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Liz Wenman, UK's Premier Classic and Vintage Car Rally Organizer

Liz Wenman is the founder and director of Rally Round, as well as a genuine motorsport enthusiast. Having previously followed Superbikes, Liz has been involved with historic cars for many years alongside her husband and stepson, both of whom compete. Liz has driven on several events ranging from the Pyrenees Rally to the 2010 Peking-Paris. It was those experiences that inspired her to set up her own rally company, focusing on customer care and relaxed competition, allowing ample time to...


Beth Christo, Tampa Area Luxury Property Realtor

Beth Christo is a luxury property realtor with Re/Max Realty Unlimited, has been in real estate in the Tampa, FL, area since 1999, and has a diverse background including assisting real estate investors, facilitating residential sales, and counseling homeowners dealing with foreclosure and short sales. She has experience in luxury homes as well as helping first-time home buyers. Beth conducts all the research and footwork to provide all the information clients need to make the best...


Amy Praskac, Austin, TX Professional Organizer on End-of-Life Planning

In this episode, Amy Praskac discusses the importance of being prepared for a medical emergency or end of life. She tells stories along with lessons to be learned and shares observations from her organizing practice. Amy Praskac reunited with her high school sweetheart only to be widowed a few years later. Her experience served as a springboard for a new career as a records organizer specializing in end-of-life planning. Her book, The Critical Information Workbook: Creating a Road Map for...


Amanda Bodkin, Enrolled Agent with the IRS on Common Myths of Tax Debt and Negotiation

In this episode, Amanda Bodkin discusses what to do when you owe the IRS. Amanda breaks the whole process down from the beginning, with common IRS notices, to the end of the negotiating process. She explains the IRS jargon and all the forms needed to complete this process. Amanda Bodkin is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and author of the book, Win the IRS Game: A Step-by-Step Guide to Negotiating Your IRS Tax Debt. She is experienced in tax preparation, tax planning, representation, and...


Thomas Schmitt - Automotive Management Professional on Building Relationships Is Key to Managing a Successful Car Dealership

In this episode, Thomas Schmitt, automotive management professional, discusses how building relationships is key to managing a successful car dealership. Thomas has noticed that many dealerships are still viewing customers as numbers rather than as people. Tom Chesser, owner of Solutions Plus made an appearance on this episode of Main Street Mavericks Radio. Tom provides custom-tailored solutions for business owners who need to gain an advantage in the market place. His slogan is...


Peter Cotton – Sales Talent Recruiter – Best Sales Talent Improves Bottom Line

In this episode, Peter Cotton, President of Best Sales Talent, LLC, discusses how small and medium-sized companies can significantly improve their bottom line when they invest in attracting and hiring the best sales talent. As an executive recruiter, Cotton has nationwide contacts of client companies and candidates. He also has a national network of fellow recruiters who work with him to find the most outstanding candidates. Cotton and his firm act as consultants to help employers find the...


Steve Kiges, Co-Founder of The Coach Training Academy on A Team Of One Will Fail: Why Become an ICF Certified Professional Coach

In this episode, Steve Kiges, co-founder of The Coach Training Academy, discussed why coaching has become the "in" thing these days, having become more and more popular with business, governments, and politicians. The science of coaching has greatly matured from the avenue of sports coaching to a process that has become integrated into our everyday lives as a way to get feedback and become grounded. Steve went on to explain how to choose a great coach for your team. He said that the coach...


Joel Helfer, Media CEO, on How One Radio Interview Can Add Up To $250,000 To Your Bottom Line in One Year

In this episode, Tom Chesser, Solutions Expert, turns the table on host Joel Helfer and talks with Joel about how one radio interview can make any business owner into an A-List celebrity. Joel explained that one simple radio interview re-purposed by others is all the marketing that you need. He helps his clients turn this interview to cash via a process that involves getting the interview in front of the right audience. Part of this process includes getting indexed on Google 316 times with...


Urvi Mehta, Social Media Marketing Expert, On How to Get More Engagement and Followers on Social Media Without Spending a Dime

In this episode, Urvi Mehta, a social media marketing expert, discusses how to get the most out of relationships you build over time on social media, resulting in more engagement and followers on social media without spending a dime. For best success, she notes that you should post to Instagram first when sharing information, and then share your post on Facebook to get more engagement and more views to your post. She adds that it's necessary to post relevant and engaging content, as well...