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#81: Viveka von Rosen - LinkedIn Expert, Co-Founder of Vengreso

Viveka von Rosen, the LinkedIn Expert, Chief Visibility Officer, and Co-Founder of Vengreso, joins the show to share how to grow your business through LinkedIn. Hear how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and About section, how often and how long to post content to LinkedIn, how to use LinkedIn advanced search, her crazy hang gliding stories, and the best sneeze you’ll ever hear. Connect with Viveka at Vengreso.com, Viveka@Vengreso.com, and @LinkedInExpert on LinkedIn


#80: Andréa Jones - Social Media for Podcasts, Founder of OnlineDrea

Andréa Jones, the Founder of OnlineDrea and Social Media for Podcasts, joins the show to share her journey from meeting her husband on YouTube to becoming the go-to expert on social media for podcasts. Hear how to share your podcast or content series on social media, what platforms to share it on, how to attract new listeners, the creative power of tactile hobbies, and some choose your own adventure. Connect with Andréa at OnlineDrea.com, @OnlineDrea on Instagram, and her Savvy Social Podcast


#79: Andrew Askins - App Development Ace, Founder of Krit

Andrew Askins, the Founder and CEO of Krit, joins the show to share his journey from aspiring teacher to designing and developing apps for non-technical founders. Hear how Krit brings tech to life through consulting, the importance of accountability, how to curate a newsletter like Andrew does with Startup Watching, how to start a business in college, and the most creative creators on YouTube. Connect with Andrew on Twitter at @AndrewAskins and at Krit.com, StartupWatching.com, and...


#78: Larry Edelson - Serial Medical Entrepreneur, Chairman of Delray Medical Center

Larry Edelson, the Chairman of Delray Medical Center and Serial Medical Entrepreneur, joins the show to share his journey from growing up in a 1-bedroom apartment to becoming the Chairman of an award-winning hospital. Hear how he had so much success in the medical field without going to med school, his role in growing 1-800 Contacts, his biggest life lessons, why retirement isn’t what you should dream of, and the best spring break story of all time. Connect with Larry at LEdelson@Comcast.net


#77: Mike Allton - Blogging Brute, Award-Winning Blogger

Mike Allton, the Blogging Brute and Brand Evangelist at Agorapulse, joins the show to share his journey from failing English class to becoming an award-winning blogger. Hear how to increase your site traffic and sales through blogging, how to know what to blog about, how long and frequent your blog posts should be, the creative power of photo walks, and how Aviation Gin cleverly responded to Peloton. Connect with Mike at BloggingBrute.com and on social media at @BloggingBrute


#76: Andrea Sager - Trademarks and Copyrights for Small Business

Andrea Sager, the Legalpreneur and Founder of Andrea Sager Law, joins the show to share her journey from a big law firm to starting her own virtual law firm for small business owners. Hear the difference between trademarks and copyrights, how to apply for trademarks and copyrights, examples of infringement, how she won a bowling national championship, and her crazy crawfish story. Connect with Andrea on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @AndreaSagerLaw


#75: Justin Delaney - Founder of Menguin, CEO of Buff City Soap

Justin Delaney, the Founder of Menguin and CEO of Buff City Soap, joins the show to share his journey from bartender and travel blogger to disrupting both the tuxedo rental and soap worlds. Hear how he sold Menguin to Generation Tux in just a few years, the nontraditional approach of Buff City Soap, how to excel as both an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, stories from working with Mark Cuban, Scott Dorsey, and George Zimmer, and why Justin doesn’t like jeans. Connect with Justin on Instagram...


#74: Jon MacDonald - Conversion Rate Optimization, Founder of The Good

Jon MacDonald, the Founder of The Good, joins the show to share his journey from computer science student to starting a conversion rate optimization (CRO) firm that helps the world's largest online brands, including Nike, Adobe, and Xerox. Hear how to convert more website visitors into buyers, tools to understand the clicks and movements of your site visitors, why you shouldn’t use email newsletter pop-ups, the differences in the websites of massive brands and small businesses, and Jon’s...


#73: Nathan Ross - Award-Winning Producer of Major Projects

Nathan Ross, a Producer of Big Little Lies, Dallas Buyers Club, Sharp Objects, and other major projects joins the show to share how he produces award-winning films and series. Hear how to capture heavy drama, how to decide what stories to tell, the impact of the changing entertainment industry, tales from the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes, and what it’s like working with Meryl Streep, Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Amy Adams. Connect with Nathan at...


#72: Kris Ward - Time Management Expert, Productivity Powerhouse

Kris Ward, the Time Management Expert, joins the show to share her journey from overworked agency owner to Bestselling Author of Win the Hour, Win the Day! Hear how to get better at time management, why you should get rid of your to-do list, how early you should wake up, the best tools for productivity, and the time Kris almost got electrocuted. Connect with Kris at WinTheHourWinTheDay.com, Facebook, LinkedIn, and her podcast NOW! Your Business


#71: Chris Strub - 50 States in 100 Days, Nonprofits and Livestreaming

Chris Strub, the Giving Day Guy, joins the show to share his journey from aspiring journalist to the first person to livestream and Snapchat in all 50 states. Hear the best marketing strategies for nonprofits, how to get better at livestreaming, how to prepare for a Giving Day, when it’s okay to yell in public, and the most powerful hug of all time. Connect with Chris on Twitter and Instagram at @ChrisStrub and at TeamStrub.com


#70: JoAnn Branstetter - CFO of Hippo Direct, Our Family Business

JoAnn Branstetter, the CFO of Hippo Direct, joins the show for a very special family edition during Thanksgiving week to be interviewed by her son and our podcast host, Max Branstetter. Hear her entrepreneurial roots prior to Hippo Direct, how to achieve work-life balance when working from home, how to build your business while raising young kids, how puzzles can increase creativity, and what she would name her band. Connect with JoAnn on Facebook as JoAnn Zucker Branstetter and at...


#69: Kate Erickson - Efficiency and Systems, Entrepreneurs on Fire

Kate Erickson, the Creator, Engager, and Implementer at Entrepreneurs on Fire, joins the show to share her journey from aspiring college English professor to award-winning podcast entrepreneur with her partner John Lee Dumas (JLD). Hear the best way to save time with your business, the best project management tools, why you should focus on one task at a time, Kate’s favorite part of living in Puerto Rico, and the most beautiful town she’s ever visited. Connect with Kate at EOFire.com


#68: Andrew and Pete - ATOMIC Comedians, Small Business Growth

Andrew and Pete, the Co-Founders of Andrew and Pete, join the show to share their journey from just Andrew and just Pete to the award-winning business growth duo behind ATOMIC and ATOMICON. Hear the best way to grow your business, how to decide which income stream to focus on, how to start a membership community, why boredom motivates great marketing, and Andrew’s favorite Avril Lavigne lyrics. Connect with Andrew and Pete at AndrewAndPete.com and their YouTube show at AndrewAndPete.TV


#67: Mitch Zlotnik - Soundproofing Superhero, Founder of Audimute

Mitch Zlotnik, the President and Founder of Audimute, joins the show from his soundproof office to share his journey from growing up in a well-known Cleveland family business to starting a booming sound absorption company. Hear how he's grown Audimute, the social aspect and physics of soundproofing, how to create a culture of creativity, the pros and cons of family businesses, and why drumming is like being an entrepreneur. Connect with Mitch at Audimute.com


#66: Teresa Heath-Wareing - Email List Excellence, Marketing That Converts

Teresa Heath-Wareing, the TEDx Speaker, Trainer, and Founder of THW Marketing, joins the show to share her journey building her business while narrowly avoiding eviction with her 3-year-old daughter. Hear how to grow your email list, what makes a good lead magnet, why you need to get your prospects away from social media, why 25-minute naps are a superpower, and her secret talent with her feet. Connect with Teresa on social media and at TeresaHeathWareing.com


#65: Cynthia Johnson - Personal Branding Expert, Co-Founder of Bell + Ivy

Cynthia Johnson, the Author, Keynote Speaker, and Co-Founder of Bell + Ivy, joins the show to share her journey from struggling to find a job during the recession to being named a top personal branding expert by Entrepreneur. Hear how to build your personal brand, why the internet is the evolution of your resume, how to solve complex problems with your clients, the genius of the two-liter bottle, and why she wanted to grow up to be Judge Judy. Connect with Cynthia on Instagram and Twitter at...


#64: Jon Troutman and Nate Scherotter - Empathy Wines, GaryVee's Life's Work

Jon Troutman and Nate Scherotter, the Co-Founders of Empathy Wines, join the show to share their journey from being GaryVee's right-hand men at VaynerMedia to partnering with him to turn the wine world upside down. Hear how they're disrupting the wine industry with their direct-to-consumer brand, the impact of partnering with GaryVee, how to stay unromantic in a romantic industry, the power of text message and influencer marketing, and their favorite wine blends. Connect with Jon on social...


#63: Stoney deGeyter - Digital Marketing Pioneer Turned Sci-Fi Author

Stoney deGeyter, the Founder of Pole Position Marketing and VP of Search and Advertising for The Karcher Group, joins the show to share his journey from founding one of the first digital marketing agencies in 1998 to writing time travel novels. Hear how to sell your business, how to perform keyword research, the parallels between digital marketing and time travel, how critiquing movies improves creativity, and the pros and cons of having a unique name. Connect with Stoney on Twitter at...


#62: Madalyn Sklar - Twitter Marketing Expert, #TwitterSmarter Host

Madalyn Sklar, the Twitter Marketing Expert, Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, and Host of the #TwitterSmarter chat and podcast joins the show to share her journey from creating an online music community in 1996 to creating a Twitter chat that generates billions of impressions. Hear how to grow your business through Twitter, how to start a Twitter chat, how to use Twitter lists, her favorite smartphone tricks, and her favorite song to play on guitar. Connect with Madalyn at MadalynSklar.com...