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PPP 249 | The Way We Do Work Is Screwed Up (Here's What To Do About It), with author Aaron Dignan

Total Duration 40:02 Download episode 249 We Would Never Design Work Like This "What is keeping you from doing the best work of your life?" That's a question we're going to tackle in this episode. It's critical because the way we're doing work--at most organizations--is keeping us from doing our best work. We're joined in episode 249 by Aaron Dignan, author of a new book entitled Brave New Work. I put this book in the "must read" category for anyone interested in organizational...


PPP 248 | (Video) Try This The Next Time You Face a Ranting Stakeholder

I know. I know. What I talk about in this video episode will sound crazy at first. But the next time you face a ranting stakeholder, I share one thing to avoid and one thing to try. Special thanks to Dr. Mark Goulston in episode 143 for these ideas. There are definitely more things to keep in mind than just these things when we face difficult people and situations. But if nothing else, these ideas can help you avoid making things worse--and maybe help make 'em better! Let Me Hear From...

PPP 247 | (Video) Two Tips to Making Better Decisions

Have a decision to make, whether on your projects, about your team, maybe outside of work? There are some predictable reasons why we don't make better decisions. I'm giving a keynote today in Anaheim, California on the topic, and in this video I share a couple ideas from the session. In the video, I mention two books that I recommend you get on your reading list when they come out: Let Me Hear From You! What are some traps you've seen people fall into when it comes to making bad...

PPP 246 | The Surprising Science of Meetings, with author Steven G. Rogelberg

Total Duration 33:07 Download episode 246 The Science of Meetings We too easily tolerate bad meetings. We begin to settle. We eventually resign ourselves to the fact that meetings are a necessary evil that will never change. We don't drift towards good meetings. To the contrary, it's like entropy. On its own, we drift to dysfunction and waste. Part of our role as leaders is to steward our own time and the time of those we lead, and if we can make even small improvements to how we...


PPP 245 | What Your Meetings Say About Your Culture, with the Meeting Maven J. Elise Keith

Total Duration 50:42 Download episode 245 Do Your Meetings Suck? When you think of meetings, what thoughts come to mind? Words like productivity, efficiency, and great use of time isn’t what I normally hear. But if you look over your last week, you’ve likely spent a significant amount of your time in meetings so in the next couple full-length episodes, we’re going to be talking about how we gather to help you and your teams maximize that time together. In this episode, we talk with the...


PPP 244 | (Video) How Do You Deal With Endings?

How do you deal with endings? This was a week of endings for me. We moved my dad into assisted living. He's excited about the change. For anyone who has had to go through this with an unwilling parent, I can only imagine how much more trying that is. But endings are not easy, right? He moved out of the house he built. He lived in it for over 50 years. It's the home we grew up in, soon to be refurbished and lived in by someone we've never met. They'll never know the memories that were made...

PPP 243 | (Video) Getting Thrown Into the Deep End (How We Really Learn)

I was never a proponent of throwing one of our young kids into the deep end and saying, "OK, swim!" But could it be that the best way to learn how to lead is to, well, have to lead? We continue our series of short videos to share something that I've recently taught or learned, and in this episode, I share an important lesson learned from our discussion with Marc Effron back in episode 226 regarding his book 8 Steps to High Performance. Let Me Hear From You! What's your take on the 70/20/10...

PPP 242 | An Easy and Proven Way to Help Leaders Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones, with author James Clear

Total Duration 45:54 Download episode 242 How to Create Better Outcomes This Year One of the most powerful ideas I've learned in the last year is the relationship between habits and outcomes. If you're not happy with your outcomes—look to your habits. Outcomes are lagging measures of your habits. Change your habits and you will, eventually, change your outcomes. In this episode, we talk with the guy I learned that idea from. James Clear is the author of the powerful new book Atomic...


PPP 241 | (Video) When It Doesn't Feel Like The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" Though the Christmas songs may say that, your experience as we end the year may not exactly line up with the sentiment. In this short video, I share a lesson that I've learned in the last couple of weeks when it comes to disappointment. Let Me Hear From You! What do you think about this idea of disappointment being a function of what we put our hope in? Let's connect on LinkedIn and discuss! I'd love to hear your thoughts! Also, what have you...

PPP 240 | (Video) How to Speak Up When It Feels Risky

Speaking Up When It's Risky How do you speak truth to power? In episode 236 we talked with Harvard's Amy Edmondson, who made the evidence-based case for how important it is to foster psychologically safe environments for those we lead. But most of us don't work in such environments. What do we do then? How do you speak truth to power when it's not a psychologically safe environment? In this video episode, we're joined by Jim Detert from the Darden Business School at the University of...

PPP 239 | (Video) What If Every Meeting Was Optional?

What I Taught Today The last time you said "I love meetings!" was probably, when? Never? Hah! To the contrary, meetings seem like an enormous waste of time in too many situations, right? I recently interviewed Elise Keith about her new book Where The Action Is. The full interview will be published in January, but in this 3-minute episode, I share two ideas from the book and a challenge for you to consider while in meetings in the next couple weeks. Let Me Hear From You! What do you think...

PPP 238 | (Video) The Mistake We Make When Building Our Network

What I Taught Today You're likely making this mistake when building your network. Whether it's your connections social media or how you build relationships at work or with your projects, left to our own devices we fall into the trap that I learned from Herminia Ibarra when discussing her book Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader back in episode 130. Let Me Hear From You! What do you think about Herminia's point? What do you do specifically to not fall into the trap? Let's connect on...

PPP 237 | (Video) How to Connect With People In a Virtual World, with Dr. Nick Morgan

Hello? Can You Hear Me? Project teams are increasingly made up of team members that are not co-located. Even if that's not your situation now, it likely will be in the future. How do you connect with people in a virtual world? That's what Dr. Nick Morgan's new book Can You Hear Me? is all about. Join us for the "virtual" discussion with Nick about the book, and let me know what you think! What did you like about what he said? What concerns or questions do you have? Learn more about Nick at...

PPP 236 | Do This To Help Your Project Team Learn, Innovate, and Grow, with Harvard Professor of Leadership Amy C. Edmondson

Total Duration 50:41 Download episode 236 Would You Speak Up? Let's say your manager's boss is proposing an idea. It's not a terrible idea, but you have some concerns. Some questions. You're in a meeting, hearing about that idea, along with your peers, your boss, and other leaders of the company. Do you speak up? Do you keep quiet? What would you do? In this episode, we talk about one of the most important concepts I've learned this year: psychological safety. We're joined by Harvard...


PPP 235 | (Video) One Simple Way to Accelerate Your Career Growth

What I Taught Today On my way to teach an MBA class this morning, I tried and tried to give away a free donut. And I couldn't get a taker. OK, I admit, maybe it's a little creepy to have someone you don't know offer a donut. But in this 2.5 minute video, I share a quick thought that can help accelerate your learning. Let Me Hear From You! What's an example of how you've engaged on platforms like LinkedIn to help you with your projects or career? Who is someone you follow that you'd...

PPP 234 | (Video) Under-Promise and Over-Deliver? The Happiness Formula

What I Taught Today Recently I heard a presenter talk about what he referred to as "the happiness formula". In this 4-minute video, I talk about what I like and don't like about the formula as we seek to apply it to our projects. Let Me Hear From You! What do you like about this happiness formula? What concerns do you have? I'd love to hear your thoughts! What have you been learning lately? What are you reading? Please e-mail me (show [AT] PeopleAndProjectsPodcast [DOT] com) or leave a...

PPP 233 | (Video) Not Happy With Your Outcomes? Consider This.

What I Taught Today We continue our series of brief videos about something I've recently taught or learned. While prepping for an interview with James Clear about his book Atomic Habits, I came across some ideas that apply to our ability to lead teams and deliver projects. In this 3-minute video, we discuss the relationship between outcomes and habits, and what goals that are not supported by habits and systems are less likely to be achieved. Let Me Hear From You! What do you think about...

PPP 232 | (Video) Keep This In Mind When Everything Goes Perfectly (or Poorly)

What I Taught Today We continue our series of brief videos about something I've recently taught or learned. Could it be that when things go great, leaders get too much credit (and too much blame when things go poorly)? In this 3-minute video I talk about the leader attribution error, which you should keep in mind the next time your project goes perfectly (or poorly). Let Me Hear From You! What do you think about the leader attribution error? How have you seen it play out in business? I'd...

PPP 231 | (Video) First, Ride Into the Wind

What I Taught Today We continue our series of brief videos about something I've recently taught or learned. Today is a 90 second lesson from a morning bike ride on a brisk and windy Chicago morning. The lesson can help you prioritize your morning to help the rest of your day go more easily. Let Me Hear From You! What do you think about this "ride into the wind" idea? How do you prioritize your morning? I'd love to hear your thoughts! What have you been learning lately? What are you...

PPP 230 | Helping Your Team Survive The Messy Middle of Projects

Total Duration 47:31 Download episode 230 Surviving the Messy Middle We celebrate beginnings. We celebrate endings. But according to Adobe Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky, it's the middle of our boldest initiatives that can be the toughest to endure. In this episode, Scott joins us to talk about his new book The Messy Middle: Finding Your Way Through the Hardest and Most Crucial Part of Any Bold Venture, and I'm excited to introduce you to some ideas in the book. Learn more about...