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50. Honor and Managing

Are you a manager by role but sometimes getting very frustrated in managing people? What is your approach to managing others? What kind of relationship do you have with your team members? First, it’s important to understand how we approach being a manager. Managing others is built from a foundation of trust and respect. We need to honor each team member as an individual and understand best who they are and who they are not. Then it's important to think about how we manage them to be great...


49. What Are You Paying Attention To?

We live in an environment that always looks for immediate attention and acknowledgment. We get distracted by emails, text messages, thoughts, coworkers who need answers, and more. It’s important for us to understand what and who are paying attention to so that we can be our most successful selves. Attention in the workplace and in our environment is important to build trust in relationships and shows a connection to those around you. This is pivotal for productive outcomes. What can you do...


48. What Do You Need to Know?

How do you handle information overload? What do you do to be best prepared for your role or your responsibilities? You may be experiencing a new role, a new company or a new industry. It can be quite overwhelming dealing with a new experience, project, or other parts of your daily work. We all want to do our best and when so much is getting thrown at us these days, it can be hard to sort and understand how to best prioritize what you need to know. In this week’s Get Your Mind On, I...


47. What Kind of Problem Solver Are You?

What do you do to best evaluate solutions for problems that come up on a daily basis? How do you approach these differently than those around you? Regardless of who you are or what roles you may play, we all have problems that happen in our lives. Just because we all have roadblocks that derail us, that does not mean that we all overcome them in the same way. We all look at these problems in our own way and when you understand that, it allows you to better handle the problem. In this...


46. Take Time to Reflect

How often do you take time to reflect on your life? Now that we are halfway through the year, it might be beneficial for you to look at those goals or projects you were looking to accomplish. If we want to continually do better in our role and make an impact on our company, we need to take time to reflect. This can help us to avoid becoming complacent. When you take time to reflect on your performance, your connections, and your impact, you grow and do better overall. Dive into this...


45. Creating Alignment with Your Company Mission

Can you confidently say that you are in alignment with your company’s mission? Are you even aware how the company’s mission relates you to you in your role specifically? It’s important for each of us to understand how our day to day work makes a difference in the greater picture that your company is trying to accomplish. Not only does this alignment help create a sense of comfort and understanding, but it creates a sense of drive and passion for delivering the best work possible. Each and...


44. Do You Have a Best Friend at Work?

How would you describe the connections you have with those around you at work? Do you have someone at work that you would consider to be your best friend? We spend so much of our time at work, so why shouldn’t we focus on building connections with others and have people we can trust? This can be somewhat of a controversial topic since it is sometimes hard to take time in the workplace for relationship building. I like to counter that hesitation because in each workplace it is beneficial to...


43. Maintaining Relevance

With our world changing so quickly what are you doing to stay relevant? What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow. Whether you are in the stages of transition of your career to your next stage of life or just new in your career, it’s important to continue on your path of growth and relevance. You may be a young company or an established company needing to advance with the marketplace. On a daily basis, we all subtly wonder how we are relevant to the people around us, whether...


42. Engaged in the Fit

In visiting with many of my clients these past few weeks, engagement and disengagement keeps coming up. Is it realistic to find the right fit for me to be engaged in my work or is that unrealistic? I always ask people if they are not engaged to do they know why? Do you look forward to getting to work every day and working with the people around you? Do you love your manager and your company? We currently live in a very busy society that keeps moving forward and when we aren’t feeling...


41. Expanding vs. Contracting

Are you walking through life and in tune with how you are feeling every day about your daily actions? Sometimes we get used to moving each day and we forget to see how we are feeling about what we are doing or who we are with. In my time working with organizations, I have found that during difficult moments in an office environment, many people “contract” and tighten up. We have a hard time stepping back and recognizing when we are in the flow or when we are tightening up or contracting....


40. Are Your Beliefs Serving You Well?

Beliefs and values live at the core of what we believe is important. I use values as a part of my whole person model because they are a key part of who we are and how we live our everyday. Have you ever thought about how you differentiate beliefs and values? What are your beliefs and are they serving you well. Are there beliefs that are positive and some that are holding you back from your potential. In this GET YOUR MIND ON, I want you to take some time to think about your own beliefs...


39. Our Gift to You

Are you ready to dive into more content and take charge of making you a better you? For most of my life, I have worked to help organizations and people find the best way to optimize their potential. Many of you have followed me for a few months and even some of you for years. I hope our content in articles, videos, books and other opportunities have helped you expand and grow. We are here to help you on this journey of personal and professional growth. We want to give you an even greater...


38. Tapping Into Your Talents

We spend quite a bit of our lives trying to understand who we are. You have heard me mention that talent is one of the most important factors in who we are. How do you know what are your talents? What is the difference between talents and your skills and what makes you unique? In order for us to sell ourselves and be confident in our abilities, it is important for us to understand ourselves. Dive into this week’s episode as I share suggestions on how you can best analyze your talents to...


37. One First Day

This week we have a nice short episode for you! Have you ever thought about what the first day for a new employee looks like from their perspective? Is your office welcoming and inviting, making them excited for their first day at the new job? In this small conceptual excerpt from Get Your Mind On Your People, Lori discusses how each new employee has one first day at your job. There are small but mighty things you can do to start their experience off on the right...


36. How Are People Experiencing You?

Do you have those people you just love being with and they give you a lift? What is it about them? When you are interacting with others whether it's at work, with family or in the community, how are you showing up? What are the words that you say, the energy you share and the attitude you portray? Is it positive or is it draining? This episode talks about how to send ripples of positivity to those around you by being the authentic you and leaving people with a good experience of...


35. How are People Experiencing You?

Do you have those people you just love being with and they give you a lift? What is it about them? When you are interacting with others whether it's at work, with family or in the community, how are you showing up? What are the words that you say, the energy you share and the attitude you portray? Is it positive or is it draining? This episode talks about how to send ripples of positivity to those around you by being the authentic you and leaving people with a good experience of...


34. Pushing Your Buttons

Most of you probably have something that absolutely aggravates you. Is it a person? Is it a topic that is brought up around the water cooler or lunch table at work? I’ve seen many people get very irritable about people pushing their buttons, whether it's intentional or unintentional. It’s important for us to understand how to step back and reflect digger deeper into this. It causes us stress, lack of performance and disengagement. Discover how to find a good common ground where we can...


33. How To Prepare for Change

Do you feel challenged by changes around you or do you get excited thinking about what can come with change? Some people have difficulty dealing with change. Handling this obstacle may be easier if you have control of the change versus those instances that you cannot control. Regardless of our opinion on change, each of us will deal with many changes in our jobs, families, and relationships. How does it affect you in your life? Change is a part of our lives and with a positive mindset...


32. What Kind of Manager Are You?

Did you ever expect that you would be in a managerial role? How much time do you spend managing as a technical manager, operations manager or a people manager? Often we don’t grow up and say, “I want to be a manager!” I’m sure some of you have strengths that led you to become a manager while others of you were good at your job and then you were promoted based on your overall performance. Regardless of how you ended up in the managerial role, it’s important to understand how you can be...


31. Are You Too Much?

When are you consistent and always doing something in a productive way? When are you overboard and “too much”? Using our natural talents every day contributes to the world and to our work and families. What talents are we “always” using in a healthy way to contribute and what talents are “too much”? Listen now to learn how to manage your strengths and use them as a builder versus becoming a barrier to your productivity and to your life. ******************** Visit...