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#45: Think Out, Be Light with Michele Thomas

How do we create a culture that is welcoming and inclusive of people that are truly different than what we're used to? And more than that, how do we train and teach our children to befriend those who might have been born a little differently than them? On this very special episode of LifeChat Radio on World Down Syndrome Day, we talk with Michele Thomas, Director of the DeSoto Soaring Eagles Center, on how we can teach those around us to love differently, and love unconditionally.


#44: Inside SXSW w. ShySpeaks + Mr. Frankie Wilson

It's one of our favorite festivals of the year. We're taking you Inside SXSW -- >> literally! If you've never been to the biggest music + film + interactive festival in the country, here's your shot at getting the scoop on the ins and outs of SXSW with a couple of festival vets, showcase presenter of Inside Gospel Live, Mr. Frankie Wilson( and hip hop and spoken word artist, ShySpeaks ( Music By: Shy Speaks Sho Baraka


#40: Culture Shock with ShySpeaks

CULTURE >> it's a word that has become incredibly polarizing by the moment. Either folks are quick to jump into or impact it, or their running away from it, and hiding their children, and their wives, AND their husbands from it just as quickly as they can find the closest rock. So - what is the best response to 'culture' in 2017 for the person who wants to make an impact? We chat it up this week on LifeChat Radio with the one of the dopest emcees we know, ShySpeaks [], as well...


#39: Pro-Everything w. Cessilye R. Smith

#39: Pro-Everything w. Cessilye R. Smith by Feleceia Benton + Esther Calloway


Community Redefined ft. Dr. Larry Terry

"We’ve figured out how to put people on the moon, but we haven’t learned how to stop killing each other." No Badges. No Guns. Just Humans. Dr. Larry Terry of the UNT Dallas Urban SERCH Institute discusses their approach to solving a problem that seems to be be plaguing our country and paralyzing our communities from real reconciliation and forward motion. The Community Leadership Academy is the nation's first peer-led leadership program that pairs police officers and community members...


MegaIdeas w. Faith Anderson

How do you make your tiny idea a big deal? You hang out with Faith Anderson from Tenth Child Inc., that's how. This brilliant woman has executed about a million and a half amazing ideas, and caused them to come into fruition, including creating + hosting her own event at MegaFest AND the Stellar Awards. If you don't know what those are, do some Google searching, then be impressed. #ManifestationOnFleek [do they still say that?!] Ah well - who cares. She's doing it.


It's Our Anniversary...

What better way to celebrate two years of LifeChat Radio [AND Women's History Month!] than with an awesome show! Well, we hope it's awesome at least. It's been a CRAZY ride, but we are loving life as much as we are loving this journey with all of you.


Come.Unity Live Recording at Colin County MLK

What happens when a handful of dedicated churches gather together in unity to create steps toward reconciliation in a single community? LIfeChat Radio recaps the Come.Unity gathering of believers from the Colin County area on MLK weekend. These people give us hope that reconciliation is not only possible, but happening, even if it's only happening in pockets.


Love Is: Conversations with the Patient and Kind [ft. Shop Talk]

If I hear one more #single lady say she's 'ready for love...' #ReallyTho? You've had India Arie on repeat for one song too long...probably. We begin our new series series, #LoveIs: Conversations with the Patient and the Kind, with the founders of Shop Talk: a Battle of Understanding the Sexes -- a new Dallas-based event created to challenge the minds of those who dare to enter into the dating landscape of 2016. We'll go there -- we promise.


Unplugged ft. Belyn Bland-Xochia

Everybody's "woke" these days, but how many people are paying attention enough to simply be plugged into the pulse of their community? We chat with Belyn Bland-Xochia about their new community initiatives and about how everyday people can get involved in their own cities and towns.


Legacy vs. Luxury pt. 4: Revert or Revise

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” - Ken Robinson. Revision doesn’t mean that your idea was wrong, but it does mean that perhaps there was a problem in your execution. There must be a way to execute your idea and there is no other choice but to revise and revitalize your process if you want to experience success in your goals. Frankie Wilson, CEO of Vision Media and Stellar Award winning radio personality explains how “creativity and...


Start-Up Pt. 2: The Road to Ready

So you wanna start a business -- that's awesome...and scary. Our favorite financial consultant gives us some ideas about starting your businesses with just the resources you've already got. We'll see about that. Music by: Keite Young Adrion Buter Mattie Michelle


Start-Up: From the Side Gig to the Real Thang

Revving up is hard to do. Here are a few tools to help you get geared up to move from the side gig to the real thang. Music by: 1st song - Van Gammon 2nd song - George Tisdale Special Guest: Sway Buckley:


Organized Chaos: Making Structure Out of Your Hot Mess of a Life

a·tax·i·a əˈtaksēə/ noun the loss of full control of bodily movements. It's a real disease and also an intense description of what your life can become if you are an entrepreneur and don't get some doggone control of what the heck you're doing. We chat with Brandon Hall of Camp Gladiator and Frankie Wilson of Vision Media about how they grabbed [at least some parts] of life by the horns and took control.


Waiting for My Rocket

You're in the middle of your morning scroll and your thumb stops, paralyzed, your eyeballs fixated on your used to be friend who always seems to be doing the doggone thing while you're trying to motivate yourself to get your butt out of bed and head in for another tedious day at the office -- Admit it -- you've got social media envy. Why can't that be you? Your next big thing ain't gonna happen on it's on. Sorry friend. Roger Franklin from Action Center USA chats with the ladies of...


February 18 // Influence: Making Moves or Causing Chaos?

Influence: Everybody wants it, not everybody knows what the heck to do with it. Beyonce, Kanye, Kirk, Kendrick - all mega stars who have used their platforms to make some pretty bold moves in the past few weeks. But were their statements just that -- statements -- or were they more than that? Game changers or noise makers? Influence is a powerful tool that can disrupt the wrong and shine light on the right. But are the moves we make really shifting culture or just causing more confusion?...


Heart to Heart: LifeChat V-Day Non-Bitter Edition

Dallas single gal mogul Stephanie Johnson talks love, singlehood and the big "V" word on this week's show. We'll learn more about Singles and the City -- her very cool movement that was created to help spark passion and conversation outside of relationships -- in Dallas, Austin and Detroit.


BluePrint: Drafting the Plans for the Process

Political activist Michael Flusche talks the next big move for America, while author Jonathan Jones discusses how millinneals can prepare for the next big move in their own lives in his new book, Process: 14 Surprisingly Simple Behaviors to Skyrocket Millennials to Success.


Dallas Takes SXSW

Dallas Takes SXSW by Feleceia Benton + Esther Calloway