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314 : Wesley Murray – Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime broken down and focus on profit by item to maximize your potential

Smart guy with good experience willing to help others equals formula for success. Love the discussion on what Seller Fulfilled prime looks like when done right. Great advice on finding the right partner and what to expect from an outsourced company. Mentioned: Wesley's email Wesley's FB contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy Grasshopper Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not...


313 : Dean Kagan – Retooling your Amazon business to get greater growth

I have watched Dean transform or as he says- retool his business over the last few years. He can show you can reflect, reset and set out on the right path. Oh, make sure it is the path for you. (not someone else's) Mentioned: Deans FB Contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy Grasshopper Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better) Stephen: 00:00:00 I'm excited to...


312 : Trevor Morris – Step out and help others and you will get 10X back- step out even when it is uncomfortable!

Trevor is a little on the shy side. He is quiet, composed and very uncomfortable in front of a group of people. Until he isn't. Yes it comes out of you when you connect with others, when you help others with NO expectation. Magically you get 10 fold. So should you help others...of course. Should you help others with expecting nothing in return... OF COURSE! Think of the others that have helped you, that answered that question. When you asked "What can I do for you in return for your help?"...


311 : Garry Ray – Step back (not out) of retail arbitrage to step up into private label

What a phenomenal discussion with Garry! My life is so much richer for it. Tough stuff to discuss but we all really need to open up more about this stuff. We have seen recently money does not equal happiness. This is so point on. But loving everyone and respecting everyone is a start. Follow through with kind words and respect and you have a block in your foundation. Build enough blocks and you can weather the difficult times. Garry's advice will take you very far in life. Mentioned:...


310 : Charlene Anderson – Build a strong relationship with your wholesale vendors

Charlene has been selling wholesale a long time. A real long time! So here is a clue- listen close to someone selling for a long time. (psst.. she has figured out a few things!) Great conversation where we talk vendor relationships, trade show planning and general business common sense. Mentioned: Charlene's previous episodes: #76, #197 Charlene's Group: Wholesale Sourcing Experts Charlene's FB contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs...


309 : Chris Potter – You must master managing your resources to get to the next level

When you think of resources most people immediately go to cash. That is true, it is number one, but Chris will help you understand that ALL of your resources matter. And managing them better than your competitor will give you the upper hand. The advantage. So master your resources and you can elevate to the next level. Mentioned: Chris' FB Contact Chris' previous episodes: 44, 168 Chris' Group 5 Star Seller Society Chris' (and partner) fulfillment service Chris's story with free wholesale...


308 : Jeremy Wilson – Learn how to chase an ecommerce opportunity in today’s world because life will happen!

Let's talk about life. Sometimes its great and sometimes it isn't so good. But Jeremy will help you see what it takes to get through the ups and downs. Hint- a strong community where you can take once in a while! Life will happen so plan now how you will get through it. Hopefully your plan includes wonderful friends who are there when you need them most. Mentioned: Elite Product Sourcing VA Rentals Merch Designs/POD Jeremy's Facebook contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List...


307 : Lonnie Honeycutt – Reselling on Amazon and Ebay is fully accessible to anyone! Effort is what gets you results.

Lonnie is not just an optimist, he is a practitioner of effort equals rewards. Therefore higher efforts get you higher rewards. We also dig into how to start or join a group of like minded sellers who can help you grow your business! Great solid advice. Mentioned: Lonnie's FB contact Lonnie's Youtube channel- Garageflips Resale Killers Show Cincinatti Picker Show Craigslist Hunter Show Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy...


306 : Nathan Hirsch – Hiring remote workers (VA’s) with the proper skills, attitude and communication skills are the keys to a successful team

It is so cool to witness Nathans success. Well deserved. Again effort bring results. Knowing who you are, knowing what you love to do and even more important knowing what you do not love to do is what separates an intentional life from a life that happens to you. Great advice on how to impact what you are doing today. Mentioned: Nathans previous interview # 122 Save 10% for ever on Freeeup services with this link. (Plus $25.00 credit!) Nathan's contact is on this page Sponsors Gaye’s...


305 : Moe Aldhamen – Use your own automobile university to help grow your ecommerce business

It has been a long time since I first heard of the automobile university. You see when you travel extensively you have an opportunity to listen to leaders who can change your life. It's like listening to the "Best of the Best" PHD level professors speaking to you one on one for hours on end. Use your dashboard time wisely Moe tells us. Great advice, great old-school hack to gain an advantage. Mentioned Jim Rohn Moe's Facebook contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List...


304 : Robyn Johnson – Set your goals for where you want to be and execute to them. Caveat- be sure that is where you really want to go!

Plain speak, plain truth and plain permission is what Robyn Johnson brings to this episode. You see Robyn has perspective and wants you also to have a focused set of goals with the tools necessary to achieve them. Great information with a real opportunity to start a side-hustle to compliment your current side-hustle. Mentioned: Brand training event in Tennessee- June 14 & 15th in Memphis TN Robyn's podcast Robyn's email contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage...


303 : Scott Meers – Get a fresh perspective from someone outside of your business to help you see the growth

As the title suggest sometimes you are too close to your business and can not see the forest through the trees. Scott brought in a consultant to help him narrow down his focus, help him find out what is working and what is not. Sometimes a non-emotional view can get you started or in this case re-started. Mentioned: Scott's email contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs GoDaddy Grasshopper Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am...


302 : Charles Leslie – Start with consistency and add in intensity for a successful ecommerce business and a successful life

Charles definitely has a positive vibe about him. To hear him say it: He has been weak, broke, overweight and a quitter. Not anymore. See as Dave Ramsey says: "You have to get sick and tired of being sick and tired" to really change. Well Charles has that down pat. Great story of getting things done. (Even when you don't want to!) Great advice, great small goals and tracking methods. Btw.. He does coaching for health, nutrition and weight loss. Check out his website if you are looking for...


301 : Andy Slamans – Ecommerce is still in its infancy & what savings can you expect from having your own warehouse

By now I am sure everyone who listens to this show knows that Andy and I share a warehouse. But it is so much more, it deepens the relationship. You see he can fill in where I fall short and vice-versa. If you are interested in having someone fill in your warehouse, choose wisely, but choose. You will be richer for it. Mentioned: Andy's FB messenger contact Amazing Freedom Andy's previous episodes: #1, 101, 201 Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from...


300 : Chris Green – What is your sustainable competitive advantage? Also is Merch by Amazon dead, too full, or is it just getting started?

So for sure you know where Chris stands when it comes to the question: Is Merch by Amazon over saturated? Of course he would say not even close! It really is just getting started. Those of us Merch sellers feel the growth pains in our Merch accounts. We feel the throttling, the copycats and as Chris describes it: Amazon launches then comes back to fill in the details later. So thats what it is, you can't take it personally. You have to roll, pivot and then go full on with whatever you do...


299 : Devon Mahdi – Don’t buy into the hype, buy into the Data when it comes to selling on Amazon

Devon has one of the most positive outlooks on life of anyone I have met. He knows how to overcome problems, challenges and big obstacles in life. Wise perspective from a young guy with experience can help us all be better people. Can we capture his enthusiasm though? Mentioned: Devon's Facebook contact Devon's website: Rev Seller – Get $20.00 off your first full year (Get the extension for $79.00) Use code Momentum20 Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List...


298 : Eric Payne – Sometimes you need to zoom in and sometimes you need to zoom out to sell millions on Amazon

I think the title to this episode shows Eric's superpower. His ability to drill down and sometimes push back to see the big picture, almost at the same time has allowed him incredible success. Add to that patience, experience, strong financial controls and the ability to put off satisfaction and you have a winning formula for success. Great guy with a humble sense for what he has accomplished and it makes a great story. Mentioned: Eric's contact Sponsors Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage...


297 : Dan Wentworth – Building out a team allows for better more focused Retail Arbitrage- yes even higher levels of RA!

Dan has built himself a great team and a great life for sure. But be clear, Dan says the team is the reason not the result. The levels of depth with his team members allows him to dabble in other things like PL. But what separates Dan is that he puts his money where his mouth is with training his management team with PL training, not keeping it to himself. You see he realizes he is the limitation in his business and by expanding the knowledge base across the team it multiplies the results....


296 : Kerry Lipp – Part two of Lipp Brothers interview on what it takes to create a lifestyle business in a lifestyle business

This was a great opportunity to see the business through a younger brothers eyes. You know what, life looks pretty good from his view. I think that Mitchell has created an environment where each individual can still be themselves yet contribute immensely to the greater good. It's almost like they both have created a lifestyle business within a lifestyle business. Mentioned: Kerry’s Facebook Contact Mitchells previous interviews : #57, #123, #163 Dale Selmeyer Prep Center Rocky Mountain...


295 : Mitchell Lipp – aka Harvey Spektor – Interview one of two Lipp Brothers on what it takes to work together in an Amazon business

This is the first of the Lipp Brothers interviews with Mitchell up first. Very cool how he really recognizes the value his brother brings. Many people just offer lip service (pun intended) but there is real love and respect with these two. Great advice on what it takes to keep great people happy. Its not money only for sure! Mentioned: Mitchell's Facebook Contact Mitchells previous interviews : #57, #123, #163 Dale Selmeyer Prep Center Rocky Mountain Reseller Conference- Use code...