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HIGHSOCIETY | Transitioning From ‘Industry Guy’ to Full Time Artist

James Guttman - aka HIGHSOCIETY - had a cushy and fulfilling job working alongside Hisham at Fame House on artist marketing, but his desire to pursue his own music was too strong to ignore. In this week’s episode, Hisham explores James’ experience in transitioning from someone who worked behind the scenes on various artists’ teams to dedicating himself creatively and building one of his own. The two explore success, artistic integrity, the politics of the business, and so much...


Nate Mars | The State of Music Education, Content as Marketing, & Crowdsourcing Creativity

Nate Mars is a NYC-based music technology & content marketing consultant who’s spent a great deal of time at the intersection of marketing, content and education - much like our host Hisham Dahud. In fact, the two first met while touring with electronic music legend Richie Hawtin working on those very same components for the two CNTRL tours in 2012 and 2014. Nate has worked with the likes of Splice, Dubspot, K7 Records and most recently Microsoft/LinkedIn on content marketing strategy. He...


Andreea Magdalina, SheSaid.So | Women Working in the Music Industry + Spotify/Hulu, Patreon & More

Andreea Magdalina is the definition of a trailblazer. Based in Los Angeles, she focuses most of her time at interaction of music and technology. Among her various projects that include artist management and music partnerships at Skype, perhaps her biggest claim to fame (thus far) is founder of www.SheSaid.so - a network for women in the music industry featuring 1700+ members worldwide aimed at promoting exceptional work by women in the music business. In this episode, we explore the roots...


12th Planet | The Rise of Dubstep in America and Where it is Today

John Dadzie, aka 12thPlanet, is among the most prolific producers of the modern electronic music era - largely considered among the pioneers of modern dubstep. In this episode, he documents his rise in the world of drum & bass, his independent hustle, and how that all lead to his transition into what we now know as dubstep. We also explore the health of the scene, along with our usual tidbits of music/tech news. CONNECT w/ON...


Nicolay, The Foreign Exchange | The Independent Hustle in 2017, Playlist vs. Album Culture

Nicolay is 1/2 of the Grammy-nominated independent group The Foreign Exchange alongside Phonte Coleman. He also happens to be one of Hisham’s favorite music artists. In this very special episode, Nicolay shares: * The group’s truly unique story and unorthodox rise in the independent hip-hop ranks * How they’ve been able to navigate and thrive within the independent scene * How streaming models are treating independent artists - and their future outlook * His views on the album format...


Derek Brewer, Artist Manager | Rock Bands in 2017, SoundCloud Rescued, Snapchat Fails Wall Street

Derek Brewer has spent over 15 years entrenched in the world of heavy metal as an accomplished artist manager for the likes of Dying Fetus, Crown the Empire, Veil of Maya and many more. In this episode, Derek sheds his light on the state of not just heavy metal - but the band scene as a whole given technology’s influence. We also update you upon SoundCloud, Snapchat’s current woes on Wall Street, and Apple’s big push into the video content game! SUBSCRIBE on your favorite podcast...


The Future of Streaming. Facebook Music? Merchandise Matters w/Eric Jones (SideStep Founder)

Eric Jones is a professional musician turned tech entrepreneur. His company SideStep allows concert goers to pre-order merchandise for easy pickup and delivery. Hisham and Eric explore how his company is making life easier for fans, artists, and even venues. They also tackle Warner Music’s latest revenue report - the news is great for them, but what about artists? Also included are Facebook’s plans for music, technological disruptions in the live music space, tips for artist’s merchandise...


Amazon’s Great Awakening, Trouble @ Snapchat? The State of Electronic Music - Joshua Glazer (Rave Curious)

Joshua Glazer has been around the heartbeat of electronic music for 20+ years. Whether in Detroit, Berlin or in his present home of Los Angeles, he finds himself uncovering the stories of the scene’s most decorated artists and professionals. He does so today through his podcast Rave Curious, along with his own content marketing agnecy - aptlly named Content Curious. Josh joins the show this week for his take on the health of that culture today. He also joins Hisham to dicuss Amazon’s...