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Is Print Dead? Episode 14

Episode 14 - Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine explore printing in South Korea, why according to Tim Cooper of Harland Clarke, 'facts don't count,' and the value of print with Ryan McAbee from Keypoint Intelligence. Also, listener comments from Jimmy Vainstein at WorldBank. Would you like to be on the show? Visit


Is Print Dead? Episode 15

Episode 15 - Kevin Craine interviews Mike Quinn, CEO of Preservica about long-term archiving and digital preservation. Will your digital information be available and read-able in 100, 200, 500 years? Pat McGrew introduces listener comments from Dan Antion from American Nuclear Insurance and Tami May from OpenText. Also, Pat and Kevin debate whether or not Millennials really like print. What do you think? Want to be a guest?


Is Print Dead? Episode 13

Episode 13 - Pat McGrew explores millennials and print with Joanne Gore from Xplor18. Also, Kevin Craine interviews Lisa Haralampus, director of policy and outreach at the National Archives about their initiative to go paperless by 2022. Plus, listener comments from @NetStatINfo, @WeAreThink and @UntoldRoasters. Would you like to be a guest? Visit


Is Print Dead? Episode 12

Episode 12 - Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine explore comments from Lisa Haralampus, Director of Records Management Policy at The National Archives describing the agency's paperless initiatives. Also the recent announcement of new inkjet printers from Kyocera. Listener comments include Chad Henk from Xplor, as well as from Jason Frueh and Cassie Viele from MyCreativeShop who sent us Cassie's blog "Don’t be fooled, Print is still where it’s at!" Thanks to for supporting this...


Is Print Dead? Episode 11

Episode 11 - Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine welcome Kevin Goeminne, CEO of Chili Publish to the show to discuss their new Universal Graphics Engine. This browser-based design tool generates powerful templates for print and omni-channel output. Find Pat's white paper, mentioned in the show here. And these white papers on the Universal Graphics Engine and using the tool for Modern Marketing Applications. Find us at


Is Print Dead? Episode 10

Episode 10 - Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine discuss automated print tools, long-term document archive, Russian noting system hacking and cyber-security for printers. Hear comments from Jason Frueh, Greg Reid and David Jenness. Here is the link to the article “Cyber Attack launched on 150,000 Printers working Worldwide” that was mentioned in the episode.


Is Print Dead? Episode 9

Episode 9 - Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine discuss Chili Publish SpicyTalks 18 in Amsterdam, data hacking and Cambridge Analytica, Nintendo Switch, and the death of newspapers. Hear comments from Piet Saegeman, Don Schminkey and Stephanie Hill. Here's the link to the Fast Company article on the Nintendo Switch mentioned in this episode


Is Print Dead? Episode 8

Episode 8 - Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine welcome Ragni Mehta, VP and General Manager for the cut sheet business at Xerox to discuss new innovations from Xerox, and comments on the recent Xerox/Fuji merger. Susan Sherrouse, a principle project information manager at Fluor, joins us for some brief comments on how Fluor has gone 100% paperless. Gina Smith Principal Information Manager, Corporate Records and Information Management at The City of Edmonton talks briefly about their journey toward...


Is Print Dead? Episode 7

Episode 7 - Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine explore package printing. Is packaging and label printing the new gold mine for the printing industry? Online shopping is booming, but according to recent research 98% of U.S. shoppers say they still make grocery purchases in-store (Statista Survey 2.17) and 70% of those purchase decisions are made at the shelf ( 7.21.16). So print is not dead when it comes to packaging. Hear about innovations from HP, SCODIX, Konica Minolta and others...


Is Print Dead? Episode 6

Episode 6 - Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine explore the value of print, industrial printing and the longevity of print vs. digital archiving. We hear listener comments from @mreitoft and @alanweintraub as well as messages from @lordcortizo and @netstatinfo. Who is the next 'Uber' of the printing biz? Will our information survive an electo-magnetic pulse? Will we really 'print' things like human tissue, synthetic meat, new classes of nanomaterials? All this and more in this episode of IS PRINT...


Is Print Dead? Episode 5

Episode 5 - Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine discuss the recently announced merger of Fuji Xerox. Thayer Long joins us to discuss the recent name change of NPES to the Association for Print Technology. And, as always, we explore the question: Is Print Dead?


Is Print Dead? Episode 4

Is Print Dead? Episode 4 - Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine cover a variety of topics including Glamour Magazine, EMPs and Digital Info, Printed Books and Trump vs. the USPS. Included are listener comments from @RichHowarth‏ from Watson/IBM, Jeff DeVoyd, Enterprise Architect at Quadient, as well as a short interview with @BrianSolis, futurist and the author of the book "X: The Experience When Business Meets Design." Listen in the last part of the show for a discussion on Trump vs. the...


Is Print Dead? Episode 3

Is Print Dead? Episode 3- Hosts Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine welcome comments from Alan Pelz-Sharpe from Deep Analysis, Peggy Winton from AIIM International, Elisha Kasinskas from RSA and Prof. Edward Hess from Darton University. Topics include digital signatures, physical book sales, the environmental impact of data centers vs. print and much more. Listen to hear what Pat and Kevin have to say about it all. Find us at Produced by


Is Print Dead? Episode 2

Is Print Dead? Episode 2 - Hosts Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine review listener feedback that explores package printing, direct mail, Millennials and more. Listeners Mary Beth Smith, Roger Buck, Robert Godwin and Paul Bobneck each submitted 60 second audio clips with their points of view. Listen to find out what they say...and what Pat and Kevin have to say about it all. #IsPrintDead


Is Print Dead? Episode 1

Is Print Dead? Episode 1 - Hosts Pat McGrew and Kevin Craine review listener submitted replies to the question Is Print Dead? Hear discussion about Glamour Magazine and their move to "digital first." As well as issues surrounding information longevity. Will our digital content last the test of time? Thanks to listeners Gemma Burnikell and Ainsley Jo Phillips. Submit your feedback to us on Twitter at #IsPrintDead and we'll use it in the show. #IsPrintDead