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65. The Effects of Gravity in Leadership with Thom Shea

Maybe great leaders cause gravity and allow people to exist and thrive in the gravity instead of taking away all gravity and stress and creating a utopian place that even a rain drop will destroy. The 24 hour challenge is a guided process to own your own gravity. Join us on Unbreakablelessons.com


64. Essentialism with Greg McKeown and Thom Shea

McKeown began his mission for a less overcommitted life after he left his wife and hours-old baby in the hospital for an ultimately unproductive client meeting. Punctuated with zippy, thoughtful one-liners, this guide to doing “less but better” offers strategies for determining what is truly necessary, and shedding what is not. Too many people fall for the having-it-all myth, and would benefit from shifting from a non-essentialist mindset (unable to distinguish and parse out the truly...


63. The Warrior Within with Thom Shea

In each man is a warrior. Don’t be confused with the trend, with societal shifts, with angry disillusioned people. Just stop paying attention to the emasculating of men that has risen in the past fifty years. Inside of every man, anywhere is the warrior. But, before I tell you the story of the warrior man, before you call your congressman and complain that my point of view is a threat to national security, before all that, pause a moment. Pause, because I respect your life and your point...


62. Navy SEAL Teams and the Legacy of Courage

Where does courage come from? What does it take to live a life of courage? You have to make up your mind that the things that have stopped you in the past, the things that convinced you to quit or give up, will no longer have that sway with you. Be wiling to fail. Push your limits. Push them often. Challenge the norm. Challenge every thing. Even the simple things that isolate you. Challenge them as well. Go a day without food or water. Double down one day on business – make 20 phone calls...


61. Jordan Harbinger and Thom Shea: Breaking the mold and making life better.

Extra ordinary interview with Jordan Harbinger. Few entrepreneurs are brave enough to leave a field and start over. Jordan has done it twice. Listen and learn what it takes to win again and again. Follow Jordan Harbinger here: Jordan Harbinger Join us and learn the 13 Unbreakable Lessons: Unbreakable Lessons


60. Gun control and the warriors mind with Thom Shea.

Welcome back to Unbreakable Podcast, this is Thom Shea author of Unbreakable a navy seals way of life. I rarely get involved with local trends or scary news stories because opinions are always plentiful and without execution. And my opinion is the same, all opinions don’t matter unless they are supported not by fact or history but by reality of what can be done right now. I call it execution, as in doing what you say you do. Most trends or media opinion doesn’t reflect what the opinion...


59. Learn anything using the 21 day adaptation cycle with Thom Shea

Welcome to Unbreakable podcast, I am Thom Shea. Imagine if you had the skill set to adapt and learn anything. Imagine what that would be like for you. Imagine what your body would be able to deliver. Imagine what you would be able to learn. Imagine what you would be able to produce in your business. Further more can you imagine the experiences you would bring to your relationships at home. Finally can you really imagine the level of spiritual connections you would have if you learned how...


58 Extreme conditions and the power of basics with Thom Shea

Episode 58 Unbreakable Podcast. Extreme conditioning and the truth about basics. Welcome everyone back to Unbreakable podcast I am Thom Shea Author of Unbreakable A navy seals way of life. We just launched our newly improved Unbreakable Lessons on line after receiving new ideas, new ways to make the old online training better and found a way to improve on the deep interactions and discussions needed to make your learning clearer and more relevant. You can find our new application at...


57. Creating Passion and other four letter words with Thom Shea

My commitment to you on this podcast is to share with you not only what I have learned about pursuing what interests you but also finding in you passion. Each week we get volumes of emails and questions that people ask us about business, about athletics, about family, and about a great many other things I care not to mention in a public space. As we go through the week we try to formulate relevant answers to these questions so that in sharing the answer maybe just maybe the answer will...


56. Competition for the Bottom with Thom Shea.

Today's podcast is the accumulation of 23 years in the SEAL teams, and 5 years training leaders and conducting Keynotes around the country about success. I have thought about this topic many times but have put in on the back burner so to speak because it is negative. However, maybe today we can talk about it and make it less so. Today we talk about the topic of Competition for the bottom. Yes I said the bottom. Competition for the bottom is so common it is disturbing. There are so many...


55. Mentoring the next generation with Max Gruber, author of Us People and Thom Shea

Interview with Max Gruber, author of Us People. Reaching back to help people up the ladder of life is an honor. The process is not difficult, but most people are unwilling to commit to the goals of others. Max has taken on a project bigger than himself in the writing of "Us People". His commitment and relentless effort to help the homeless and show us his vision, I felt couldn't be overlooked. Follow and support "Us People" through the links below: Us People facebook


54. Winning the battle of Waiting with Thom Shea. Relentless pursuit of Patience, wins.

The topic is waiting. Waiting, waiting for something, waiting for the weather to change, waiting for your body to be fit, waiting for the right job, waiting for the right man or woman, waiting. The amount of time and energy people put into waiting is profound. Waiting for the bus, waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for the plan, waiting for permission, waiting for guidance, waiting for clarity. Every age group has its waiting. Now I want you to think about this and when something I...


52. Dare to Win the Big Game with Thom Shea.

Beginning the new year means exiting the last year and starting over. Learn about our forging leaders training here: Adamantine Alliance


53. Interview with Undaunted Life mentor Kyle Thompson with Thom Shea.

Being a man of courage and grit is effective and appreciated. Kyle Thompson shows us how to be brave in the face of conflict. Strength, Character, Commitment are never flaws, even though the trend is to be weak. No man or woman can do this alone. Follow Kyle here: Undaunted Life instagram: @undauntedlife Twitter: @undauntedlife facebook: Undauntedlife Podcast: Undaunted Life


51. Leading in Combat and the effect of killing with Dave Grossman and Thom Shea.

On Killing and On Combat are books written by Dave Grossman to share and teach how to lead and thrive in very difficult environments. Stress is a valuable skill to learn. Take away is to always do the simple things: Sleep, Breathe, and Communicate openly. Follow Dave here: http://www.grossmanacademy.com/ Dave's books


50. Navy SEAL key point of success: Abandon Your Why with Thom Shea.

As you seek success in your life, Abandon your WHY. You have been sorely misled. You must BE committed before you discover your why. Why is the sixth order of importance. Learn with our staff of Navy SEALs at Unbreakable Lessons.


49. Raising warrior kids part TWO. ROE: Rules of Engagement and ROI: Return On Investment with Stacy Shea.

Stacy and I discuss the raising of a warrior kid. Rules of Engagement vs Return of Investment. The two are completely counter to each other. The more you want one the less you get of the other. Here is why- I am committed to performance whether it be my performance, or it be my families performance, or your performance. You cannot create rules and parameters for growth, you must un-bridle the horse to see him run fast. See how you balance the two. Take the Unbreakable Balanced Assessment...



Welcome back to Unbreakable Podcasts. I am Thom Shea, CEO of Adamantine Alliance and author of Unbreakable a navy seals way of life. We are in the business of developing people. Today we talk about surviving the top of success by literally torching the model and getting back to the roots. Matt Manero has authored a book called "The Grit". Please read it. Success is a measurement of leadership and ability to adjust and often burn the model that go you to the top. Sign up and begin the next...


47. The impact of war with Thom Shea.

Welcome back to Unbreakable Podcasts. I am Thom Shea, CEO of Adamantine Alliance and author of Unbreakable a navy seals way of life. We are in the business of developing people. People are the greatest gift and the only true product of business. You are either in the business of people or you are pouring coffee for someone who is in the business of people. Today we celebrate veterans. Every single generation of people who have lived in the United States has been a generation of veterans of...


45. Raising Warrior Kids: The SEAL way, with Stacy Shea.

This episode is an authentic discussion about raising warrior kids, by way of having a strong woman. Stacy and Thom discuss fear and wanting a warrior kid; earning your life vs entitlement; being a stand for your kids by being the example; and adapting quickly. Sign up for Unbreakable Lesson and join the ones who want to learn how to raise warrior kids!


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