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#21: Emily Griffith - Digital Nomad Surfer Chick, Founder of Lil Bucks

Emily Griffith, the Digital Nomad, Surfer Chick, and Founder of Lil Bucks joins the show to share how she's bringing the buckwheat revolution to the US after finding inspiration in Australia. Hear how she created her superfood line of sprouted buckwheat seeds, the pros and cons of launching a food brand, the benefits of working and living in different countries, and how different hobbies fuel creativity. Connect with Emily at emigriff.com and on Instagram at @emigriff, and buy Lil Bucks at...


#20: Rebekah Radice - Hollywood's Social Media Star, Founder of RadiantLA

Rebekah Radice, the Social Media Influencer, Speaker, Author, and Founder of Rebekah Radice Media and RadiantLA joins the show to share how social media can be an effective business growth tool. Hear how she transitioned from radio personality to social media expert, the simple things you can do every day to grow your business on social media, how to increase creativity by going outside, and how to maintain work-life balance. Connect with Rebekah at RebekahRadice.com, on Twitter, Instagram,...


#19: John Lee Dumas - Podcasting Legend, Host of Entrepreneurs on Fire

John Lee Dumas (JLD), the Podcasting Legend and Host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, joins the show for a rapid-fire 15 Questions in 15 Minutes! Hear how he built his business off podcasting, how to get in touch with any big name, how to stay committed doing something every single day, and how to find a mentor. Connect with JLD on Instagram and Twitter at @JohnLeeDumas and his podcast at EOFire.com


#18: Greg Branstetter - President and Founder of Hippo Direct, Our Family Business

Greg Branstetter, the President and Founder of Hippo Direct, joins the show for a very special family edition during Thanksgiving week to be interviewed by his son and our podcast host, Max Branstetter. Hear how Greg started Hippo Direct back in 1992, the pros and cons of family businesses, his biggest life lessons, and how music and travel can inspire creativity. Connect with Greg on LinkedIn, on Instagram at @gbhippo, and at gbhippo@hippodirect.com


#17: Joe Martin - Twitter's Dad Joke King, Adobe Social Analytics

Joe Martin, the Head of Social Analytics at Adobe, Marketing Influencer, and King of Dad Jokes on Twitter joins the show to share his experience as an intrapreneur at one of the world's leading tech giants. Hear how he and Adobe foster creativity, how to get better at brainstorming, how to increase your chances of going viral on social media, and how to find business inspiration from your kids. Connect with Joe on Twitter at @joeDmarti and on LinkedIn


#16: ThatViolaKid - Championing Classical Music in the Social Media Era

ThatViolaKid, the Violist, Rapper, and Social Media Superstar joins the show to share how he's championing Classical music in the digital world after graduating from the historic Juilliard School. Hear how he plans to become the Neil deGrasse Tyson of Music, how to stay creative with your social media content, and the importance of storytelling. Connect with @ThatViolaKid on Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and ThatViolaKid.com and check out his debut single “Duality” on Spotify


#15: Joe Pulizzi - The Godfather of Content Marketing, Man in Orange

Joe Pulizzi, The Godfather of Content Marketing, Speaker, Author, and Man in Orange joins the show for a special Halloween edition to share how he founded Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World, the largest content marketing event in the world. Hear how he transitioned from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, his predictions on the future of content marketing, and how a single color can be a powerful branding tool. Connect with Joe on Twitter at @JoePulizzi, at...


#14: Devon Cajuste - "Hard Knocks" Breakout Star, Positivity Pro

Devon Cajuste, the NFL tight end and breakout star of HBO's "Hard Knocks" joins the show to share the impact of his training camp journey with the Cleveland Browns. Hear behind-the-scenes stories from the show's production and the NFL, how fame and social media have changed his life, and how to keep positivity and creativity to the max. Connect with Cajuste on Instagram at @DevonCajuste86, on Twitter and Facebook at @DevonCajuste, and at SeeYouAmplify@gmail.com


#13: Dr. Chithra Durgam - World's Coolest Dentist, Featured in GaryVee's "Crushing It!"

Dr. Chithra Durgam, the World's Coolest Dentist, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Social Media Rockstar joins the show to share how she grew her practice, Aesthetic Dental, through Musical.ly and Instagram and got featured in Gary Vaynerchuk's #1 New York Times Bestseller "Crushing It!" Hear how she partnered with Snoop Dogg as part of her invention, ROAR Mouthguards, her advice for any dentist or marketer in today's world, and how to find inspiration for social media. Connect with Dr. Durgam on...


#12: Ann Bastianelli - Legendary Marketing Professor at the Kelley School of Business

Ann Bastianelli, the award-winning Kelley Professor, Advertising Executive, Speaker, and Entrepreneur joins the show to share her unprecedented journey from advising Coach Bob Knight to her career at Leo Burnett, Anthology Consulting, and Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. Hear stories from her famous marketing campaign work, including McDonald's Happy Meals and 2 Scoops of Raisin Bran, plus what she learned from Bob Knight, and the rewarding aspects of teaching at a top...


#11: Lucie Fink - Super Fun Video Producer and Lifestyle Host at Refinery29

Lucie Fink, the super fun Video Producer, Lifestyle Host, Stop Motion Artist, and Social Media Superstar joins the show to share her wild journey from med student to star YouTube host at Refinery29. Hear how she turned her dream into reality through social media video production, the most memorable moments from her hit shows Try Living with Lucie and Lucie for Hire, how she manages her extreme amount of notifications on social media, and why she talks to her plants. Connect with Lucie at...


#10: Keith Weisberg - Global Strategy Lead at Google, World's Most Interesting Man

Keith Weisberg, the Global Strategy Lead at Google and World's Most Interesting Man, joins the show for this very special edition, recorded at the Google office in NYC. Hear what it's like traveling the world working for Google, Keith's hobbies of breakdancing and motorcycle riding, how to break out of your comfort zone, and how to handle more daily emails and alerts than you can physically consume. Connect with Keith on Instagram at @TheRealKeithW, on LinkedIn, or at KeithWeisberg.org


#9: Tom Casano - World's Best SEO Expert, Founder of Sure Oak

Tom Casano, the super stellar SEO Expert, Founder of Sure Oak, and Host of the Sure Oak Podcast joins the show to reveal how to organically boost your website traffic and what movie still makes him cry every time. Hear how to drive more revenue through SEO, how to constantly learn while effectively managing time, how to come up with ideas in the dark, and how Tom went from musician to entrepreneur. Connect with Tom on Twitter at @TomCasano, on LinkedIn, or at TomCasano.com and his business...


#8: Danielle Dardashti - Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Founder of dash.

Danielle Dardashti, the Emmy Award-Winning TV Producer, Founder of dash. Branded Content, and Queen of Content Marketing joins the show to share her journey with Content Marketing - before it was even called Content Marketing! Hear her experience producing hard-hitting documentaries, why building a business is like an art project, how her unique childhood now benefits her professional career, and her favorite mind-blowing content brands. Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn or at...


#7: Chris Kubby - Copenhagen Social Media King, Founder of KubbAndCo

Chris "Kubby" Kubbernus, the Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, and Social Media Influencer joins the show for this very special international edition, recorded at his digital agency KubbAndCo in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hear what it's like to start an agency in a new country, how he manages his social media monster, how to infuse culture into marketing, and his favorite parts of living in Copenhagen. Connect with Kubby on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube at @ChrisKubby and his...


#6: Mike Kawula - Serial Entrepreneur and Daily Podcaster

Mike Kawula, the Serial Entrepreneur, Daily Podcaster, Author, and Influencer joins the show to share his entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial journey and keep the "Wild" in "Wild Business Growth." Hear how to be observant, keep on learning at any career phase, determine who to gather advice from, and turn your personal passion into a great business model. Connect with Mike on Twitter, Instagram, and more at @MikeKawula and his business at DinnerTableMBA.com and the Power House Family podcast


#5: Gina Schreck - CEO of SocialKNX, Bucket List Champion

Gina Schreck, the CEO of SocialKNX, Global Social Media Speaker, Author, and Podcast Host joins the show to share her storytelling gems and prove quirkiness is cool. Hear how to get comfortable being uncomfortable, how to let your personality shine through your business, how to cross off your bucket list early, and the importance of storytelling. Connect with Gina on Twitter, Instagram, and more at @GinaSchreck and her businesses at SocialKNX.com and DIY.social


#4: Jon Savitt - Writer, Comedian, and Funniest Renaissance Man in History

Jon Savitt, the funniest thing since sliced bread, joins the show to bring sarcasm to a pinnacle. Hear how he thinks of his hilarious tweets, what it's really like to go mega-viral, how humor can benefit a brand, and what's saved in his Twitter drafts. Follow Jon on Twitter at @savittj and Instagram at @savitt_jon and visit his website at jonsavittwrites.com


#3: Julia Lamorelle - CEO and Co-Founder of Kiwi Compute, Building a Community of Middle School Coders

Julia Lamorelle, CEO and Co-Founder of Kiwi Compute, joins the show just before the launch of their youth coding software. Hear her thoughts on the future of education and jobs, the pros and cons of being a startup founder, the challenges of fundraising, and everyday life in the booming tech hub of Austin. Connect with julia at julia@kiwicompute.com and Kiwi Compute on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @kiwi_compute


#2: Brendan O'Marra - Digital Marketing Director at Bic, Coolest Guy in the World

Brendan O'Marra, the Digital Marketing Director at Bic and coolest cat in the marketing game, joins the show to impart his wisdom on all of us. Hear what he does to stay creative, the differences between agency life vs. client side, and the best marketing campaign of all time. Connect with Brendan on Twitter at @brendanomarra