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Dr. John Curran 'Two tribes go to war. Dealing with conflict as part of Design'

In this episode, I caught up with Dr. John Curran, a London-based anthropologist. Now, we met in Service Design Days in Barcelona where John was giving a keynote on conflict, and how important it is to deal with this conflict, not only in the design process but also the broader impact to the business itself. Links from episode Johns Service Design Days keynoteJohn on TwitterJohns website This is HCD TwitterInstagramnewsletterSlack ChannelMedium


Gerry McGovern 'Top Tasks; A method for understanding peoples product and service requirements'

There's some of you might know the Top Tasks methodology already and even if you do, I'd encourage you to listen to this episode, as I break down the method to better understand the mechanics behind Top Tasks, and also get Gerry's insights into where it works well - as well as looking at the origins of the method. There's so much wisdom in this episode, I just know you'll enjoy it - Gerry McGovern on TwitterSign up to Gerrys McGoverns amazing newsletterBuy Top Tasks book This is...


Hazel White & Mike Press 'Making a difference through design'

Hazel White and Mike Press from OpenChange in Scotland join me on the show this week, and we dig a little deeper into what myself and sarah drummond covered about the changes in the scottish design landscape and what trigged this. We speak more about a walkabout, service safari or observational masterclass that the guys gave at service design days in barcelona, and what’s so good about these types of workshop activities. Now before we jump into the interview, i wanted to mention we have a...


Andy Polaine 'Mindful Service Design'

In this episode, I caught up with a great friend of the podcast, Andy Polaine. Most of you will probably be familiar with Andy's work with Fjord and also as co-author of Service Design - from Insights to implementation on Rosenfeld Media, a book that has become one of the defining service design books over the last number of years. I was hosting Service design Days in Barcelona this year and had lots of fun meeting the European service design community. It was a jam-packed few days for me...


Steve Portigal 'Symbolic Lab Coats, ASMR and Coke-Fueled Lap Dances: More User Research War Stories'

Hello and welcome to another episode of This is HCD. I'm your host Chi Ryan, and in this episode, I'm speaking to researcher Steve Portigal. Steve is the Principal of Portigal Consulting and the author of two books: Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights, and Doorbells Danger and Dead Batteries: User Research War Stories. Based outside San Francisco, Steve helps companies to think and act strategically as a result of human insights. Steve has his own podcast, Dollars to...


John Thackara 'Designing for all of life, not just human life'

Hello and welcome to another episode of This is HCD. My name is Gerry Scullion and I'm a human centered design practitioner based in Dublin, Ireland, and this week I caught up with one of my design heroes, John Thackara whilst I was hosting the incredible Service Design Days conference in Barcelona recently. I was so happy to speak to John, having read much of his work for such a long time and currently reading his latest fantastic book 'How to thrive in the next economy' a book that has led...


Frank Long 'Designing a Design Culture to empower richer social outcomes'

Hello and welcome to another episode of this is HCD. My name is Gerry scullion and I'm a service design principal based in Ireland. In this episode, we caught up with Frank Long, one of Ireland's UX forefathers. Frank mentored me way back in the nineties and shortly after he began working in the usability and accessibility space for Frontend, one of Europe's oldest UX consultancies. A number of years ago when I was living in Sydney, I began to see Frontend winning awards, left right and...


Marc Stickdorn and Adam Lawrence 'A Service Design 360'

Hello and welcome to another episode of this is HCD. I'm your host Chi Ryan and Aussie designer, living in working in New York City. In this episode, I'm catching up with Marc Stickdorn and Adam Lawrence, co-authors of the cult service design books. This is Service Design Thinking and more recently This is Service Design Doing. If you aren't familiar with either of the books, we'll put the links into the show notes for this episode. Marc on TwitterAdam on TwitterMore than MetricsExperience...


Sarah Drummond ‘Kick-starting a design revolution’

Before I tell you a little bit about this episode, I wanted to congratulate Sarah (and Lou) who got married at the weekend. From everyone at This is HCD, we raise a glass an wish you a lifetime of happiness together! Also, Sarah will be appearing at Service Design Days in Barcelona. I’ve written about a special upcoming episode (and a ticket discount) for the podcast that I will be recording when I am hosting the conference next month. In this episode Hello and welcome to another...


Patrick Quattlebaum 'Breaking down tribes to enable the orchestration of experiences'

Hello and welcome to another episode of 'This is HCD'. My name is Gerry Scullion and I'm a service design principal now based in Dublin, Ireland. In this episode we caught up with the brilliant Patrick Quattlebaum, co-author (alongside Chris Risdon) of the fantastic new Rosenfeld media book 'Orchestrating Experiences'. Patrick is founder of StudioPQ and former managing director of the service design consultancy Adaptive Path before its acquisition, after of which he was the Head of Service...


Sarah Richards 'Content Design. What is it? And why it's so f#cking important in the delivery of a product and service'

Hello and welcome to another episode of ‘This is HCD'. My name is Gerry Scullion and I'm a service design principal now based in Dublin, Ireland. Recently I caught up with Sarah Richards in London. Sarah's a founder of Content Design in London, an organisation focused on delivering content designed training courses as well as working with organisations to help build the content design function internally. Sarah previously held the role of head content design within the GDS, the government...


Gerry McGovern ‘The repositioning of trust in society’

Hello and welcome to another episode of This is HCD. My name is Gerry Scullion and I'm a human centred design practitioner based in Dublin, Ireland. In this episode, we caught up with Gerry McGovern, one of the most well known and loved customer experience advocates in the industry today. Gerry has developed a number of fantastic models over the years such as Top Tasks and also curates and creates one of the best weekly experience design newsletters on the internet. Sign up below. Gerry's...


Joey Zeledon 'Touchy Feely: everyday things that inspire deeper empathy'

Welcome to another episode of ‘This is HCD’ coming direct to you from the city where dreams are made, New York City. I’m your host, Chirryl-Lee Ryan and in this episode, I’m speaking to Joey Zeledon, an award-winning designer with a background in product design, experience design and design strategy. Pre-order Touch FeelyJoey Zeledon on Instagram


Adam Fivenson 'Using a human-centered design approach to design foreign aid programs'

Hi and welcome to another episode of 'This is HCD' coming to you from Brooklyn, New York. I am your host Chirryl-Lee Ryan and in this episode I'm speaking to Adam Fivenson, a user researcher and self-described 'non-designer' of new technologies for civic engagement. Adam works at DAI, an international development company who tackle fundamental social and economic development challenges caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governance and instability. Adam has worked on projects around...


Ivy Hornibrook 'Moving From UX into Product'

Hi everyone my name is Adrienne Tan. I'm a co-host at 'This is HCD' podcast. In this episode, I'll be speaking to Ivy Hornibrook who will talk us through her career transition from UX into product management.


Faruk Avdi 'What role can technology play in support of people suffering with mental health'

In this episode, we discuss what role, if any, can technology play in support of people suffering with mental health. I wanted to give you a bit of context on the topic in this episode. So I'll start by telling you a little bit about bipolar disorder, once called manic depression. Bipolar disorder is a medical condition which affects the brain and in many cases causes extreme mood changes. Someone with this disorder can be very high and overexcited or very low and depressed often with...


Victor Rodrigues 'Building a Design capability inside Cochlear'

In this episode, I caught up with Victor Rodrigues, the chief software architect and user experience advocate for Cochlear, one of Australia's most loved and most successful innovation success stories. For anyone who is unaware, Cochlear produce implantable solutions for the profoundly deaf. And for anyone with their technological finger on the pulse may have seen late last year on all the tech websites a partnership between Apple and Cochlear. This basically allows people with the device...


Marc Stickdorn 'Embedding Service Design into Organisations'

In this episode we caught up with Marc Stickdorn, co-author of ‘This is Service Design Thinking Book’ and most recently the epic and one of the most important design books in yonks, ‘This is Service Design Doing’, a book that has been celebrated in the service design community like it’s the millennium. Update May 2018 - We have a number of copies of the book to giveaway to people subscribed to our fortnightly newsletter. Thanks to More than Metrics and O'Reilly Media in New York for their...


Jay Hasbrouck 'The power of ethnographic thinking in Design'

In this episode, we chat with the author of Ethnographic Thinking, Jay Hasbrouck. We go through what ethnographic thinking is and how it should be applied to inform richer contextual insights for design teams and how designers have abused or misunderstood ethnography and even touch on some retail rituals in the US and talk about how going off-piste in Jay's research plan in Japan led him to a shoe hotel and all the rich insights about the culture that followed. Jays websiteJay Hasbrouck on...


Jon Hicks 'Understanding the differences between brand design and icon design'

In this episode, we caught up with Gentleman designer himself, Jon Hicks. Jon is a graphic designer and illustrator but has worked across a broad spectrum of mediums in his career. Most of us will be familiar with Jons work, whether it be the first Firefox logo, or Spotify's icons, or ANZ customers in Australia will recognise his icons in their applications. Having worked with Jon many times over the years, I can honestly say he’s one of the best in the world at what he does, so was...