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Digital Identities For Physical Things: The Path To a Zero-Waste Economy with Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta (@leashless), CEO of Mattereum, joins Erik on this episode. They discuss: - The effects of overconsumption on the environment. - The breakdown of humanity’s carbon footprint. - Why we need to optimize waste in the same way that we optimize investment and production. - How to reduce the perceived fragility of life for those living in poverty. - Buckminster Fuller’s ambitions and why we’re living in the world that he wanted us to avoid. - Why Vinay “never trusted the...


How To Make Friends on Twitter with Visakan Veerasamy

Visakan Veerasamy (@visakanv) joins Erik on this episode for a conversation about friendship, Twitter as a global brain, online communities, fame, how we can better relate to others, and more. Remember to apply for the winter vintage of our Network Catalyst accelerator! It is a personalized program that features masterclasses from some of the best in Silicon Valley and a dedicated network leader focused on making the introductions you need to turbocharge your company. You can participate...


The Roots of Progress with Robert Tracinski and Jason Crawford

Robert Tracinski (@Tracinski) and Jason Crawford (@jasoncrawford) join Erik on this episode. Robert is an author and creator of The Tracinski Letter. Jason is an entrepreneur and runs Roots of Progress, a blog about the ascent of mankind, from the caves to computers and beyond. They discuss: - The idea of a “capitalism appreciation society” akin to an art appreciation society. - The backward perspectives that people have on economic progress. - Their answers to the critiques of...


What Bret Weinstein Thinks About Basically Everything

Erik is joined on this episode by Bret Weinstein (@BretWeinstein). He is a biologist and evolutionary theorist. They discuss: - His start in the field of evolutionary biology and how he realized that the big questions everyone thought had been answered actually only seemed that way because the big questions had stopped being asked. - Why two characteristics of a given creature or object cannot be maximized at the same time, and why thinking in terms of trade-offs explains virtually all of...


What Bill Janeway Thinks About Basically Everything

Bill Janeway (@billjaneway) joins Erik on this episode. Bill is a venture capitalist and economist and is the author of the classic book Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy. They talk about: - Bill’s keen interest in the interface of markets and government and how that thread has weaved its way through Bill’s career. - Why financialization has gone too far. - The fact that Bill “lived through the last AI hype cycle” and what that means for this one. - The difference between...


Meaning, Ritual, and Ambiguity with Sarah Perry

Sarah Perry (@sarahdoingthing), writer and thinker, joins Erik on this episode. They discuss: - Sarah’s writing career and what it means to “work through your politics” early in your career as a writer. - The purpose of rituals and why democracy is itself a form of ritual. - Why ambiguity increases meaning. - What we as a culture don’t understand about meaning. - The narrative illusion in life, that there’s “nothing but time” and that that is the place from which meaning comes. - How...


Values, Social Networks, and The Wisdom Economy with Joe Edelman

Joe Edelman (@edelwax), philosopher, social scientist, designer, and founder of Human Systems, joins Erik on this episode. They discuss: - Why the internet didn’t achieve its promise of connecting people on a deeper level. - Why we’ve become very good at shopping and networking around goals and preferences but not around values, and how this manifests in the differences between Couchsurfing and Airbnb. - Why he says that philosophers and micro-economists have the best ability to figure...


Narrative Bias, Collective Sense-Making, and AI with Paul Bohm

Erik is joined on this episode by Paul Bohm (@paulsbohm), investor and entrepreneur. They tackle a variety of topics on this wide-ranging episode, including: - How Paul became fascinated with self-perpetuating systems. - Why the European startup scene is problematic, why he is short Silicon Valley, and the idea of importing law from one jurisdiction to another (as companies do with Delaware C Corp designation). - The idea of narrative bias, what a “zombie field” is, and the rule of...


The Meaning Crisis and Silicon Valley with John Vervaeke

Erik is joined by John Vervaeke (@vervaeke_john), a psychology and cognitive science professor at the University of Toronto. They discuss: - How John has been working on bridging the gap between cognitive science and spirituality. - Why he says that we need to “awaken” from the meaning crisis, not “solve” it. - What he wants people building virtual reality and social media platforms to know. - Why he says that people these days don’t value democracy the way people did in the past. -...


Sacred Economics and Climate with Charles Eisenstein

Erik is joined by Charles Eisenstein (@ceisenstein) on this episode. He is the author of Climate: A New Story and The Ascent of Humanity, among others. They discuss: - The main thread that runs throughout Charles’s works. - Why technological utopias and the age of leisure have been widely predicted but have never actually come about. - How humanity shaping its environment has caused problems for humans, and why trying harder and harder to solve those problems has perpetuated them. - Why...


Complexity, Collective Intelligence, and New Ways of Thinking with Bonnitta Roy

Erik is joined on this episode by Bonnitta Roy (@bonnittaroy), philosopher, author, organizational consultant, and insight guide. They discuss: - The new way of looking at the world that she advocates for. - Why she says that scientific thinking does not serve humanity well in all situations. - Why people take approaches to problems that result in increasingly complex systems over time. - The limitations of systems thinking and determinism. - Insights from cognitive neuroscience about...


The Past, Present, and Future of Biotech and Longevity with Laura Deming and Will Eden

Joining Erik on this episode are Laura Deming (@laurademing), creator of Longevity Fund, and Will Eden (@williamaeden), entrepreneur in residence with Errik Anderson at Ulysses and formerly of Thiel Capital. They talk about: - The history of biotech and the big trends and companies in the space over the past several decades. - The breakdown of the different areas within biotech. - The new business model in biotech that’s been driven by VCs. - How the public market in biotech companies...


Game B in a Silicon Valley Context with Jordan Hall

Jordan Hall (@jgreenhall) joins Erik on this episode. He is founder of Neurohacker Collective and an influential thinker about Game B. In this episode they discuss: - His frustrations with Silicon Valley and what he wishes entrepreneurs understood better about the system in which they are working. - Why he thinks Steve Jobs’ talents could have been put to better use. - The relation of software eating the world to topics around Game B. - His explanation of the difference between...


Game B, Liquid Democracy, and Complex Systems with Jim Rutt

Jim Rutt (@jim_rutt) joins Erik on this episode. He is an entrepreneur, technologist, research fellow, and host of The Jim Rutt Show. Note that this episode contains adult language and may not be suitable for listening in all situations. They discuss: - The change in the ethos of business over the last several decades, and why it’s now the case in Jim’s opinion that “honesty and good faith is a sucker strategy.” - Why Jim is no longer an Ayn Randian. - How to change politics and society...


Economic Mobility, The “Experience Economy,” and The Future of Cities with JD Ross and Sean Linehan

Erik is joined on this episode by JD Ross (@justindross) and Sean Linehan (@seanlinehan). JD is co-founder of Opendoor and Sean is co-founder of Placement and former VP of Product at Flexport. They discuss: - What Sean is doing with Placement and his personal story for where the idea came from. - How they “navigated the idea maze” and what they learned from the ideating they did. - What has led to the rise of the ISA and their thoughts on the space. - How they think about working in...


Market Failures, Redesigning Metrics, and Human Dignity with Andrew Kortina

Andrew Kortina (@kortina) joins Erik on this episode. He is the co-founder of Venmo and Fin. They talk about: - How he became interested in the US tax code and what changes he might like to see made to it. - The insights from his examination of how the US government spends its money. - Capitalism, inequality, and how to ensure everyone can live a life with dignity. - Status signalling through consumption and how to fix the inefficiency of conveying information through goods. -...


Education, Globalization, and Becoming “Psychologically Sovereign” with Zachary Stein

Zachary Stein ( joins Erik on this episode. He is a writer, educator, and futurist. They discuss: - Why he says that all institutions are fundamentally educational institutions. - The crises that humankind is facing and how to make our way through them. - The new educational paradigms he foresees. - What it means to be psychologically sovereign. - The history of measurement and the fact that prior to a few hundred years ago, no one knew how old they actually were. - How...


What Bryan Caplan Thinks About Basically Everything

Erik is joined on this episode by Bryan Caplan (@bryan_caplan), economist and author. They have a wide-ranging discussion on a number of different topics. They discuss: - The case for open borders and the underappreciated benefits of immigration. - His responses to some of the common arguments against increased immigration. - Why he thinks that universal basic income is a “terrible idea.” - His thoughts on the charter cities movement. - His most impactful (and controversial) policy...


Why Markets Will Eat The World with Taylor Pearson

Taylor Pearson (@TaylorPearsonMe), joins Erik on this episode. He is an author, entrepreneur, and investor. On this episode they talk about: - The basics of the thesis that markets are eating the world and how Taylor became interested in the idea. - The implications of markets becoming more prevalent in every aspect of life. - How smart contracts and the blockchain enable markets to eat the world. - How closely related the idea that software is eating the world is to the idea that...


The Future of Markets, Democracy, and Geopolitics in the 21st Century with Samo Burja

Samo Burja (@SamoBurja), founder of Bismarck Analysis, joins Erik for this episode. You can find him on Medium at They talk about: - Whether capitalism and democracy are incompatible and what the future holds for democracy. - Why economists need to look inside companies to learn from their cultures, not just at the relations between companies. - Why the grey hoody is as much a worker’s uniform as the suit of the 1950s was. - The coming merger of east and west...