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076: Workflow Your Way to Profit With Emilie Smith

Prepare yourself for this incredible data-driven workflow crafted by Emilie Smith. I want to give you a sneak peak at how she is onboarding, managing and offboarding all of her clients for her photography business! I'm so convinced that this insight into her workflow will give you ideas of your own on how to optimize your products or services so that you can sell more, faster. Have you grabbed the Profitable Boss Roadmap? Grab the 5-step blueprint here:


075: How I Manifested $1,000 in 24 Hours

To me, manifesting used to be so fluffy. And I hate fluff. But lately, I have realized that the law of attraction and the law of action are so empowering and it isn't at all what I thought it was. So I'm covering the good, the bad and the ugly of manifesting $1,000 in 24 hours. I am going through my mindset blocks, what I did step by step through the manifesting process and what I did after.


073: 40k months with Amber-Lee Schneider

Amber is making over $40,000 month and I knew, being her wonderful self, she would be transparent and show us what these months look like for her. Little side note - I plan on putting up income reports to be even more transparent than I already am on my new website so that is coming soon as well! But back to Amber, she runs Chakra girl an incredible online empire that is transforming businesses and lives. She shares a lot of insight into the way her business runs and I...


072: Secrets to Simplifying Your Business

Ashley Gartland came on the show, graced us with her presence and spilled some simplification beans to us all. As an entrepreneur, we wear more than one hat. While we are wearing more than one hat this overwhelm starts to creep into our lives where we are doing #allthethings and at times, hustling while not moving forward. I ask Ashley questions about what steps we all need to take in order to simplify our businesses so when we are doing #allthethings, we are working on the right things...


069: I Quit My Job



059 | Marketing on Autopilot for the Entire Year Using Your Google Calendar with Alyssa Coleman

I have personally been swamped since being back in my office after being out for 6 weeks with traveling to Europe and then my month of sickness that felt more like death. So getting back in my regular routine gradually has been impossible since I am so behind on everything. But moments like this make me so thankful because I LOVE what I do more than anything and so even though I am a tad overwhelmed, I at least find so much joy in the work that I do and how I get to serve women like...


057 | How to Use Twitter to Grow, Network, and Book as an Online Business

Can you believe the first month of 2018 is almost over? Between this ear infection and outsourcing issues I feel like I have had a rough start to this year but I'm excited for next month because I have big things planned! Make sure you are following me on Instagram marketbeautifully so you can stay up to date with everything on Instagram stories. I typically go there first and show a lot of behind the scenes! Before we start chatting with Kayla over her twitter marketing strategy, I...