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Your Body is God’s Dwelling Place-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

Your body is the temple of God, he likes to dwell in you. It’s his favorite place to live. So what does your temple look like, what condition is the home God is living in? We should be giving God the nicest and finest and healthiest place to live in. If we aren’t, then maybe we need to make some improvements in this temple he is living in. More hydration, more movement, more greens, more raw food, and less sugar, can be a good start to improving this dwelling place for God. Let’s give him...


A House Divided Will Destroy Your Business or Career-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

You can’t build or maintain a successful business or career if you have disagreement and division in your marriage. It just can’t work for long. Of coarse God’s grace lets us get away with it for a season of time, but eventually God will not allow us to continue if there is not unity in our home. Tiger Woods, Donald Trump and many others experienced a major decline in their income and careers as a result of division and a failing marriage. When there is harmony and unity you open the door...


Wisdom is the Missing Piece to a Better Life-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

Wisdom is the principle thing to get in life. Like Solomon the wisest and wealthiest man that ever lived because he asked God for wisdom. So what is wisdom? Wisdom is simply the application of knowledge or putting some action into the things you’ve learned. It comes from the heart of God. It creates results. So get some knowledge and apply some action to it, to get the reward of fruit that wisdom can supply in your life. It is the key to unlocking the secrets of life. For without wisdom...


The 4 Causes of Failure-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

People fail in life and in business for 4 reason: 1. Complacency 2. Laziness 3. Insecurity 4. Fear of Failure Although we all try avoid failure, it is still part of life. It is unavoidable, so embrace failure when it comes. It’s okay to fail, it makes you better, stronger and wiser. Plus you learn 10 times more from failure than you do from your successes. So fail faster, more often and fail forward and reap the benefits that failure can offer you while you learn enough from failure to be...


Why You Must Have a Team to Succeed-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

Everyone needs a team if you want to be successful in most areas of your life. No matter how skilled, intelligent or talented you are you can never really be successful without a team to work with. We were made to depend on others and to work together to be the strength for other peoples’ weakness and to help each other make the load lighter. A team will help you go further than you would ever go on your own, it’s just the way God designed the world. Why not find yourself key individuals...


Why Everyone Needs a Coach to be Their Best-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

Everyone needs a coach if your want to be your best. No matter how self disciplined you are you can never be your best on your own. Never. We were made to depend on each other and to sharpen each other, to make each other better through connections and relationships. A coach will push you further than you would ever dare to go yourself. A coach will recognize your strengths and your weaknesses and help improve them. Why not reach your highest level of potential in life and have a coach...


The Cost of Inaction-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

Inaction is much different than procrastination. Inaction is not a delay in getting something done but a choice not to act at all or a momentary hesitation that can cost you money or an opportunity of a lifetime. Action is the key to success in life, business and relationships. When we choose to take immediate action we advance the things we want in life and avoid becoming a victim of undesirable circumstances. Avoid inaction because it is very expensive and become a person of action,...


Embracing Pain to Become a Champion-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

Pain and problems are part of life, we can’t avoid them, but we can embrace them. Most people live their lives as victims, but God calls us to live as champions and to reach our highest capacity and potential in life. The only way a muscle can grow and get stronger is through pain, the muscle fibers must be torn and broken down through pain in order to get stronger. It is the same with life, the only way we get stronger is going through pain, problems and difficulties with a grateful...


Be Your Own Financial Advisor-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

No one is going to take better care of your money than you. So why would you give it to someone else to manage. Money is part of life so why not become an expert at managing your own money. It doesn’t mean you can’t get financial advice but you should be the one ultimately controlling your money. I’ve heard and read the stories of thousands of people who have lost money by trusting their hard earned money to someone else to invest for them. Brokers and financial advisors motivation is to...


Why Christians Fail in Business-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

It really boggles my mind when I see Christian companies go out of business. Although lack of business operations and marketing knowledge is a big factor, there is a much deeper reason and most Christians are not getting it. Christians can’t follow the worlds systems to run their businesses, they have a divine connection that most never tap into and take advantage of. If a business has God involved in every decision than you can’t help but experience massive success with less problems....


Starting Your Own Home Business-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

If you are out of work, looking for a job, want a change, need more money, want to start a business or just started one than this message is for you. In this new work climate in the world things are changing and changing fast. Jobs are no longer secure, company 401k’s are disappearing, and more corporations are hiring workers as 1099 contractors instead of employees. Are you ready for the change? Are you ready to take control of your life, income and future? The secret is to be in control...


People Don’t Buy Products, They Buy Your Story-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

So many business owners think your customers are buying all the great features your product or service provides, but that is not true. People buy your product or service because of the benefits it provides and the story you tell them. The more unique and heart connecting your story is to the consumer the greater the chance of them buying from you. Its your story that sells, not you and not your product. So tell them an unforgettable story that they can’t resist buying from you over your...


Business Without Love Will Fail-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

It is amazing that business owners will try to run their companies without love for their employees, customers, vendors or anyone else involved. Without love a company is eventually doomed to fail. Love is what holds a company together and love that will cause it to experience massive success. Love is the central core of all true success. As the Voice of Prosperity, Matthew suggests that your best income and cashflow source should be found in your own business. What If Everything You've...


Success Without Fulfillment is Failure-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

If you are experiencing success and yet have no fulfillment than you are just asking for failure. Maybe not failure in business but certainly failure in life. No great success is worth it, if there is no fulfillment in your life. Life is about having meaning and passion in what you do, so your life makes a difference in the world. Giving back is an important part of our success and our life. When we give we find a joy and fulfillment you can’t get any other way. Live your life seeking...


Video Speaks a Million Words -The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

In a world that now revolves around the internet and massive digital media exposure everywhere you turn. It is more difficult to get your message read or heard than ever before. So, what do you do to get noticed? The answer may or may not surprise you. It is VIDEO. Video is still the unspoken hero to getting your message read and noticed. Video is the last great way to get your message up on page 1 of the Google search engines. Since Google owns YouTube it gives it preferential treatment...


The Most Secure Job Ever-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

The most secure job you could possibly have is owning your own business! Over 35% of Americans work freelance, not because they want to, but because they have no other option. By 2020, statistics say that 50% of Americans will be freelance employers. Permanent jobs are not that easy to find anymore, so secure a job…and work for yourself. You may think that you would fail at running your own business but that is exactly why you need somebody like Matt to help guide you through it! Put the...


Love Builds Wealth-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

True love is unconditional love; the God kind of love builds abundant wealth. Don’t fail in your business, life and family. By adding love you will grow and prosper. In business, love your job, love your employer, love your employees, love the clients and love others! If you don’t love your business, it is destined to fail. Love does amazing things to benefit you long term! What can you do to love more? Is love a part of the equation? If not, you need to add it! Love thinks about the...


Double Your Profits-The Voice of Prosperity with Matthew D. Miglin

Double your profits as a current business owner this year or create some profit source as a new business owner. The fastest way to double your profits is to raise your prices for your product or your service! Most businesses only loose 10-15% of their customers when raising their prices. If your product is identical in every way to all other competitors then MAYBE you will have some difficulty, but that usually is not the case so don’t be afraid. What is ONE thing that you provide that no...


The Hidden Money Secret that $1 Saved is Actually $2 Earned-The Voice of Prosperity Podcast with Matthew D. Miglin

That’s right, “A dollar saved is two dollars earned”. Those are the words of Matthew Miglin. Do your research! You are guaranteed to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year if you take the time and search for discounts or wholesale prices.Saving money is time well spent!When you save money, you are not only saving on the current dollar but MUCH MORE!It is easier to save money than if you have to go earn it!Every opportunity you have to save money, seize it. Take that spare saved...