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Discussion on economics, finance and investment. Ken Prewitt and Tom Keene have the economy and the markets "under surveillance."

Discussion on economics, finance and investment. Ken Prewitt and Tom Keene have the economy and the markets "under surveillance."
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Discussion on economics, finance and investment. Ken Prewitt and Tom Keene have the economy and the markets "under surveillance."






Surveillance: The Economy of Seattle Meets Arlington & Queens

Kim Wallace, Eurasia Group Managing Director of U.S., thinks people are growing comfortable with the notion of socializing health care in America. Nancy Ognanovich, Congressional Leadership Reporter For Bloomberg Government, says funding the government will be the Congress priority. Greg Boutle, BNP Head of Equity & Derivative Strategy, expects a slowdown in nominal GDP next year. Bill Smead, Smead Capital Management CEO & CIO, describes how Seattle has changed as Amazon has grown.


Surveillance: We Still Have Work To Do, Rep. Scalise Says

Jim Glassman, JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking Head Economist, says of all the things he worries about, the Fed is not on that list. Kevin Book, Clearview Energy Partners Head of Research, talks the supply and demand picture for crude oil. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) lays out his plans for his last few months as House Majority Whip. Priya Misra, TD Securities Head of Global Interest-Rates Strategy, says you don't have to take on a ton of treasury risk to get big returns. Tyler Brule, Monocle...


Surveillance: This Fed Is Data Dependent, Zentner Says

Chris Rupkey, MUFG Union Bank Chief Financial Economist & Managing Director, thinks the U.S. tariffs are already having an impact on China. Stewart Patrick, CFR Senior Fellow & Director of the International Institutions and Global Governance Program, joins us to discuss the Armistice Day Centennial. Ellen Zentner, Morgan Stanley Chief U.S. Economist, thinks Powell has been a great communicator but his one misstep was when he said, "We are far from neutral." Michael Beschloss, Presidential...


Surveillance: One or Two Fed Hikes Next Year, Milken's Lee Says

Stephanie Baker, Bloomberg News Senior Writer, discusses the Russian investigation in the wake of Sessions' resignation. William Lee, Milken Institute Chief Economist, expects one or two rate hikes from the Fed next year. James Albertine, Consumer Edge Senior Auto Analyst, says Robyn Denholm would not have been his first choice for Tesla Chair. Bill Gavin, Former FBI Assistant Director, reacts to the California shooting. David Laufman, Government Investigations Lawyer & Former U.S....


Surveillance Special: A Divided Congress

Bloomberg Surveillance brings you a Midterms Special. Emily Ekins, Cato Institute Research Fellow & Director of Polling, says millennials were energized to vote in these midterms. Marc Lotter, Former Press Secretary for VP Mike Pence & Trump 2020 Advisory Board Member, shares his key takeaways from the Florida and Ohio races. Lawrence Summers, Former U.S. Treasury Secretary & Former National Economic Council Director, says fiscal responsibility is not the concern right now. Robby Mook,...


Surveillance: Voters Turnout When They're Pissed, Goolsbee Says

Kathy Fisher, Bernstein Head of Wealth & Investment Strategies, says gridlock would be the best outcome for the markets. Doug Heye, Deputy Chief of Staff to Eric Cantor & Republican Strategist, guides us through two races in Iowa. Joe Lieberman, United Against a Nuclear Iran Chairman and Former Senator (D-CT), thinks Congress has let down the people. Austan Goolsbee, Fmr. White House Economic Adviser to President Obama, is hoping voters become increasingly skeptical of what they see on...


Surveillance: U.S. Midterms Eve With Jared Bernstein

Harm Bandholz, Unicredit Bank Chief U.S. Economist, discusses potential for American austerity as the global economy decelerates. Golnar Motevalli, Bloomberg News Reporter in Tehran, says Iran sanctions are a sad story for the middle class. Megan Greene, Manulife Asset Management Chief Economist, does not expect the economy to overheat. Jared Bernstein, Fmr. Chief Economist & Economic Adviser to Vice President Joe R. Biden, says we've dropped the ball on public investment.


Surveillance: U.S. Seeing Real Wage Growth, CEA's Hassett Says

Jeff Currie, Goldman Sachs Global Head of Commodities Research, explains how big oil companies are adapting to a de-carbonized world. Eric Ross, Cascend Securities Chief Investment Strategist, analyzes the "Apple ecosystem." Betsey Stevenson, University of Michigan Professor & Former Chief Economist of the U.S. Department of Labor, says we have never seen a higher wage gap between workers with college degrees and those without. Kevin Hassett, Council of Economic Advisers Chairman, says the...


Surveillance: Risk Parity Framework is Unraveling, Major Says

Seema Malhotra, Labour Party Member of Parliament, does not believe we will see a Brexit deal by November 21st. Steve Wieting, Citi Global CIO, expects a positive equity environment in 2019. Steve Major, HSBC Global Head of Fixed Income Research, says October was a bucket of cold water for the S&P. Greg Valliere, Horizon Investments Chief Political Strategist, says President Trump is absolutely already on the 2020 campaign trail.


Surveillance: The U.S. Is Winning The Trade War, Foley Says

Gerry Fowler, Aberdeen Standard Investments Global Multi-Asset Strategist, says the Libor rate is the key driver of equity markets. Jane Foley, Rabobank Head of FX Strategy, says the dollar-renminbi cross has a very political exchange rate. David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy Founder & CEO, notes Facebook growth has slowed in the developed world. Troy Gayeski, Skybridge Capital Partner, gives us a hedge fund update. Margie Patel, Wells Fargo Asset Management Senior Portfolio Manager, compares loan...


Surveillance: Too Late To Sell, Too Early To Buy, Trennert Says

Karen Ubelhart, Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Machinery Analyst, sees opportunities in the tech gigs sector. Jason Trennert, Strategas Research Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, expects more dispersion in returns as capital becomes rationed. Bob Janjuah, Nomura Senior Independent Client Advisor of Global Markets, worries about the "post-easy-money world." Jim O'Sullivan, High Frequency Chief U.S. Economist, expects a strong employment report on Friday. Kevin Cirilli, Bloomberg TV & Radio...


Surveillance: Merkel Has Been A Monolith, Schick Says

Michael Shaoul, Marketfield Asset Management Chairman, Portfolio Manger & CEO, says IBM hasn't managed to innovate. Shannon K. O'Neil, Council on Foreign Relations VP, Deputy Director of Studies, and Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin American Studies, says Brazil's elected President Bolsonaro models himself after U.S. President Trump. Neil Shearing, Capital Economics Group Chief Economist, wonders when the sugar high from the tax cut will start to fade. Nina Schick,...


Surveillance: This Is A Sustainable Cycle, Mulvaney Says

John Ryding, RDQ Economics Chief Economist & Founding Partner, does not think the Fed should stop hiking. Robert Kaplan, Dallas Fed President & CEO, tells Michael McKee, Bloomberg International Economics & Politics Correspondent, that the current market volatility is typical. Nancy Cordes, CBS News Chief Congressional Correspondent, updates us the Senate race in Texas. And Mick Mulvaney, U.S. Office of Management & Budget Director, says the White House expected the low inflation numbers we...


Surveillance: Tesla 4Q Is A Big Question Mark, Johnson Says

Gordon Johnson, Vertical Group Managing Director & Analyst, thinks Tesla's positive numbers in 2Q and 3Q are not repeatable. Gary Shilling, A Gary Shilling & Co. President, says we are basically in a deflationary war. Christian Schulz, Citi Economics Team Director, previews the ECB Meeting today. And Gene Munster, Loup Ventures Managing Partner & Co-Founder, forecasts Apple's future in autos.


Coming Soon: The New Economy

Bloomberg’s head of economics Stephanie Flanders calls on Bloomberg's worldwide network of reporters and expert commentators to cast a fresh eye on looming challenges for the world economy which affect us all. This 6 part podcast combines on the ground reporting with expert discussion on the future of cities, finance and technology, trade, global governance and making growth more inclusive. It's the start of a global conversation on how to confront these issues which will continue in...


Surveillance: The Pessimism Is Overdone, Normand Says

John Normand, JP Morgan Head of Cross-Asset Fundamental Strategy, says there are pockets of opportunity in emerging markets. George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures Founder & Chairman, discusses the U.S.-Saudi Arabia relationship. Diane Swonk, Grant Thornton Chief Economist, says much of the Fed's power comes from the perception of its independence. Craig Gordon, Bloomberg Washington Bureau Chief, joins us on breaking news. And Jon Lieber, PWC National Tax Services Principal, analyzes the...


Surveillance: No Exuberance In Equity Markets, Kantor Says

Charles Kantor, Neuberger Berman Senior Portfolio Manager, sees no exuberance or optimism in equity markets. Frank Newport, Gallup Poll Editor-In-Chief, discusses the challenges of polling election turnout. Sanam Vakil, Chatham House Senior Consulting Research Fellow in the Middle East & North Africa Program, says Saudi Arabia wants to preserve their relationship with the U.S. at all costs. Gina Martin Adams, Bloomberg Intelligence Chief Equity Strategist, hops in the studio to analyze the...


Surveillance: No Tax Legislation Before Midterms, Hudak Says

Kate Moore, BlackRock Investment Institute Chief Equity Strategist, defends her market optimism. John Hudak, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow in Governance Studies, predicts President Trump will "absolutely not" pass new tax legislation by the midterms. Matt Maley, MillerTabak and Co., LLC Managing Director & Equity Strategist, advises to go to cash. Steven Cook, CFR Senior Fellow For Middle East And Africa Studies, says Khashoggi's story will shake the Saudi royal family.


Surveillance: Italy Likely To Be Downgraded A Notch, Hense Says

Chris Marangi, Gabelli Funds Co-CIO, talks the future of Fox, Disney, Google and Youtube. Florian Hense, Berenberg European Economist, says it is likely that Italy will be downgraded a notch. Therese Raphael, Bloomberg Opinion Columnist, says the Trump administration's proposal for a free-trade deal with the U.K. is music to the ears of Brexiteers. Dana Peterson, Citigroup Economist, discusses the uneven wage growth in the U.S.