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Comcast-Disney News, Google’s EU Fine, & Earnings from IBM and Microsoft

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson take on the latest twist in the ongoing battle between Comcast and Disney to buy Fox assets, Google’s new legal headache in Europe, and earnings report from the likes of IBM and Microsoft. (0:30) - Disney Wins Bid For 21st Century Fox (5:00) - Google Fined $5.1 Billion: Android Antitrust Case (8:15) - IBM Earnings Report (10:20) - Microsoft Earnings Report (13:20) - Episode Roundup: Make sure to subscribe and leave the show a rating on Apple...


Investor’s Guide to the Chinese Blockchain Industry

Ryan speaks to Reality Shares founder Eric Ervin about China’s budding blockchain industry and a unique fund which gives American investors direct exposure to the market. (2:20) - The Reasoning Behind BLCN: Reality Shares Nasdaq NextGen Economy ETF (4:10) - China’s Focus On Blockchain Technology (6:30) - What Are The Political and Regulatory Risks? (8:40) - BLCN Holdings and Blockchain Scoring System (11:10) - Big Takeaways on Blockchain Technology Remember to subscribe and...


The Current State of Sports Betting & Why Esports Matter

Ben Rains discusses the current state of sports betting in the U.S. after daily fantasy sports power FanDuel opened its first sportsbook over the weekend. The conversation then shifts to the continued rise of esports and their importance to media companies going forward. (1:00) - FanDuel Opens Sports Betting Retail Location (9:00) - Overwatch League To Broadcast on ESPN, Disney and ABC (13:50) - Whats is The Overwatch League? (19:00) - Episode Roundup:


Bank Earnings Recap, CPI Growth, Tariffs, & Venmo-Uber Partnership

Ryan McQueeney and Ben Rains take on Trump’s ongoing trade war with China and June’s CPI data. The hosts also take on Venmo’s new partnership with Uber, and later, they recap Friday morning’s top bank earnings reports. (0:45) - Macro Economics: More Tariffs and CPI increase (6:10) - PayPal Partners With Uber (8:45) - JP Morgan Earnings Report (11:00) - Wells Fargo Earnings Report (12:30) - Citi Group Earnings Report (14:00) - Episode Roundup: Make sure to subscribe and...


Is This the Best Way To Invest in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence?

Ryan McQueeney is joined by a pair of guests from Robo Global, an index and research company focused on the budding robotics and automation industries. (2:00) - Why It's Exciting To Invest In Robotics: ROBO (4:15) - The Relationship Between AI and Robotics (5:50) - The Many Applications of Robotics (8:10) - Will The Public Welcome Robots In Their Homes? (10:00) - What Are The Risks When Investing In Robotics? (12:15) - Why ROBO Is Perfect For Your Portfolio Remember to...


Gatorade Rival Heats Up, Nike Loses a Star & a Publicly Traded Soccer Update

Ben Rains discusses speculation about the future of potential Gatorade rival BodyArmor, before he breaks down why fast-fashion giant Uniqlo stole Roger Federer away from Nike (NKE). The episode then closes with a fun dive into the world of publicly traded soccer teams amid all the Cristiano Ronaldo transfer speculation. (0:45) - Keurig To Aquire Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (5:20) - Body Armor Company Overview (7:45) - Roger Federer Partners With Uniqlo (14:15) - Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer to...


MoviePass & Tesla Woes, Dell’s New Debut, & Micron’s ‘China Ban’

Ryan McQueeney and Ben Rains take on MoviePass’ struggle to survive, the return of PC giant Dell to public markets, Tesla’s historic-yet-disappointing milestone, and Micron’s legal battle in China. (1:10) - Helios and Matheson Analytics Shelf Offering (7:00) - Dell Stock Going Public Again (10:15) - Tesla Meets Production Goals For Model 3: Not All Good News (15:00) - China Bans Micron Chip Sales (18:30) - Episode Roundup: Make sure to subscribe and leave the show a...


WWE’s Live Rights Deals & A Streaming Sports Update

Ben Rains dives into everything investors need to know about World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) huge new television deals with Comcast (CMCSA) and Fox (FOXA) as well as the company’s overall growth, before he breaks down the most recent NFL streaming news and where the industry is headed (1:00) - The Success of the WWE: Broadcasting Deal (7:40) - International Growth and Stock Performance (10:10) - Breaking Down Comcast and Fox Broadcast Deal With WWE (14:35) - CBS and Amazon’s...


NKE Beats Earnings, Spotify’s Video Push, & AMZN’s Big Pharma Purchase

Maddy Johnson is joined by Ben Rains to take on Nike’s (NKE) latest quarterly earnings results, Spotify’s (SPOT) media ambitions, and Amazon’s (AMZN) latest assault on the healthcare industry. (1:00) - Overview of Nike’s Earnings Report (5:30) - Recent Spotify IPO: New Video Platform (14:15) - Amazon $1 Billion Purchase of PillPack (19:50) - Episode Roundup:


Monday’s Selloff and the Case for “IP Theft” Reform

Ryan McQueeney discusses Monday’s stock market selloff and explains why President Trump’s latest trade war maneuver might be a response to intellectual property issues between U.S. tech companies and China’s top competitors. (0:25) - Stock Market Sell Off: Trade War Concerns Continue (2:45) - Business Practices of China: Are They Unfair? (5:45) - Apple Competing In Chinese Market (9:15) - Takeaways on Trade War: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts...


Nike Q4 Preview & A Sportswear Industry Overview Amid Puma’s Basketball Push

Ben Rains breaks down Nike (NKE) and previews what to expect from the sportswear giant's upcoming fiscal fourth quarter financial results. The episode then shifts to a broader view of the overall sports apparel market after German power Puma jumped back into basketball for the first time in 20 years. (1:00) - Nike’s Background and Impact of Changing Trends (5:00) - International Growth and Expectations for Q4 Earnings (10:35) - In Depth Look At Puma (16:00) - Social Media Impact and...


News From This Week’s Trending Stocks: AMZN, SBUX, CRON, GE, & More

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson take on General Electric’s (GE) departure from the Dow, Canada’s marijuana legalization vote, the new tax policies affecting Amazon (AMZN), and many more! (2:35) - Disney Raises The Bid For 21st Century Fox (7:00) - General Electric Leaves the Dow (9:30) - Bad News For Starbucks (12:20) - Canada Legalizes Weed (17:25) - Instagram Launches IGTV (20:15) - Supreme Court Ruling On Internet Sales Tax (23:30) - Micron Earnings Report Overview (26:10) - Episode...


3 Things To Watch For In Micron’s Q3 Earnings Report

Ryan McQueeney previews the week’s hottest earnings report—that of memory chip giant Micron (MU)—by giving investors three key things to watch for when the trendy company reports on Wednesday. (0:25) - Upcoming Micron Earnings Report: June 20th (2:20) - Secular vs. Cyclical Growth (6:00) - Cash Flow Importance For Micron (8:50) - Expected Revenue and Guidance (11:45) - Episode Roundup: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the show!


Why the North American World Cup Matters, Plus a Sports Betting Update

Ben Rains explains why it matters that the 2026 FIFA World Cup is coming to North America, before he dives into which companies look like the early winners. Full-Court Finance then transitions to some of the latest sports betting news, breaking down companies that have made early moves and what’s likely coming down the pipeline. (0:30) - North America Wins Bid For 2026 World Cup (2:45) - Breaking Down Broadcasting Rights (7:00) - North American Experience For The World Cup (14:50) - First...


Investing in Blockchain Leaders with NextGen Economy ETF

Maddy Johnson and Ryan McQueeney of the Zacks Friday Finish Line team are joined by Eric Ervin, the founder and CEO of Reality Shares, for a special discussion about the potential of blockchain technology and how investors can gain exposure to this budding industry with a special new exchanged-traded fund. (1:35) - What Is Blockchain Technology (4:15) - What Are The Many Application of Blockchain? (6:35) - Scoring System For Blockchain Companies (9:50) - Blockchain Bandwagon: What Are The...


3 Key Factors Driving BlackBerry’s Continued Recovery

Ryan McQueeney highlights BlackBerry (BB) and points to three key factors driving the once-iconic smartphone maker’s evolution into a security-focused enterprise software company. (0:30) - BlackBerry Making A Comeback: The History Behind The Company (3:10) - John Chen’s Impact On Blackberry’s Success (5:00) - Blackberry’s New Products and Target Market (7:50) - New Strategic Partnerships (11:15) - Episode Roundup: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts...


From TV Deals to VR, Here’s Everything Investors Need to Know About the FIFA World Cup

Ben Rains breaks down everything investors and fans need to know about the big business behind the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, from television partnerships and sponsorships to tech-based initiatives. (0:30) - Everything You Need To Know: 2018 World Cup (3:00) - The History Behind The World Cup (9:15) - FIFA’s Sponsorship Revenue (13:50) - Fox Wins TV Rights: The World Cup Experience For America (20:40) - ESPN’s Background With The World Cup (24:00) - Team Jersey Sponsorship (27:10) -...


Economic Diplomacy & This Week’s Trending Stocks (SBUX, UAA, MSFT)

Ryan McQueeney and Maddy Johnson take on the departure of longtime Starbucks (SBUX) executive Howard Schultz, Under Armour’s (UAA) partnership with The Rock, and Microsoft’s (MSFT) deal to buy GitHub. The hosts also chat about economic diplomacy between the U.S. and other world leaders. (1:20) - Howard Schultz Steps Down As Starbucks’ Executive Chairman (6:50) - Under Armour Analyst Upgrade and The Rock's Sold Out Shoes (11:40) - Microsoft To Acquire Github For $7.5 Billion (15:25) -...


Microsoft Buys Github & 2018’s Other Major Tech M&As

Ryan McQueeney discusses Microsoft’s (MSFT) $7.5 billion acquisition of open-source software development pioneer GitHub and recaps the latest M&A trends in the technology sector. (0:20) - Microsoft Acquires Github For $7.5 Billion (3:25) - Adobe To Acquire Magento Commerce (5:00) - Paypal Buys iZettle For $2.2 Billion (7:00) - Salesfore and Mulesoft Acquisition (9:15) - Episode Roundup: Remember to subscribe and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy the show!


From Social Media Dominance to Chinese Growth, the NBA Has Never Been Bigger

Ben Rains looks at the NBA’s booming business as the Finals heat up, diving into everything from television ratings and its social media growth to the league’s continued expansion in China. (0:35) - NBA Finals Ratings Overview (3:40) - Regular Season TV Ratings (5:25) - Youtube TV Sponsorship (8:30) - Jersey Patches and Brand Sponsorship (12:40) - NBA’s International Growth (21:00) - Episode Roundup: