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How to Land Major Distributors Like Whole Foods by Hustling Door to Door, with Adam Jones of Peloton

Adam was starting to photograph celebrities for major magazines, when he decided to quit his job and move back home to Pennsylvania to start a cold brew coffee business with his brother. It wasn't hard for him to figure out where to start. Over the years as a photographer he got to know almost every small retailer in his home town. Instead of sending out emails to see if any business owners were interested in the new cold brew coffee he was developing, he quickly put together some samples...


Turning a Hobby Into a Business, The Wandering Bear Coffee Story

College is one of the best times to start a company for several reason - you have more free time and minimal commitments outside of school (like family and work), lots of free and cheap resources at your disposal as a student, and little financial risk since your living costs are relatively low. When Matt Bachmann and Ben Gordon met at Columbia Business School, they were aware of these advantages and knew that they wanted to start a business, but had no idea what to build. As their...


How Julie Smolyansky of Lifeway Became CEO of a Public Company at 27

At 27 years old, Julie Smolyansky found herself leading a 12 million dollar public company. Her father had died suddenly of a heart attack, and just 24 hours later she was addressing all of her employees as their new CEO. Over the next decade, Julie would go on to grow the company to one of the most recognizable food brands in the world, earning a spot on Fortune Magazine's '40 Under 40'. Since then she has launched a non-profit, produced several documentaries, and authored The Kefir...


How to Quickly Test Any Business Idea Before You Launch

Entrepreneurs can spend years working on the wrong thing because they failed to test their assumptions along the way. We look for positive indicators when entering a new relationship, or evaluating a new job opportunity, so why do many of us skip this step when starting a new business? Because starting a business is a lot like having a baby, and when you're so attached to something it can be difficult to admit when it isn't working. Lean startup, design thinking, and agile development are...


How to Do What You Love in a Communist Country - Part I

The Soviet Union was not a very supportive place for entrepreneurs - especially in the 1960s, on the heels of Stalin's dictatorial regime. In fact in the decades leading up to the collapse of the Soviet Union, many were jailed for circumventing the law by starting their own businesses. Free thinkers, creators, and innovators had to find other ways to apply their minds. Our father, Samuel Zakharovich Revzin, was one such thinker that was simply born in the wrong era and in an inconvenient...


How Getting Fired Changed My Life

We're taught to associate failure with getting fired, when often times it is the very catalyst that allows us to experience incredible progress. While losing a job is inherently a stressful experience, it's critical to start seeing it as a life changing event - for the better. In this episode we discuss how to rewire your brain to embrace the loss of a job, and create opportunities for yourself that will help you grow and skip multiple rungs on the ladder of your career in a short period...


The Right Way to Outsource Your App Development, with Murtuza Kutub

When Murtuza started consulting on the side with his co-founder Hari to fund the startup they were building, he didn't think of it as a business - simply a way to be able to pay his bills. Soon he had so many clients that he had to hire help, and he realized that he actually enjoyed working on different projects day to day. Within a few years, he closed his first 6 figure contract. Now he runs F22 Labs, a 22 employee full-stack mobile and web development company in India that's able to...


Using Word of Mouth to Build a Million Dollar Shoe Brand, with Twin Sisters Jessica and Emily Leung

What's the easiest way to find a co-founder? Have a twin sister. This week on The Mentors we have our first ever 'twinesode' where you'll hear identical twins brother entrepreneurs (yours truly) interview identical twin sister entrepreneurs. Aside from being one of the funniest episodes yet, this discussion covers the story of Hey Lady shoes, and how two sisters with no background in fashion design started a ladies shoe company that has grown to over a million dollars in sales, almost...


How Sufia Hossain Accidentally Made a Hot Sauce That's Now Sold All Over NYC

When Sufia Hossain started experimenting with hot sauce recipes in her kitchen, she was already working full time on building a jewelry business. But, whenever she had some free time she would start tinkering with different ingredients again. Within one year, her now sought after Silly Chilly Hot Sauce is being sold in one of the busiest shopping markets in the world - Chelsea Market. In this episode we uncover what it takes to start a food business, Sufia's relentless approach to getting...


How Max Altschuler Grew SalesHacker From One Conference to a Media Company Serving Millions

Max Altschuler is redefining what it means to build a successful career. When most people were busy trying to land internships in college, Max got his school to agree to pilot one of the earliest bike sharing programs. When that business failed to raise the necessary capital to get off the ground and Max found himself without a job as he graduated into one of the worst economies of the century, he started a social media consultancy that generated revenue within its first 30 days. In this...


How Bobby Thakkar Built a 6 Figure Business While in High School

When Bobby Thakkar started Grupacity Consulting in his senior year of High School, he was able to attract customers like Uber, Redbull, Chanel, and Spotify within the first three months of business - all with zero marketing. How does an 18 year old jack of all trades accomplish what many seasoned specialized professionals struggle to attain? By spending years meticulously building a network and a following. It all started when a sports injury forced him to stop playing tennis 8 hours a...


How to Get the Attention of Important People

Ever wonder why someone isn't responding to your email? Maybe you made a great connection with someone you met in person, but when you follow up with them you never hear back. Every day others are vying for our attention, but we only truly engage with those that succeed in piquing our interest. This is especially true if you're trying to reach someone important or busy. We've been able to get the attention of some of the most incredible people in the world after refining the outreach...


Public Speaking Techniques Used by Billionaires, Actors and Presidents

Some of the best public speakers in the world started off as shy and reserved presenters that had trouble captivating an audience. Contrary to popular belief, effective oration is a skill that can be learned and mastered by any personality. There are countless examples of leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi, Warren Buffett, and Abraham Lincoln, that deeply feared public speaking until they refined their skills through many failed talks, ultimately learning how to command the attention of any...


How to Start a Successful Coffee Shop in One of The Biggest Cities in The World

Coffee Project New York has been voted the best coffee shop in New York City by Time Out Magazine, gaining world wide attention within just a few years of opening - but it wasn't an overnight success. Chi-Sum Ngai and her partner Kaleena Teoh had no entrepreneurial experience when they decided to start a coffee shop, so when they first opened their doors in September 2015 they had no customers except for a few neighborhood regulars. However, the decisions the couple made in the early days,...


Launching Best Sellers, Going Viral, and Avoiding Burnout with Charlie Hoehn

Finding a world class mentor even once in your career can change the direction of your life forever. Charlie Hoehn has been able to do this many times over. From interning with Seth Godin, to landing a job with Tim Ferriss right out of college and working with talented entrepreneurs like Ramit Sethi and Tucker Max, Charlie has figured out how to leverage his unique expertise as a marketer and video editor to attract some of the most successful and talented people in the world. Since then...


How to Network Like a Pickup Artist

Approaching and talking to strangers is not natural for everyone. But some people seem to always make new friends and connections everywhere they go. What are they doing and saying that makes them stand out? In this episode we learn from some of the same techniques and principles in psychology that pickup artists use to meet people anywhere, and apply them to a business setting. The biggest similarities between dating and professional networking are in the critical first moments where...


Building a Mission Driven E-commerce Brand and Breaking Into Retail with Mera McGrew

In just a little over a year, Mera McGrew has gone from making soap in her apartment to getting published in the New York Times, acquiring a number of celebrities as customers and landing on the shelves of major retailers like West Elm. She was able to accomplish all of this by starting with a simple and clear mission - "get soap in the hands that need it." In this episode we discuss exactly how she came up with this idea while working in Africa, how she enlisted the help of the United...


When Should I Quit My Job?

Every creator and entrepreneur dreams of one day quitting their job to commit full time to their true passion, but when is the right time to do this? It's easy to trick yourself into thinking that if you could just spend 40 hours a week working on your business idea, then you would be successful. But what if you're not? What kind of risk can you expose yourself to? In this episode we uncover when it's the right time to finally go full time with your business. There's a lot you can do while...


Building a 90 Million Dollar Business After 50, with Larry Petretti

Is it possible to spend your whole career working for someone else, only to start your first business at 55 years old? Immediately after high school, Larry Petretti began a career as a carpenter eventually moving out of the field and into the business side, working his way to the top of a massive construction enterprise. At each level he took the time to meticulously learn his craft to know what it takes to run every part of a construction business, from sales to management and operations....


Becoming Unstuck - How To Finally Get Started

A lot of people want to start something, but most never actually do. Why? They simply don't want it or need it enough, and find happiness in other ways. But, some of us never get started for a handful of simple reasons. 1) We don't know what we want to do. 2) We don't know our own strengths. 3) We doubt ourselves. 4) We worry about what others think. Fortunately, all of these obstacles can be overcome. In this episode, we discuss how to reframe your thinking to finally start acting towards...