding of each based on how they apply to his life. Dr. Friedman has written numerous books, including the notable Legal Systems Very Different From Ours where he describes a number of societies and how they work. He also gives a brief...


Chris Martenson on How The Money Works In The System, The Economy, And The World

There are some remarkable people who never let their curiosity die even as the world fails to provide them an answer. Chris Martenson, the co-Founder of Peak Prosperity, kept on seeking the answers to how the money works in the system, how it was created, and how the economy works. In this episode, we peel back some of the layers on the knowledge and insights gained from his perspective of the world as he taps into how we can create a world worth inheriting, not only from the economic side...


The Company Of One Mindset: Rethinking Growth In Business with Paul Jarvis

The common way of measuring success in business is always done in terms of growth. However, for writer, designer, and entrepreneur, Paul Jarvis, not every growth makes sense. In the age that we live in now where technology has made everything easy for businesses big and small, Paul shares how growth should still be able to keep businesses enriching our lives and not having it take over us. He shares how we can achieve that through having the "company of one" mindset which he presents in his...


Beerud Sheth on Freelancing Platforms, The Global Gig Economy, And The Future Of Work

The internet has ushered in a world of connectivity not only in our daily and personal interactions but also in our professional space. For many entrepreneurs, this means having to reach people across the globe to work towards a common goal. Having previously founded and led Elance, now known as Upwork, Beerud Sheth has undeniably opened up a big market for people in any part of the world to connect and work together online. Now, Beerud is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of...


Forecasting The Next Financial Crisis with William D. Cohan

Wall Street guys are always going to be able to outrun the regulators, but the regulators are still going to have the last word. A former senior Wall Street M&A investment banker for seventeen years, William D. Cohan shares his wisdom on the relationship between Wall Street and the entrepreneur. The New York Times bestselling author of three non-fiction narratives about Wall Street, he reveals the risks in investing in initial public offerings and the lessons learned from the financial...


Facts And Fallacies On Becoming Wealthy with Dr. Greg S. Reid

Dr. Greg S. Reid, the author of Wealth Made Easy, questions a lot of the ways in which he was taught about wealth and pursuing your purpose and dreams. Dr. Reid says that many of those are actually fallacies on becoming wealthy. He shares his understandings on wealth and success throughout the decade which he highlights in his book and reveals how he mastered his own business by seeing things from a different viewpoint. As he explains why he was not bought into network marketing, he stresses...


Understanding The Laws Of Human Nature with Robert Greene

A successful entrepreneur doesn't exist without people. However, sometimes, we tend to have a problem dealing with others. In reality, people are social animals and it is important to know how to get along with people. Robert Greene, an international bestselling author, talks about his recent book, The Laws of Human Nature. In his book, Robert walks us through to becoming a master in whatever field we're in and teaches us how to manage our own and other people's behavior. Moreover, Robert...