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118. Success isnt pretty. Tiger Woods on display.

Some how, some where the reality of high performance; the shock of achievement; and the “wait what” of success completely got off track. Everyone seems to not realize that being successful is hard, you have to get dirty rather often, and the process is completely exhausting. Whether you are an athlete trying to get better, or a student trying to learn a subject, or boss trying to scale or grow a company, or a parent trying to parent, or a pastor trying to preach the process to achieve will...


117. Beating the odds with Thom Shea

By the way, the odds are never in your favor. The odds of success are always tipped away from your idea working out. In any athletic endeavor there are and will always be chances of loss. And you see that year end and year out that even in a pro football game a team can be down 3 touchdowns and everyone is betting on the team losing and they pull it out. There is no way they could have and they do it. In business the odds of making a profit are low and the odds of amazon and uber or...


116. Real Toughness with Thom Shea

Each of us has inside an indomitable spirit. This spirit has the capacity to endure tough times. This spirit has the ability to build us up from the ashes of failure. This spirit will love so deeply it will amaze you. This spirit however does not live on the surface of our lives. It must be acquired through diving into rough times and only surfaces right before you drown. That is the way of it. There are no short cuts to toughness. Every year 2 to 4 times a year my team puts on a 24 hour...


115. Team Leadership and Structure with Thom Shea

How big should your leadership team be? For the past 28 years my experience in team driven missions has been with small, highly selective, very highly training individuals who team up for the sole purpose of execution of a mission. Little did I know how every maneuverable, effective, and decentralized this type of team is when compared to the big, highly political, and less training and more emotionally organized team that is competitively organized to maintain market share. One is...


114. Leadership Culture of Unified Action with Thom Shea

Culture is the hot topic of the day. Whether it be political, economical, business, at the gym, or even at home, culture is the new topic. It is a rather old idea that is newly recycled with a nice catchy word like culture. Learn a Skill that matters I have just returned from a week long trip to West Point and was reading an article on the state of our economy and the solution was culture. What do any of us know about the economy and how to measure it or even how to impact it. The...


113. Do epic things and get after your life with Thom Shea

The difference between the ones at the top of their field and the other people isn’t genetics, isn’t where they went to school, isn’t family upbringing, isn’t luck. Follow Us The difference is that the top people actually are trying to do something they cannot do. They are doing epic things when everyone else is trying to just survive. Can you imagine what your life would actually be like if you learned to do epic things, if you learned to commit to doing things you currently aren’t doing...


112. No SEAL left behind, the brotherhood of the SEAL teams with Martin Strong

Honoring the Brotherhood of the SEAL Teams. Marty Strong and I discuss the Teams and how to survive retirement. Get into the mind of the author of numerous warrior stories with a true Navy SEAL brother and warrior. Pre-order Death before Dawn In the post 9/11 world of special operations the Navy SEALs establish a reputation for excellence, courage, and fortitude. But for Lieutenant Matthew Barrett, he finds that becoming an officer worthy of respect in this elite band of brothers, he'll...


111. High Performance for the Tactical Athlete with Adam Lareau

Founded by former US Navy SEALs, O2X’s comprehensive curriculum targets the specific issues facing tactical populations including high rates of injury, elevated cancer and cardiac health risks, and behavioral health issues commonly associated with high-stress work environments. Buy Now What you’ll find in the book: Our science-backed EAT SWEAT THRIVE methodology The role of nutrition in optimizing performance The principles of movement, injury prevention, and conditioning The...


110. SEAL Combat Leadership: Bring Everyone Home with Thom Shea

It has been 10 years now, since I lead SEALs into combat. Ten years since utter clarity. Yes you did hear that correctly. Combat to great leaders is simple and clear. Taking SEALs into combat was for me a brilliant culmination of 20 years in the SEAL teams. Combat leadership as I reflect on it had five elements to it. They will not be what you expect to hear. The movies and politicians and people who have never been there simple don’t know. Often I do realize there are soldiers and sailors...


109. A Measurable Life with Thom Shea

A Measurable Life Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): the Design of Human Performance The Training Starts Now There are Five Measurable factors in your life. We call these aspects “The Five Pyramids of Human Performance.” Our notion is that Human Performance ultimately is a measure of achieving results in the Five Pyramids of Human Performance®. To achieve these five results we find it necessary to access five “tools”: Intentionality, Emotional Mastery, Modeling Failure, Inspired Mentorship,...


108. Sales Success with Thom Shea and Mark Bowser

Can a book actually help you close more sales? Yes it can! Sales Success is the book that shapes sales careers. While reading this sales fable, learn sales strategies used and recommended by members of the sales hall of fame including Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins and Scott McKain. In Sales Success, you will discover why sales success happens for the earnest student…and why it doesn’t for the rest. Buy Sales Success here Come along with master storyteller, Mark Bowser, as he takes you on a...


107. Three Ways to Build Momentum with Thom Shea

The greatest challenge in life is to maintain momentum. That is to say, maintaining momentum in health, learning, wealth, relationships, and spiritual growth. Yet, as in all things successful that you do in life, the basics are the key. Buy The Book Unbreakable Sleep and rest are basic skills and few manage to control this skill set. Eating and drinking properly is a basic skill and fewer have any real access or ability in this area. Listening is a necessity to communication and few...


106. Author your Story, The Rule of Nines with Kathy Heim

The Greatest gift you can give to the world is to be brave enough to write your story. Kathlyn Heim shares the lessons she has learned in her life in the book Rule of Nines. The real credit always goes to the one's of us who risk it all and share what they have learned. The Rule of Nines provides a 9-step simple plan to guide people towards success in the evocation of behavioral changes necessary to succeed in personal goal achievement. This book takes a unique approach towards goal...


105. Finish Like a Pro. Sticking with it until the end with Thom Shea

We embarked three weeks ago on a project to show our clients a simple method to start up a new effort and ensure the foundation is set. Buy Unbreakable I have spent 35 years applying this time-honored way of achieving success. During those years the method of using the 21 day grind cycle to establish a baseline has proven effective every time. The 21 day challenge is a simple but not easy process. The simple aspect is you must have a goal you are wanting to achieve. The not easy process is...


104. The Ultra Marathon: The Basics of the impossible goal with Ben Light

Your Impossible Goal simply isn’t. Maybe the basics are the real means to become successful. Ben Light is an accomplished Ultra Marathon runner, because he masters the basics of running. Step by step, process driven, hard work, goal oriented is the testament to achieving the Impossible Goal. Mindset is part of the step by step process. Having committed partners, as Ben mentions is literally the glue that binds each piece together. Listen as Ben shares the critical point of success being...


103. High Achievement: People Fail in the Middle with Thom Shea

For those participating in the Unbreakable Training and currently doing the 21 day challenge, I personally congratulate you for being committed to your life starting with your health. It actually takes a high level of bravery to commit to a goal. It takes boldness to actually do three things a day that matter to you. It takes someone Unbreakable to actually do three things a day for 21 straight days. This podcast Why People Fail in the Middle is the second in a series to discuss in an open...


102. Starting a project: 21 days to win with Thom Shea

I have spent a lifetime starting over or starting a new project or starting a new business or even starting a new mission planning cycle in combat. Today’s podcast is about how to start a project, how to start anything. Today marks the 7 day point into a 21 day start up method, I was taught long ago. The bottom line upfront is that it really takes 21 days to initiate transformation. It takes 21 straight days for you to get out of your own way. It takes 21 days for your body to accept the...


101. Content Marketing Strategy for Better Conversion with Thom Shea

Leverage to Scale CEO discusses the video marketing methods to grow business. Learn how to connect here. If you want to create human connection in a digital world, there's one way to do it - and that's video marketing. It's never been more important (and challenging) to make your clients, customers and prospects feel heard, loved and valued. Automation has saved us time, but it's come at the cost of sacrificing personal connection. In today's marketing world, quality beats quantity. It's...


100. A Warrior’s Holiday Story with Thom Shea

Each year man celebrates the holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas as the birth of Yeshua Hamashiach (known as Jesus) or you celebrate the winter solstice or you celebrate the closing out of a year, the time is meant to celebrate. This holiday season is a time to lay down your issues or grievances and to give. I would like to share a story I tell my kids around the hearth or fireplace every year to remind them. I bet none of you have heard this story. In case you were not aware of the...


99. Stop Working Out. You play too small.

Listen, I am sorry that you think working out 3 days a week has any value in your life. Going to a gym to simply work out for the sake of working out is the biggest killer to real health. What is missing is you need a real, tangible definable Goal that you are working toward. Going to the gym just to go is like putting money in your mail box because it is like saving money. Neither are of value to you. Buy Unbreakable for Christmas Here are the numbers and reasons people do physical things...