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#016 - How to Illicit Your VALUES – The Deepest Essence of What Makes Us Go

Discover Your Value System Here! What are values and what can they do for me? You might be like me, and think “Values? That’s a bunch of airy-fairy new-age crap”, but stay with me on this – Values work, big time. I’ve used them and I’ve gone from sceptic to fan because I’ve seen how Values work and how transformative it can be to put them to work in business and life. If you want to Start, Grow and Love Your Tutoring Business, check this out! KEY TAKEAWAYS Identifying your values. Which...


Tutor Podcast #015 - Your Big Fat Why

How do you know what your Why really is? The answer lies in your own personal values, the beliefs that underpin every aspect of your personal life. If your Why is big enough and your reasons are valid enough then they will act as rocket fuel to propel you forward in your business! KEY TAKEAWAYS Your Big Fat Why is the reason you do what you do. Knowing your own personal why can make or break your business. Typical reasons include helping people, freedom from your J.O.B (which stands for...


#014 - How To Use DBS Checks To Gain A Competitive Edge & Increase Your Prices!

DBS: Disclosure & Barring Services. What are they and how can they make you money? Discover how easy it is to get yourself checked and instantly prove yourself as a credible, serious and concerned market leader! KEY TAKEAWAYS DBS Used to be CRB checks - a government body replacing the Criminal Records Bureau & Independent Safeguarding Authority. Better & safer recruitment decisions. DBS check police records and barred lists locally and nationally, for children and vulnerable...


#013 - The Right Price

How to find your own sweet spot price? More specifically, how to find the right price strategies for your teaching business, how the delivery of your material impacts the pricing and also, the aspect of discounting.


#012 - The Route To Success Is In Your Routine

Did you know that you can make more money and more of a difference to your clients by building routines to make your business run smoother?! But what really are routines and how can they benefit you? Neil outlines and defines the different types of routines including back office, administrative, planning, strategic & personal development. Learn how you can use them as an automatic yardstick to measure performance, normality, increase productivity and ultimately create the right character!


#011 - An Overview of Company Structures that are Available to Those in Tutoring/Teaching Business

It is about business structures and types that are available to tutors/teachers, laying out the reasons why it matters, the implications, which will thus help you to decide what's the best befitting one, and that could work for you.


#010 - Ideal Clients to Make Your Teaching/Tutoring Life becomes A Pleasurable Experience and Better End Results

Following on from Episode 3 on DDWT in today's episode, Neil talks about ideal, perfect clients or students rather than the people you don't want to deal. Who they are? What they do? Where to find them? Why knowing that's sort of really matters? Because in working with the right people, it transforms your day-to-day work of your business into a way more pleasurable experience, gives you more drive and more purpose in what you do with better results for your clients/students and for you too.


#009 GDPR and its Benefits

Neil expounds about the forthcoming general database protection regulations, GDPR, an European regulations to be made effective on 25th May 2018 in the UK, which is a provision to help organisations comply with its requirements, and gives control to citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for internaitonal business by unifying the regulation within the EU.


#008 Dr Simon Martin, The Amazing Bodger in StoryBodger telling tall tales, tarradiddles and stories that make you think

Dr Simon Martin, a former NHS general practitioner and currently, a freelance storyteller based in Shropshire elucidating on the power of stories in teaching from and about creativity and what teachers/tutors can do to enhance that to other people. He shares the neuroscience behind why storytelling is the most effective communication medium in getting information across to people; and emphasises the therapeutic use of language, guided imagery and how the words we use have the power to harm...


#007 The 10,000 Hour Rule: Why It is Wrong, and Why it Matters to You.

How a journalist misconstrued research and created a “Magic Number” for Mastery. What a teacher needs to know, and why we should bury Malcom Gladwell’s toxic “Rule” without ceremony.


#001 - Neil Cowmeadow, the maverick peripatetic Telford Guitar Teacher, shares his past 19 years experience to a prolific tutoring business

Neil shares why he truly believes that tutoring job is the best job ever for one to be found doing right now. He gives an insight into how he started his tutoring business, accelerating it in progress, which increases his income and made an impact in helping his customers/students.


#002 - Neil talks about FEAR, which is the most common obstacle that stop you in your tracks.

Neil talks about the element of FEAR of all sorts encountered by anyone, its effect and how to overcome it.


#003 - DDWT: The Second Secret Golden Rule in Tutoring Business

Neil shares what his second golden rule, DDWT is and its importance in the business principle and its powerful impact for a better tutoring.


#004 - Starting Your Own Tutoring Business

Neil shares his thought of why it is NOW the best time to start a tutoring business. He goes further into giving an overview of the whole start-up process from the legal aspect to the organising part, setting the prices/rates and finding the perfect clients/students. He also puts forth the 3 forms of business trading that one can consider and their respective pros and cons.


#005 - MONEY and The TRUTH about Money

Neil says if you understand money, you can control money, and not be controlled by it. So, what money is and isn't? Neil points out the basic rule of wealth, the compound effect of interest and inflation, the good debt and the bad debt, and wraps up with how to develop a positive money mindset.


#006 - Hybrid Careers, Side Hustle as the Americans say

Neil gives an enlightenment on what actually hybrid career is, its upsides and downsides, the pleasures and the pains and also, sharing his own personal experience in his initial journey of building his hybrid career.