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Episode 023: From Marina Supervisor in the Tropics to Waste Management in Antarctica with Sadie Rusby

In this episode, Sara talks with Sadie Rusby about her choice to cycle the world before going to university and then working short term, contract positions in the environmental field, all while keeping her eye on her big dream: working in Antarctica. Sadie shares how she learned to trust her gut and trust the universe, how an unexpected job as a "warehouse worker" was the key to her success, and how she gets to use so many of her diverse skills and interests in her current role. She paints a...


Episode 022: From Admin and Retail to Art and Writing with Mary Anne Radmacher

In this episode, Sara talks with Mary Anne Em Radmacher about her rise from working whatever minimum wage jobs she could get to being a successful and well-known artist and writer. Mary Anne shares about how hard it was to pursue art after receiving a painful message from a former teacher, how she "takes the leap" when she's standing on the precipice of a big change, and her views on the belief that artists need to heavily self-promote to be successful. Today, Mary Anne is included in the...


Episode 021: From International Marketer to Pilot with Michelle Knoll

In this episode, Sara talks with Michelle Knoll about her twisting, turning journey from international marketer for the Walt Disney Company to corporate pilot. Michelle opens up about what it's like to be a female in such a male-dominated industry (only 6% of commercial pilots are female), gives tons of tips for women getting into aviation and speaks passionately about how it's never too late to make a career change. Formerly an airline pilot for US Airways, Michelle built her flight time as...


Episode 020: From Home Office Organizer to Activist and Writer with Jennifer Hofmann

In this episode, Sara talks with Jennifer Hofmann about her journey from home office organizer (and much more!) to activist and writer. Jen talks about how everything she ever did in her wildly varied career led up to this moment. She also gives some great financial advice for budding entrepreneurs, as well as tips for connecting with loved ones across political party lines. Since November of 2016, Jen has been writing the "Americans of Conscience Action Checklist" to an engaged list of...


Episode 019: From Latin Teacher to Plant Nursery Owner with Lucile Whitman

In this episode, Sara talks with Lucile Whitman about her journey from teaching Latin in prep school to purchasing an orchard and starting a plant nursery. Lucile taught Latin for 11 years before moving to Salem, Oregon. When she wasn't able to find a job teaching Latin or Greek in Salem, she bought and revived a broken-down filbert, or hazelnut tree, orchard in 1980. Whitman Farms began as a one-woman show and mostly for fun. However, Lucile got sidetracked and became enamored with...


Episode 018: From Social Work to Life Purpose and Holistic Wellness Coach with Sharon Roemmel

In this episode, Sara talks with Sharon Roemmel, BSW, ACC, E-RYT, about her journey from social work to life purpose & holistic wellness coach. Sharon talks about several "pivot points" in her ever-evolving career path, and touches on what it's like to be nearing traditional retirement age and still be excited about her work. Sharon is a certified coach, a registered yoga teacher, a certified aromatherapist and a licensed massage therapist. Through her business, Practically Enlightened...


Episode 017: From Credit Union to Personal Chef with Tanorria Askew

In this episode, Sara talks with Tanorria Askew about her journey from being a 15-year credit union professional to becoming a personal chef. Thanks to insistence from her friends that she audition for "MasterChef" with Gordon Ramsay, Tanorria took 4th place on season 7 in 2016—an experience that changed her life. Upon returning from the show, she'd mentally moved on from the credit union and requests for dinner parties featuring her famous shrimp and grits began to pile up. That's when...


Episode 016: From Research and Program Evaluation to Portrait Photography with Judy Lee

In this episode, Sara talks with Judy Lee about her journey from research and program evaluation at a university to transformative women's portrait photography. After agonizing struggles with fertility, pregnancy loss and parenting a grief-stricken adopted son, Judy felt heartbroken and numb. Then, she encountered a woman's portrait photographer, and that experience changed the trajectory of her life. Now, Judy helps women see beyond the critical voices in their heads to their true essence...


Episode 015: From Public Relations to Farming with Jake Keiser

In this episode, Sara talks with Jake Keiser about leaving her lifestyle as an award-winning, six-figure earning, Hamptons-vacationing publicist in Tampa, Florida to become a farmer in rural Mississippi. After experiencing the pain of miscarriages and a divorce, Jake found herself in the depths of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, and dreamed of escaping to the country and raising chickens. If she wasn't going to be the wife and mother she'd imagined, Jake wondered what she WOULD...


Episode 014: Leaving Corporate 3 Times for Wellness with Michelle Wong

In this episode, Sara talks with Michelle Wong about leaving her cushy (but ill-fitting) corporate software engineering career three times before fully committing to her passion: serving as a wellness and lifestyle strategist. Michelle shares how her understanding of and beliefs about money came into play; she explains network marketing and she gives tips for getting out of your head and into your body. Michelle uniquely blends nutrition, supplementation, intuition, self-care and...


Episode 013: From Saving Every Penny for Travel to Founding a Travel Company with Beth Whitman

In this episode, Sara talks with Beth Whitman about working odd jobs and saving every penny to travel the world before taking the leap and founding her own travel company. Beth shares her views on "confidence" and talks about how to tune out the opinions of others and tap into one's own, inner guidance. Through her brands WanderTours, Wanderlust and Lipstick, and Be Bold, Beth writes travel books, leads trips and culinary adventures across the world, delivers public talks and hosts her own...


Episode 012: From Hostelling to Public Health to Nonviolent Communication with Erin Merrihew

In this episode, Sara talks with Erin Merrihew about her path from opening a hostel in Bolivia to becoming a Nonviolent Communication-based communication & leadership coach. Erin opens up about balancing her perfectionist tendencies with her commitment to being true to herself, as well as the stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck in positions that are no longer the best fit for us. In her work leading classes and workshops, in private coaching and in consulting for businesses, Erin...


Episode 011: From Car Sales to Marketing, Branding & Social Media with Erin Alexander

In this episode, Sara talks with Erin Alexander about selling cars for 15 years and raising a son who went on to play Major League Baseball—all as a single parent—before pursuing a passion all her own: starting a social media, marketing and branding company. Erin Alexander is the Founder, CEO, and Top Social Butterfly of FinallySocial.com. Over the last three years, Erin has grown Finally Social from a boutique social media company to a full-service marketing enterprise. Sara and...


Episode 010: From Nursing to Ministry to Counseling to Life Coaching with Eva Cruz Pena

In this episode, Sara talks with Eva Cruz Pena about her journey from nursing to ministry to counseling and eventually life coaching. Eva shares how she connects with her intuition, follows her heart and "lives whole, piece by piece." Eva coaches professional and entrepreneurial women to achieve the creative dream that burns deep within them so they can live the full expression of themselves, show up fully in the world and connect to their power and creative source. Sara and Eva...


Episode 009: From Tech to Nursing with Jennifer Farrell

In this episode, Sara chats with Jennifer Farrell about working in the tech industry for a decade and then going back to school and becoming a nurse. Jennifer talks about taking a pay cut to pursue what she loves, the payoffs of making her career change (including reclaiming her free time!) and the satisfyingly steep learning curve of the nursing profession. Today, Jennifer is a Registered Nurse on staff for a Surgical Cardiac Unit at Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hill Campus in Seattle,...


Episode 008: A Lifesaving Move From Excite.com to MamaCon with Leanne Kabat

Leanne Kabat is alive today, in large part, because she followed the call to pursue her deeper life's work. As an International Media Manager for Excite.com in the 90s, she oversaw partnerships in Japan, Australia and Canada. After falling and lying paralyzed on the floor for hours one night, Leanne was given 5 years to live. Until one breakthrough moment at a MamaCon conference for moms, she'd lost all hope. Leanne now owns MamaCon, as well as MamaConnects, a podcast and media company...


Episode 007: From Audio Production to Founding a PR Firm with Sabrina Hutchinson

In this episode, Sara chats with Sabrina Hutchinson about moving from audio production to founding a successful PR firm in Los Angeles. Sabrina talks about saying "yes" and figuring the "how" out later, her passion for building & maintaining lifelong relationships, having a de facto "board of directors" and defining her ideal client. In 2011, Sabrina leveraged 15 years of sales and marketing experience and founded Defiant Public Relations, an entertainment PR firm working with composers,...


Episode 006: From Global Travel to Childbirth and Parent Support with Rebecca Blankinship

In this episode, Sara talks with Rebecca Blankinship about how she pivoted from global travel and cross-cultural awareness to parenting and childbirth support—and did it as a single mom. Rebecca shares how she recognized her passions, how parenting traditions in other cultures inform the work she does today and she gives some easy self-care tips for new parents. Offering a continuum of care from preconception to parenting, Rebecca Blankinship has been described as a life doula, holding...


Episode 005: From Social Work to Festival Creation with Angie Louthan

In this episode, Sara talks with Angie Louthan about following her intuition from social work to creating and producing a festival, and other jobs along the way. Angie shares how she first learned to go with her gut, and how a health crisis compelled her to create a kinder world, from the inside out. Angie is the founder and creator of The Kind Fest—an event in Snohomish, Washington that brings together leaders, businesses, organizations and artists in one place to help empower people and...


Episode 004: From Teaching to Psychic Mediumship with Melissa Peil

In this episode, Sara talks with Melissa Peil about leaving her "corporate dream job" as a teacher in the healthcare field to become a full-time psychic medium. They have a down-to-earth chat about what it was like for Melissa to step into a career outside of the "mainstream," the importance of following one's intuition and a big key to building confidence. Melissa offers readings that provide insight that help empower her clients to make informed decisions, overcome obstacles and even...