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ENCORE: Edwin McCain: Creative Hit Wedding Songs

This week, Andy talks with the artist behind three enormously-popular wedding songs—Edwin McCain. His hit songs “I’ll Be” and “I Could Not Ask For More” are both favorite “first dance” songs, and his song “Walk With You” is always a moving choice for the father/daughter dance. Edwin’s songs have formed the soundtrack to some of the most pivotal moments in people’s lives, that couples and their families will always remember. Edwin first gained industry attention with his indie album...


THE NEXT LEVEL: Tara Dowburd, Makeup Therapy: "Achieving Success in the Client Experience"

This episode of The Next Level dives deeper into the interview with Tara Dowburd. You may be wondering what a makeup designer can tell you about your business, but Tara is full of great ideas. Andy and Melissa discuss the particular wisdom that Tara shared about networking for your business. As someone whose business depends on relationships, networking has been the key to propel Tara to success. In this episode, Andy and Melissa also mention Bryan Rafanelli'sshow, as well as Lynn...


Tara Dowburd, Makeup Therapy: "Achieving Success in the Client Experience"

Tara has always known that creativity needs to be at the center of her career. She’s an artist. What she didn’t expect was that makeup would be her medium. But after seeing how involved she could be in the lives of her clients and the craft of building confidence inside and out, she realized there was no other place that would be more suitable for her. After spending over 20 years in the field, Tara has the skills and experience to give solid business advice in the wedding and event...


THE NEXT LEVEL: Kevin Lee, Celebrity Event Designer: Dedication and Finding the Flair

Join Andy and Melissa for today's Next Level episode, where they break down the amazing interview with Kevin Lee. Kevin sat down with Andy and shared his story of coming to the US and in the process, completely changing careers. What started as a love for flowers, quickly blossomed into the event planning business he has today. Kevin became known for some of the most glamorous events and his over the top flair for artistry made him a beloved movie character. Andy and Melissa dive deeper...


Kevin Lee, Celebrity Event Designer: Dedication and Finding the Flair

Wedding Biz - Kevin Lee Kevin Lee loves living a glamorous lifestyle, and he’s proved time and time again, he’s willing to work for it. He learned the value of true discipline early in life through ballet and becoming a talented clarinet player. Coming from South Korea to America, changing lanes and opening a flower shop-he created his business from continual learning, humility and a true thirst for creating the best and most beautiful experiences possible for his high end...


ENCORE: Rebecca Grinnals & Kathryn Arce, Engaging Concepts

Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce are powerhouse team is the force behind the wedding and honeymoon industry consulting firm Engaging Concepts. In this episode, we talk about their road from their Disney Weddings days to their own Engage! Summits events.


THE NEXT LEVEL: Harmony Walton - The Bridal Bar and Jet Fete

Join Andy Kushner and Melissa Fancy as they digest the value-packed episode with Harmony Walton! Tune into this episode to get some major insight on how to maintain a creative and flourishing business with multiple revenue streams! Show Highlights: Resources: Sign up for the newsletter for the deep dive into the tips: Instagram: @Weddingbizshow Email:


Harmony Walton: The Bridal Bar and Jet Fete

It takes but a moment to see that Harmony Walton’s path to success had everything to do with how she handled perceived challenges along the way. Her career is marked by her own fearless ability to focus on giving direction to her dreams and focus on doing work that she loved and would succeed at. She credits her work with a well-known Hollywood Celebrity as the best training she could have had, especially when it comes to high touch client service. About Harmony: Harmony Walton is the...


The Star-Studded Anniversary Show: Celebrating One Year of The Wedding Biz

It hardly seems possible that today’s show is the celebration of the One Year Anniversary of The Wedding Biz podcast! When Andy started the show a year ago, he began as a passion project, but since that time, it has turned into so much more! Andy knew he wanted his podcast to be different, and he certainly accomplished that. One of the things that makes The Wedding Biz so unique is that Andy only does interviews in person. So for the past year, he has visited the homes, offices, and event...


THE NEXT LEVEL: David Tutera: Finding True Success in Self Reinvention

In this companion episode of David Tutera's interview, Andy and Melissa Fancy take a deeper dive into the strategies that David shared. David insists that you don't have to love your clients, as long as you love what you do for your clients. This concept and many more are discussed in this episode of THE NEXT LEVEL! Don't forget to visit the website - and sign up for the additional information to help grow your business! Previous Episodes Mentioned: Sean...


David Tutera: Finding True Success in Self Reinvention

If you’ve heard of David Tutera, you know he’s done it all. He’s a leading expert in the wedding and entertaining business with a list of accomplishments almost too long to mention. From sharing how he found himself in the events industry, to his foresight for where the industry is going, David dishes on everything you want to know-with the incredible motivation you need. About David Tutera: Originally from New York, David Tutera is a celebrity wedding planner and designer, author...


THE NEXT LEVEL: Lisa Gooder, Brides Magazine: The Passion of Storytelling

Join The Wedding Biz host, Andy Kushner and Marketing Director Melissa Fancy as they break down Lisa Gooder's interview. Lisa Gooder is the Executive Director of Brides Magazine. Andy and Melissa dive a little deeper into the content from Lisa's interview and discuss the following: Join us right here each week as Andy and Melissa dig deeper into the expert interviews and give you tips, tricks, and strategies to take your business to the next level! Other shows mentioned in the...


Lisa Gooder, Brides Magazine: The Passion of Storytelling

Lisa Gooder was always passionate about telling stories. No matter the workplace-- from artifact appraisals to digital media, to Lisa, the way a story could connect others and draw interest were obvious. Enter her break into the wedding industry, where the story has been culturally set for decades - that is, until Lisa began to see changes with the demographic and wanted to help tell their honest stories. Get ready to dive deep with Lisa on how she’s seen the answer to the question, “why...


Jose Villa: Redefining Success with Fine Art Wedding Photography

Initially, Jose’s parents were nervous about him becoming a photographer. As recent US immigrants, they didn’t think his dreams of making money in portrait photography would come to fruition and wanted to see him take on a more traditional career path. But Jose knew he was onto something when he started taking photos in high school, and his friends started paying him for senior portrait sessions. He loved portraits, he loved film, and he never looked back. Since then, Jose has been...


Ron Ben-Israel: Answering the Call of Creativity with Couture Cakes

To Ron Ben-Israel, a cake is far more than a cake. It’s equal to a performance. And if anyone knows about performance, it’s surprisingly the master of couture celebration cakes. After graduating college with a Fine Arts degree, Ron saw the world through two distinct lenses: the Israeli military, and a ballet company he joined after serving in his early 20’s. He traveled around the world, performing with two companies over nearly 15 years before finding himself in New York City and...


Peter Callahan: Embracing Creativity to Lead an Inspired Life

Peter Callahan almost didn’t become a world-famous caterer. Growing up around successful finance businessmen, he felt as if that was his destiny and attended undergraduate programs for business. But with every elaborate party Peter designed and catered in college, he learned more about crafting incredible experiences through creativity and food. It would still take him multiple failed college classes and several more years to finally make the leap from a career as a precious metals...


Simon T. Bailey: How To Harness Your Brilliance and Turbo Charge Your Business

Simon T. Bailey is no stranger to success, even though he’s quite familiar with failure. At a young age, Simon was turned down for multiple sports teams-but he didn’t let that stop him. He left his first college after just one year and moved into a low-income neighborhood. His path took him to a high-level role, which he transitioned away from when it became clear his days as an employee there were numbered. But in every situation, Simon was constantly searching for a way to use what he...


Troy Williams: Fearlessly Paving His Own Path to Celebrity Event Planner Success

Troy Williams is a successful event designer, planner and lifestyle influencer, but his success didn’t happen overnight. It took years of hard work and persistence in following his dream, including cold-calling producers in Hollywood, finding an opportunity to be an intern at Warner Brothers Studios and helping to style celebrities who happened to shop during his shifts at Banana Republic.Above all, Troy credits his career to his passion, talent, and being truly kind to everyone he...


Ian Prosser: Internationally Acclaimed Floral Designer with an Elite Clientele

At 15 years old, Ian Prosser’s love of floral design began when he took an elderly woman in his community to flower-arranging night classes. Through apprenticeships and competitions-- and some strong reservations from his family-- Ian’s talent grew tremendously, turning him into the youngest person to receive Scotland’s Floral Designer of the Year at just 19 years old. As a self-proclaimed “detail freak”, Ian built a successful business for himself in Scotland with his eye for detail...