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WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | The Importance of Off-the-Job Experience: Nancy McKay, CEO Barefoot Scientist

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WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | Building a Business on Inclusivity: Rachel Roff, Founder, Urban Skin Rx

Rachel Roff always knew she wanted to be an esthetician. So four days after graduating from college, she was back in the classroom, but this time at esthetic school. During her time there, she noticed how limited treatment options were for people of color. Her efforts to change what she saw as outright prejudice led her to found Urban Skin Solutions Med Spa and later Urban Skin Rx Skincare, both focused on serving a clientele of diverse skin tones. In this episode, hear how recognizing a...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | Branding By Instinct: Blair James, Owner and Co-Founder of Bondi Sands

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WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | Last (Wo)man Standing: Rita Hazan, Celebrity Colorist and Product Innovator

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WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | Smell Your Full Potential: Beth Russell, Founder, House of Potentia

This week’s guest, Beth Russell, Founder of House of Potenia, sits down to talk about her mission to encourage personal change through perfumery. With a background in pyschology, she created House of Potenia with the idea of “olafactive induction”, or as she says, “Using scent as an agent of change and a reminder of how you want to feel.” Get a deeper look inside her brand and its purpose, and get to know her other life as an alpaca farmer and advocate for...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | When Your Career Finds You: Eloise Cheung, Editorial and Celebrity Hairstylist

Sometimes a career finds you and not the other way around. That’s what happened for Eloise Cheung, a hairstylist who has clocked in over two decades of editorial, advertising, and red carpet jobs. In college, she majored in engineering for a year before dropping out; that move led to a series of fortuitous breaks which would eventually cumulate into the job she loves now. Hear how she went from Chinatown shampoo girl to apprentice at John Freida to a sought-after freelance stylist, along...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | Wall Street vs Scented Candles: Laura Slatkin, Founder and Executive Chairman, NEST Fragrances

Back in 1992, Laura Slatkin and her husband Harry both had lucrative Wall Street careers on the rise. But their entrepreneurial spirits got the better of them, and that year they left the safety of a steady paycheck to open a home-fragrance shop. This eventually lead to Laura founding NEST Fragrances. In this episode, she recalls the challenges of creating what’s essentially today’s home fragrance industry, why she did it, and how she holds her high-octane life together. Recorded live as...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | The Language of Scent: Andrea Bifulco, Founder, Nose University

If you’ve ever looked into the perfume-making process, you probably know there’s someone called a “nose” involved… as in a job title, not a body part. Andrea Bifulco is herself familiar with these mystical wizards of scent, having stumbled on a career in fragrance development thanks to a fateful temp job at Estée Lauder. Now currently the founder of Nose University, an educational olfactive program aimed at kids, she lets us in on the often mysterious process of fragrance creation, the...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | The Vagipreneur: Rachel Braun Sherl, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of SPARK Solutions for Growth

If you have a vagina or know someone who does, then this episode is for you. Meet Rachel Braun Scherl, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of SPARK Solutions for Growth and author of Orgasmic Leadership: Profiting from the Coming Surge in Women’s Sexual Health and Wellness. Or as she likes to call herself, a “vagipreneur®” (Yes, she registered the term). As a business consultant focused on women’s health, she’s been influential disrupting the feminine care industry, calling out double standards...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | Great Intentions Lead to Great Careers: Kimberly Soane, Executive Director, Bobbi Brown

Don’t have a clear career path? At a crossroads? Then take Kimberly Soane’s lead. The veteran makeup artist and Executive Director of Artistry at Bobbi Brown has a career she loves, and gets clear about what motivated her. She went from psych major to beauty counter manager, to traveling the world with legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown. Hear her full story in this episode. #wherebrainsmeetbeauty @wherebrainsmeetbeautypodcast wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | It’s a Family Affair: Natalie Ismiel, Beauty Expert and Ambassador, and Sue Ismiel, Founder and Global Beauty Ambassador, Nad’s

This episode welcomes Natalie and Sue Ismiel of Nad’s to their first podcast recording. The former is the inspiration behind the brand, the latter its creator. This daughter-mother duo takes us back 30 years to the creation of Nad’s, the “green goo” made for hair removal, and its metamorphosis into a global beauty hit thanks to its efficacy and Sue’s charismatic infomercials. Hear how they’ve kept the brand family owned for 3 decades and 3 generations through the power of adaptability,...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | Finding the Right Corporate LTR: Michael Marquis, President, Vogue International

For every entrepreneur you hear of, disrupting their industry of choice, there’s usually a corporate counterpart you don’t hear of, quietly team building and evolving their careers more than revolutionizing it. Michael Marquis has certainly been the latter, putting in a solid 22 years Johnson & Johnson and working his way up to his current role as President of recently acquired Vogue International. In this episode, hear the pros of getting into a long-term relationship with a single company,...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | Undefinable: Taryn Toomey, Founder, The Class

Taryn Toomey is the founder of The Class, a mind-body fitness experience so unlike anything else, it simply was known as “the class”. In this episode, hear how she traded a career in fashion for one in fitness and mindfulness, how an experience with grief created the beginnings of this unexplainable workout and the steps you can take right now to live more mindfully and authentically. This is the first of our monthly live recording events as Podcast in Residence at Saks Fifth Avenue New York...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | Can You Be Too Successful? Lisa Goodman, Founder, GoodSkin™ Clinics

Lisa Goodman, Founder of GoodSkin™ Clinics, set out to create a laid-back lifestyle for herself when she opened her business. Instead, word spread like crazy and her business mushroomed into a multi-location operation. Along the way, she went through a divorce, unexpectedly fell in love with a French guy, moved to Paris, and now lives between LA, New York, and Paris. In this episode, hear how she pulls off life in three time zones, what motivated her to take on more than she meant to, and...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | “HairBnb”: Courtney and Tye Caldwell, Founders, ShearShare

Courtney and Tye Caldwell started as partners in life and are now partners in ShearShare, the first mobile app that lets stylists rent space on demand. From marriage, parenthood and startup life, the pair share the key lessons they’ve learned on collaboration and partnership in the decades since they met. You’ll also hear how they’re responding to the changing needs of the hair industry, and why they both think you’re clicks away from making your dreams come true....

WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | The Law of Attraction: Brian “Gibs” Long, Founder and CEO, GIBS Grooming

Brian “Gibs” Long, CEO and Founder of GIBS Grooming, is truly an entrepreneur's entrepreneur. When attempting to secure a loan for his first business, “I got 10 nos before I got a yes,” he remembers. “That’s the difference between a normal person and an entrepreneur.” From selling veggie burritos at Grateful Dead shows to creating a bagel store chain to forging an entirely new grooming category, he’s been able to achieve success across a variety of industries thanks to one key difference: A...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | The Accidental Entrepreneur: Erika Wasser, Founder, Glam & Go

Erika Wasser, Founder and CEO of Glam & Go, didn’t mean to be a beauty entrepreneur. She was a working actor and comedian who just needed a really fast blowout. On that premise alone, she started with a single seat in a fancy gym locker room and the goodwill of her favorite hairstylist. Turns out she wasn’t the only one with a desire for amazing hair in 15 minutes - breakout success unexpectedly ensued, with demand growing faster than a chance to write a business plan. Or buy insurance, a...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | The Long View: Lisa Price, Founder, Carol’s Daughter

In beauty, it’s always about what’s new, what’s next, what’s the latest brand to have. But only a few make it past the 5-year mark, and even fewer celebrate double-digit anniversaries. In this episode, Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter, tells us how she kept her brand alive, relevant and privately owned for a solid 25 years before selling to L’Oreal. It’s a candid look at life before and after the big acquisition many dream of. wherebrainsmeetbeauty.com @wherebrainsmeetbeautypodcast


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | Don’t Stop at No: Alexandra Bradberry and Leiah Scheibel, Founders, The Sparkle Bar

Meet the duo behind The Sparkle Bar, Arizona’s first full-service makeup studio, Alexandra Bradberry and Leiah Scheibel. They’ve thrown away the rule book and created a space that’s inclusive, pressure-free and most of all fun. But before they could even start, they had one big hurdle to clear: An archaic state law that essentially made their dream business illegal. In this episode, hear how they resisted and why it’s important a place like theirs...


WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™ | Radical Networking: Delon Nelson, Founder, D&I Fitness

One of Jodi’s best networking channels hasn’t been a coworking space, professional association or trade show - it’s been her gym. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, meet Delon Nelson, founder of said gym, D&I Fitness. Through his people-first attitude, he’s managed to create more than just a place to sweat, but a true sense of connection between himself, his clients and the town in which he lives and works. Listen and learn from his unique path to entrepreneurship in this special episode on...