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The audio musings of author of Life after the 30-second spot, Join the Conversation and Flip the Funnel, Joseph Jaffe.

The audio musings of author of Life after the 30-second spot, Join the Conversation and Flip the Funnel, Joseph Jaffe.
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The audio musings of author of Life after the 30-second spot, Join the Conversation and Flip the Funnel, Joseph Jaffe.








Jaffe Juice #181 - Up Periscope with Jaffe and Joel

My brother-from-another-mother, Mitch Joel (a 2-time best-selling author with 6 Pixels of Separation and Ctrl-Alt-Delete, as well as a successful entrepreneur, having recently sold his agency, Twist Image to WPP) get together once a month to do a healthy debate about the state of the agency business, creativity, innovation or whatever is on our mind. We put this out on our respective podcasts (Jaffe Juice and 6 Pixels of Separation.) In this episode we discuss live and streaming (they are...


2 episodes of Jaffe Juice - The New Marketing Podcast on Tech, Talent and Creativity

Hello strangers... How about 2 episodes of Jaffe Juice - The New Marketing Podcast for the price of Z.E.R.O.? No actually, zero. Plus you get Mirum's Mitch Joel as value add. The first episode is #179 where we discuss the Wall Street Journal article, Tech Firms Pull Talent Away From Ad Agencies. You can listen live by left clicking or download by right clicking here The second episode is #180 where we do an armchair quarterback deconstruction, unpacking, post-mortem of Cannes 2016. And yes,...


Jaffe Juice #175 - Jaffe, Joel and Miriam

I recently sat down with my brother from another mother, Mitch Joel, to discuss the Super Bowl, Life after the 30-second spot, the life, death, after life and rebirth of creativity. And Miriam. @mitchjoel and @jaffejuice It's another well spent hour of my life and I suspect it will be of yours as well. So give it a listen by downloading or listening here. Or you can subscribe to the show here. PS I apologize for Mitch's singing. Really I do. Profusely.

Jaffe Juice #174 - The Internet is NOT the Answer with Andrew Keen

Andrew Keen is mad as hell...and he's not going to take it anymore. Actually he's just a big softy with a big brain and a big heart. Either way, he's not afraid to stick out his neck and have an intelligent conversation or debate about things he cares about...deeply. And in his new book, The Internet is NOT the Answer, he doesn't pull punches when he calls out certain greedy entrepreneurs, monopolies, plutocracies (I think that's the ruling power on Pluto) and Uberocracies. GIve him a piece...


Jaffe Juice #173 - Jaffe, Joel & Jerry (Seinfeld)

Mitch and I had a great conversation debate about creativity, the legitimacy and integrity of advertising, Jerry Seinfeld's zinger filled "acceptance speech" for winning an honarary Clio (you can read the full text here) and more. Personally I think the last 5-10 minutes are particularly powerful. Follow us @jaffejuice and @mitchjoel Listen live or download here. Subscribe to the show via iTunes here Photo credit:


Jaffe Juice #172 - Jaffe, Joel and Sorrell AKA The 3 Amigos

Mitch and I resume our monthly "debates" to discuss the agency world, including a very frank discussion about the recent acquisition of Twist Image by WPP. Congrats my friend! @jaffejuice and @mitchjoel Listen live or download here. Subscribe to the show via iTunes here Photo credit: Ad Age


Z.E.R.O. Interview on For Immediate Release

Those of you who don't subscribe to Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson's For Immediate Release are probably still blissfully living underneat the rock of ages where 4-color bleeds, mechanicals and 30-second spots reign supreme. For the rest of you, you would know FIR is one of the longest standing P.R. and Communications podcasts out there. Period. And the best. I also had the pleasure of working with both Shel and Neville during the crayon days. Last week, my co-author, Maarten Albarda and I had...


Jaffe Juice #171 - Chatting with Youtility author Jay Baer

I recently sat down with fellow Wiley author, Jay Baer, who co-authored The Now Revolution with Amber Naslund. He's now gone solo and written a book called Youtility. In Life after the 30-second spot, I wrote about R.U.E. - Relevance, Utility and Entertainment (which I would now rename as - Customer - Experience). Now Jay Baer has written the definitive book on Utility. What a novel idea…brands actually being useful! Bravo! Here is our conversation, which you can download or listen live by...


Jaffe Juice #170 - The Evolution of Online Video with Jaffe and Joel

Mitch and I sit down for our monthly debate and this one is a great discussion on the evolution of online video - Vine, Instagram Video and more. Some really great concepts introduced like "Authentic Place" vs "Authentic Voice" and more. Keeper quote: "The 30-second spot was the original SnapChat!" @jaffejuice and @mitchjoel Listen live or download here. Subscribe to the show via iTunes here Photo credit: Mashable Related articles Online Video Is About To Change Marketing Forever Video wars:...


Jaffe Juice #169 - New Business Networking with Dave Delaney

I recently sat down with old friend and social media veteran, Dave Delaney, and now author of New Business Networking: How to Effectively Grow Your Business Network Using Online and Offline Methods. Here is our conversation on how to ahead in today's increasingly cluttered digital, social and connected world. Download or listen live by clicking this link. And as a reminder, you can purchase his book here. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes here for more interviews like this one, as well as...


Jaffe Juice #168 - Attack of the Customers with author, Paul Gillin

It's like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, but much scarier, especially if you don't know what you're doing with respect to dealing with "backlashing" customer. Fortunately for you, author Paul Gillin, who - along with Greg Gianforte - wrote "Attack of the Customers' does know a thing or two about the emerging space. Purchase the book on here. In this Jaffe Juice podcast conversation, I spoke with Gillin and you can listen via streaming or download here. We have a lively...


Jaffe Juice #167 - Jaffe & Joel tackle Rise of Machines vs Scaling Humanity

In this episode of our monthly debates, Mitch and I tackled the "Rise of Machines" i.e. automation of marketing & advertising versus "How do you Scale Humanity?" with respect to investing in talent and "humans" to serve "other humans." It's The Matrix meets Sixth Sense. Creepy! @mitchjoel and @jaffejuice Listen live or download here. Subscribe to the show via iTunes here Photo credit: Bigstock Photo Related articles From Z.E.R.O. to Hero via Kickstarter How Do You Scale Humanity?

Two Jaffe Juice Podcasts with Mitch Joel and John Wall

Daily Double Dose of Jaffe Juice podcast (especially for those asking where they've been) The first is an interview with friend, podcasting veteran and now author, John Wall, where we discuss his new book, "B2B Marketing Confessions." Click here to download/listen. Follow John Wall on Twitter. The second is one of the semi-regular podcast debates with Mitch Joel. This one is on "The New Creativity". Click here to download/listen. Join the Conversation dammit (it's not a cliche when I...


Jaffe Juice #164 - Jaffe and Joel debate the death of Marketing

Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels of Separation and the upcoming smash hit, Ctr Alt Delete, and I sat down for our regular "debate" to discuss an article on the Death of Marketing that was written for Harvard Business Review. The irony is that the title of the article was kind of misleading and arguably just a cheap (yet proven) trick to get some blood flowing (or boiling). Ironically, Mitch blogged that it proved that Marketing wasn't dead at all! In fact the article itself was really a...

Jaffe Juice #160 - Jaffe and Joel discuss Nike as a Technology company

Is Nike a Shoe company? An apparel company? A health and fitness lifestyle company? Or a technology company? DigiDay Brian Morrissey's insight and my purchase of a Nike Fuel Band prompts a great discussion about brands, branding and the future of marketing and consumer engagement in a digital world. Join the Conversation dammit (it's not a cliche when I coined the term and wrote the book on it!) @jaffejuice on Twitter and @mitchjoel on Twitter. And be sure to forward this to any brand...

Jaffe Juice #158 - Chatting with Mitch Joel about Ideas, Time and Money

In this monthly debate, Mitch and I have a meaty conversation about one of the hottest and endless topics in the marketing world: how to correctly value, price and position ideas. It all stems from an article which Scott Montgomery wrote in Ad Age, where he attempted to debunk the myth about how long idea generation takes and on a parallel path, how ideas should be valued and compensated as such. We also open on a brief conversation about blogging, authentic voices and being re-certified....

Jaffe Juice #156 - Jaffe and Joel discuss #occupywallstreet and its marketi

In this episode, Mitch and I discuss #occupywallstreet - its consumer behavior insights and learnings for brands and brand marketers. We discuss some of the obvious and less than obvious catalysts or ingredients that have contributed and combined to create - arguably - a force for change and an idea whose time has come. We debate whether #occupywallstreet is just the left's version of #teaparty or something else. We also attempt to isolate government versus big business' role and...

Marketing over Juice

John Wall is one of the good guys. He's also a social media veteran - meaning he's been doing this at least since 2005. In fact, I met John when he was the host of the wonderful, "The M Show". Today, John podcasts with another well known name in marketing podcasting circles, Christopher Penn (host of "The Financial Aid Podcast"). Their show is called "Marketing over Coffee" and it's a pretty popular and really informative show which I recommend you subscribe to. A few weeks back, I was in...

Jaffe Juice #155 - Location Based Marketing for Dummies with Authors Aaron

Location Based Marketing or LBM is definitely riding the crest of a wave. The growth of mobile, gaming and loyalty marketing are all converging quickly and explosively. So join me as I chat with authors Aaron Strout and Mike Schneider as we discuss their newly release book, "Location Based Marketing for Dummies". @jaffejuice on Twitter. Listen to it LIVE (left click) or download it here (right click) Subscribe to the show via iTunes here Mega links: The book Amazon Book website Aaron...

Jaffe Juice #154 - All about size as Jaffe and Joel dish on social media ex

In this episode, Mitch and I discuss the oft maligned "social media expert" (12.9 million results on Google!) and make the case for and against the importance of specialization and subject matter expertise versus the "one size fits all" approach of the larger players (agencies). To be sure, there are several key benefits and shortcomings of "one throat to choke" i.e. single point of contact versus the peacock approach. And visa versa. It's less about the size of the agency than it is about...