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How to take your business international | Advice from 4 founders & CEOs

To create a successful company is hard enough, but to scale it to international markets and all that from Eastern Europe it's a true challenge. Four founders & CEOs - Dan Isai (Salad Box), Sergiu Biris (Zonga), Mihai Dragan (Oveit), Bogdan Colceriu (Frisbo) - took their businesses international and are now sharing some key advice about the process.


On Cybersecurity and the startup scene in Eastern Europe with Florin Talpes (Bitdefender)

Florin Talpes, founder and CEO of Bitdefender, the most successful Romanian IT company and a leading technology player in the global software security market, talks about cybersecurity at Techsylvania 2018. He also covers the subject of startups in this sector and how they can rise from Eastern Europe.


Digital banking and the future of the mobile-based current accounts with Irina Scarlat from Revolut

An in-depth look at digital banking and how Revolut will change the future by allowing everyone to have a secure, mobile-based current account that allows users to hold, exchange and transfer without fees in 25 different currencies. Irina Scarlat, Country Manager at Revolut shares the challenges the digital banking alternative is facing in Eastern Europe.


Mihai Raneti on developing a CPU for cybersecurity and getting financed by Tim Draper

Romanian startup founder, Mihai Raneti talks about the challenges an entrepreneur from Eastern Europe faces when developing a CPU specialized for cybersecurity which empowers every device to defend itself in case of a cyber attack. Find out how he convinced Tim Draper to invest a million dollar in CyberSwarm.


The Future of Advertising with Anda Gansca (Knotch) and Katherine Manderfield (The New York Times)

In this episode we are taking an in-depth look at the future of advertising. Who better to explore this segment and predict the challenges we are going to face in the next years than Katherine Manderfield, Director of Content Strategy at The New York Times’ T Brand Studio and Anda Gansca, CEO and Co-Founder of Knotch, the leading, independent provider of real-time intelligence for marketers. This conversation took place on the stage of the 5th edition of Techsylvania and it is an eye opener...


What is the mindset of technical experts from Eastern Europe with Emoke Starr, Prezi’s Head of HR

In the fourth episode of Eastern Europe Exposed, Vlad interviews Emoke Starr, the Head of HR for Prezi (https://prezi.com). They discuss about Prezi’s products, how you develop a tech company out of Eastern Europe, how you stimulate a product oriented culture. Bonus: The kitchen experiment and why Prezi is better than other presentation tools in a Harvard University study: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0178774


Exploring Romania with Cory Reid, US based entrepreneur and angel investor

In the third episode of Eastern Europe Exposed, Vlad interviews Cory Reid, Managing Director at Tyton Partners. Cory will talk about his journey from starting and leading multiple companies in the US, to why he’s now spending time in Romania and how he’s planning to get involved in the local startup ecosystem.


LAUNCHub’s Partner Rumen Iliev on investing in Eastern Europe

In the second episode of Eastern Europe Exposed, Vlad interviews Rumen Iliev, at Bulgarian seed fund LAUNCHub. Rumen will talk about how they got started with one of the first investment funds focusing on Eastern European startups, how we got into venture capital and what he’s looking at when deciding to fund an entrepreneur.


On skobbler's Acquisition And Building A Tech Company From Romania with Philipp Kandal

In the first episode of Eastern Europe Exposed, Vlad interviews Philipp Kandal, a German entrepreneur who was the co-founder and CTO of skobbler and now is the VP of Engineering at Telenav. Phillipp will talk about how he built skobbler into a company with over 2 million users, his decision to set-up an engineering office in Eastern Europe and some of his angel investments in the Romanian startup scene.