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Buying Right with Vinney "Smiles" Chopra

Buying Right with Vinney "Smiles" Chopra This week’s exciting guest has been fondly nicknamed “Mr. Smiles” for good reason! Vinney Chopra, one of our happiest guests ever, oversees Moneil Investment Group, LLC, and Moneil Management Group, LLC, in addition to teaching through his academies. He has funded over 26 syndications to date! Vinney has a very inspiring story. From selling books to buying single-family was a journey in itself! He sprung for his broker’s license and consequently,...


The Mindset of an Investor with Dave Zook

He’s back, folks! Our return guest this week is Dave Zook, experienced in multifamily investing (over 3000 units), self-storage and resort community development! This episode has a great discussion around sheltering your investment and Dave describes how he does that, as well as how he got ‘chased’ into multifamily. Dave explains how his other passive income investment business works, in ATMS! He also tells us how he found and put together his ‘world-class team’, what they...


Blue-Collar Work Ethic with Mark Kenney

He's back again! Mark Kenney, founder of Think Multifamily, is a hustler and seasoned real estate investor in the multifamily mecca of Dallas, TX and now Atlanta, and owns 2700 units!! All coming from a blue-collar work ethic and upbringing, the guys talk about specifically seeking and internalizing advice from people who are successfully doing what you want to do and not just anyone. Asking for private money is intimidating but with the right mindset you can show the investors the...


Asset Protection With Scott Smith

Scott Smith, founder of Royal Legal Solutions, a boutique law firm that helps real estate investors set up their legal entities early on and protect their assets. On our show this week, he gives some great advice on how to hire the right professional to advise you on your real estate investments and how to place your assets in an LLC the smart (and unexpected) way. As a real estate investor himself, he has the ability to strategize, compartmentalize and structure legal entities...


Don't ​L​ose ​M​oney with Andrew Cushman

In 2007, Andrew Cushman did something crazy! He left his corporate job and start investing in real estate. With 24 successful single-family transactions under his belt, he moved into multifamily acquisitions, and has now syndicated and re-positioned over 1600 units. With a background in problem solving, Andrew was able to transition well to investing. In Andrew’s words: You’re not an investor until you’ve taken action and get a deal. He shares about the extreme persistence and...


Making ​S​ense of the ​N​umbers with Todd Dexheimer

Todd Dexheimer purchases and syndicates multifamily apartments in emerging markets. He specializes in buying distressed properties, renovating and repositioning them. The guys talk about getting over the fear of the first deal and never giving up when waiting for the right deal to come along. Todd explains the creative ways he got into his first multifamily deal and his strategies with all of the properties he currently owns. This podcast is all about getting out of your comfort...


The Business of Helping People with Jairek Robbins

Entrepreneur and author, Jairek Robbins, has a rich background in non-profit work. He loved to help others but was unsettled by the less-than-awesome paycheck that accompanied the selfless work he was doing. So he got creative and started an at-home and over the phone “practice” of coaching people (in time management and optimizing health and fitness) for a profit, and it rapidly scaled into a wildly successful company! He still got to help people, but now was making a much better...


Becoming the Corporate VP of 'Whatever' with Andrew Campbell

Our guest this week is Andrew Campbell, who has built a personal portfolio of 74 units by acquiring small multifamily properties (duplexes, quads) one at a time and then turning to larger properties. Now he raises money for large multifamily deals! Emphasis is placed on finding a mentor and just going out and getting that first deal (the next one will follow shortly behind). Andrew talks about the learning experience of realizing large multi-unit properties are more efficient (in a...


Investing ​I​n ​V​arious ​Property ​Types

Tom Cafarella was a career CPA, but always knew it wasn’t his calling. Getting fired got him FIRED UP about starting his true passion, real estate investing. Jake and Gino ask Tom about: · getting fired · what it feels like to be in a job that you don’t fit in · finding a mentor · landing the first deal · unexpected obstacles · how it feels to raise private money An excellent conversation all about marketing ensues, including a discussion of what the top 4 working marketing...


The Corporate Monkey with Michael Becker

Michael Becker oversees the Dallas, Texas Strategic Property Investment (SPI) Advisory office where he oversees all aspects of property operations. His 15 years of experience as a commercial real estate banker gave him experience as a portfolio director of the properties he originated loans for. Now, after leaving the corporate world, Michael and his partner have acquired about 5200 units over the course of 25 deals! With all of Michael’s success, Jake & Gino pick Michael’s brain on...


Uncovering The Life of Your Dreams with Dr. Bruce Schneider

Author, speaker and founder of IPEC (Excellence in Coach Training), Dr. Bruce Schneider’s life was turned around after a near-death experience. Through a twenty-year period of finding clarity, he began to write and started IPEC, building the coaching school from the bottom up. Dr. Bruce explains WHAT a life coach is and WHO needs a life coach. What are the most powerful tools that a life coach uses? Dr. Bruce talks about his newest book that just came out and the strong messages in it....


Being The Go Giver with Bob Burg

Bob Burg, author of world-renowned best seller “The Go-Giver” and believer in free enterprise, played an important role in the partnership of Jake & Gino! If you work in sales whatsoever, you are surely concerned with increasing volume. By being an avid learner, Bob Burg taught himself how to dramatically increase his sales using systems and by building relationships. Thus, “The Go-Giver” was born, teaching the foundational concept: Being a Go-Giver is giving value to your...


Navigating the Waters of Syndication Law with Kim Lisa Taylor

Kim Lisa Taylor (a nationally recognized expert in the securities industry) is the founder of Syndication Attorneys PLLC, where she and the other members of the Syndication Attorneys team focus on helping small business owners/developers structure and convey their investment opportunities in a way that will attract private investors, both domestic and foreign. They teach their clients how to use securities laws effectively! This episode is all about navigating the waters of syndication...


Pushing Portfolio Profits via Property Management

Dana Dunford is the CEO of Hemlane, a technology enabled property management platform. She is an advocate for real estate investors to improve their portfolio operations by partnering with property managers. People aren’t typically equipped to self-manage effectively and still be able to focus on growing their business. Partnering with a property management company with technology in place (like Hemlane) provides performance data and innovative strategies and takes the pressure off of...


The ​H​oney ​T​rap with Joseph Gozlan

Jake, Gino and Joseph jump right into the importance of creating your own success and making the most of your situation, no matter where you come from. There is a powerful discussion of the benefits of multifamily vs. residential. Joseph details how he underwrites at a deal through the three different financing models and the three criteria he looks for when buying, and even touches on the amazing tax benefits of cost segregation and the process of syndication. This show puts emphasis...


Secrets of The Millionaire Mind with T. Harv Ecker

T. Harv Eker is the best-selling author of “The Millionaire Mind” and the founder of Peak Potentials Training. Surprisingly, Harv began his career with a dozen years of very little success. Everything changed when he developed a set of principles from observing commonalities amongst rich business-people and combined it with his hobby of “super-learning”. This show is about finding success by having the “Right Vehicle,” the “Right Knowledge” and the “Right You” to go all the way. It’s...


Leveling the playing field with Brian Dally

Leveling the playing field with Brian Dally Brian Dally is the CEO of GROUNDFLOOR, a company that specializes in the process of taking private lending public, where both accredited and non-accredited investors are earning 13 to 14%! Brian wanted to shake up and reformat the financial market so that everyone could participate. The multitude of customization possibilities in how you can invest your money with GROUNDFLOOR indicates a new frontier. There is also a great dialogue about the...


Burn The Ships with Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi, author of Millionaire Success Habits, was an entrepreneur as early as his high school years, employing half the football team to help him chop wood which he sold for a profit! Now he is an extremely successful real estate investor. This episode of Wheelbarrow Profits heats up right off the bat as Dean starts dishing out the keys to motivation and how that looks different for everyone (and sometimes may not be so pretty)! He encourages going to the next level by using the...


Turning one deal in to multiple deals w/ Bruce Petersen

Turning one deal in to multiple deals w/ Bruce Petersen Bruce Petersen is a serial syndicator of large multifamily properties throughout Texas, targeting stabilized cash-flowing assets in which he can drive value and he replicates this model across all of his syndication projects. Burned out by retail real estate, he turned to investment and started immediately syndicating multifamily. The guys take a deep dive into that first deal and the strategies Bruce used to find his investors,...


​From House Hacking to Infinity & Beyond

Matt Faircloth​ is the ​founder of The DeRosa Group, ​serving both investors and tenants. ​He is an advocate of ​the beginner investor strategy of ​living below your means and using the extra disposable income to snowball into your first real estate investments. Matt ​similarly begin investing ​by getting​ his start in house hacking and us​ing​ out-of-the-box tactics to find his deals. ​On this episode, ​the guys talk about everything from navigating and using 1031 exchanges and the...