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(EP 15) Is your content boring? with Andrew and Pete

How do you create interesting content, when the subject matter is dull? Lucy Hall caught up with the Award-winning #socialmediamarketing agency Andrew & Pete to talk about how they make content, well, less boring! Regardless of the subject matter, every business has a story to tell and the guys give you some great tips and tricks to tease out the content out of your own business or your clients. Andrew & Pete were invited to speak at Social Media Marketing World in san Diego and will be in...


(EP 14) Periscope - how to build a community - Amrit Singh

We had the privilege of chatting with Amrit Singh who has made a name for himself as one of the most watched Livestreamers on periscope, with his artistic talent it’s understandable. Amrit tells us how he got started and gives us an insight into how he has built an engaged community, His Periscope broadcasts have reached over 2.5 million viewers worldwide and have been featured multiple times by Periscope, Twitter, Mashable, Huffington Post, Adweek, International Business Times and Sky...


(EP 10) Influencer Marketing, what you need to know

In this episode of the SocialDay podcast, we talk with Philip Brown, Head of Influencer Marketing at Come Round a digital marketing agency specialising in Influencer marketing. Philip talks us through what his definition of Influencer marketing is, who makes and influencer and how SME's can use them as part of a digital marketing campaign. We also talk about how you should measure results (some good tips for Instagram marketing and some tools for measuring reach) We discuss how you should...


(EP 9) How to use Facebook Ads, with a happy ending!

In this week's episode, we have put the full Facebook Ads session from the last Social Day event. Not only does Julia Bramble deliver loads of great actionable advice on how to use Facebook Ads she delivers it in a style that is truly unique. Julia took storytelling to a whole new level and turned her Facebook ads workshop into a pantomime, with plenty of audience participation. It's one of my favourite speaker sessions as it was so engaging on the day and listening bak to it for the...


(EP 7) keeping your business current in a digital revolution with Qasim Majid

Last week we drove all the way to Birmingham to speak to a business owner that has really shown how to keep up with the pace of change. Our latest unplugged took us to the WOW Zone offices to meet with CEO Qasim Majid Qasim talks about how WOW zone came to exist, what the issues and challenges that needed to be overcome and how a business stays relevant in the digital marketplace for 14 years. Loads of great advice for SMEs here on what you should be doing and what you should avoid. You...


(EP6) Victoria Taylor - Customer Experience

This week we caught up with the fantastic Victoria Taylor (founder of blend social and summit live UK) ahead of her session on Customer Experience at Social Day on the 27th April in Birmingham (she is also speaking in London) Check out who influences Vikki and find out how she became so passionate about digital marketing. Vikki is an amazing speaker and provides real insight to her sessions, don't miss out!


(EP 5) What is Social Selling? and how can we use it?

We headed out yesterday to catch up with some of our speakers. For the latest edition of unplugged Stuart dropped in on Abdul Shakur for a coffee and a chat about his up and coming session in Birmingham on the 27th April and to find out a bit more about how Abdul got his start, what influences him and what is definition of Social Selling is and how it should be used as part of a wider sales strategy. We also chat about is this the end of the cold call, and what platform should you be...


(EP3) Personal branding and storytelling - case study

This is a case study from our socialday event in Kent last year. Jo Wimble-Groves agreed to come and talk to us about personal branding and storytelling. Jo and her brother have successfully built up a business that turns over around £4.5 million per year and clients that range from Olympians through to Iron Maiden. It's a great story, hope you enjoy!


(EP2) What is Influencer marketing and how can business use it?

In this episode, we travel to Shoreditch to meet with The Goat Agency, Founder Harry Hugo talks to us about influencer marketing. What is Influencer marketing and how can businesses track the return on investment. What are the pitfalls, how to deal with them? We also find out about how the goat agency got started and the £17million pound lesson. Where Influencer marketing is going and what we can expect to see happen. You can also find more and see the video at


(EP1) Disrupt or be Disrupted with David Shaw & Lucy Hall

In this episode Lucy Hall interviews Davis Shaw, CMO, Marketing expert, podcast host "getting ahead" and keynote speaker. They discuss how you need to disrupt or face being disrupted. How do you apply this to small business and your own marketing.