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ALLEN GANNETT: How to be more creative: Creative Curve #066

Allen Gannet is the founder and CEO of Trackmaven, a company that works with large brands to help them uncover the meaning, revealed by patterns, in their marketing data. In working with major brands like Microsoft, Marriott, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Home Depot, Gannett noticed a significant pattern: most marketers, event well-known ones, weren’t hitting their goals. While their ad campaigns demonstrated creative thinking, their commercial success often fell short. He asked himself, could...


TASHA EURICH | Insight: leading with self-awareness #065

Tasha Eurich is an organizational psychologist, researcher, and New York Times best-selling author. She’s built a reputation as a fresh, modern voice in the business world by pairing her scientific grounding in human behavior with a pragmatic approach to solving problems. Over her 15-plus-year career, she’s helped thousands of professionals—from Fortune 500 executives to early stage entrepreneurs—improve their self-awareness and success. She has contributed to The Huffington Post,...


JEN SINCERO | How to be a badass at making money #064

Jen Sincero didn't always have money. Yet, she's a #1 NY Times Bestselling Author sharing with us her follow up book, “You Are a Badass at Making Money.” And while you might think this book is about 401k's and mutual funds, it's actually about far deeper, transformational realities.


Slaying your giants #063

Everyone of us have seasons in life where circumstance seem too hard; the voices get too loud; and the self-doubt feels paralyzing... these are the times where you perceive that the thing you're facing is bigger than you. This is your giant.


PERRI CHASE | How to increase your wealth by loosening your grip #062

Today, we’re talking to Perri Chase. We’ll touch on some election observations, get into our misunderstood connections with wealth, and learning to live your essence.


How to overcome intense negative emotions #061

Emotions are an incredibly powerful part of our humanity. They can move you to phenomenal heights of achievement or draw you into self-destructive behaviors. What if you could turn those negative emotions around?


DAVE SANDERSON | Moments Matter: Miracle on the Hudson #060

Dave Sanderson was the last person off of the plane, US Airways Flight 1549, or “The Miracle on the Hudson.” Within only a few moments in the air, two engines went dead and Captain Sully glided into the Hudson River on January 15, 2009. The movie Sully, starring Tom Hanks, is about this story.


BRYCE PRESCOTT – Rules of Success #059

Bryce Prescott knows that the rules of success are more than principles of business, but executing through the challenges, trials, and emotions. On this show we discuss persevering through business challenges, mindset, and healthy living.


JONATHAN FIELDS | How to Live a Good Life #058

Jonathan Fields has cracked the code on living a good life. He’s a dad, husband, serial entrepreneur, growth strategist and award-winning author, Jonathan Fields inspires possibility. On this show we discuss talking about living a life of intention with vitality, contribution, and connection.


DANA OLIVER | Emotionally intelligent leadership and customer service #057

Dana Oliver used emotionally intelligent leadership at Medtronic to grow his business unit from $100million to $2billion in annual revenues. Sometimes, leadership looks like a self-advancing bully. Other times, leadership is an empowering opportunity for ownership and investment. As the Senior Director of Research & Development at Medtronic, Dana wrote a book, "Mantra Design", revealing the secrets for profitable and lasting innovation, including how to identify your customer’s unmet needs...


MATT MILLER – Why you should run your own business #056

Matt Miller started a business and became an entrepreneur out of necessity. His finances weren’t matching his family’s needs and the economy wasn’t pushing business forward. In over the span of a week, four children knocked on his door selling things to raise money for their schools… Matt got an idea. His business Today, Matt and his team provide passive fundraising for over 2000 schools in over 23 states. Selling spirit stickers through vending machines, his company is supporting school...


Speaking to the US Army 307 ES Battalion #055

While my family visited the island of Oahu, an old friend that was in my youth group 25 years ago invited me on to speak to the 307th Expeditionary Signal Battalion. I absolutely agreed to present and instead of talking about leadership or technology or any of the things I speak about professionally.. I spoke about some really uncommon topics for the military, because I felt it necessary to help them connect with their mindset and soul. It was so warmly received, I was given permission to...


JEFF BROWN| Your pay day is in practicing excellence with consistency #054

Jeff Brown has been practicing excellence and consistency for the past 29 years behind a microphone; first as an award-winning broadcaster and now as a successful podcaster, business and podcast coach, and speaker. On this show we discuss the power of reading, lifelong learning, and planning your next career before you need to.


CHRIS MARLOW | Doing good is simple #053

Chris Marlow, in 2007, met a starving young orphan living in an abandoned gas station in Zimbabwe. That encounter compelled him to start Help One Now and dedicate his life to seeking justice by empowering leaders and organizing tribes to launch global movements that do good. On this show we discuss making small actions to create huge impact in eliminating global poverty.


KEVIN ROBERTS | How fast can you fail, learn & fix #052

Kevin Roberts is, personally, experiencing a fail of his own creation. Recently, he did an interview for Business Insider and, unfortunately, was quoted saying some very irresponsible comments regarding gender equality in the advertising industry. That has cost him his job. This interview was recorded before his career went sideways and I wrestled with publishing this show. In fact, I did reach out to his team to offer an opportunity for Kevin to share his side of the story. Unfortunately,...


MICHAEL BUNGAY STANIER | Why being lazy, curious, and often is the best leadership practice #051

Michael Bungay Stanier states that leadership is often missing the coaching opportunities that truly make managing easier and leading more empowering. In his new book, The Coaching Habit, Michael gives super practical direction on how to effectively interact with your team.


Angus in the hotseat #050

For many of you that don't know me, I wanted to have someone else ask me the questions, to get me to share a deeper side on myself. So I got in the hotseat.


How to live in the present and unlock your amazing future #049

Living in the present is an easy concept to understand, but not always an easy one to walk out. For many, the past keeps us in a state of longing or regret. We either want to get back to the "good ol' days" or feel crippled by the pain of some negative experience. On this show I'm flying solo to share with you some life-giving encouragement, connecting you to your inner core of power, and cultivate a sense of life satisfaction.


HANS EARLY-NELSON | Coaching call with an artisan blacksmith from Minneapolis, Minnesota #048

Hans Early-Nelson requested some coaching from me. He's an artisan metalsmith from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who specializes in custom metal fabricating, blacksmithing and jewelry. He’s a super-creative guy that reached out to me after listening to an interview I gave on another podcast. In the email Hans sent me, he posed some initial questions about struggles he was having in business. I replied with some thoughts I had and then offered to do a pro-bono coaching call to see if we could...


GARY VAYNERCHUK – Self-Awareness: When you know who you are, everything changes #047

Gary Vaynerchuk believes self-awareness is a critical component to success. But what does in mean to be aware of self? In his book, #AskGaryVee, Gary states the only chapter that should be read twice is chapter 17 - Self-awareness. On this show, we talk about family and the impact of being self-aware.