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Episode 55: The Human Advantage

Our guest today has recently authored a new book called The Human Advantage: The Future of American Work in the Age of Smart Machines which argues for key differences between humans and machines that will ensure that humans remain employed for a long, long time to come. Dr. Jay Richards and I discuss some of these fundamental differences that he lays out in the book and how the workplace will evolve in the coming years. Links The Human Advantage The Stream Follow us and leave us a...


Episode 54: The Local Maximum

Max Sklar - host of The Local Maximum - joins me to discuss everything from working at Foursquare as a machine learning engineer, running a tech podcast, the tech scene in New York City, communism, and artificial general intelligence. Links: The Local Maximum Max's Blog Episodes Mentioned Robot Communism Sucks and AI on Line One The Magic Leap of AI Investment Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook


Episode 53: Billions Spent in Boondoggle to Botch Data Protection by the EU

We've all been getting slammed by the notifications and requests regarding privacy policies over the past month. This massive update to data protections stems from the EU's latest regulation, GDPR, and it doesn't matter where you live, you're likely going to be affected. Ostensibly, this law is supposed to give consumers more protection and transparency around their data, and in some respects it does. But does it actually make us safer and more secure? What are some of the unintended...


Episode 52: Voices in AI with Peter Cahill

Recent advances in natural language processing (NLP) and automated speech recognition (ASR) are driving a rapid change in platforms. Voice interaction is rapidly catching up to text search with Google anticipating 50% of all searches to be done by voice by 2020. We talk with Peter Cahill - CEO of Voysis - a company on the forefront of this voice driven revolution to get his perspective on the technology. Links: Voysis demo video Follow us and leave us a...


Episode 51: Adapting to AI in Industry with Jeff Kavanaugh

We discuss the role that AI is playing in businesses with one of the leaders in the technology consulting space - Jeff Kavanaugh. Jeff shares his insights on important uses of AI in industry, learning and adapting to changes, and much more from his long career. Jeff also has a new book out, Consulting Essentials which covers everything from written and oral communication, to flexibility and learning to, of course, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Links: Book discussed:...


Episode 50: Google Duplex - AI Outrage or Overreaction?

Google showcased its latest advancement in AI at the most recent I/O conference - Google Duplex. This new technology is amazing! Google has achieved real, human-like conversations to make bookings at restaurants, salons, and other businesses. Despite this technical achievement, other questions are raised. Clearly, the individuals who interacted with Duplex in the examples assumed they were speaking with a human, ought Google - and other, future companies - disclose that users are speaking...


AI News 11 - Robo Tanks & Tesla Q1 Performance

Elon Musk puts on a show at Tesla's Quarterly Report call and Russia's May 9th Military parade adds the introduction of remote controlled tanks. Links Tesla Q1 Earnings Russian Robot Tank Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook Access the latest episode here!


Episode 49: Tesla's New Discovery - Human's are Underrated

Earlier this week Elon Musk tweeted that "humans are underrated" in response to the struggles that Tesla has had in reaching its production targets. The wait time for a new Tesla has grown over the years as demand has increased and production has lagged. This latest fiasco has Musk sleeping on the factory floor to be on-hand for any issues and caused investors to push for his ouster! Where does this leave Tesla and what is the cause of the automation adversity? Links Experts say Tesla...


Episode 48: Weaponized AI

Project Maven has been launched in the past few months bringing artificial intelligence to the war zone. Google is behind the project and has seen significant push-back from employees. It's only a matter of time before we see more applications in this area. Where is this headed? What are some of the trade-offs? Links Project Maven to Deploy Computer Algorithms to War Zone by Year's End Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter...


Episode 47: Ethics and AI

We report back on a recent conference at Carnegie Mellon University covering the issues of artificial intelligence and ethics. Links CMU Ethics and AI Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook


Episode 46: Virtual Economies and Liberty Minecraft

Note: We had some audio issues with one track coming through only on one channel and that has now been fixed. Discussing what we can learn from virtual economies with Nathan Dempsey, the owner and operator of Liberty Minecraft. We discuss what he's learned about automation, the effects of UBI, and using these virtual worlds as a proving ground for AI inventions. Links Liberty Minecraft Episode 14: AI, Unemployment, and Universal Basic Income Follow us and leave us a...


Episode 45: AI Danger

We see AI largely as a technology to enable greater wealth and prosperity for people around the world. A recent report, however, focuses on the darker side of the tech: how can this be abused and misused? Links: Malicious AI Report Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook


Episode 44: Autonomous Fatality

Autonomous vehicles - perhaps the biggest AI disruption on the horizon - are back in the news again with a tragic accident in Tempe, Arizona involving Uber and a self-driving test vehicle. The accident occurred during a test when a woman, 49-year old Elaine Herzberg, was struck while crossing the road at night. By all accounts, this shouldn't have happened. What does it mean for Uber and the development of self-driving cars? What's next for the industry and how do we deal with such...


Episode 43: The Chinese AI Research Threat

Should we be concerned about Chinese advances in the field of artificial intelligence? Many people think so, and a few others are using China as impetus for increased funding for AI R&D. Does China's advancement and investment pose a threat to the US or other countries? Should we be skeptical of those looking for more funding? Links: Eric Schmidt says America needs to "get its act together" in AI competition with China Beijing is investing $2.1 billion into an AI district Follow us and...


Episode 42: Selling Your Data

Synapse is creating a new crypto currency (ICO) offering passive income from making your data available. Will it work? Is it fair? What's the point? Who will use it? Stephen and Christian discuss... Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook Access the latest episode here!


Episode 41: Diving into the AI Talent Pool

Are you looking for AI talent to join your business or enterprise? An updated report by Element AI shows 22,000 qualified candidates (with 3,000 looking for jobs). We look at why this number might be suspect and some recent trends that could flip the current bottleneck on its head. Links: Just How Shallow is the Artificial Intelligence Talent Pool? Who's Hiring AI Talent in America? Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter...


Episode 40: This AI Stuff is Hard!

These past few years have seen some remarkable achievements in the field of AI as regular listeners will well know. However, despite these accomplishments, we still don't see widespread adoption of some of the key technologies that propelled AI milestones such as AlphaGo's stunning success over the world's best. It turns out, this tech may not quite be ready for the prime time as it is more difficult than you might think. Links: Deep Reinforcement Learning Doesn't Work Yet Follow us and...


Episode 39: Self-Driving Settlement

The big, knock-down fight between Uber and Alphabet-owned Waymo never was with the two companies reaching a settlement on day 5 of the trial. Did Waymo's case fall apart? What are some of the repercussions of the settlement for both companies? Who are the big winners? And the big question: when am I going to get my AI chauffeur anyway? Links: It's all over: Why the Waymo v Uber self-driving settlement makes sense Episode 36: Return of the AI Church Episode 28: God is the...


Episode 38: AI on Trial

The use of algorithms to assist judges in sentencing and trials has increased over the past few decades, however there are concerns about the equity of these algorithms. Do they show racial bias? Do they improve the outcome of sentencing procedures? Is recidivism even something that can be predicted? Links: Crime-Predicting Algorithms May Not Fare Much Better Than Untrained Humans Even Imperfect Algorithms Can Improve the Criminal Justice System A Computer Program Used for Bail and...


AI in 2017 and Beyond

With 2017 nearly in the books we take a look back at the first year of the podcast and make some big announcements for 2018.