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Unleashed explores how to thrive as an independent professional.

Unleashed explores how to thrive as an independent professional.


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Unleashed explores how to thrive as an independent professional.




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413. Amanda Wright on the Take the Leap Program

Amanda Wright has a Master of Business Administration in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in molecular biology. She is an experienced management consultant who provides business advisory services to her clients. Today, she talks about her program to help women from professional services firms make the leap to independent consulting. Key points include: 02:07: The structure of the Take the Leap program 09:43: The importance of the company name 13:31: Building the right mindset for a...


412. Nadine Sinclair on Mental Health in the Workplace

Nadine Sinclair has a doctorate in molecular biology, she was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey, and is now an independent consultant and advises companies on how to improve conditions for mental health for their employees. Today she talks about mental health in the workplace. Key points include: 03:39: The cost of poor mental health to business 07:10: How poor mental health impacts performance 16:44: How companies can help build resilience in employees 21:13: Tackling negativity...


411. David Fields on Fishing Lines

David A.Fields is a consulting firm expert and author. He has helped hundreds of boutique and solo consulting firms grow, increase margins, and create lucrative, lifestyle-friendly businesses. This episode is taken from a session that David A. Fields led for the Umbrex and Veritux communities on how to craft your fishing line. Key points include: 06:06: The two-by-two grid 08:32: Solving precise problems 10:17: Mistakes in fishing lines 11:07: Generic problems, generic targets,...


410. Amanda Setili and Group Discussion on In-person Events

Amanda Setili is president of the strategy consulting firm Setili & Associates, author of two books of strategy and growth, she is a McKinsey alum and an Umbrex member. On this episode, she shares expert tips on running a successful virtual event. Key points include: 06:50: First steps in connecting 13:28: Pre-event preparation 27:22: Cold call panels 29:28: Breakout group exercise on a future event Amanda can be reached through LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/amandasetili/...


409: Nina Froriep on Video Content Marketing

Nina Froriep is a video producer and visual storyteller. Her company enables business coaches to grow their business with consistent and easy-to-implement video marketing, and today she shares her expertise on video content marketing. Key points include: 15:32: Finding a professional video editor 17:28: Tips of doing a video series 22:28: The impact of video posts 25:20: What converts 27:36: Equipment 31:56: Posting frequency Nina can be contacted through LinkedIn at, ...


408. Amol Sarva on Being a Serial Entrepreneur

Amol Sarva is a backer, advisor, and mentor at 50+ companies; he has co-founded several startups, including Virgin Mobile USA, Peek, Halo Neuroscience, Knotable, Knotel, and he has developed and taught the course "Venturing to Change the World" at Columbia University. In this episode, he talks about content creation and communication with his network of around 5060 people and shares a few of his experiences in business. Key points include: 05:43: The Knotel startup roller-coaster...


407. Shelli Baltman and Fiona Stevenson on Pandemic Burnout

The Idea Suite is a boutique agency that unlocks the creative potential of people and businesses through innovation, and on this episode of Unleashed, Shelli Baltman and Fiona Stevenson discuss how their innovation agency helps big companies deal with the challenge of pandemic burnout. Key points include: 03:51: What we mean by burnout 08:49: Managing motivation and energy 18:02: Monitoring and assessing team energy 29:27: Gratitude specificity 33:29: Dealing with self-improvement...


406. Zachary Schrag on History

Professor Zachary Schrag is a historian of the twentieth-century United States and a professor of history at George Mason University. His specialities are: history of technology, policy history, transportation history, urban history, and oral history. In this episode, we discuss what history means and his book, the Princeton guide to historical research. Key points include: 01:40: History as the study of people 07:23: Internal contradictions 19:48: How a historian organises...


405. Samuel Bachman on The Half-Blood Report

Samuel Bachman is a film major in the 10th grade at Frank Sinatra High School of the Arts in Astoria, Queens. In this episode, he discusses the hugely popular podcast he co-created and produces, The Half-Blood Report, and the inspiration behind the podcast. Key points include: 07:49: Authors interviewed on the podcast 11:57: Social media lessons learned on making a podcast 16:47: Preparing for an author interview 26:53: Skills learned from producing a podcast 32:03: Best practices for...


404. Rick Denton and CX Passport

Rick Denton shares an episode from his podcast, CX Passport, a conversation with people about customer experience with a dash of travel. In this episode, he has a brilliant conversation with Sharon Boyd who is from the UK. She is the author of Customer Experience 2, and the CXO of MKL Innovation. Key points include: 03:26: The power of gifting 08:34: The ten-pence CX celebration 13:07: The Valentine’s Day, greaseproof paper incident 17:31: The Disney approach to CX 21:42: CX in the...


403. Rick Denton on Excellent Customer Service

403. Rick Denton on Excellent Customer Service Rick Denton has over a decade of experience in customer service and relations; he is now the managing principal at EX4CX, a company that helps companies increase revenue by listening to customers and creating great experiences for their customers. In this episode, Rick shares his expertise in this field and talks about his new podcast. Rick can be contacted through linkedin.com/in/rickdenton or his company website http://www.ex4cx.com. You...


402. Jonathan Baillie Strong on Spotlight Podcasting

Jonathan Baillie Strong is a B2B podcast strategist and the founder of Spotlight Podcasting, a company that helps consulting firms and mission-driven companies build more authority and grow their businesses with podcasting. Today, he shares insights from the world of podcasting from pre-production to promotion. You can learn more about Spotlight Podcasting at http://www.spotlightpodcasting.com/, and you can connect with John through linkedin.com/in/jonbstrong, or his personal website...


401. Rudra Chatterjee on the Tea Industry

Rudra Chatterjee is a writer, and the chairman and managing director of Luxmi Tea. While he writes predominantly about politics and economics, he is also vastly knowledgeable about tea, and in this episode, he talks about various aspects of the tea industry, from growth to distribution. Rudra can be contacted through https://www.linkedin.com/in/rudrachatterjee, and you can learn more about his company and buy tea at http://www.luxmigroup.in/ or makaibari.com Key points include: 03:10: The...


399. Alec Hudnut on Vici Partners

Alec Hudnut is an alum of Harvard Business School and McKinsey. He is now a managing partner at Vici Partners, a firm of experienced professionals focused on helping clients improve execution and dramatically grow earnings, and in this episode, Alec discusses the work they do at Vici Partners. You can connect with Alec on https://www.linkedin.com/in/alec-hudnut-8562071, or email him at ahudnut@vicipartners.com Key points include: 02:30: The fee model at Vici Partners 05:52: The 100-day...


398. Annie Scranton on Public Relations - Inside Advice

Annie Scranton is the founder and president of Pace Public Relations; she has been a producer at the CBNC, an assistant booker at Fox News, a booking producer on Good Morning America with ABC News, and has a Masters in Public Relations. In this episode, Annie shares her experience and knowledge in public relations. Annie can be reached through https://www.linkedin.com/in/anniescranton or her company website http://www.pacepublicrelations.com Key points include: 10:00: Becoming a known...


397. Sam Gupta on ERP Systems

Sam Gupta has nearly two decades of experience in commercializing technology solutions, building multi-million dollar technology practices, and managing large enterprise software programs to drive digital transformation initiatives. He is the principal consultant at ElevatIQ, Inc., and in this episode, he talks about manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Sam can be contacted at https://www.linkedin.com/in/samguptausa/ or the website https://www.elevatiq.com/ Key points...


396. Neil Gardner on IT Organisation at Regional Banks

Neil Gardner a digital strategy consultant who helps clients to design and implement digital transformations, and he is the founder and principal of NMG Advisory. As an advisor to CIOs at regional banks, he helps move their teams from cost center to value creation center. Neil can be reached through https://www.linkedin.com/in/neilmgardner/ or https://www.nmgadvisory.com/ Key points include: 00:35: What a CIO does and how much bank revenue it costs 04:17: Infrastructure operations...


395. Jessica Lackey on Sales, Operations, and Planning

Jessica Lackey is an ACC Coach, a McKinsey alum with an MBA from Harvard MBA, and a Fortune 500 Operations Leader. In this episode, she talks about the mature integrated planning process and the nuts and bolts of the traditional SAP processes. Jessica can be reached at linkedin.com/in/jessica-lackey or through her website https://www.jessicalackey.com/ Key points include: 01:47: A perspective on sales and operations planning (SNOP) 08:56: Common issues in the sales and operations...


394. Drew Kerr on Delivering “Money Lines.”

Drew Kerr is the founder and president of Four Corners Communications, a company that provides pro-active strategic communications and coaching for digital media companies, high-growth startups, and consumer research firms. In this episode, he shares five key communication rules. Drew can be reached at linkedin.com/in/drewkerr or his website www.four-corners.com. Key points include: 03:52: The money line 10:58: Using a story 14:02: The power of the headline 19:20: Concise and...


393. Susan Drumm on the Enlightened Executive

Susan Drumm is an Umbrex member and the CEO Advisor, Leadership Coach, and founder of Meritage Leadership. She has graduate degrees from Harvard Law School, Carnegie Mellon, and an M.A. in Drama from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and today she shares the first episode from her podcast, The Enlightened Executive. You can find Susan’s podcast at http://EnlightenedExec.com. Key points include: 06:50: Why focus is learned 10:31: The first step in focus training 13:47: The role...