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The Zinnov Podcast - Business Resilience series is a technology and leadership podcast featuring conversations with leading thinkers, industry experts, and technology practitioners. The series touches upon topics such as leadership challenges, analyses of specific industries, and all things digital.

The Zinnov Podcast - Business Resilience series is a technology and leadership podcast featuring conversations with leading thinkers, industry experts, and technology practitioners. The series touches upon topics such as leadership challenges, analyses of specific industries, and all things digital.


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The Zinnov Podcast - Business Resilience series is a technology and leadership podcast featuring conversations with leading thinkers, industry experts, and technology practitioners. The series touches upon topics such as leadership challenges, analyses of specific industries, and all things digital.




A Sign of the Times — The Work, Worker, and Workplace Revolution

The global pandemic has accelerated the work, worker, and workplace (W3) transformation exponentially, and has altered the way businesses function. The work, worker, and the workplace are now governed by the latest advancements in technology and Automation, forcing companies to adopt the latest tools to optimize processes and make remote working successful, while not losing focus on employee well-being and experience. A Zinnov survey of 100+ global CXOs has revealed that the hybrid working...


Rocketing to Success – The Mechanics of Sound Organizational Growth

It takes more than just a vision to build a company that can stand the test of time, let alone a market gamechanger like Rocket Software. Andy Youniss, President and CEO of Rocket joins Pari Natarajan, CEO of Zinnov to discuss his journey leading the mainframe infrastructure software giant over the last three decades. Andy speaks about how Rocket managed to not just survive but thrive despite being faced with obstacles such as the dot-com bubble, the global financial crisis, and more...


The ‘Crowd’ing Glory in an Enterprise’s Talent Arsenal

Crowdsourcing as a model for building resilient, anti-fragile organizations is not a new trend. However, the pandemic seems to have affected the way this model is being employed. Sumit Kaushik, SVP, and Head of Technology, Media and Telecom Business, West Coat for Virtusa discusses the past, present, and future of the crowdsourcing model with Amit Kulkarni, Principal at Zinnov. Sumit also elaborates on how enterprises are now focused on building a culture around innovation and agility with...


The Great Digital Convergence: Bridging the Chasm between Natives and Migrants

The pandemic has no doubt accelerated the digital transformation journeys of companies across verticals. Additionally, there is a marked increase in the Digital Engineering spend by enterprises to accelerate their go-to-market and to keep pace with the disruptions happening in the ecosystem – both because of COVID as well as otherwise. Vijay Anand Guntur, Corporate Vice President, Engineering and R&D Services at HCL chats with Pari Natarajan, CEO, Zinnov, where they touch upon the mega...


Connecting with Bill Gates: Networking in a Shrinking World

“Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.” - Michele Jennae Is there a chance that Bill Gates is part of your extended network, but you had no idea about it? Quite possible, isn’t it? But in these times of social distancing and everything virtual, how does one go about networking? Though the pandemic has changed the rules of the game, the foundation of networking and network building remains...


Forged in Chaos - Lessons To Be A Good Crisis Leader

The waves and troughs of the pandemic have made navigating the current business environment turbulent to say the least. It has presented leaders with problems not documented in any playbooks and demands a completely unique approach – both from a business and a people angle. With remote work, regulatory requirements, large-scale technology transformations, and change management issues being thrown into the mix, leaders, and organizations have had to rely on core leadership fundamentals to not...


Hyper Intelligent Automation Strategy Redefining Businesses in A Post-Pandemic World

In the pre-COVID world, the Hyper Intelligent Automation landscape was already undergoing a rapid metamorphosis, but with the pandemic thrown into the mix, most of the companies have now accelerated their automation journeys. Companies are looking to adopt the hybrid model of automation with both attended and unattended RPA and are also leveraging AI to enable a better customer experience. There has been a significant increase in automation-related M&As and the competitive environment in the...


Democratizing Leadership: Leadership Qualities that Build Organizational Resilience

COVID-19 threw sand into the gears of many industries, and one industry that came to an almost grinding halt was Travel & Hospitality. Despite the massive setback, the industry has demonstrated unparalleled crisis leadership, redefining, re-structuring, re-designing, and reimagining their organizations from within. Organizations have upended the way they operate, democratizing leadership to build distributed, yet federated organizational resilience. In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast, we...


Rethinking the Retail Business from a People, Process, and Technology Perspective

This is part 2 of our podcast with Sumit Mitra, CEO of Tesco Global Business Services. In the first podcast, Sumit shared his valuable insights on the state of the Retail industry and how the pandemic has indelibly changed the DNA of the Retail sector. In this episode, Sumit takes an inside-out view on how a retail giant like Tesco is solving for customer pain points in the pandemic, by restructuring itself from a people, process, and technology perspective. Sumit shares some very...


A Retail Revolution – How the Pandemic has Changed the DNA of the Retail Business

In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast, Nitika Goel, CMO, Zinnov is in conversation with Sumit Mitra, CEO of Tesco Global Business Services to understand how a retail behemoth like Tesco has modified its Retail DNA to become pandemic-proof. Sumit shares his perspective on the Retail industry and how it is evolving across technology and processes to cater to the rapidly changing customer needs, behaviours, and expectations. “With Resilience, comes Responsibility” – says Sumit Mitra as he...


Insuring the Future – How the Insurance Sector is Transforming through Technology

During this pandemic, the insurance industry has had to kick into high gear. They had to adopt newer models to drive innovation and to do their part amidst this global and humanitarian crisis. With the entire healthcare ecosystem being at the frontlines during these trying times, the insurance industry is a critical sector, enabling businesses, industries, families, and individuals to remain resilient. In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast business resilience series, KV Dipu, President -...


The AI Pill – Technology the Remedy for Healthcare

Technology has emerged as a game-changer in the world’s fight against COVID-19. It has helped every industry build a significant amount of resilience, and the Healthcare industry is no exception. A key technology fortifying business against the Coronavirus war is Artificial Intelligence. But have we harnessed the full potential of AI? Do we have the right regulations in place to ensure data privacy and leverage it across the healthcare value chain? In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast, Amit...


The DNA of Resilience: Building Dynamic, Sustainable, and Transformative Organizations

Large companies often undergo extreme changes that are triggered by external events such as strategic mergers and acquisitions, change in investor group, and today, the current pandemic and the resultant recession. Changes like these ultimately impact not just the business line, but also customers and employees. Organizations that have stood the test of time, have resilience built into their system; in a sense, they are antifragile, where they do not just hold their own against these...


Hyper Intelligent Automation – Going Beyond Resilience

Hyper Intelligent Automation has become a critical addition to the CXOs’ arsenal in the current business climate. In our latest Zinnov-UiPath report on Hyper Intelligent Automation landscape 2020, we found that more than 75% of the Fortune 250 enterprises have already made significant investments in Hyper Intelligent Automation (HIA) and its adoption becoming an absolute is only a function of time. In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast, Diego Lomanto, VP Product Marketing, UiPath shares his...


Adaptive Innovation – Recalibrating for Business Resilience

Unlike the economic crisis of 2008, the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industry has been playing a crucial role in helping the economy stay afloat in these unprecedented times. The BFSI sector has not only been acting as agents of disbursal of stimulus packages, but they are also on a path to rapid digitalization to ensure that customers are not impacted. In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast, Sukanyya Misra, Head and SVP of Mastercard India Tech Hub shares with us her...


The Resilience Factor – Innovative Business Models to Variabilize Technology Development Costs

Enterprises globally have deployed different playbooks to minimize the impact of the pandemic, adapt to new circumstances, accelerate recovery, and orchestrate growth. Businesses have had to adopt liquidity planning and cash conservation, enable modernization of infrastructure, rethink demand generation to sustain while focusing on product, captive, and functional carve outs, territory and service line expansions, Intelligent Automation, and M&As to evolve and prosper. Enterprises operated...


Leadership Model – Passion With Purpose

In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast – Business Resilience series, Rick Crandall, a technology stalwart and author of the book, ‘The Dog Who Took Me Up A Mountain,’ talks about why the leadership model of passion with purpose is key for effective leadership. Rick, after a stellar career in technology, found an unlikely partner in a dog who made him discover a new passion for mountaineering and gave him a renewed sense of purpose. At the age of 64, he started pursuing something that most...


SMBs – The Bridge of Resilience (Part 2)

In part 1 of the podcast, Praveen Bhadada, Managing Partner, Zinnov and Sameer Garde, President of Cisco India and SAARC discuss the state of Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) in the wake of COVID-19 and how technology is playing a key role in helping SMBs combat the COVID crisis. In the second part of the podcast, they discuss the role of government and technology companies in keeping the SMB sector afloat.


SMBs – The Bridge of Resilience (Part 1)

COVID-19 has affected millions of Small Medium Businesses (SMBs). Many of these SMBs are fighting for survival as they face severe liquidity crunch, supply chain issues, and unavailability of workers. In this podcast, Praveen Bhadada, Managing Partner, Zinnov and Sameer Garde, President of Cisco India and SAARC discuss at length on how the current pandemic has impacted the overall SMB sector, how SMBs are fighting back, and what role is technology and different ecosystem players can play to...


Cost Optimization - The Margin of Resilience

The current COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted every industry, every vertical, especially Travel, Hospitality, Gaming & Casinos, Airlines. It has compelled companies across the globe to go into survival mode, with little or no room for error. As companies evaluate their costs, they have been forced to make difficult decisions like furloughs and lay-offs. In this episode of Zinnov Podcast, Nilesh Thakker, Managing Partner and Global Head of Zinnov’s Engineering Excellence Practice,...