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Episode 7: The LIFE Podcast

2018 marks our 150th anniversary of serving our policyholders, and helping our clients with their financial needs. Stephan spoke with Dawn Trautman, Executive Vice President of the Life Division, about PL150 and her vision for the future of the division. Tennyson Oyler, Vice President, Public Affairs talked about how Pacific Life makes its terrific “whalecentric” television commercials and about what PL150 means from a corporate perspective. Finally, John O’Donnell, Vice President,...


Episode 6: The LIFE Podcast

Our latest episode of The Life Podcast features three of our very best wholesalers bringing you ideas that can help you sell Pacific Life life insurance products. Podcast segments include: - The Mailbag - The Missing Asset featuring Harvey Strait - Executive Class Underwriting featuring Tom Meyer - Positioning Life Insurance for Risk Protection (LIRP) featuring Justin Stiegler - The latest Road Warrior Restaurant Review


Episode 5: The LIFE Podcast

In this edition of The LIFE podcast, Bill and Stephan focused on our new Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Product, Pacific Discovery Xelerator IUL, a.k.a. PDX. In addition to a detailed discussion of PDX, this IULcentric episode features interviews with: - Josh Scott, CFO our our Life Insurance Division regarding the financial underpinnings of our IUL products - Joel Solomon, Managing Principal of Paradigm Financial who discussed planning with IUL, and - Mike Tinsley, our former head of...


Episode 4: The LIFE Podcast

Bill and Stephan took the show on the road to the Pacific Life Educational Symposium in Huntington Beach, California for this episode. They spoke with many attendees, the highlights of which are included in the podcast. They also interview Symposium presenters Wilson Barmier, counsel for Sutherland on the impact of the DOL; Jason O'Dell and Carole Foos from the OJM Group in Cincinnati, and from Pacific Life, Adrian Griggs, Chief Financial Officer and Tod Nasser, Chief Investment Officer.