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Personal Finance Podcast covering investing, banking, small business, credit and economic empowerment.

Personal Finance Podcast covering investing, banking, small business, credit and economic empowerment.
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Personal Finance Podcast covering investing, banking, small business, credit and economic empowerment.






Conversations: Gentrification in Bronx, NYC

Conversations... This is a recorded conversation with community activist Carmen Vega-Rivera. She speaks to major re-zoning and how the potential changes impact local residents that may price them out of the community. This conversation was recorded on "the fly", as in I happened upon Carmen during a street fair event, and she just happen to be a powerful force in the community. In classic "you never know who you may run into", I was lucky enough to have my trusty Tascam Audio recorder and...


Conversations: Firearms and the community

Conversations... Random, unscripted, off the cuff. Today's convo: Firearms. Following a nice outing at the nearby shooting range, just a conversation with john M. about firearms and the perception of firearms in the community. Listen and find out if any of these opinions align with yours. Enjoy!


Episode Number “Z”

Episode Number Z, The Terminating End. A quick review of the focus of the blog and the Miles Weekly Personal Finance Podcast, a vehicle by which to inform, educate, entertain, and cover the basics of personal finance, small business, investing, savings. The primary objective if there is one at all, to close the gap of "information asymmetry" and raise the minimum threshold of financial literacy to anyone that subscribes to the podcast or keeps up with the blog. In communications lingo The...


EP:67 The Hiatus Break

"The Break"... Just as is needed to review and assess direction or "Re-Balance" the portfolio or overall personal finance picture. The MWPF podcast is going into a "Break Mode", during which, there's still plenty work to be done in "Re-balancing", so maybe not too much of a break actually. So here's the outlook, a larger focus on specific instruction and education based podcasts, segments, series' and feature interviews ( because I still dig interviewing people that do money stuff for a...


EP:66 Become Savvy with Finance

Becoming Savvy About Finance This week's episode of MWPF features an interview with Dr. Lois Center-Shabazz of, an author of several highly rated books on that cover saving, investing and management of day to day personal finance. She also offers coaching on finance, workshops and a Facebook support group, (WomenVestors) for women and girls focusing on finance. In this interview, Dr. Lois Center-Shabazz covers her philosophy regarding women and finance along...


EP:65 No Fear Credit Repair

Stop Fearing Your Credit. Episode 65 is an interview Mr. Mark Clayborne of and author of an bestselling book on personal credit repair "Hidden Credit Repair Secrets". Mark Clayborne has established himself as an authority in the personal credit repair industry and now helps entrepreneurs get started in the business of credit repair as well. In this interview we discuss Fico scores, paying bills, credit utilization, and authorized users...


EP:64 Tax Refund Remorse

Tax Refund Remorse After the much advertised delay in sending out refunds, it's finally time. In this week's episode, the focus returns to that once a year so-called pay day that everyone gets all worked up about. "The Tax Refund" Like a windfall, a breathe of fresh financial air. Sometimes it's spent in our minds 19 times before we even get it, just the idea of getting it. The tax refund is maybe one or two steps away from becoming a holiday, just so folks could have even more time to go...


EP:63 The Valentine’s Money

Valentine's Day is All About The Money. Pay attention as you get yourself all wrapped up into Valentine's Day. The flowers, cards and candy. Watch your spending and the spending of your courtier, if your paying close enough attention you'll be able to see early signs of good financial behavior or terribly irresponsible spending. Either way while you sitting at that pre-fixe overpriced cold dinner looking into each others' eyes, it's a good time to ask, "hey, so how's your credit?". Pay...


EP:62 Fiduciary Immunity

Who's Looking Out For You When You Invest? This week's episode focuses on the recent news surrounding "The Fiduciary Rule", which has investors, retirement savers and would be investors trying to figure out just what exactly is "a fiduciary" to begin with. We've come to expect certain business relationships to work in our favor such with a lawyer, our doctors and even the little league coach sometimes, the same applies to many of the professionals that help us invest for the long term....


EP:61 Urgent Care, Everywhere

Urgent Care Centers Are Everywhere. Anyone that has been looking to just be seen by a doctor for some acute issue, maybe a slight sudden illness like the flu, they now have more options than just the emergency room. At one time regardless of your health insurance coverage, many folks were destined to sit in ER's around the country for hours and maybe even watch hospital staff change shifts while they wait, and wait some more to be seen. With a lack of primary care physician availability...


EP:60 Plan For Life and Death

Plan for Both Life and Death, Because Both Have Expenses. On this week's episode, an interview with Funeral Services Director Alysia M. Hicks. We discuss the business of managing final arrangements, burials, becoming a mortician/ funeral director, rumors about the business and of course much does it cost to bury someone??? In this very straight forward conversation Alysia M. Hicks is able to give some true insight on a range of topics from what it takes to become a funeral director...


EP:59 Girls Run This M*tha

The Girls Run This M*tha. Women in business, government, education, medicine, law, running for president, CEO's, Bankers, and all the rest. Far more than just the supportive standby spouse, women are leading households and all the office too. How about banking and finance? More than just the corner C-Suite, women are starting their own companies and appointing folks to those corner offices. Now, something entirely new in the space of infinite possibilities for women, an investing platform...


Quit and Do You: Rebroadcast*

New Year, New Motivations. It's the beginning of a new year and many of us promised ourselves to take it to the next level for the new year, last year. This time most of us are ready, some of us have even painted ourselves in a corner to force us to get it done. Commitment devices aside, it's sometimes hard working for less than we're worth or those undeserving of our abilities. We have the confidence, the skill-set and some of us even have the money to get started in a our own business....


EP:58 The Pre-Paid Pick Pocket

Pre-Paid Gift Cards During the holiday season is by far the time when pre-paid cards and gift cards are given out the most all year long. Pre-paid Cards and Gift Cards are an easy one shot, quick trick, when it's hard to think of something as a gift. It's easy to stop in a local Wal-Mart, Walgreen's and now even the local Dollar Tree and grab one of these pre-paid cards or gift cards on the go. Convenience comes at a cost, and sometimes it's a very high cost. There are too many...


EP:57 PunchTV CEO Interview, Joseph Collins

Interview with CEO of PunchTV Studios, Joseph Collins This episode is a followup to episode 54 "Is It A Scam", during which, the PunchTV Studios IPO was one of the companies profiled for review. PunchTV studios is within the IPO phase of going public and currently offering company shares for $1. each. This offering has been specifically targeted to the urban market and non-accredited investors. Typically, IPO stocks aren't available to the average non-accredited investor, however with...


EP:56 The Holiday List

The Personal Finance Holiday List This is the holiday season and you probably deserve to give yourself the gift of of financial fitness. At the end of the year during holiday season there's still time to wrap up 2016 and put a big bow on it. The Personal Finance Holiday List focuses on maximizing deferred savings, reducing taxes, giving gifts that keep on giving and optimizing your credit profile so you're not paying the interest that allows other customers to get teaser rates. Keeping...


EP:55 Five Forces

Force Factors That Drive Small Business In this episode, a review of Porter's 5 Forces and how they shape small business. Which forces may be working in your favor and which forces are working against you and your small business like the force of a hurricane. In this overview a look at each of the five forces and how they may apply in most any small business. At any given time or another one of these may be driving business to or away from you, in either case, it's good stuff to know and...


EP54 Is it A Scam?

Is It a Scam??? Be careful, a lot investment schemes and even some scams are looking to get over over like a fat rat. Investment schemes and scams are nothing new, as matter of fact, these things are always refreshed and updated for modern times. Whether it's Ivan Boesky, Madoff, some new unknown investment company promising real estate profits or a foray into Forex. Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions ...and look for the tell tale signs. -Miles.


EP:53 The Commerical Lease

Going from Hustle to Small Biz: The Commercial Lease In this episode the focus turns to small business basics and getting the commercial lease. Once you've decided to move the hustle up a notch you're going to need a place to do business from. Whether your sell shoes, hair products or just give advice on doing both at thee same time, you're probably going to need a place to call home where you make it happen in business. It's only so long you can rock that basement, living room or front...


EP52 Eric B. is President

Ep52 Eric B is President, and it obviously doesn't matter. In 1986 the song titled "Eric B. is President" was a #1 hit song in the Hip Hop community. At the time it was a strange title, but the title sank in and it didn't even matter. The Hip Hop community went on to take over the music world and Rakim became one of the most well known and prolific rappers in Hip Hop history -still to this day. He debuted by nominating his DJ for president, that's 1986, talk about making America great...


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