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Is Amazon Making A Huge Mistake?

Amazon has decided to launch it's Indian e-commerce service in Hindi. While this seems like a good idea on the face of it, Snapdeal's attempts to do the very same thing in 2015 backfired spectacularly. To figure it out, we talked to famed financial guru Deepak Shenoy on the latest episode of The Capitalmind Show.


How Can India Rid Itself of Petrol Cars By 2030?

In our latest episode of "The World in 120 Seconds", we delve into the Indian government's plan to make all vehicles electric by 2030. Is this viable? Will it change anything? Does any of it matter, if we keep still powering the vehicles through coal?


How Is An Electronics Company Worth $1 Trillion?!

In 1997, Apple's share price dropped below $1. Yesterday, it hit $207.39 per share, making Apple America's first trillion dollar company. In all honestly, it also made them the world's first $1 trillion firm as the only previous incumbent - PetroChina in 2007 - manipulated the stock market to achieve the number. It was only worth a quarter that amount by the end of 2008. So, how has an electronics company managed this? It is not even the biggest electronics company in the market. Samsung -...


ThinkTanc Is Here to Be "the Conductor" of Your Restaurant

According to a report in The Economic Times, globally a restaurant is 90% likely to fail within the first year. Another 50% tend to fail within the second. When you factor in specifically Indian problems like taxation, oversupplies, and regional liquor bans, it's no surprise that F&B (food and beverage) firms across the country are dropping like flies. However, there is another way. Amit Roy of F&B consultancy firm ThinkTanc is in town to talk to us about how he can reduce the rate of...


What Do You Do With 40 Lakh Immigrants?

Yesterday, the government announced the the completion of the latest draft of the National Registry of Citizens in Assam. Basically, the registry is aimed at identifying which of Assam's immigrants had moved to the state before March 25, 1971 - the start date of the genocide in Bangladesh that drove millions of its citizens to the neighbouring Indian states of West Bengal and Assam. In all, 2.9 crore registrants have been approved as Indian nationals with roots in the country before the...


This Bangalore Startup Predicts Diseases in Indian Cities

A Bangalore based startup can foresee which diseases might hit India in the near future. It sounds like a Utopian scenario for the healthcare industry in India. Sigtuple founded by the trio of Rohit Kumar Pandey, Apurv Anand and Tathagato Rai Dastidar has built a Machine Learning based platform which collects, digitizes and analyses medical data such as blood samples, semen, x-rays and gives instant results to patients across India.


How a Game is Helping Indian CEOs Fire Employees

Vijay Kalangi had an idea. A android or iOS game to analyse people’s ability to be good, bad or ugly in a work environment. When he pitched the idea few years back to few CEO’s of India’s top enterprise organizations, he was laughed at. Today, the same people are his esteemed customers. Kalangi runs a Bangalore based startup called KNOLSKAPE. Originally headquartered in Singapore, the 120 member strong team creates games to asses employee’s cognitive abilities in a work environment.


How You Can Make Guaranteed Money on the Crypto Boom

Everyone has heard of crypto currencies by now. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple; they all have their own functions and place in the world, but nothing else from the fintech industry has burst onto the public consciousness like these virtual currencies. And why? Because nothing else from the fintech industry has given people the ability to make money as directly and simply. However, there is an obvious downside to this Wild West of investment. There are no protections in place, there are no checks...


Is Indian E-Commerce As Good As Everyone Says?

For the last few years, the Indian startup environment has been thriving. No one has exemplified that more than Flipkart, the nation's first unicorn startup. The e-commerce giant battled Amazon for years, before being bought out in a mega-deal earlier this year as Walmart sought to finally enter the Indian market as a major player. However, there was one major sticking point reported at the time which continues to baffle. Through all its successes and failures, Flipkart never once made a...


Winners and Losers from the Transfer Window

With just under three weeks until the Premier League season starts, and just a couple more for Spain, Italy, France and Germany, now is as good a time as any to determine how well the big clubs' transfer windows are going. With early closures in England and Italy this season - they are both experimenting with closing the window before the league starts - a lot of clubs have been left playing catch up. Thrown in the fact that the whole footballing world was tuned into the World Cup until 15...


How Ather Energy is Building a Massive Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

How Ather Energy is Building a Massive Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles by TheBigScope


How Mozilla is Helping India’s Next Billion to Be Safe Online

How Mozilla is Helping India’s Next Billion to Be Safe Online by TheBigScope


Can India Ever Produce A Signature Liquor?

Disclaimer: Desmond Nazareth returned to India in 2000, not 2002 as mentioned in the video. Additionally, DesmondJi’s Indian Agave Spirits are only bottled in Goa. The distillery is located in Andhra Pradesh. Mexico has Tequila. Scotland has Scotch. Brazil has Cachaça. In a country as wide and diverse as India, can we really not come up with a signature liquor that can be exported across the globe? Sure, we have popular local spirits like Fenny and Toddy, but for legal and practical reasons,...


Do You Know What Industry Needs Disrupting? Mattresses

The startup crazy has officially taken over India. Although entrepreneurship is no strange concept to Indian businesses, the idea of the Silicon Valley-type startup founder is a relatively new fad. The idea of angel investors, fund raising, cool technological advancements and startup meetups have taken over the urban regions of India and the world. But do you know what is missing from the equation? Good ideas. There is a reason why a company that makes juice pressers worth $700 raised $120...


The Indian entrepreneur who build a Google for security breaches

The Indian entrepreneur who build a Google for security breaches by TheBigScope


How an Indian entrepreneur is making socks for EPL players

How an Indian entrepreneur is making socks for EPL players by TheBigScope


The Future of edtech is regional in India

The Future of edtech is regional in India by TheBigScope


Meri Kahaani : Life of a Single girl in a Big City (Episode 1)

Meri Kahaani : Life of a Single girl in a Big City (Episode 1) by TheBigScope


How Fake News is making insurance companies happy

How Fake News is making insurance companies happy by TheBigScope


Why Is the Rest of the World Unhappy With Indian Alcohol?

This week, the Indian whiskey brand Officer's Choice was deemed to be the highest selling whiskey brand on the planet for the fifth year in a row. They are also the third highest selling spirits brand. All this in a period where they have had to deal with the effect of demonetisation, prohibition in Bihar and the highway ban on bars and alcohol sales across India. However, there is a slight controversy around the technicalities. While India registers Officer's Choice and other similar drinks...