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‘Meaningful tech’ is tech for good - Pat Farr

Pat is the CTO at Abundance Abundance is a leading direct investment platform giving people control over their money. People invest from £5 in energy projects that generate something good for the environment and society, as well as bank-beating returns. With a choice of projects, investors know where their money is going and how it is working for them. They receive regular capital repayments and investment returns, along with updates on energy generation. At the same time, the world benefits...


4 barriers to getting underrepresented people into tech - Debbie Forster

Jump to 12.34 to hear what the 4 barriers to getting underrepresented people into tech are. Debbie is the CEO at Tech Talent Charter. Originally an English teacher Debbie was an early adopter of computers in the classroom. This quickly saw Debbie becoming in charge of the schools IT department. Working her way up the school career ladder she saw tech as a great enabler. For some of the children, she was teaching she saw how tech could become a way into careers they might not be able to...


3 things I’ve learned from starting a business - Sebastian Francis

Sebastian is the Co-founder and Director at Titus Learning As the co-founder of Titus Learning Sebastian has always championed e-learning and alternate educational routes. After a brief stint at university, he found he worked best when engaging in ‘non-traditional’ educational avenues. This realisation saw him set up Titus Learning to bring the advantages of e-learning courses to as many people as possible. Jump to 24.22 to listen to Seb's three lessons. Key points covered in this show...


Companies looking for a ‘culture fit’ have got the wrong idea - Rich Cobbold

Rich is an EMEA Recruitment Specialist for Google Cloud. Starting his career recruiting for marketing roles in an agency, Rich, quickly learned the benefits developing long term relationships can have on one's career. Building true and meaningful client and candidate relationships has always been at the core of Rich’s recruitment strategy. In 2012 he started working for a recruitment company who then looked to expand their digital recruitment arm. Rich started recruiting digital marketing...


3 Pieces of advice for starting your own business - John Safa

John is an entrepreneur and founder of Pushfor. John’s career started when he was 11 years old after a chance encounter with a computer magazine. His first computer was a ZX81 Sinclair and he had to type in his programs from computer magazines. Always a fan of taking things apart to find out how they worked John started deconstructing the programs he was typing into his computer and began learning from there. This combined with a natural flair for working with people quickly saw John working...


How to build a ‘best place to work’ - Jeremy Burns

Jeremy is Head of Software Engineering at News UK A self-taught coder at the age of 33 Jeremy pivoted into technology later in his career after working in a financial company, Barclays and running his own consultancy. His work in the city saw him running teams in London, NYC & Singapore, and this, combined with his love of working with people saw him take a management role in News UK. As the Head of Software Engineering Jeremy is responsible for nurturing and developing software engineers...


Psychological safety in business - Richard George

Richard George is the Head of Engineering at RS Components Richard is an energetic & focused professional with over 20 years of experience in Wireless, Mobile, Enterprise, Consumer and Cloud services. He is an acknowledged visionary and strategist in both product and process, with a past that demonstrates system thinking and the ability to drive strategies, adapt management styles and lead execution processes that convert opportunity to success. Richard has a hard-earned reputation for...


Teaching code outside the classroom - Rosemary Hitchcock

Rosemary is Head of Technology at YOOX-NET-A-PORTER Group. We spoke to Rosemary back in December. The podcast focuses on teaching code outside the traditional classroom setting. YOOX-NET-A-PORTER is leading the way in this regard. Rosemary talked us through this initiative and several others in her podcast. She tells us about the time the team used an onsite instructor to teach them scala via practical problem solving and Rosemary stresses the importance of hands-on learning for those...


Facilitating digital transformation in the banking sector - Ed Kelly

An accomplished visionary and resilient Senior Technical Manager Ed’s career spans over 10 years. He has been responsible for leading, mobilising and delivering cost-effective and scalable technology solutions for clients across a variety of sectors. As a lead polyglot Engineer he has a consistent track record in aligning business, strategy and technology needs, whilst being able to build and maintain trusted and collaborative relationships with key stakeholders, vendors, clients, and...


Creating a greener transport network - John Collins

John is the Senior Engineering Manager at Flixbus. FlixBus is a young mobility provider offering a sustainable and comfortable travel through Europe and the United States under a vision of "Smart and Green Mobility for Everyone to Experience the World"​. Launched 2013 in Germany, FlixBus offers an expanding network of 300,000 daily connections to 2,000 destinations in 29 countries. With services like free WiFi, an innovative ticketing-system, flexible online booking, its own smartphone-app...


Finding your own work rhythm - Erin McCann

Erin has recently taken a role as the Vice President of People at SevenFifty after more than four years at Custora. Erin is SHRM-CP certified, this education combined with her experience in several startups has enabled her to create employee friendly guidelines for the companies she has worked for. Her role as a people-oriented professional has given her experience in: End-to-end recruiting strategy, the onboarding process, career development and performance management, team engagement and...


Innovate by keeping chaos and order in balance - Tino Junge

Futurice is a software engineering and innovation consultancy. They build new digital products, create services and harness a culture of innovation to produce outstanding software for clients. Since 2000, they have helped clients in industries ranging from energy, retail and construction to media, finance and automotive develop their business practices, ways of working and culture to meet the challenges of digital disruption.


Communicating Smarkets core values - Celine Crawford

Céline is an experienced Executive Team Leader and Chief Communications Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Financial Services/Banking and Tech industries. She’s a strong management professional skilled in Public/Investor Relations, Fundraising, Mentoring, HR and Talent, Planning/Events and Operations.


Building Beta Businesses - Vasileios Fasoulas

Vasileios is a technology-agnostic thinker, and a leader with experience in diverse technologies spanning from web, mobile & microservices, to cloud, serverless and bots His team building and delivery experience range from innovative prototypes to tactical business solutions and all the way up to global, strategic programmes of work.


Building software for the adtech industry - Katie Nykanen

Katie is the CTO at Adstream. Katie is the Winner of CTO of the Year at the Women in IT Awards. At Adstream she has migrated their legacy infrastructure to a fully automated, auto-scaling, DevOps managed cloud-hosted architecture model. She has also transformed their legacy linear development function into a modern agile software development practice with component focused teams.


Engineering Recruitment at MOO - Russell Woodward

Russell is the Director of Engineering at MOO. Russell began his development experience in 1998 and has continually worked with large, established brands and high-volume websites over the following 16 years. Since transitioning to management at Burberry and continuing at eBay, we caught up with Russell as Director of Engineering at MOO to discuss his transition from individual contributor to management to Director.


Growing companies IT departments at scale - Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts is the Founder and CEO of Nimble Approach. Coming from an Agile Transformation background (Leadership, Coaching and Delivery), Chris went on to form Nimble after having the inspiring idea whilst leaning heavily on the best people in his network to set up the Home Office's first Digital Hub outside of London in 2016. Simply put, Nimble are a community of elite specialists who use Agile to deliver user-focused technology products. In two short years, Chris has grown the business...


Reinventing the banking sector - Charles Wood & Jibran Ahmed

Charles Charles is a solution architect (specialising in business and applications architecture) for banking platforms - both "innovation" platforms and core banking platforms - across various global Tier 1 universal banks. Special interest in event-driven, micro-service, polyglot, cloud-native REST architectures with modern analytics solutions. Jibran Jibran is a management consultant with 10 years experience in the Capital Markets sector and passion for innovative & disruptive...


Starting your own business: Overcoming the fear - Gideon Carroll

Gideon is Founder & CEO of EdgePertol Ltd When Gideon finished his chartered accountant from university he took a role at Trafigura, a global oil trading company. This sparked Gideon’s passion for oil and global trade. Working in this industry is where Gideon ‘really started learning’ and this led him to form Edge Petrol. EdgePetrol EdgePetrol is a data-driven web app for petrol retailers. Its intelligent software solution allows petrol dealer owners to see their retail fuel margins and...


Servant Leadership: How To Put Your People Before Yourself - Zoe Cunningham

Zoe is Managing Director at Softwire. As the managing director of Softwire Zoe is responsible for leading a 150-person software development and consultancy house. She specialises in bespoke enterprise systems and subsystems across a wide range of industries. Zoe is an award-winning executive level technology professional. She has published three books to date: Galvanising the Geeks, Networking Know-How and An Actor's Life for Me (Urbane Publications) and is a sought-after keynote speaker.