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98. Overcome the Five Fears with Thom Shea

Five Forms of Fear Fear is learned. Fear is real for those who practice fear. Fear has killed more men and women than any disease or event. Fear is how most people deal with failure. Fear is the most seductive mistress. Fear will always overpower the greatest of forces because fear lies in the shadows of every bright event. Sign up to overcome fear Over the past 50 years I have heard many acronyms of FEAR. I think they are all funny. Forget Everything And Run False Events Appearing...


97. Stop Being a Victim. Defeating Your Bully with Stacy Shea

It is December. The Christmas holiday season is upon us. Christmas trees are pooping up all over the place, lights are going up and school is winding down for the kids and end of your stresses are ramping up for business owners. Christmas in the Shea clan is always a time to be together, to celebrate our lives and accomplishments and be a family. We all like to sit around the table each night talking about the ups and downs and experiences we have had. Lately the topic of Bullying has come...


96. Transformational Growth or Disruption

This weeks Unbreakable Podcast is for both individuals or companies committed to growth in 2019. There is fundamentally little difference between an individual or a company regarding looking at growth in 2019. I can tell you from personal experience it is not more complicated for a company to grow. The number of people or volume of products doesn’t make growth more complicated. Individual growth is far more complicated because the complexity of ego and emotional attachments truly are harder...


95. Staying Calm Under Pressure

As I grow older, as I, personally, take on new nebulous endeavors, as I train leaders and high achieving men and woman across the nation, one subject comes up more than others. Pressure. Stress. Whatever name you call how you encounter the world you are dealing with. This week’s podcast is to maybe pass on something relevant from my experiences that will help. And, since, Jill in particular asked me that exact question, I will stumble through an answer. By the way, my answer will probably...


94. Diversity of Choice.

Setting aside the politics of Veterans Day, setting down which side of the tracks you may be on, Veterans Day is a recognition of the profound effect the choice we do have in the United States to actually defend or not defend our country. Veterans Day is simply a celebration of choices, maybe it is a celebration of the liberty to actually make a choice that our founding fathers fought and died to provide us. So, as you listen to today’s podcast, as you do your particular thing and express...


93. No Way Out Situations and Simple Steps to Win with Thom Shea

Imagine if you will you were faced with no way to win, no way out, and overwhelming odds not in your favor. What would be your next action or step? Learn how In the world that surrounds most of us that thought, that circumstance scares us from even thinking about it. Most of us would avoid that situation all together. Few people have the presence of mind and guts to consider … what would I do? The concept of the no win scenario however is a concept winners solve on a constant and...


92. Raising a Warrior Daughter with Thom Shea

Many of you lately have asked us to discuss how we raise our kids as warriors and what it is like for us to have one of our kids at one of the military academies. We get so many that Stacy and I have reflected often on the experience of raising kids and what we have done that is of any value. 13 warrior lessons I would have to start with defining a warrior. There are two types of warriors: those in war, and those who are forward leaning and openly willing to make it through adversity to...


91. 4 Traits of Successful Leaders with Thom Shea

The search for the traits that successful people have, agnostic of industry or even gender seems to be the going trend. You don’t have to have a secret decoder ring or spend a life time getting on degree after the other to find the common leadership traits. The 4 are evident everywhere you look. Knowing what they are and actually acquiring each trait as a thing you do each day however it not simple. Simple but not easy is the phrase I have found to be true throughout the pursuit of higher...


90. Overcoming self-imposed limits with Thom Shea

We all have limits. Whether they be physical, intellectual, financial, relationship, or spiritual limits. In my search for my own performance in each, I have learned an odd thing regarding limits. Most of them are self-imposed. Sign up here for the 13 Unbreakable Lessons This past weekend was our 21st 24 hour leadership challenge to overcome the self-imposed limits leaders perceive they have. And, each leader did hit and over come their limits. I originally set up this challenge, which I...


89. Morning rituals of successful people with Thom Shea

Jumping right into this topic today, simply because the topic needs no flare. What do successful people do in the morning that makes them different? Having been a active part of the most successful military unit in history, I can tell you that every successful person, or company, or team actually does the same thing in the morning. And what they do differentiates them from failure. Take the 13 Unbreakable Lessons For brevity sake I will separate the activities into three parts: What they...


88. Three ways to recover from loss with Thom Shea

The topic that comes up most often for me over the past 28 years has been loss. Honestly, winning is not a huge topic. Because, few people win. Out of 100 runners there is one winner. Out of every business competing for the one contract there is one winner. In war there is only one winner. Everyone thinks they want to know how to win, but they soon discover that the first thing they experience is loss. Even the one out of a million who wins the first time, eventually faces loss. But no one...


87. Mitigating Risk and other four letter words with Rob Mitchell and Thom Shea

Navy SEAL's mitigate risk by commitment to the end goal prior to knowing how to achieve the outcome. Then simply by taking action instead of the common paralysis by analysis. Mitigating risk only happens through solving the taking action instead of talking yourself out of taking action. You can follow us face book at Thom Shea Unbreakable and www.Thomshea.com . If you are brave enough to take on the 13 Unbreakable Lessons of transformational Leadership I challenge you to sign up for the...


86. 2 barriers to execution. The secret few can stomach with Thom Shea

Thank you for joining the Unbreakable Podcast group of listeners. I am Thom Shea, author of Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life and CEO of Adamantine Alliance. We are a group of SEALs dedicated to transforming your notion of what is not only possible in your life but in the lives of those around you. We have spent years thriving in chaotic situations and have developed a method of engaging people in order to win. We know people are capable of a great deal more than what shows up now days...


85. Quitting and the Damage it does to you with Thom Shea

Learn how not to quit. Quitting is the single most destructive force in your life. Quitting will rob you of money, health, family, certificates of merit, and even deep faith. Quitting is a disease. Quitting is easy. Quitting is the more prevalent force I see in business, in athletics, in marriages, in school, and in the pursuit of your spiritual self. Book Thom for a Keynote However. And I say however for a clear distinct purpose. However, quitting is learned and not quitting can also be...


84. Stop Waiting to be great with Thom Shea

This podcast is a question I have for you. Whoever you are, and whatever you are doing, and wherever you are doing it. What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Stop it! Stop waiting. From bow to stern, it is clear after 28 years of high level performance, that the single most unimpressive thing I have witnessed is that people just don’t go get after their lives. Sign up for the 13 Unbreakable Lessons Follow us here


83. The Lost practice of Consistency

Consistency is the repetition of effort no matter the circumstances. Few people learn consistency. Being consistent in your physical, intellectual, wealth, relationship, and spiritual lives is the key to growth. Unbreakable is a mindset, a way of living. We have honed our training and our craft for clients of all walks of life. Our online curriculum, Unbreakable Lessons, offers an opportunity to proceed through the lessons in Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL's Way of Life at your own pace while...


82. Facing Death and Winning with Kim Chambers and Thom Shea

Real life examples of what is possible with we face death and come back better. Inside of each of us is the resilient, powerful human being. Listen and subscribe to the interview with Kim Chambers and Thom Shea. Dare to learn the 13 Unbreakable Lessons. Sign up now


81. 5 books that leaders read with Thom Shea

Over the past five years I have trained many CEOs and many great professional athletes. During that intensive training, many rather unintended findings have arisen I would like to share with you all. Follow us I find I very interesting that most successful men and women are consumers of knowledge and past experiences. That may be the most differentiating aspect of successful people is their universal desire to learn and apply knowledge. So this Unbreakable podcast is a short description...


80. Six transformational leadership questions with Thom Shea

There are six questions that are vital to not only ask but also vital to ask in a linear way. Bottom Line Up front! Here are the six questions presented linearly that every single successful person asks and answers: That does seem very basic and way to simple to look at. It is simple but not easy to even begin to fill in in any measurable articulate way. I have spent the past 28 years learning the value of the linearity of the questions and can say 2 in 10 people can fill in the...


79. Parenting Warrior Kids with Thom Shea

As we parents all get ready for the upcoming academic year or if our once kids are now adults and we prepare ourselves for the upcoming year, I want to begin this podcast with a note to you. Sign up for the 13 Unbreakable Lessons for Parents Parenting isn’t a joke. It is the most important job you have. Parenting is relentless. Parenting is rewarding. And Parenting demands you model the behaviors that you want to instill in your off spring. You must parent everyday from conception to your...