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Unleashed explores how to thrive as an independent professional.

Unleashed explores how to thrive as an independent professional.


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Unleashed explores how to thrive as an independent professional.




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329. Jeffrey Fidelman on serving the lower mid-market on strategy and operations

Jeffrey Fidelman started as a solo consultant in 2015. He had more demand than he could handle, so he hired a couple freelancers, and then saw more demand, and engaged more support. Fast forward to 2020, and Fidelman & Company has 30 employees. Fidelman & Co. serves primarily lower-mid-market firms, i.e., those with revenues in the $1 - 100 million range. In this episode, Jeffrey discusses three of his core service lines: - Outbound growth - Supporting fundraising - Documenting...


328. Jeff Wald on the end of jobs

Jeff Wald is the Founder of Work Market, an enterprise software platform that enables companies to efficiently and compliantly organize, manage, and pay freelancers (purchased by ADP). Follow Jeff on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeffreyWald Jeff has founded several other technology companies including Spinback (eventually sold to Salesforce). He is an active angel investor and startup advisor, as well as serving on numerous public and private Boards of Directors. Jeff was a Managing...


327. Deb Zahn teaches the craft of consulting

Deb Zahn is an experienced healthcare management consultant who coaches professionals interested in transitioning into consulting. On her website she has a wealth of resources to help get started with your own consulting practice: https://www.craftofconsulting.com/start-here Also, check out Deb's podcast: Craft of Consulting https://www.craftofconsulting.com/podcasts


326. Laura Gariepy on getting started as a freelance writer

Laura Gariepy left a corporate job and set up as a freelance writer. Within a year, her income as a freelance writer matched her former corporate salary. Laura continues to work as a freelance writer and also serves as a coach to other writers seeking to make the leap to freelance. Visit her site at: https://www.everydaybythelake.com/


325. Melanie Espeland on executive voice coaching

Melanie Espeland is a McKinsey alum, independent management consultant, voice actor, and executive voice coach. In this episode, Melanie walks me through two sample voice exercises that she often uses when coaching executives - and you can follow along at home. If you are listening to this episode before September 24, you can register for a free Umbrex-sponsored webinar Melanie is leading from 12-1 p.m. EST that day. Sign up...


324. Daniel Vassallo on building - and monetizing - a Twitter following

Daniel Vasallo left a great job at Amazon in February 2019 with the idea of working independently. He thought about building a product, but decided that he first ought to build an audience, so he set out to learn Twitter. From a base of a couple hundred followers 18 months agao, @dvassallo now has over 44K followers. He wrote a technical book on Amazon Web Services that generated over $100K in revenue. And then he created a guide on how to build a Twitter following, "Everyone Can Build a...


323. Dan Daughterty explains Sounder.fm, a podcast platform focused on discovery

Dan Daugherty is the Co-Founder and COO of Sounder.fm, a podcast platform for creators focused on growth and discovery. In this episode, Dan describes the features of Sounder.fm, including FREE HOSTING for shows with under 20K streams per month. Sounder provides in-stream audible search, soundbite audio share, basic transcriptions, and other tools not available with other podcast syndication tools. Check them out at https://sounder.fm/


322. Lemon Williams on how to write quality compliance documentation

Lemon Williams is a cyber security and operational risk management professional with extensive multi-industry experience establishing sustainable cyber security programs for the public and private sector applying leading industry processes and regulatory standards including Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX), North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) among others. In this episode we discuss the...


321. Sarah Preisser on talent management

Sarah Preisser spent twenty years at Accenture, twelve of those in talent strategy roles. In 2019, Sarah founded Mindset Talent, which specializes in strengthening the organizational capacity and capabilities of business, public and non-profit organizations by igniting the power of their teams. In this episode, Sarah shares lessons about talent management that are useful to any management consultant. Learn more about Sarah's firm at: https://www.mindsettalent.com/


320. Kit Lisle on conducting commercial due diligence for private equity firms

Kit Lisle is a Partner at Acclaro Growth Partners, a research-based strategy consulting firm that serves private equity firms and their portfolio companies. In this episode, Kit shares insights on conducting commercial due diligence projects. Learn more about Acclaro Growth Partners at: https://acclaropartners.com/


319. Jeff Gothelf on how to let your next job find you

Jeff Gothelf is a leading expert on digital transformation an business agility. He is a keynote speaker, consultant, and the author of four books. In today's episode we focus on his latest book, Forever Employable: How to Stop Looking For Work and Let Your Next Job Find You. Learn more about Jeff's work and sign up for his newsletter at: https://jeffgothelf.com/


318. Avy Punwasee shares a pricing case study

Avy Punwasee is a Partner at Revenue Management Labs, which helps clients develop practical pricing solutions that deliver sustainable revenue and profit growth. In this episode, Avy walks me through a detailed case study of a pricing project for an aftermarket auto parts manufacturer. Learn more about Revenue Management Labs on their website: https://revenueml.com/


317. Paddy Padmanabhan on digital transformation in healthcare

Paddy Padmanabhan is the founder of Damo Consulting, which provides digital transformation advisory services to enable healthcare organizations navigate the technology-enabled transition to telehealth and virtual care. Paddy is also the author of two books: 1) The Big Unlock: Harnessing Data and Growing Digital Health Businesses in a Value-Based Care Era and 2) Healthcare Digital Transformation: How Consumerism, Technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future (HIMSS Book...


316. Diane Hamilton on removing the barriers to curiosity

Dr. Diane Hamilton is the creator of the Curiosity Code Index, which helps you understand the things that might influence how much you embrace your natural curiosity. In this episode we discuss Diane's work helping clients develop action plans to remove the roadblocks to curiosity at work. Learn more about Diane's work at: https://drdianehamilton.com/


315. Trond Undheim on the aftermath of the pandemic

Trond Arne Undheim is a futurist, speaker, entrepreneur and former director of MIT Startup Exchange, based outside of Boston. He has accelerated four unicorns and helped launch over 50 startups. In this episode we discuss his latest book, the 450-page Pandemic Aftermath, which he wrote between February and April of this year. Visit Trond's website: https://trondundheim.com/ Check out his podcast, Futurized https://trondundheim.com/podcast/ And buy Pandemic Aftermath on...


314. Bethel Desmond on business storytelling

Bethel Desmond is the Founder of The Content Corp and former Chief Storytelling at IBM Global Business Services. In this episode, she shares tips on how to use stories to engage customers. Learn more about Bethel's work at: https://www.thecontentcorp.org/


313. Hannah Berson on using Mural to facilitate workshops

Hannah Berson is the Founder of SALT Collaboratory, a boutique consulting firm that relies heavily on the methods of design thinking. In this video episode, Hannah provides a introduction to Mural, a digital workspace for collaboration. Mural is a powerful tool and their collection of templates is an amazing set of frameworks worth studying. Learn more about Hannah's work at: https://www.saltcollaboratory.com/


312. Lee Frederiksen on growth drivers for professional services firms

Lee Frederiksen is the Managing Partner of Hinge, a branding and marketing firm that focuses on serving professional services firms. In today's episode, Lee shares key insights from the High Growth Study 2020 conducted by Hinge, which includes results from 1,000 professional services firms around the globe. An executive summary of this study is available free at: https://hingemarketing.com/library/article/2020-high-growth-study-executive-summary


311. Rachel Weingarten on her journey from celebrity makeup artist to beauty historian

Rachel Weingarten is a marketing and brand strategist, journalist, copywriter, beauty historian, and - in her words, a 'skillionaire.' Read more about Rachel on her website: https://rachelsfaves.com/about-rachels-faves/ Follow Rachel on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rachelcw


310. Kim Calichio on feeding 700 families per week during the pandemic

Kim Calichio is a chef and educator. When the pandemic shut down NYC, she realized there were many New Yorkers who would not be eligible for government assistance and who would be going hungry. She set up Lifelife Grocery, which buys groceries from wholesale restaurant suppliers and involves volunteers to pack and deliver the groceries to 700 families per week. You can support this effort and feed a family for $35 per week by donating...