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Episode 2: Eva Rez

"I tended to go around difficult situations, but then I learned its much better if I face these challenges" In epsiode 2 of season 2, Chiara speaks with Venture Capital Investor, Eva Rez. Eva has over 10 years of professional experience in capital market segments. She was a key figure in the generation of the 5-year strategy for the Budapest Stock Exchange, a Fulbright scholar, and was an Investment Director for VCs focusing on innovative early-stage companies with portfolios worth hundreds...


Andree Simon

"Out of the 2 billion people who are still unbanked, the majority of them are women" Season 2 is here! Thank you to all our viewers continuing to listen to Women In Fintech! Kicking off with the amazing Andree Simon, CEO of FINCA Impact Finance, a global provider of responsible financial services. FINCA’s network of 21 community-based banks offer responsible and affordable loan and saving products that empower low income women and men to take control of their financial future. Listen to...


Episode 15: Dr. Louise Beaumont

This week, Chiara speaks with the Dr. of Disruption: Dr. Louise Beaumont. Louise works with legislators and regulators to drive positive disruption, she helps corporations deal with disruption, and with start-ups to exploit potential disruptive capabilities. She is the co-chair of Tech UK's Open Banking and Payments Working Group, she is a member of the Communications Forum, Customer Working Group, and the FinTech & PSD2 Stakeholder Groups. She has a well rounded view on the future of our...


Episode 14: Monia Ben nejima Meazzi

In this week’s episode of Women in Fintech, Chiara speaks with Monia Ben nejima Meazzi. Monia is the project and events manager at Mind the Bridge, which is a global organisation that provides Innovation advisory services for corporates and startups. In their discussion, you can hear about how Monia perceives behaviour between men and women in tech and how she thinks we need to start educating everyone in order to make a drastic change. For more weekly inspirational women in fintech, save...


Episode 13 - Jackie Colburn

Episode 13 of Women in Fintech podcast series presents Jackie Colburn, founder and owner of Sprint. Jackie's experience includes leading the creation of digital experiences in companies for years. Her sessions have helped emerging startup, and top fortune 50 businesses, create environments for swift and responsive solution building. She has proven that openness and optimism accelerate our collective potential to make great things happen, and through her work has found a formula for...


Episode 10 - Aurore Belfrage

Chiara interviews Aurore Belfrage (CEO and Cofounder at EQT Ventures) about her journey with her company and opportunities for women in fintech.


Episode 11 - Mia Hastings

In episode 11 of Women in Fintech Podcast series, the Silicon Valley born and head of business development at Priviti, Mia Hastings – gives her account of growing up around innovation, her path into Fintech, and her view of the key issues for Women in this sector. Tune in for weekly episodes of more role-models for women in fintech! Coming to Itunes stores soon!


Episode 12 - Nina Mohanty

In episode 12 of #WomenInFintech Podcast, Chiara speaks with Nina Mohanty. Nina is a business developer at Bud, a banking app that allows you to use all of your financial apps in one place, and a champion for women in the industry. She discusses her experiences as a woman in fintech, the problems women face, and her advice for up and coming ladies in or thinking about joining the industry. Stay tuned for our weekly episodes!