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32- Dr. Scott Manaker Part 2 - In Defense of the RUC

In Part 2 of my conversation with Dr. Manaker, we discuss some of the common criticisms of the RUC, and why the group is structured the way it is. Long story short, it’s an imperfect group that was designed to most effectively do the otherwise overwhelmingly gargantuan task of determining the value of the procedures physicians bill for. For more background on the RUC and Dr. Manaker, check out Part 1....


31 - Dr. Scott Manaker Part 1 - The RUC, and Determining How Much Physicians Get Paid

Today’s episode is the first of a two part conversation I had with Dr. Scott Manaker, who is a an attending Pulmonary and Critical Care physician at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. I first heard about Dr. Manaker being at Penn when I fell down the rabbit hole researching a fascinating part of the U.S Healthcare system – a group called the Specialty Society Relative Value Scale Update Committee, or the “RUC” for short. Dr. Manaker is a member of this group, and I felt really...


30 - Internship Minisode - Christina Bax, Bringing Sight to Africa with Peek Vision

This episode is the final internship minisode with Christina Bax, who spent last summer working in Botswana with Peek Health, a company originally discussed on this podcast in one of our first episodes with Ryan Littman-Quinn. Christina talks about how she approached figuring out what to do over the summer, her role as a medical student with the Peek team, working with design students, and how she transitioned to living in Africa! Links Peek Vision


29 - Catherine Cullen - The Bioethics of Fetal Medicine

This episode is a follow-up to the discussion with Dr. Alan Flake on fetal medicine and the artificial womb project. I speak with my good friend, and Penn Med classmate, Catherine Cullen about bioethics, and what we should think about as we continue to push forward, innovating in the realm of fetal medicine. With the advent of genomics, gene editing, and gene therapies, these types of conversations are more important now than ever. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to our episode...


28 - Dr. Alan Flake - The Artificial Womb and Innovation in Fetal Medicine

Today we bring you a long-awaited, and incredibly special episode! This is an interview I, along with the new co-VP of curriculum for Penn HealthX, Raymond Liu, did with Dr. Alan Flake after he spoke at the Penn HealthX conference last semester. Dr. Flake is an attending pediatric and fetal surgeon in the Division of Pediatric General, Thoracic and Fetal Surgery at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He serves as Director of CHOP’s Center for Fetal Research and is a professor of Surgery...


27 - Dr. Nisha Mehta Part 2 - Physician Side Gigs

Part 2! This episode is a conversation I had with Dr. Nisha Mehta, who is a Penn Med alum! She is currently a radiologist, writer, speaker, and physician advocate. Her writing has been featured in Forbes, PBS NewsHour, Doximity, and KevinMD, among many others. She writes and speaks on many topics in medicine, including physician burnout, work-life balance, wellness, and personal finance. She is also the founder of the Facebook group, Physician Side Gigs, where over 15,000 physicians share...


26 - Dr. Nisha Mehta Part 1 - What is Unique About Physician Burnout?

This episode is a conversation I had with Dr. Nisha Mehta, who is a Penn Med alum! She is currently a radiologist, writer, speaker, and physician advocate. Her writing has been featured in Forbes, PBS NewsHour, Doximity, and KevinMD, among many others. She writes and speaks on many topics in medicine, including physician burnout, work-life balance, wellness, and personal finance. She is also the founder of the Facebook group, Physician Side Gigs, where over 15,000 physicians share stories...


25 - Internship Minisode - Nancy Liu, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement at UCSF

Today’s minisode is an interview with another one of the HealthX summer internship funding recipients, and another fellow MS2, Nancy Liu. Nancy spent the summer at UCSF learning about methods used in patient safety and quality improvement work. She cold-called a number of research teams to see if they would be interested in having her join, knowing that she could secure outside funding. She was also able to participate in the Telluride Experience which is a conference for medical students...


24 - Internship Minisode - Alejandro Cazzulino - Private Equity and the Medical Device Space

Today’s episode is a quick minisode with one of my fellow MS2s, Alejandro Cazzulino, or Cazz. We chatted a bit about his experience working for a private equity firm Healthpoint Capital, and one of their spinoffs, Innovahealth Partners that invests in medical device companies. Cazz was able to secure this internship with the help of HealthX funding that is available every year for Penn Med students who are looking to take on some untraditional work in a HealthX-related field. Students who...


23 - Emily Kramer-Golinkoff, How Non-Profits Are Fighting to Cure Cystic Fibrosis

Today’s episode is a conversation I had with Emily Kramer-Golinkoff, who spoke to Penn HealthX last semester about her experience as a patient with Cystic Fibrosis, and in founding Emily’s Entourage, a 501c3 that accelerates research for new treatments and a cure for CF. Since 2011, Emily’s Entourage has raised around $3 million, and has invested in research projects and start-up companies looking to develop drugs for rare missense mutations that cause CF. Emily received her undergraduate...


22 - Dr. Jake Brenner, Thinking Like a Medical Entrepreneur, and Penn Heath Tech

Today’s episode is a conversation I had with Dr. Jake Brenner, who is pulmonary and critical care physician at Penn who splits his time between clinical work, developing technologies in the lab, and founding companies to bring those technologies to market. He completed his MD/PhD at Stanford, and participated in their Stanford Biodesign Fellowship program. He was able to spin two separate companies out of his involvement with that program, and is currently working on another called...


21 - Justin Larkin, WellSheet, Entrepreneurship, and Fixing EHRs

Today’s episode is a conversation I had a few months ago with Justin Larkin, who is a fellow Penn Med student. Justin is one of the co-founders, and current CMO of WellSheet, which is a start-up that is using machine learning to identify, prioritize, and visualize patient health data across electronic health records. This company was launched out of the Penn HealthX Labs incubator completion, and remains one of the programs greatest success stories. Now that I’ve started my clinical...


20 - Dr. Ali Behbahani, Venture Capital and Medicine

Today’s episode is a conversation that Logan recorded with Dr. Ali Behbahani when he was here for the Penn HealthX conference in December to lead a workshop on thinking like a Venture Capitalist. Ali’s story is especially interesting because he actually worked in the business and investment world before completing his MD/MBA dual degree at Penn, and then decided to go straight back into finance and investing when he graduated. This is obviously not common for someone who goes to medical...


19 - Alastair Blake, The U.K Health System, and McKinsey

Alistair Blake is a British-trained physician who went to Cambridge. He performed his residency in London, and has worked as health policy fellow for the NHS. He is currently an MBA-student at Wharton, and plans on working full time after graduation with the consulting firm, McKinsey. After speaking for a HealthX event on campus, he joined us to dive a bit deeper into his thoughts on the U.S vs. the U.K health systems, and what he has learned as a physician who wants to transition into the...


17 - Dr. Arthur Rubenstein, Leading a Struggling Hospital System to Greatness

In this episode, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to sit down with one of the most successful and respected healthcare leaders out there, Dr. Arthur Rubenstein. His accolades are too extensive to list in detail, but in short, Dr. Rubenstein is internationally known for his research achievements in endocrinology and diabetes, as well as for his role as the Dean of Penn’s Med School and as Executive Vice President of the University of Pennsylvania Healthcare System (UPHS) in the early...


Episode 16 - NeuroFlow Co-Founders Chris Molaro and Adam Pardes - Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Ryan sits down with Chris Molaro and Adam Pardes, the co-founders of the Philadelphia start-up NeuroFlow. NeuroFlow is a digital health software firm that uses advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms on real-time biometric data to quantify stress, focus and relaxation for mental health. Map 5:10 – The NeuroFlow Pitch – Chris 8:45 – Why Adam felt compelled to co-found NeuroFlow 10:05 – How did Chris and Adam meet? How did they come up with the idea for...


Episode 15 - Dr Neha Vapiwala, Radiation Oncology, and Leadership in Medicine

In this episode, I was able to sit down with Dr. Neha Vapiwala who is one of my mentors, and overall one of my absolute favorite people at Penn Med. She just began work as the new Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for the Perelman School of Medicine. We touch on her time at Johns Hopkins where she studied biology and Hispanic studies, and even worked with Dr. Ben Carson! We then discussed her time at Penn Med, the decision to pursue radiation oncology, how she began to take on leadership...


Episode 13 - Dr. Saurabh Jha, Writing and Tweeting about Medicine, and the Future of Radiology

Ryan is joined by Dr Saurabh Jha to discuss writing and tweeting as a physician, and how medical students can most effectively ease themselves into that world. We discuss a number of Dr. Jha's articles, touch briefly on the future of radiology, and learn about some of Dr. Jha's favorite writers. Map 3:15 – coming to the U.S and choosing radiology 7:00 – when and why did he become interested in writing about the healthcare system and his first article on the Breast Density Law 10:30 – why...


BONUS Episode 12 - Dr. Dana Kuhn, Combating HIV/AIDS, and Founding Patient Services Inc.

On the most recent episode of the Penn HealthX Podcast, we were able to speak with Dr. Dana Kuhn. Dr. Kuhn shared his heartbreaking story of finding out he was infected with HIV after receiving treatment for hemophilia. He then unknowingly passed the virus on to his wife, who then died of AIDS-related pneumonia a few years later. While taking time to recuperate with his children, Dr. Kuhn found work as a counselor for patients with chronic illnesses. He then turned to patient advocacy,...


BONUS: Episode 10 - Nathan Dollinger and The Future of Healthcare Podcast

In this bonus episode of The Penn HealthX Podcast, we'd like to share a conversation host Ryan O'Keefe had with Nathan Dollinger, the host of The Future of Healthcare Podcast. Ryan and Nathan discuss why they started their podcasts, some of their favorite guests, and riff on some topics in healthcare that they are passionate about. If you enjoy The Penn HealthX Podcast, you'll love The Future of Healthcare. Thanks to Nathan for letting us share. Rate the podcast!! Find us on iTunes here:...