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WTF Gym Talk is a no BS resource for owners looking to own an actual business instead of just the gym. The rise of CrossFit gave way to a surge of entrepreneurs who wanted to open their own micro-gym. However, opening a business and staying in business are two completely different things.

WTF Gym Talk is a no BS resource for owners looking to own an actual business instead of just the gym. The rise of CrossFit gave way to a surge of entrepreneurs who wanted to open their own micro-gym. However, opening a business and staying in business are two completely different things.
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WTF Gym Talk is a no BS resource for owners looking to own an actual business instead of just the gym. The rise of CrossFit gave way to a surge of entrepreneurs who wanted to open their own micro-gym. However, opening a business and staying in business are two completely different things.




Mentorship For Clinics, Lawyers and Other Service Based Businesses with Brian Strump

Dr. Brian Strump is currently my only return guest on the podcast. Maybe that's cause he literally owns the gym a few miles down the road from me and I have easy access to him - maybe because he's a smart motherfucker and I like talking to those kind of people. Either way, since our last podcast together, Brian has been busy working to help entrepreneurs in the clinical space (chiro, massage, etc) as well as other service industries. Enjoy!


I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It - ep. 03

The controversy surrounding the legitimacy of companies that sell the "members on demand" marketing play via duration based fitness challenges has been a hot topic of the past few years. The most popular of these marketing companies, Gym Launch, typically is the center of these hot debates. I asked a few microgym owners who are former clients of this company to come on the podcast and give their opinion on this marketing/client acquisition system and what it ultimately did for their...


Creating Digital Revenue Streams w/ Sydney Cummings x Royal Change

Sydney lives and works in the fitness industry just like I do - in Charlotte, NC. But she went about her career growth in a much different way than most microgym owners have. What originally began as a quest to start her own gym, quickly detoured and turned into developing a YouTube channel where she would post full-length workout videos for anyone looking to get fit at home. And it worked. Like really fucking well. Her workouts videos get ~400,000 views on a regular basis and she's...


Julian Bryant x Million Dollar Gym

Julian Bryant almost appears to be another one of these douchebag Click Funnel gurus selling a dream to microgym owners... But he's not. Yes, he's a marketer. Yes, he knows how to use funnels, create landing pages and run successful Facebook ads - but his story is actually the most interesting part of this equation. From a traumatic injury turned drug addiction turned gun violence turned serious prison time - this guy has lived more lives in his years on this earth than most of us will...


Jammin' With Joe - ep. 06

How many dead people still have accounts on social media? Are graveyards really a wise utilization of our precious land resources? Why the new homepage on Urban MVMNT is fucking dope and genius. Did I just get lucky with having CrossFit + SouthEnd at the right place at the right time???


Changing The Fitness You Offer + How To Not Piss Off Members When Doing It

John Swanson, successful microgym owner of the Fast Factory, creator of the Granite Games and biz coach via Factory Forged had a question for other gym owners and asked me to weigh in... How to go about changing your fitness model up on your membership - how to get the members to understand the WHY behind it and the risks involved...


Why I’m Not Afraid to Fuck Up

Had a question come in from a microgym owner who is currently contemplating changing his entire business structure but he’s scared to death to make the move. He asked me how I came to being fearless when it comes to making hard changes, where the end result is unknowable.


Vincent Miceli x The Body Blueprint

A podcast about drugs, club nightlife in NYC, murder and oh yeah, owning a microgym. That's what you're gonna get on today's podcast with Vincent Miceli, the owner of The Body Blueprint in New York City. An established entrepreneur who has a background that you don't commonly find in the fitness space. The audio on this one is a little rough again (I apologize, this was recorded before we fixed the issue). But still worth the listen!


The Next Revenue Stream

For most of the microgyms out there that are running a group fitness model, that will be your biggest revenue stream. Then (depending on the model), personal training should be the next largest part of the pie. Throw in some nutrition + retail and that's pretty much the current day status quo. HOWEVER...I think there is a new revenue stream that is already here for some of us...but most of you are probably naive to it....good thing you have me to lead you to the light.


Jason Ackerman x Own Your Eating

Jason Ackerman is a former CrossFit affiliate owner. A current member of CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff. Owner of Own Your Eating (online nutrition coaching) and is currently writing a book... We get into the in's and out's of owning a microgym, jam on the concept of writing a book from scratch and some other random shit I can't remember - but trust me, it's worth a listen. @ownyoureating


Question and Answers

Starting a new segment on the YouTube VLOG - Question n’ Answer. Send me your questions and I’ll answer the fuck out of them!


Talent Recruiting Is Coming To The Microgym Industry

Anytime I hear a business owner say "the guy down the street stole my head employee"... ...I literally want to throat punch them. I think this piece of prediction that I'm making should scare some of you that don't have your shit together and excite the rest of you.


I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It - ep. 02

On the 2nd episode of this awesome as fuck segment, we have two microgym owners who significantly disagree with me on several topics: - having dogs in the gym - creating a 2nd home for your clients (in a good way and bad way) - cubbie with smelly Olympic weightlifting shoes - and a few others The great thing about this episode is that both of these guys show that though I may not agree with their way of doing it - they are proving it can work for them. Thanks to Bill Russell...


This Is Why Your Branding Isn’t Working

Does this sound like you?


Jammin' With Joe Ep. 05

Joe and I discuss the All Star Game being in Charlotte, NC + why the location of your business is entirely your fault and what you need to do to market it better + Google Ads vs. Facebook and other silly shit.


Stop Bitching About Your Location

Your geographical location wasn't forced on chose it's time to own it.


I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It - ep. 01

The first episode of this new segment and i'm really excited...but on this particular episode i'm REALLY REALLY SORRY for the fucked up audio. I'm gonna promise to never let this happen again, but you never know. Hope you're still able to get some nugs out of this.


Zach Scarboro x Orange Theory Fitness

Zach is head trainer at Orange Theory Fitness. He works in the location less than a mile down the road from my microgym, Urban MVMNT. Some would say that Zach and I are direct competitors and even enemies from a business standpoint. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Zach has even referred high end personal training clients to my business and coached my wife at her first OTF class (yes, she has a membership there too). This podcast will be great for owners & trainers alike -...


PT First Crash Course w/ Sean Pastuch

On Saturday March 2nd, I'm co-hosting a PT First Crash Course with Sean Pastuch (Active Life Rx). This is a one day, topic specific course to help you integrate personal training into your gym, sell it at the right price, pay the trainer the right amount, change the culture of your gym (if they are too used to "Unlimited" memberships) and more. We will have a meet and greet the night before. Check out the link below and in Instagram bio...


Ambrose Leburu x Doerz Motivation

This guys is one of my first mentors and certainly one of the guys who had a huge influence in my development when I got started with the globo gym side of my career. Did you know I used to work in a predominately black gym? Like I was the only white dude selling personal training to people on food stamps? Ambrose tells some secrets that no one of you have ever heard about me in my earlier days. Enjoy!