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Charged up! with Jenny Hoff is a personal finance podcast where we talk to experts and answer your questions about credit, debt, small business and more!

Charged up! with Jenny Hoff is a personal finance podcast where we talk to experts and answer your questions about credit, debt, small business and more!
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Charged up! with Jenny Hoff is a personal finance podcast where we talk to experts and answer your questions about credit, debt, small business and more!






Ep 75: Earn More, Owe Less with America's Money Answers Man - Jordan Goodman

Pay your mortgage off in 5 years, reduce your car payments, make 8 percent on your savings instead of zero percent in the bank - veteran financial journalist Jordan Goodman, "America's Money Answers Man," says these aren't ploys but legitimate tools most people aren't taking advantage of. Instead of the typical advice to save 6 months salary and skip the daily latte, Jordan offers some unique tips to upping your money game and paying down your debt fast. So, let's get charged up about...


Ep 74: A credit card that gives back - Stephen Garden

Frustrated with figuring out credit card reward schemes and wanting to give back to organizations he cared about, Stephen Garten set his mind to create his own credit card. After teaming up with Mastercard, he developed Charity Charge, a card that gives 1 percent back of every purchase to the charity of your choice. Garten talks to us about the struggles to making his card dream become a reality, his mission going forward and his solution for the conscious consumer. So, let's get Charged...


Ep 73: Going From a Cash Based to a Cashless Society - Jacques Peretti

Your spending habits have changed dramatically over the last 15 years and it's not by accident. In his book, "The Deals That Made World," BBC journalist, author and film maker Jacques Peretti outlines exactly what went down behind the scenes to move us from a cash based to a cashless society. Trends aren't always by accident and new habits are often pre-designed. So, let's get charged up! about learning how certain deals changed the way we live our lives!


Ep 72: A Year to Get Your Financial Life in Order - John Schwartz

If you've ever said "This is the year I get my financial life in order," you're not alone. New York Times writer John Schwartz made that exact statement and turned it into a book, chronicling his journey from financially confused to financially sound. Between writing a will, adding more to his 401(k) and getting a handle on all of his investments, he came out of the year with a weight off his shoulders and his financial life in order. So, let's get Charged Up! about making this year we...


Ep 71: The Lowdown on Credit Card Rewards - Tony Mecia

Managing credit card rewards can be time-consuming and confusing. Hear from columnist Tony Mecia on the best cards to get, what to expect from your rewards, how to get more mileage out of your miles and when you can close a card you no longer use. So, let's get Charged Up! about getting the lowdown on credit card rewards!


Ep 70: How to Hustle - Silva Harapetian

Sometimes the best way to get ahead is to learn how to hustle, how to make your dreams work with what you have right now. TV journalist, author, inspirational speaker and marketing consultant Silva Harapetian, knows that better than almost anyone. As an immigrant from a war-torn country with no knowledge of English to a television reporter in some of the country's top markets, Silva has made life work by learning how to make her own rules. She shares with us her story and her tips for...


Ep 69: Financial Lessons for Millennials - Michael Taylor

You've graduated college and you're ready to start your first job, but are your financial skills sharpened enough to make the right choices early on? Former Goldman Sachs trader and current university lecturer and columnist, Michael Taylor, takes you through the most important mathematical concepts you need to know to avoid massive debt and cash in on the amount of time you have to build millions in wealth for retirement. Let's get Charged Up! on learning the financial lessons you need to...


Ep. 68: Networking the Right Way - David Burkus

Networking can be tedious and feel disingenuous - but it doesn't have to be that way. Author David Burkus studied what it takes to successfully network and in his book, "Friend of a Friend," recounted his findings, which show that attending random parties and meeting random people isn't as effective as tapping into the networks you already have - the outer rings of your friend circles. In this episode, David gives his tips on using your network successfully to land that next job, pivot...


Ep 66: Smart Couples Finish Rich - David Bach

Bestselling author many times over and personal finance guru David Bach talks about one of his all-time bestsellers "Smart Couples Finish Rich" and how partners in today's economic environment can set themselves up for comfort, prosperity and security - no matter where they currently stand financially. You don't have to make hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a comfortable retirement. You need to make the right moves now to ensure your future. So, let's get Charged Up! about learning...


Ep 65: What Does It Take To Be A Day Trader? - Alex Foster

A lot of investors have hopes of scoring big by day trading. While money can be made, it isn't as easy as having a good hunch about the market. Alex Foster with Quantiacs talks about the ins and outs of day trading and what to avoid, such as using your credit card to fund your hunch. While day trading isn't for everyone, Foster says there are tools out there that that can give you a good idea of how well you'll do .. before you ever put money on the line. So, let's get Charged Up! about...


Ep. 63: Managing Unpredictable Income - Philip Olson and Julia Lorenz-Olson

One of the biggest problems when it comes to managing money is often an unpredictable income. If you're self-employed or just not numbers-focused you may feel like budgets and investments are too much to handle, but Philip Olson and Julia Lorenz-Olson, stars of PBS Digital's "Two Cents," say it's easier than you think. Whether you own your own business, have a side gig or work in a service industry with seasonal ups and downs, their tips will help you avoid huge financial mistakes and make...


Ep 62: The Future Of Finance - Bill Malloy

Venture capitalist Bill Malloy, with San Francisco based Sway Ventures, talks about the latest tools in the marketplace to take your finances to the next level. From an app that manages all of your assets - money, investment funds, real estate - to a virtual credit card that consolidates your debt so you can pay it off faster, there are tools for anybody looking to automate their financial lives. He also discusses where the retail space is headed, what to expect when you shop in the next...


Ep 61 : Learning How to Habit Stack - Steve Scott

Author of many books on building good habits and curator of the website, Steve Scott has mastered the art of developing habits to better his life and meet his financial and career goals. Steve believes you only need small changes every day to make a big difference and you can start right now. So, if you're looking to better your financial, personal and professional life, get Charged Up! about mastering the art of habit stacking to make it happen!


Ep 60: Money Hacks - Kristin Wong

Personal finance writer and video producer Kristin Wong shares everything she knows about saving money without feeling like it, negotiating down bills and upping your credit in a short amount of time. In this episode she shares some of her best secrets, taken from her new book "Get Money." So, let's get Charged Up! about learning money hacks to live well while still saving!


Ep. 56: From Bad to Perfect Credit - Al Jones

After years of consumer debt and student loans and a credit score so low no one would consider offering him a loan again or a new credit card, Al Jones decided to turn his life around and not only pay down his debt but employ some strategies to getting his credit up to almost perfect. Jones shows that you don’t need a high-flying job or a great salary to have almost perfect credit – you just need to know how credit scoring works and make sure you play the rules. Jones recounts his...


Ep. 55: Living on Less for One Year - Cait Flanders

Fed up with her debt, inability to save and loss of control of her finances, Cait Flanders decided to challenge herself: She would not shop at all for one year, which she documented in her book "The Year of Less." In this episode, Cait talks about how she strategized her shopping ban, how it affected her finances and where she is now when it comes financial health. If you're also fed up with all the money going out on purchases you know you don't need, then get Charged Up! about learning...


Ep. 54: Running a Successful One-Person Business - Elaine Pofeldt

Finance writer, author, and columnist Elaine Pofeldt has interviewed dozens of successful entrepreneurs who aren't just getting by on their craft, but making upwards of a million dollars in the process. They're not growing their company with employees, but rather growing their reach through smart moves that allow them to earn big bucks while still working from home. In the episode she breaks down her findings in her new book, "The Million-Dollar One-Person Business." So,...


Ep. 53: Your Best Year Ever - Michael Hyatt

Life strategist and bestselling author Michael Hyatt joins us with tips on how to make this your best year ever. Whether you're looking to better your finances, improve your personal life, get healthier or all of the above - Michael shares his tops strategies for making the right kind of goals and following through. Based on his popular seminar "Five Days to Your Best Year Ever," Hyatt has now written a book, "Your Best Year Ever" as a guide to finally getting the life you want. So, let's...


Ep. 52: Let's Talk about Debt - Brad W. Smith

Former Wall Street investor turned debt settlement professional Brad W. Smith has seen clients swimming in money and clients swimming in debt. In his book "Let's Talk about Debt," he reveals the kind of consumption mindset that can easily get even typically financially healthy individuals into a debt spiral and what they can do about it. He has settled hundreds of millions of dollars of debt for thousands of clients and he gives us his tips for avoiding debt and getting out of it if we're...


Ep. 51: Dollars and Sense - Jeff Kreisler

Money might be all about the numbers, but how we spend it often defies rational thinking. Comedian/Economist Jeff Kreisler talks about the emotions behind our money decisions, outlined in his new book, "Dollars and Sense," which he co-authored with economist Dan Ariely. Why are we price-sensitive about certain things and think nothing about others? Do we do a cost-benefit analysis when conducting our finances or consider opportunity cost? We'll break down the emotions behind our spending...