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Leo & Randy On Vacations

Leo returned from a 12-day trip, front-loaded with work in Oslo, Norway, but ended with a vacation on a barge in France. Today’s show is about the value of stepping away to relax, reflect and rejuvenate, and how leaders and followers alike can make vacation work harder for them! Enjoy the show! Links mentioned in today’s show: Executive Growth Alliance Get Future Ready Summit in Oslo, Norway Leo’s article in CEO WORLD, “The Three Rs: Relaxation. Reflection. Rejuvenation. Why Vacations...


Leo & Randy On Working Together

Today Leo and Randy discuss working together. This conversation was prompted by Leo’s upcoming trip to Oslo, Norway where he’ll speak, then serve on a panel discussion at the Executive Growth Alliance. Helpful links: Chris Kutarna (one of the speakers at the Executive Growth Alliance and author of Age of Discovery ) William Ury’s TED Talk – The Walk From No To Yes Craig Weber – author of Conversational Capacity: The Secret To Building Successful Teams That Perform When The Pressure Is...


Thomas Anglero On Innovation

Thomas F. Anglero is the Director of Innovation for IBM Norway with 25 years of technology experience. Thomas is one of the most exciting and sought after public speakers in Europe. He is an expert in the new culture challenges that comes with the AI revolution, innovation, and explaining disruption to executives. Today, he’s our guest on the podcast. On August 28, 2019 Leo Bottary will be keynoting at the Executive Growth Summit in Olso, Norway. This event is the Get Future Ready Summit....


Leo & Randy On CEOs and Peers

Leo wrote a piece for CEO WORLD Magazine entitled, How Great CEOs Maximize Peer Relationships. Today we talk about the natural progression of business relationships and how we engage with others: we connect, network, optimize and accelerate. Whether we're part of a team or a group, we can all learn how to take greater advantage of our opportunities with others. That's the point of the work we do at Peernovation and it's the point of this podcast - doing the things anyone can do, but the...


Leo & Randy On The Cabo Olympics

People are training hard for it. There's a goal with a deadline. Everybody shares the deadline, but each person is establishing their own goals. It's the 2019 Cabo Olympics slated for late October. Watch or listen to today's show and we'll explain. Leo's appearance Jay Izso's podcast, A New Direction Leo will be keynoting in Oslo, Norway on August 28th at the 2019 Executive Growth Alliance Summit Leo’s books – The Power of Peers and What Anyone Can Do Leo’s speaking and workshops The...


Leo & Randy On Leading Teams

Today's show reflects on two questions Leo posed in a recent CEO World article. Do you consider yourself a part of the team? Or do you think of yourself as apart from it? If you're a CEO or leader, bravely answer these questions. Seeing your proper role within the context of the team may lead to quantum leap performances of your team. CEO World article, "As the Leader, Are You a Part of Your Team or Apart From It?" Leo’s books – The Power of Peers and What Anyone Can Do Leo’s speaking...


Leo & Randy On The Launch Of Peernovation

On today’s show, Leo makes a BIG announcement. Leo is launching Peernovation, LLC. You can read the full press release here at Yahoo! Finance. Peernovation will address two major challenges for companies today: 1) The lack of ROI for employee learning and development programs; and, 2) the problem of alignment and employee engagement when implementing strategic initiatives. Bottary, who will serve as managing partner, will be joined by peer advantage group facilitator and podcaster, Randy...


Leo & Randy On Great Groups

Today’s show is a discussion on Leo’s latest column in CEO WORLD Magazine, Ten Attributes of a Great CEO Peer Group. They are: Having the right people in the room Being truly committed to their fellow members “Leveraging” their safe environmentBeing prepared to play Being relentlessly patient with asking questions Bringing important topics to the conversation Understanding how to get the most from the groupBeing willing to challenge one another from a place of caringAccepting personal...


Leo & Randy On Achieving Goals

Today’s show is a discussion about how we can improve – as individuals and in our organizations – achieving our goals. We’re approaching the start of the second half of the year and many of us want to achieve some specific things before the end of 2019. Will we accomplish them? Or will we quit? Some useful links mentioned in today’s episode: William Ury’s TED Talk – Walk From No To Yes Jennifer Vessel’s work – Executive Growth Alliance Leo’s books – The Power of Peers and What Anyone Can...


Leo & Randy On Podcasting

Today’s show was prompted by Leo’s participation in the C-Suite Network Thought Summit in San Francisco. He was on a panel about podcasting. Today we extend the conversation here on the WHAT ANYONE CAN DO PODCAST and discuss a few questions about podcasting. How should you start your own podcast? What makes a perfect podcast? Leave us a comment below on how we can improve this podcast. You can also use the Contact page or hit us up on social media. If you want to connect with somebody...


Rich Karlgaard On Late Bloomers

Our guest today is Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes and author of a new book, "Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement." Are all high achievers early achievers? Can mature individuals with life experience add value to a workplace? Does personal and professional growth have an expiration date? Helpful links from today's show: Buy the book: Late Bloomers: The Power of Patience in a World Obsessed with Early Achievement by Rich Karlgaard Connect...


Leo & Randy On Perspective

Today on the What Anyone Can Do podcast Leo and Randy discuss three components of perspective, formed as questions: Mentioned in today’s show: Ladder of Inference by Chris Argyris and Peter Senge The Power Of Peers: How The Company You Keep Drives Leadership, Growth And Success by Leon Shapiro and Leo Bottary What Anyone Can Do podcast on C-Suite Network


Jennifer Vessels On The Big Picture

Meet Jennifer Vessels, CEO of Next Step. Her latest initiative, called Executive Growth Alliance (EGA), works to assemble and facilitate groups of peers who are part of a common ecosystem (transportation, health, etc.). Jennifer’s proactive, systems thinking approach to future-readiness is among the topics of our conversation today! For additional info: check out Leadership: Who You Surround Yourself With Matters at CEOWORLD


On Following Up

Today, we conclude our discussion on the 3 major elements required to have the most effective peer advantage: 1) Showing Up, 2) Stepping Up, and 3) Following Up. Following up is often what's lacking in learning and development, the subject of Leo's new column published in CEOWorld Magazine. Leo and Randy discuss the importance of trust and accountability in following up.


On Stepping Up

Today, we continue our discussion on the 3 major elements required to have the most effective peer advantage: Showing Up Stepping Up Following Up Stepping up is exactly what Leo’s Boston Bruins did versus the Carolina Hurricanes in the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs, sweeping the Canes 4-0 in a best of 7 series (yes, there’s … Continue reading "On Stepping Up"


On Showing Up

We’re about to enter round 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Leo’s Boston Bruins have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals. Randy’s Dallas Stars are fighting to stay alive in game 7 with the St. Louis Blues to advance to the Western Conference Finals. (A fitting gift as we celebrate Randy’s birthday!) We’re hoping for … Continue reading "On Showing Up"


On Randy’s Circle

Get a What Anyone Can Do update, find out how to be a better group/team member, and consider joining Randy’s Circle! Click here to learn more: ThePeerAdvantage.com 


On Great Books

If you’re writing and speaking more than you’re reading and listening, it’s time to right the ship! Here are three books you’ll love! When you don’t have immediate access to the right people directly, you can still surround yourself with their ideas! Enjoy! Amazon links to the books (not affiliate links): Cracking the Curiosity Code: … Continue reading "On Great Books"


Let’s Talk Teams

In the wake of Tiger’s win at The Masters, we talk about the value of the people who surround us and how, together, we can do things we would never otherwise achieve. 


Jeffrey Hayzlett On Heroes

Join us today as we talk about heroes, hero cultures, paying it back, and paying it forward! Visit HeroFactorBook.com for your free business transformation kit.