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Sam Fore HWC 2018-06-19

Sam Fore created Tuk Tuk Sri Lankan Bites, a popular tent-based pop-up, after friends simply could not get enough of her home-cooked food. She teaches wonderful cooking classes and makes wise presentations about cuisine and foodways. We talk with her just as she is heading into a bricks-and-mortar restaurant, with the blessings of food celebrity Padma Lakshmi (just after we recorded our show), and with a big set of big ideas on meshing Sri Lankan and Kentucky cuisine.


Brian Luftman HWC-2018-05-29

Brian Luftman founded American Farm Investors after leaving a successful career as a commodities trader in Chicago. American Farm Investors specializes in locating and managing grain-producing farmland for private investors. In part, "grain-producing" means corn grown for Maker's Mark bourbon. Brian is working with Patrick Madden in Lexington, Wilderness Trail Distillery in Danville and partners in England to bring a new bourbon to life and help Britons develop a happy bourbon habit....


Janet Tietyen Mullins and Doug Mullins

Janet Tietyen Mullins and Doug Mullins have formidable individual food credentials. Janet, a Kentuckian, is a professor in the Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at the University of Kentucky, where her work with Cooperative Extension serves Kentucky families and farmers. Doug, from Illinois, serves as the first Chief Operating Officer for the Ouita Michel Family of Restaurants. In two different ways, as they pursue their two different careers in the world of Kentucky food, both...


Tyler McNabb HWC-2018-05-15

Chef Tyler McNabb became chef at the fabled Holly Hill Inn in Midway, Kentucky before he was old enough to have a quarter-life crisis. Perhaps because, as he tells listeners in this podcast, he began cooking and entertaining with both his grandmothers in Cynthiana, Kentucky as a young child. His official bio declares him to be “one of the few lucky people who never struggled with knowing what to do with their lives.” Tyler inherited his grandmothers’ love of feeding people—along with...


Travis and Lydia Hood, HWC:2018-04-10

We wanted Travis Hood of Hood’s Heritage Hogs on Hot Water Cornbread for the longest time, even though we know how hard it is for farmers to make the long trek into town to our studio. When he came, he brought the extraordinary Lydia Hood with him, and so the wait was worth it. Travis educated central Kentuckians to the wonders of heritage pork, particularly Red Wattles. He left golf course management in Indiana and moved with an extended family to hilly Robertson County, Kentucky, to grow...


Kristin Ingwell Goode, HWC: 2018-03-27

When Kristin Ingwell-Goode, Corporate and Foundation Relationships Officer at God’s Pantry Food Bank, grew up in Indiana, she grew a garden and started teaching herself to cook by stirring up cookies without using a recipe--or butter, in her first try. That early strong interest in food makes sense now, as Kristin works to make sure all Kentuckians have access to ample, good food.


Lee Ann Jones and Lisa Munniksma

Franklin County came to Lexington for this show in the form of two wonderful women, with lots of cheering on from host Ouita, who her reasons—and shares them during the show. Legendary farmer Lee Ann Jones began farming at Happy Jack’s Pumpkin Farm in 1996. She worked to establish the Franklin County Farmers at the same time, and has served as its manager for 22 years. Lisa Munniksma recently began serving in a new position as the Franklin County Farmers Market’s community engagement...


Kentucky Ag Commissioner Ryan Quarles

Kentucky’s Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, at 34, is the youngest statewide elected official in the USA. He brought his young, fresh view on sustaining Kentucky’s agricultural economy to the WLXU studios. Listen to learn how Commissioner Quarles sees Kentucky growers distinguishing themselves in the worldwide agricultural economy.


African American Culinary Professionals in the White House, plus Technique Talk HWC-2018-02-06

We first featured African American White House chefs on Hot Water Cornbread in early 2016. Ouita’s research on enslaved chefs who served George Washington and Thomas Jefferson left us amazed and interested in more. This week we talk about new work by Adrian Miller, author of The President’s Kitchen Cabinet, and Michael Twitty, author of The Cooking Gene. These authors move forward our shared understanding of the leading role African American culinary professionals have played historically...


Janice D'souza: Cooking the Foods of Mangalore in Kentucky HWC-2018-01-23

Janice D’souza leads a remarkable life. In addition to work, family and civic commitments, Janice is dedicated to using Kentucky foods to cook the dishes of her native Mangalorean region of south India. In this episode, Janice describes what her family ate for breakfast, lunch, chai break and dinner as she grew up, and how she makes many of these foods now in Lexington, Kentucky. Janice and her husband subscribe to the Teal Tractor CSA. Cooking with vegetables she had never seen...


Barnraising: Collaboration in Lexington's newest food destination

Three new food business leaders from the new food hall, The Barn at The Summit (at Fritz Farm) gather in the studio to talk about what they are doing: Florence Marlowe of Whiskey Bear, Josiah Correll of Pasture, and Dan Wu of Atomic Ramen. Get to know new food entrepreneurs in Lexington.


Harriet Dupree

Harriet Dupree started a food business in college, and loved it so much she decided to go to culinary school after finding other work dissatisfying. For more than 28 years, her Dupree Catering set the standard for the finest catered food in central Kentucky. At the same time, Harriet launched other businesses and played heroic roles in charitable organizations. Listen as she talks about her favorite kinds of foods, some of her interesting clients, and other inside stories from a life of...


Steven Clem: Clem's Refrigerated Foods

Steven Clem’s grandparents launched Clem’s Refrigerated Foods while both worked full-time for the University of Kentucky. Clem’s must be good for health and longevity, because today Pop (94) and Mamaw Clem (96) are preparing to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary. Clem’s continues its connections to UK, currently as an important provider of Kentucky Proud ground beef. Steven Clem loves his work, his family and Kentucky. Enjoy this interesting episode. (Photo credit: Ouita Michel)


Ruth Hunt Candies: Larry Kezele and Tobby Moore

We enjoyed talking with Larry Kezele and Tobby Moore, two of the owners of historic, marvelous Ruth Hunt Candies, founded in 1921 by Ruth Tharpe Hunt. The present owners continue Ruth Hunt’s commitment to high quality ingredients and splendid flavors, and continue many of the historic candies that made Ruth Hunt Candies famous: pulled cream candy, for example. In addition, the current owners have added new sweets, particularly ones flavored with bourbon, Kentucky’s favorite spirit. The...


Foods of Protest and Resistance: HWC-2007-08-22

What foods fuel resistance and protest? We explore, report, and consider. (Photos is Rosa Parks's pancake recipe, Library of Congress)


Carrie McIntosh and Ashton Potter Wright on Kentucky Ag, Food & Economy HWC-2017-08-08

Two fine leaders of Kentucky’s regional food economic renaissance appear in this episode. Carrie McIntosh directs the Fayette County Farm Bureau. Ashton Potter Wright coordinates Bluegrass Farm to Table and serves as Fayette County’s local food coordinator. The juicy talk? The importance of local food production in central Kentucky, the new Kentucky Double Dollars program, the upcoming Field to Table Kentuscan dinner that both Fayette County Farm Bureau and Bluegrass Farm to Table are...


Ouita Cooks For Wendell at Hindman Settlement School

Kentucky visionary Ouita Michel, champion of Kentucky farms, farmers and foodways, cooks for Kentucky conscience Wendell Berry, farmer, writer, activist. The event is a dinner celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Appalachian Writers’ Workshop at Hindman Settlement School— and we get to listen as Ouita and Chris describe the work behind it. The work of the Kentucky farmers who grew the food echoes in the tender care the cooks take with each ingredient in the Hindman Settlement School...


The Michels on Montreal—Worldly Deliciousness: HWC-2017-07-25

Ouita and Chris Michel went to Montreal on a family summer trip. They share the deliciousness with listeners. Ice wine and other cold region whites, smoked meat, an unforgettable restaurant meal at acclaimed Joe Beef, dumplings and noodles and farmers’ markets—a marvelous food city. Listening is the next best thing to heading for the airport and crossing the border.


John van Willigen: An Applied Anthropologist at Work in Kentucky: HWC-2017-07-11

Dr. John van Willigen, author and practicing anthropologist, emeritus professor of anthropology at UK, talks with Rona about ways food and anthropology intrigue him. He grew up in Wisconsin, eating what he later realized we might now call "ethnic food," from his family's Dutch heritage: split pea soup for pretzel cookie. Later he studied what happened when Kikkoman established soy sauce production in rural Wisconsin, then moved to Arizona and did community organizing among the Papago Tribe...


Bravetart! Stella Parks, Pastry Chef and Writer, HWC-2017-06-20

We had a Bravetart day! Stella Parks, shining star pastry chef and writer from Woodford County, Kentucky, senior editor at Serious Eats, and author of the forthcoming book, Bravetart: Iconic American Desserts (Norton, August 15, 2017), gratified our wish to talk about making a gorgeous, huge cookbook, and edified our vanilla curiosity. Enjoy!