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331 : Christian Verhoeven – Learning Amazon Private Label has made me a better wholesale seller

Christian has figured this out: Life is living. Sounds trite maybe but he is actually doing it. When was the last time you paused to work on yourself? When did you stop and enjoy life? Remember you get one chance on Earth, so live it now. Listen how Christian is making it happen. Mentioned: Christian's Facebook Contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs Tactical Arbitrage – Get an 18 day free trial with code: “Tactical” Freeeup– Save 10%...


330 : Ellie Lipetz – Build out long term relationships with your Amazon Wholesalers to open up Private Label and White Label opportunities

Ellie has figured something out. Life is going to happen and you can let it happen on your terms or someone else's terms. Guess whose terms she chooses. So when the problems happen, when the family issues arise, when the manufacturing problems come up and when Amazon changes something that affects you, pull yourself up and get through it. It's okay to stop by the bathroom and cry your eyes out. But then dry off your face, hold your head up high and ask for help, take action or anything else...


329 : Ryan Gardner – Get Bucked up about your future! Use Amazon as one channel but build real product Ambassadors to help promote your products.

So cool to see a great guy hit one out of the park. But you know, it was built into his life! Ryan's life, Ryan's environment helped shape him into the entrepreneur he is. (His whole family is) You see you have the opportunity to create a different life for your kids by getting them involved, getting them to find the passion in your business that they love. It's there. Could be sourcing, could be listing, could be photography or social marketing. You see, let them find their lane and watch...


328: Julie Rowley – Scaling back strategically can give you more Amazon Sales and Selling on Amazon Canada yet?

Julie is such a strong seller. The thing is she doesn't know what she knows! I love the innocence. So refreshing. In this discussion she shares some serious knowledge like the true veteran she is. Her experiences selling in the Canadian and US marketplaces can offer us all some perspective on our business plans. Expand into Canada with the right product lines? Why not? Mentioned: Julie's Facebook contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs...


327 : Connor Gillivan – Build out your team where and when you need it as your business grows

I am sure you have heard the phrase: "People come into your life for a reason". I have seen this many times in my own life. Here Connor and his company Freeeup are coming into your life to fill in the gaps you have, it's okay, we all have them. See now is the time as you plan out your business to have an organizational chart. Then fill in where you want to be and outsource the rest. If you have tried to hire a VA, then you know the drill. Place an ad, get hundreds of responses where everyone...


326 : Jonathan Grzybowski – There are more ways to scale an Amazon Merch business- think Agency? Also there are 20 POD sites worth watching.

Great guy, great interview. Tremendous knowledge and tremendous opportunities. Ever thought about creating your agency or shirt design business? You can with Penji. Very interesting models for those so inclined. Best part is you can hire up your team as needed all at ONE price! Mentioned: (Use code momentum to save 15% off first month!!) First month includes a 15 day money back guarantee!! Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs...


325: Joe Roosterfin – Inventing Games – It’s the process that leads you to success

Such a profound statement from Joe. So right. What happens when you make it? Are you going to sit down and watch Jerry Springer (still on?) all day? No, you will want to do it again, do more, get more, be more. You see you thrive on the process. So maybe you can forget the end and enjoy the process, maybe it never ends, maybe you do a reboot like Joe and find out that is where the fruit of your labor really is? Maybe you find happiness? Mentioned: Watch the live shows and...


323 : Rafael Romis – Use your unique proposition everywhere consistently to gain an edge in ecommerce selling today

Rafael got me really thinking. Do you (meaning me) really pay attention to your unique position or offer? Do you make sure others know what it is? Do others know its you when they see your brand? Think the swoosh, you know its Nike no matter where. Think a mouse head with two big round ears, you know it's Mickey no matter what website you see it on. That's his point, consistency helps make the brand. Oh if you don't have an idea of what your Unique proposition is... then follow his steps...


322 : Alex Moss – Speed and accuracy are the keys to working with large amounts of Amazon data

Get 18 days free trial of Tactical Arbitrage here! The rest of us see an incredible sales channel with Amazon while Alex Moss sees data. Ok he sees tons and tons and tons of data. Data that he wants you to use, to slice and dice and find profitable items to sell on Amazon. His passion for this has not waned. Honestly I think he is more excited in this episode three years later than when we talked in 2016. Crazy! His excitement is contagious. Get ready to do simultaneous accurate multiple...


321 : Josh Newell – Using Cubic rate shipping to give you a competitive advantage this Q4

I chose this title when Josh would really say you can save money all the time using his service He is right. I think that every seller needs to be merchant fulfilling in addition to FBA certain times. Not all the time, don't get a warehouse unless that is what you want. But realize being first to market is an advantage and waiting to get stuff into a 3rd party warehouse, like Amazon, can be the difference in selling or racing to the bottom. Mentioned:


320 : Galyna Parker – Not only do you need to set up SOP’s and tutorials for your Amazon business, you need to amend them continuously!

How many times have you heard that successful service businesses came from solving their own problems? Well Galyna is just another success story for you. She realized that the hard work, and its real hard work, has created an opportunity to bring the same value to others. Boom, a second income stream created. So if you have an issue in your business and you figure out how to fix it AND you put in the work it takes to create value for others. You might have a business. People are willing to...


319 : Kellon Ambrose – Gaining the slight edge can make the difference in your Amazon business

Again I love when someone finds their way selling in this ever expanding ecommerce world. Kellon combines Dropshipping on Amazon (Which is changing!) and dropshipping on Shopify. He is having real success off of all channels and is figuring out what we all need to do. Mentioned: Skugrid Everyday is a Saturday Podcast Google's Keyword Planner Slight Edge Book Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy Grasshopper Transcript: (note- this...


318 : Ken Reil – You have to learn how to have a silent conversation with your customers on Merch by Amazon

Love that phrase: Have a silent conversation. Never thought about it until my conversation with Ken. You see someone with a phrase on their shirt. You believe that defines them, good or bad. You pass judgement and make an inner statement to yourself. Then you move on. Guess what, that is a silent conversation. You connected or not with the individual based on what their shirt said. I will never look at a phrase in the same way again. I will be conversing with them. Albeit silently! :)...


317 : Helen Kinson – You need to be interested in improving AND be happy in what you are doing!

I love what Helen said: "I have been successful because I am interested in improving". So simple and so clear. After talking to her for a while it became very clear it has worked. She clearly has found her lane for this time in her life. Thinking about this, you too need to find what YOU need for now, not forever. When you really let this set in, you gain some perspective about your life. If you can find happiness , remember for what you are doing now. Not forever, then move to the next...


316 : John Lawson – Have you thought about your approach to Social ecommerce? Are you always planning on being the middleman selling on Amazon?

Yes John and I spend time talking about our health. Can't help it, we are the same age and both struggle with our weight. But you know we both are working towards something. You see we are working on something. A better me! (insert you here) So add to it the ability to sell outside of the channels we currently play in and wow! What a future! Get excited to see there is more out there and you only have to get there. So get healthy. Really get healthy in your relationships, your faith if...


315 Ronnie Hart – It takes time to build out a long term Ebay and Amazon Business

Ronnie aka Harts Pickers on Youtube has seen many come and go in this reselling world. But as he explains with patience you can and will find your lane, your niche in this humongous retail world if you stay focused and put in the time. Great advice from a long time successful seller. Mentioned: Harts Pickers - Youtube channel Reseller Society Ronnie's FB contact Ronnie's Instagram Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs...


314 : Wesley Murray – Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime broken down and focus on profit by item to maximize your potential

Smart guy with good experience willing to help others equals formula for success. Love the discussion on what Seller Fulfilled prime looks like when done right. Great advice on finding the right partner and what to expect from an outsourced company. Mentioned: Wesley's email Wesley's FB contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy Grasshopper Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not...


313 : Dean Kagan – Retooling your Amazon business to get greater growth

I have watched Dean transform or as he says- retool his business over the last few years. He can show you can reflect, reset and set out on the right path. Oh, make sure it is the path for you. (not someone else's) Mentioned: Deans FB Contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy Grasshopper Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better) Stephen: 00:00:00 I'm excited to...


312 : Trevor Morris – Step out and help others and you will get 10X back- step out even when it is uncomfortable!

Trevor is a little on the shy side. He is quiet, composed and very uncomfortable in front of a group of people. Until he isn't. Yes it comes out of you when you connect with others, when you help others with NO expectation. Magically you get 10 fold. So should you help others...of course. Should you help others with expecting nothing in return... OF COURSE! Think of the others that have helped you, that answered that question. When you asked "What can I do for you in return for your help?"...


311 : Garry Ray – Step back (not out) of retail arbitrage to step up into private label

What a phenomenal discussion with Garry! My life is so much richer for it. Tough stuff to discuss but we all really need to open up more about this stuff. We have seen recently money does not equal happiness. This is so point on. But loving everyone and respecting everyone is a start. Follow through with kind words and respect and you have a block in your foundation. Build enough blocks and you can weather the difficult times. Garry's advice will take you very far in life. Mentioned:...