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055 | Your Next 90 Days - How To Plan Your Content Calendar

When it comes to creating content, consistency is key. The aim of the game is to create high quality, useful content that engages your ideal customers and clients with the purpose of building a meaningful relationship of know, like and trust. But for so many online business owners, creating that quality content consistently is a real struggle. There’s three options: You couldplan and produce content week by weekbut this might leave you feeling like you’re always chasing your tail,...


054 | How To Create And Launch A High-End Brand

When it comes to brands, they are certainly not all made equal. We have low-end brands, the cheap cheerful kind, we have mid-range brands, and then we have high-end brands and when you encounter a high-end brand, you just know. There’s something about them, something that grabs you and makes you feel special. Some people call this the luxury market, others call this 5-star or prestige. Regardless of what you call it, I am sure you could name plenty of high-end brands. It’s everything from...


053 | When To Hire Creative Help (+ How To Get The Best Out Of Them!)

Everything has its season in your business and there’s a time for DIYing and time for hiring out. Creative help - so I am talking graphic design, photography, web development, copywriting - is one area that you can certainly hire out. But how do you know if it’s time to hire creative help? LEARN HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF Learning how to create your own graphics, take your own product photos and how to do basic coding is valuable regardless of if you’re planning on DIYing or hiring out -...


052 | What I Have Learnt From A Year Of Podcasting

We are celebrating a year of podcasting over here at The Breakthrough Year! It’s been a crazy year for my business, Brand It Girl and The Breakthrough Year membership! Over the past 12 months I have learnt some priceless lessons that have taken my business ot the next level and taught me so much about myself and my community! These lessons are not just podcasting related. They are lessons that have changed my business. Changed how I approach things, changed how organised I am within my...


051 | How To Style YOU And Have An Impact On Your Brand

When it comes to working from home, I have heard the argument that you can wear yoga pants and be comfy all day long! I’m sorry but I am calling BS on that one. When you are working - regardless of if you’re working from home, a coffee shop or an office - you ARE working and while you might be seeking comfort, you could be sabotaging your business! Plus there’s other ways to be comfy that does not involve yoga pants ;) The way you dress has a direct impact on how you feel about yourself,...


050 | How To Change The Name of Any Brand Or Offering

So the past few weeks, me and my team have been preparing to rebrand my podcast! And that means renaming the podcast from The Brand It Girl Podcast to The Breakthrough Year Podcast. And there’s been so many moving parts to it - from preparing The Breakthrough Year membership site to house the new show note blog, to creating the new show artwork and going back through and recreating ALL the show note graphics. So I thought, hey, there’s so many moving parts when it comes to changing the...


049 | Scale Your Business By Turning Your Service Into A Product

As a service-based business, you can be limited in your ability to scale. You’re just one person, you might not be able to build a team right now, and you could be experiencing burnout and financial insecurity as a service-based business owner. But have you considered turning your service into a product? It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, all kinds of service-based businesses can benefit from creating a product to supplement the service they provide. So if you are...


048 | Taking A Spiritual Approach To Business: Visualisation, Manifestation and Alignment

Have you ever felt like you were pushing in your business to make it happen? Perhaps you are struggling with stress, overwhelm or just not feeling 100% right with what you were doing. You might also be making every excuse under the sun to not succeed. Could it be that you are not spiritually aligned with your business? What if I told you that we are meant to be rich, we are meant to be successful and things are meant to be easy in our business. I know for so many of us, this feel...


047 | 10 Ways To Totally Suck At Social Media

There’s a lot of talk about what you should do on social media, but sometimes it’s easier to see the mistakes you might be making when you’re told what NOT to do! So that’s what we are doing on this episode! We are talking about the top 10 ways to totally suck at social media! I will explain why it won’t work if you’re building a platform to sell a product, why you’re looking at the wrong numbers, and how you could be posting the wrong content to social. That’s just a few of the mistakes...


046 | Podcasting, Clients Who Don’t Book and Higher Education - Q&A Session

This week I am tackling three questions from members of my Facebook group (Brand It Society) and Instagram Followers. I wanted to make sure I was answering YOUR questions so I posted on Instagram and in the group asking for questions that you wanted answered and I got a heap of questions. So on this episode I am answering three of them! The first question by Tessa Wright was on podcasting frequency: Hi Sam! I’ve just finished listening to your podcast on podcasts. I’ve been inspired to...


045 | How To Land Your First (Or Next) Client This Month

So you have something awesome to offer people - it's a service that you have packaged up for your clients or perhaps a product that you know they will love. Your website is done, business cards printed and you're ready for business. But how do you find your first client? Even if you're not just starting out - perhaps you have been in business for a little while - sometimes it can feel like a struggle to find clients. But there's three areas you can focus on that will help you to land and...


044 | 3 Things You Should Be Planning Out Each Quarter For Maximum Business Success!

I love planning my business according to quarters of the year. So if you look at your calendar, you can break the year into four quarters, each being around 90 days in total. It's currently the beginning of April and we are about to start a new quarter - Quarter 2, 2018. And the new quarter is the perfect time to do some hardcore planning that will maximise your business's potential for success! In this episode, I recommend 3 things that you should really be planning each quarter. And...


043 | Stop Creating! How To Make An Impact With The Offering You've Got

In the online entrepreneurial space, I am seeing a trend. And that trend is to create a product, service or program, promote it once (perhaps get frustrated that it doesn't perform how you'd like it to OR you get inspired by a new idea) and then create something new. I get it, we get a little restless! With so many ideas and so many different options (shiny object syndrome, anyone?) it is tempting to move on to your next offering quickly without giving your current offering time to breath,...


042 | The Storytelling Method To Sell Out Your Product, Service Or Program

In this episode I get vulnerable as I take you behind-the-scenes into my session with marketing and story strategist, Christie Bilbrey, where she takes me through the process of her new and unique storytelling method. In this episode, you’ll see first hand how to leverage your most valuable, yet priceless asset to sell out your product, service or program: your story. On Christie’s website, she shares the 5 secrets to successfully growing your business with stories: study your audience,...


041 | Behind The Scenes Of My Membership Rebrand & Rebuild

In this episode, I am pulling back the Brand It Girl curtains and giving you a full behind the scenes look at how I redesigned my membership site. And that included a full rebrand and redesign from The Brand It Boutique to The Breakthrough Year! I will share all the juicy details of the moment (when I was sitting in Japan, writing a book proposal) that I decided that I needed to pivot with my current membership at the time to include a new framework I had developed. But I don't JUST share...


040 | The Online Marketing Terms and Lingo You Need to Know

When you are just starting out in online business, or even if you’ve been around for a while, there’s likely to be a bunch of terms and lingo that you don’t recognise or that you’re just not sure what it means. I don’t want these online marketing terms and lingo to stop you in your tracks! In this episode, I’ll be going through 20+ online marketing terms and the lingo that you need to know! So if you’ve been wondering what a CRM or CMS is, or perhaps you’re confused about analytics and...


039 | The Blueprint for Your Breakthrough Year

So, what’s a breakthrough? It’s that feeling when everything suddenly clicks. It when you feel like finally you’ve reached the summit of the mountain you’ve been climbing and you can take that huge, nourishing gulp of fresh air that has eluded you for so long. That gulp of air that makes you feel light, that makes you feel fresh and excited and most importantly that makes you feel possible. In this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast, I am giving you a sneak peek into the six pillars of...


038 | SEO in Style: The #Ladyboss Guide to SEO Optimisation

Does the acronym SEO confuse you, concern you or just outright make you bored? You’re not alone! How to optimize your website for SEO (and your content and social media for that matter) is something that doesn’t have to be boring or confusing. I am bring SEO expert, Camilla Peffer on the show to talk to use about how to leverage SEO in your small business. In this episode we talk about how copywriting and SEO work together to get you seen and noticed in search engines like Google. Camilla...


037 | Get Protected: The Legals of Blogging

So you’re a blogger - perhaps it’s just a hobby and you blog about your life, your hobby or you share what you know. You might even make a little bit of money from your blog through affiliate links, sponsorship or by selling your own products. Regardless, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have the policy statements in place to ensure you are legally protected. On this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast, I am bringing on attorney and blogging legals expert Jackie Stoughton on the...


036 | Your Most Important Partnership: Bringing Your Significant Other On The Journey

If you are in a relationship - whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife - then it will be easy for you to identify the most important partnership you have! That’s why in this episode, I am bringing my Fiance, Gavin McDonald on the show! We want to share with you how we are making our relationship work with our business. We have worked really hard at having a good business/love balance and we’ve learnt that the best thing I can do for our relationship is take Gav on the...