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371: Daneen & Alex England – The right Insurance is mandatory – Raising an Amazon FBA business from the Ashes! Yes there was a fire!

Get ready to get emotional. Yes it is okay. What would happen t your world if your business was destroyed by a fire. EVERYTHING! See you build a business, then pivot to a long term model and then..... Fire. Is your plan ready for that? Will your insurance cover you? For everything? Will your homeowners insurance cover you for inventory for your business in your house? Are your receipts in your warehouse where the fire occurred? Do you have an offsite backup?Well learn about Daneen and her...


370 : Chris Lin – Clarity is the key driver in your ecommerce business

Chris is such an architect. A Process Architect. A systems builder. His focus on building systems and processes allow the results speak for them selves. Sometimes they speak poorly, and that's the key to growth, purge the low return efforts. The only way you know though, is to measure, test and do trials. Then let the data drive you forward to unbelievable success. Mentioned: Chris' prior interview # 190 Chris' You Tube channel: Daily Refinement Chris' Facebook Group Sponsors SPECIAL OFFER...


369 : Anna Hill – Closeout 2018 and start 2019 with strong financial controls and monthly financial statements

Yes, it is time for our annual discussion about getting your financial house in order. We are all guilty of letting stuff go while we surge through Q4. When will you take the plunge to get things in real order? When can you start to see monthly financials? When can you see how you did versus plan? When can you get an almost instant valuation for your business? Are you making quarterly deposits? Even more basic are you profitable? Well now is the time with great tips from a real experienced...


368 : Jeff Oxford – Optimize your Amazon sales through outside links

Are you developing sales outside of Amazon for the long run? Are you investing time in developing content to support your products? Are you gathering those names for a real customer list? Jeff clearly has the expertise. Mentioned: Jeff's email contact Jeff's Website Jeff's Infographics Infogram Templates Sponsors SPECIAL OFFER FOR MY LISTENERS ONLY TWO WEEKS FREE TRIAL!!!! Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs Tactical Arbitrage – Get an 18 day free...


367 : Sebastian Pilch – Hard work is hard, so figure out what you really want to do and start stage one

Sebastian has identified what he is willing to do and NOT do. That's so important. How many of us have followed the advice of our parents or influencers only to figure out halfway you hate it. You are not good at it. It sucks out your soul! Well sometimes that thing you are meant to do or what you are really good at finds you. Like Sebastian pay attention to what is happening in your life and you might just find the thing you are meant to do. Mentioned: Sebastian's Instagram Sebastian's...


366 : Aaron O’Sullivan – Start your week with a team workshop to grow a strong Omni-Channel ecommerce business

There is a lot of mat in this title. But if you really want to get everyone on the same page. Start the week off right. Give everyone the chance for success. Hard work and effort will take you so far but a real team rows the same way. Working together takes effective communication. Mentioned: Aaron's Facebook contact Systems, Culture & Impact Sponsors SPECIAL OFFER FOR MY LISTENERS ONLY TWO WEEKS FREE TRIAL!!!! Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs...


365 : Liran Hirschkorn – Take the time to build out a brand, then market around it to get the best results on Amazon

Great advice from Liran or "Yoda" as we like to call him. His advice is to pick your lane or line and then build it out, marketing to all in it and you will get crossover results. We also talk a lot about networking and what it can do for you when you are around higher level players. You ultimately raise your game too. We talk partnerships, relationships and loving what you do. Mentioned: Liran's Facebook (If you are a high level seller looking to up your game then you shpuld talk with...


364 : Ann Palma – Let’s talk about Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks and the value of Intellectual Property

Ok get ready for the details. Yes it's all in the details. Ann does a great job of working me through the particulars of each of the Intellectual property types. While there is always human interpretation, generally you can use these guidelines to decide when to get professional help. Hint... If you are building a brand, get help immediately and save yourself future headaches and likely issues. Mentioned: Ann's contact Ann C. Palma 312-913-2118 direct Ann's Law Firm -...


363 : EJ Kaga – Hire a project Manager first, then hire out a team

Have you ever dreamed of leaving? Not just your office or warehouse. Have you dreamed of getting away? Really away? Well EJ and his wife have done just that. He has stepped away from the United States and is running his 7 figure Amazon business currently from Thailand. I think most people stop at the dreaming stage because it seems like an all or nothing when EJ will tell you its really not. See he works everyday, has a planning call everyday from another country. There are many lessons in...


362 : Dallas Moore – Recognize the trends to take advantage in today’s markets

It might seem like Dallas can see the future if you didn't know the effort he has put in. See learning is continual. Or it should be if you want to master a discipline. Once mastered then you see the trends and can plan accordingly. Mentioned: Dallas' Interview #79 Dallas' Facebook Group Dallas' You Tube Channel Sponsors SPECIAL OFFER FOR MY LISTENERS ONLY TWO WEEKS FREE TRIAL!!!! Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs Tactical Arbitrage – Get an 18...


361 : Brian Salmanowitz – Take action, Test and learn to sell more on Amazon and Walmart

I love talking with these techno-experts. they come from other fields and get a taste of buying something and selling it at a higher price. Then they realize they can fix or make the ability to resell easier based on there whole life experiences through that point. And then it begins. They are hooked. they take the data, parse it, shape it so they can make sense of it. Seen it many times. Very smart guy with very smart approaches. Mentioned: Brian' email contact Sponsors...


360 : Mike Perillo – Taking a 360 degree look at your business utilize your teams skill sets to solve your problems

45,000,000 designs? Believe it? I have seen it so I know it is real. Mike is a great example of a tech company that enters the ecommerce world to sell. Oh, btw.. he is the tech company. He explains why developing a niche can still help you build out the lifestyle business you want. Even in today's crowded marketplaces. Mentioned: Mike's contact Sponsors SPECIAL OFFER FOR MY LISTENERS ONLY TWO WEEKS FREE TRIAL!!!! Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce...


359 : CJ Rosenbaum – Preemptive steps to keep your Amazon account in good standing

Great discussion with CJ about what he is seeing the most and how to prevent some of them from happening first. There is a balance of taking chances and ensuring a going concern when it comes to getting the most from your business. I suggest introducing yourself to CJ at your next conference so if the need arises, you are familiar with him, and you can get right down to business. Mentioned: Ty Louis Campbell Foundation Amazon Sellers Lawyer CJ's previous episode # 171 Sponsors SPECIAL OFFER...


358 : Conrad Mc Gill – Scale a multi channel, multi country, multi product Amazon and Ebay business

Get ready to ship! Yes scaled MF'd business models still work. Sell in many countries and be willing to really do the work. Don't just say it, show it! Conrad has figured out that hard work, and knowing your abilities is the secret to success. After all it beats a 9-5 or especially a 4-12! Mentioned: Conrad's FB contact FBA HUB Sponsors SPECIAL OFFER FOR MY LISTENERS ONLY TWO WEEKS FREE TRIAL!!!! Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs Tactical...


357 : Robyn Johnson- Build a strong Wholesale business for the 5th quarter!

Steve, How can there be 5 quarters in a year? Well there's not of course but Jan-March can bring some of the best sales for you if you have the right products in Amazons warehouses ready to sell. See that's a miss that many have, January will be full of returns but also incredible sales. Everyone is cashing in their gift cards for the presents they wanted but did not get. SO build a year round business with wholesale and use a coach that can help you build it fast. Mentioned: Upcoming seller...


356 : Suzanne Wouk – Working hard to solve the Urban Pickers problems on all channels with Sellhound

Suzanne knows her stuff, see she still sells. Her team still sells. Their passion shows in the utility they designed with Sellhound. Utility to help grow your business and get your listings up so they are ready to sell. Get value today with their search engine, get signed up on their beta list program. Add to your team to help grown your business. Mentioned: Sellhound Sellhound on Instagram Sponsors SPECIAL OFFER FOR MY LISTENERS ONLY TWO WEEKS FREE TRIAL!!!! Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage...


355 : Brooks Boland – Use Datamiine to gain the edge in your Ebay business

Finally I see a way to parse your sales, organize your inventory and get real costs of goods all in one place for Ebay. I love the focus of this company: either it saves time or grows revenue! So smart. So focused! Get control of your business and grow. Mentioned: Datamiine Brooks contact Brooks FB Contact Sponsors SPECIAL OFFER FOR MY LISTENERS ONLY TWO WEEKS FREE TRIAL!!!! Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs Tactical Arbitrage – Get an 18 day free...


354 : Kyle Wright – Don’t let FOMO derail your success

Do you build risk into your decisions? Really? Don't you expect to sell more this year versus last year? Doesn't everyone? Doesn't everything sell in Q4? Kyle will boldly admit, he and his partners stumbled. See they thought like above and guess what...the market changes outside of your control. There is a balance where you as the entrepreneur need to take risks, the challenge is to not to take risks that are fatal to you , your staff and your company. Great example of learning and moving...


353 : Cyndi Zlotow – Success takes perspective of the channel you are selling on with Amazing Taste

Is $100k a year a lot of sales on Amazon? Answer: Depends. Is $100k a lot of sales on Etsy? Answer: Depends. See understanding what selling those volumes with the cost structure you have in place will help you understand whether those are good numbers. You need to understand why the channel is making changes. Why the channel is adding/losing sellers. Master where you are, get the most from where you are and stop worrying about things you can not change. Takes some perspective. Mentioned:...


352 : Ken Gaitano – Setting goals and actually achieving them

Ken blew me away with the sports professional comparison to reselling: They spend their whole life, their every waking day honing there skill just to get a chance at bat. While many resellers give up because they are not million dollar sellers in one year. hmm.. pause and see if that is you. Be honest, if so gain perspective. Set goals and actually attain them. Mentioned: Ken's contact on Instagram Ken's FB contact Hustler Hacks on Youtube Sponsors SPECIAL OFFER FOR MY LISTENERS ONLY TWO...