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Episode 034: From Graphic Designer to Career Astrologer with Natalie Walstein

In this episode, Sara talks with Natalie Walstein about her move from graphic design into career astrology. Natalie shares what astrology revealed about her deeper life's work; her process for making the transition from one business into another; and she assures us that, deep down, we all have a inkling about what we were born to do. Today, Natalie owns Soulshine Astrology, where she blends ancient astrological guidance with modern, down-to-earth career coaching to help her clients...


Episode 033: From Attorney to Restaurateur and University VP with Colleen Kerr

In this episode, Sara talks with Colleen Kerr about her epic journey from being the "Erin Brockovich of Kentucky bluegrass stubble burning" to opening a restaurant called Sweetgrass Food Company, plus everything in between. Today, Colleen is Vice President for External Affairs and Government Relations and Chief Legislative Officer for Washington State University (WSU) and founder and co-owner of Sweetgrass Food Co. restaurant, which serves 100% Good Food in an intentionally designed space...


Episode 032: Curiosity and Investigating the Unexpected with Sara McArdle

In this Sara Solo Show, Sara delves into the second of her Seven Cs of Successful Career Change, a system that addresses the most common areas that industry changers need to develop in order to be successful in their shift. Sara points out that the second C, or Curiosity, is all about exploring, playing around with "outrageous" ideas and having FUN! Sara discusses: The story of her career change in Women Who Went for It Episode 001 Episodes that lay the foundation for this...


Episode 031: From TV Production to Environmental Education with Sanaa Green

In this episode, Sara talks with Sanaa Green about her nonlinear journey from television production to environmental education. Today, Sanaa leads National Audubon Society's Wild Indigo initiative in Detroit, a community engagement program that seeks to build lasting relationships between urban communities of color and their local natural areas. Sanaa shares the beliefs she once had that temporarily held her back from going into work she enjoyed, how quiet time in nature connected her to...


Episode 030: From Hazardous Waste to Tiny Houses with Dee Williams

In this episode, Sara talks with Dee Williams about her tiny house business and minimalist lifestyle. After building and moving into her own 84 square foot tiny house in 2004, Dee saved enough money and time to cut back her hours as a hazardous waste inspector at Washington State Department of Ecology and to start a business helping others to build their own tiny homes. Dee shares a couple of big "life events" that led her to minimize, talks about redefining "success" for herself, and...


Episode 029: Commitment, Time Tracking and the Power of "No" with Sara McArdle

In this Sara Solo Show, Sara delves into the first of her Seven Cs of Successful Career Change, a system that addresses the most common areas that industry changers need to develop in order to be successful in their shift. Sara points out that the first C, or Commitment, is all about shifting priorities and requires one to 1) DECIDE that the time for change is right NOW, and 2) to DECIDE to put herself at the top of her to-do list (and learn how to say "no"). Want to make your own...


Episode 028: From Financial Services to Fitness with Clem Lafrades

In this episode, Sara talks with Clem Lafrades about her journey from financial services to fitness. Clem shares stories of how overcoming adversity led her to creating her dream gym, how she decides which projects to invest her energy in, and how mindset makes or breaks success. Today, Clem owns Victory Get Fit Club in Federal Way, Washington; she judges, competes in, and produces drug-free bodybuilding competitions; and she helps women create organized and intentional success in life and...


Episode 027: From Attorney to Interfaith Leader with Aneelah Afzali

In this episode, Sara talks with Aneelah Afzali about her journey from attorney to community activist, interfaith leader, and justice advocate. Aneelah shares what it was like to leave her legal career and very comfortable salary to pursue something unknown and different, and how her colleagues and loved ones responded to her decision. She describes how she knows, with absolute certainty, that she's doing exactly what she's meant to be doing at this moment in time. She also shares some of...


Episode 026: The Myth of Personal vs. Professional with Sara McArdle

In this Sara Solo Show, Sara lays the foundation for her Seven Cs of Successful Career Change, a system that addresses the most common areas that industry changers need develop in to be successful in their shift. Sara points out that 1) professional satisfaction is an inside job and 2) career satisfaction is about life satisfaction. Want to make your own career change? Download Sara's Seven Cs of Successful Career Change Chart. Sara discusses: The story of her career change in Women...


Episode 025: From Marketing to Skincare and Makeup with Adora Drake

In this episode, Sara talks with Adora Drake about her journey from working in corporate marketing to founding a beauty business. Adora shares how beauty products have helped her feel more empowered in her life, the ins and outs of working with her closest friends, and how trial-and-error in her mother's kitchen led to the creation of the much-loved products that her company sells today. Adora is founder of HighSpirits Essentials, a beauty brand specializing in natural, cruelty-free...


Episode 024: From Advertising to Jewelry with Carol Gavhane

In this episode, Sara talks with Carol Gavhane about her journey from advertising, through years of dealing with secondary infertility, to starting a handcrafted jewelry company with her husband. Carol shares how she got through dark times in her life thanks to a trusted fertility bracelet she found online, how her journey with infertility gave her a "start-before-you're-ready" attitude when it came to building a business, and how she and her husband navigate working together every day....


Episode 023: From Marina Supervisor in the Tropics to Waste Management in Antarctica with Sadie Rusby

In this episode, Sara talks with Sadie Rusby about her choice to cycle the world before going to university and then working short term, contract positions in the environmental field, all while keeping her eye on her big dream: working in Antarctica. Sadie shares how she learned to trust her gut and trust the universe, how an unexpected job as a "warehouse worker" was the key to her success, and how she gets to use so many of her diverse skills and interests in her current role. She paints a...


Episode 022: From Admin and Retail to Art and Writing with Mary Anne Radmacher

In this episode, Sara talks with Mary Anne Em Radmacher about her rise from working whatever minimum wage jobs she could get to being a successful and well-known artist and writer. Mary Anne shares about how hard it was to pursue art after receiving a painful message from a former teacher, how she "takes the leap" when she's standing on the precipice of a big change, and her views on the belief that artists need to heavily self-promote to be successful. Today, Mary Anne is included in the...


Episode 021: From International Marketer to Pilot with Michelle Knoll

In this episode, Sara talks with Michelle Knoll about her twisting, turning journey from international marketer for the Walt Disney Company to corporate pilot. Michelle opens up about what it's like to be a female in such a male-dominated industry (only 6% of commercial pilots are female), gives tons of tips for women getting into aviation and speaks passionately about how it's never too late to make a career change. Formerly an airline pilot for US Airways, Michelle built her flight time as...


Episode 020: From Home Office Organizer to Activist and Writer with Jennifer Hofmann

In this episode, Sara talks with Jennifer Hofmann about her journey from home office organizer (and much more!) to activist and writer. Jen talks about how everything she ever did in her wildly varied career led up to this moment. She also gives some great financial advice for budding entrepreneurs, as well as tips for connecting with loved ones across political party lines. Since November of 2016, Jen has been writing the "Americans of Conscience Action Checklist" to an engaged list of...


Episode 019: From Latin Teacher to Plant Nursery Owner with Lucile Whitman

In this episode, Sara talks with Lucile Whitman about her journey from teaching Latin in prep school to purchasing an orchard and starting a plant nursery. Lucile taught Latin for 11 years before moving to Salem, Oregon. When she wasn't able to find a job teaching Latin or Greek in Salem, she bought and revived a broken-down filbert, or hazelnut tree, orchard in 1980. Whitman Farms began as a one-woman show and mostly for fun. However, Lucile got sidetracked and became enamored with...


Episode 018: From Social Work to Life Purpose and Holistic Wellness Coach with Sharon Roemmel

In this episode, Sara talks with Sharon Roemmel, BSW, ACC, E-RYT, about her journey from social work to life purpose & holistic wellness coach. Sharon talks about several "pivot points" in her ever-evolving career path, and touches on what it's like to be nearing traditional retirement age and still be excited about her work. Sharon is a certified coach, a registered yoga teacher, a certified aromatherapist and a licensed massage therapist. Through her business, Practically Enlightened...


Episode 017: From Credit Union to Personal Chef with Tanorria Askew

In this episode, Sara talks with Tanorria Askew about her journey from being a 15-year credit union professional to becoming a personal chef. Thanks to insistence from her friends that she audition for "MasterChef" with Gordon Ramsay, Tanorria took 4th place on season 7 in 2016—an experience that changed her life. Upon returning from the show, she'd mentally moved on from the credit union and requests for dinner parties featuring her famous shrimp and grits began to pile up. That's when...


Episode 016: From Research and Program Evaluation to Portrait Photography with Judy Lee

In this episode, Sara talks with Judy Lee about her journey from research and program evaluation at a university to transformative women's portrait photography. After agonizing struggles with fertility, pregnancy loss and parenting a grief-stricken adopted son, Judy felt heartbroken and numb. Then, she encountered a woman's portrait photographer, and that experience changed the trajectory of her life. Now, Judy helps women see beyond the critical voices in their heads to their true essence...


Episode 015: From Public Relations to Farming with Jake Keiser

In this episode, Sara talks with Jake Keiser about leaving her lifestyle as an award-winning, six-figure earning, Hamptons-vacationing publicist in Tampa, Florida to become a farmer in rural Mississippi. After experiencing the pain of miscarriages and a divorce, Jake found herself in the depths of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, and dreamed of escaping to the country and raising chickens. If she wasn't going to be the wife and mother she'd imagined, Jake wondered what she WOULD...