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E046 Who is the Cannabis Consumer?

Insightful talk with Linda Gilbert, Managing Director of BDS Analytics, a data-driven company offering cannabis consumer insights. We discuss who the average cannabis consumer is, how different states vary in their demographics and what products are working in the cannabis industry. If you’re interested in learning more about the edibles business, check out our eBook, “8 KEYS: How to Launch a Successful Cannabis Edibles Business” at


E045 Science of Cannabis Series_08

Informative talk with Mary, Founder of Sativa Science Club and Jason, Editor in Chief of Terpenes and Testing Magazine. We go deep down the science rabbit hole! We talk terpenes, minor cannabinoids, why strain names mean nothing relative to predicting effects and how people can participate in the cannabis research revolution! Brands Mentioned: Phylos Bioscience, Gold Leaf Journal, RJ Lee Group, Habu Health (citizen science research)


E044 Marijuana Venture Editor in Chief

Really enjoyed this talk with Garrett Rudolph, Editor in Chief from Marijuana Venture, a trade magazine for cannabis professionals. We get into the back story of how the magazine got started, what Garrett sees working (and not working) in the industry and how he sees the landscape evolving. RAD (Retailer & Dispensary) Expo coming to Portland, Oregon October 10th and 11th. FREE for all dispensary employees to attend and great for vendors trying to work with those businesses! Get our...


E043 Building the Future of Cannabis

Loved this talk with Anya Gordon, CEO of GroTec! GroTec is a contract builder for grow operations and dispensaries. Anya has great industry insight from working with companies in multiple states and internationally. She brought a lot to the table for this conversation and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! JOB OPPORTUNITIES: GroTec is growing and hiring. More details on their Website HERE.


E042 Ed Rosenthal, The Guru of Ganja

Honored to interview Ed Rosenthal, a pioneer in the cannabis industry! Ed wrote for High Times in the 80s and 90s. He has written multiple books on cannabis cultivation, processing, extracts, concentrates and has sold over 1 Million copies. Ed is releasing a follow-up book to Beyond Buds, a guide to Marijuana Extracts and Cannabis Infusions. Click HERE to pre-order “Beyond Buds: Next Generation”


E041 Growing a Mission-Driven Dispensary

Great talk with Brock Binder, Founder and Owner of High Quality, a cannabis retailer in Corvallis, Oregon. Brock launched his business in 2014 along with a grow operation. We discuss how Brock started the business, what they are doing to stay competitive in the market, education and some amazing customer stories on how cannabis changed their life! JOB OPPORTUNITIES: High Quality is growing and hiring for multiple positions (discussed in episode). Email them at if...


E040 Rebranding the Cannabis Industry

Conversation with Jared Mirsky, CEO and Founder of Wick & Mortar, the oldest and longest running cannabis branding, marketing and advertising agency in the country. Jared started his company in 2009, helping cannabis brands pioneer their way into this new industry. There are some solid gems of information throughout this episode!


E039 Science of Cannabis Series_07

LIVE Audience Q&A Podcast on the Science of Cannabis. We cover the struggle cultivators and retailers are facing on high THC% versus a high Terpene profile and ideas for education initiatives to help inform consumers. Joining us on the podcast panel was Emma Chasen, Lee Henderson from HiFi Farms and Cedar Hughes-Blades from Moss Crossing. Access our eBook for FREE “8 KEYS How to Launch a Successful Cannabis Edible Business” at


E038 Getting Beyond Business Plateaus

Good talking with Hunter Caputo, CEO of The Caputo Group. Hunter brings great insights from his past experience of supporting and growing businesses inside and outside of cannabis. We cover finances, HR support, distribution, planning for federal legalization and what it takes to move beyond plateaus that every business hits. Companies and Brands we reference ORCA, CCA, NCIA, Oregon Sungrowers Guild, Canna Help You.


E037 Beyond Organic Craft Cannabis

Conversation with Erik Leib, Founder of Ananda Farms, a producer in Oregon. We talk the future of craft cannabis, going beyond organic practices, and looking at the soil, topography and climate in which it’s grown, known as the terroir. Will consumers start buying based on the terroir as they do with wine? Companies and Brands we reference Cascadia Herbals, Fireside, Breeze Botanicals, Sun God Medicinals, New Leaf Midtown, Open Vape, Diamond Cannabis, Substance Cannabis Market, Panacea,...


E036 The Coolest Cannabis Farm in Oregon

Loved this talk with Lee Henderson, Co-Founder and Brand Manager at HiFi Farms. We discuss how Lee started the business, the transition from the medical market to recreational and creative ideas for solidifying a strong brand presence. JOB OPPORTUNITES: HiFi is looking to hire going into summer, discussed in the episode. Companies and Brands we reference Portugal the Man, Gro-Tech, Craft Cannabis Alliance, Emma Chasen, Farma, East Fork Cultivars, Yerba Buena, Pilot Farm, BDS Analytics,...


E035 Hemp CBD Market in North Carolina

Informative talk with Justin Hamilton, CEO of Hempleton Investment Group, a business focused on the Hemp CBD market in and around North Carolina. From genetics to growing to processing to retail shops, Justin’s team is involved in every step of the supply chain, and we learned a lot from him in this conversation. JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Justin is hiring for many different positions as they continue to grow and expand, discussed at end of episode. If you’re looking for work in North Carolina...


E034 Science of Cannabis Series_06

Another great talk with Emma Chasen on the Science of Cannabis. We discuss a new article published by Dr. Ethan Russo and Dr. Caroline MacCallum titled “Practical Considerations in Medical Cannabis Administration and Dosing”. We also cover a stream of technical questions we received from listeners.


E033 Leading the Infused Chocolate Category

Loved this talk with Christine Smith, Founder and CEO of Gron Chocolate. We cover how Christine moved from a successful career in architecture to cannabis infused chocolate, how you expand after getting into almost every dispensary in Oregon and a new source of CBD that Gron is using to sell infused chocolates across state lines, permeating their brand for future expansion. JOB OPPORTUNITY: Gron is looking for a Marketing Director, discussed at end of episode.


E032 Modern Cannabis Shop and Lifestyle Brand

Great talk with Heidi Fikstad, Co-Founder and Brand Manager at Moss Crossing, a Cannabis Retailer in Eugene, Oregon. We cover Heidi’s startup journey, company ethos and her branding, marketing and educational approach. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY: Moss Crossing is looking for funding to further growth and expansion, discussed in episode.


E031 Branding Cannabis Extracts and Vape Products

Conversation with Sabrena Peterson, Director of Marketing for REL Vape, an extract and vape pen company in Oregon. We discuss how Sabrena met her Co-Founders and started REL Vape, new technologies coming to market and how she thinks cannabis extracts will evolve.


E030 The Friendliest Dispensary in Oregon

Loved this talk with Jaime & Shea Conley, Co-Founders of Mindrite, a cannabis retailer in Portland, Oregon. We discuss building an educated team, putting the patient and customer first, keeping a medicinal focus in a rec market and their plans for calculated growth and expansion. GET our eBook “8 KEYS How to Launch a Successful Cannabis Edible Business” at


E029 From Brewmaster, to Soda Pop, to Cannabis Edibles

Informative talk with Ross Hunsinger from Hapy Kitchen. We discuss Ross’s path from brewmaster schooling, to soda pop maker to starting a cannabis edible business. Also how Ross sees the industry evolving and some insights on what businesses can do to stay competitive. JOB OPPORTUNITY: Ross asked that motivated individuals interested in the cannabis industry reach out to Hapy Kitchen with a resume and cover letter. Discussed in the episode. GET our eBook “8 KEYS How to Launch a...


Wayne on Stories in Business Podcast

Grateful to be featured on the Stories in Business Podcast. Wanted to share this with the Periodic Effects Podcast listeners. Really happy to start talking with non-cannabis media outlets to cross that bridge and get cannabis education to more people not familiar with cannabis.


E028 Terpenes & Cannabis, The Next Wave

Informative talk with Ben Cassiday, Co-Founder of True Terpenes. We cover a lot of bases in this episode, useful for anyone in the cannabis industry. We talk going from startup business to scaling up quickly, building a strong team and get really technical on the science of terpenes. JOB OPPORTUNITY: True Terpenes is hiring as they continue to expand, discussed in episode. GET our eBook “8 KEYS How to Launch a Successful Cannabis Edible Business” at