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Talk with host Wayne Hurlbert and his guest experts about business blogging, search engine optimization SEO, marketing, public relations, and entrepreneurship topics that will help your business grow.

Talk with host Wayne Hurlbert and his guest experts about business blogging, search engine optimization SEO, marketing, public relations, and entrepreneurship topics that will help your business grow.
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Talk with host Wayne Hurlbert and his guest experts about business blogging, search engine optimization SEO, marketing, public relations, and entrepreneurship topics that will help your business grow.




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A Tribute To Wayne Hurlbert

BlogTalkRadio's CEO Alan Levy hosts a special show paying tribute to one of our longest-serving hosts, Wayne Hurlbert. Wayne passed away on October 14th 2013, and was a much-loved character in the BTR community. He began hosting in 2006, and this show will replay some great moments from the past 7 years and hear from some of the people who worked closely with Wayne. We'd love you to join in with the show and share your favorite moments and momories.


Christina Steinorth: Cue Cards For Life

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Bouard Certified Diplomate in Professional Counseling, and author of Cue Cards for Life: Thoughtful Tips for Better Relationships, Christina Steinorth, MA, MFT describes how to establish, maintain, and repair interpersonal relationships. Christina Steinorth shares her cue cards as guiding principles for handling any relationship with respect and consideration, Whether it's a romantic relationship, working with teenagers, caring for aged parents, or...


Carol Kinsey Goman: The Truth About Lies In The Workplace

President of Kinsey Consulting Services and author of The Truth about Lies in the Workplace: How to Spot Liars and What to Do about Them, Carol Kinsey Goman describes how to discover liars at your workplace and how to handle them and their deceptions. Carol Kinsey Goman provides the reasons people lie, the different types of liars, and why so many liars get away with their deception. Carol shares how to use body language clues to spot a liar. Carol also offers advice on how to confront liars...


Steven Mundahl: The Alchemy Of Authentic Leadership

President and CEO of Goodwill Industries in western Massachusetts and co-author of The Alchemy of Authentic Leadership, Steven Mundahl describes why so many otherwise effective leaders take such dangerous risks with their careers. Steve Mundall presents the concept of leadership being an internal journey to developing self leadership before leading others. Steve Mundahl demonstrates how leaders achieve leadership roles when they are ready. Steve also offers the latest scientific discoveries...


Cy Wakeman: Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace

Keynote speaker, executive coach, entrepreneur, leadership thought leader, and author of The Reality-Based Rules of the Workplace, Cy Wakeman describes how you have the power to be happy and a top performer in the workplace. Cy Wakeman provides the five reality-based rules as an alternative approach to success and happiness in any work environment. Cy Wakeman offers an accountability based road map to taking control of your own career and life. Cy Wakeman offers her formula for demonstrating...


Jim Muehlhausen: Business Models For Dummies

Accountant, entrepreneur, business coach, founder of The Business Model Institute, and author of Business Models For Dummies, Jim Muehlhausen, describes the importance and value of the business model concept. Jim Muehlhausen provides an in depth description of the business model principle and why it is so important for business people to understand. Jim also points to the differences between a business model and the better known business plan. Jim demonstrates how to start the process of...


Dani Monroe: Untapped Talent: Hidden Workforce

Leadership, diversity, and performance guide, founder and president of Center Focus International, Inc., and author of Untapped Talent: Unleashing the Power of the Hidden Workforce, Dani Monroe describes how companies have an abundance of undiscovered talent already as part of the organization. Dani Monroe provides insights into why this untapped talent pool exists and why it is not leveraged to its fullest potential. Dani Monroe offers ideas as to the tremendous benefits that this talent,...


Barbara Mitchell & Cornelia Gamlem: The Big Book Of HR

Human resources professional and co-founder of The Millennium Group International LLC, Barbara Mitchell; and expert in EEO and Affirmative Action, and President of The GEMS Group, Ltd., Cornelia Gamlem, co-authors of The Big Book of HR, describe the changes in the practice and profession of Human Resources. Barbara Mitchell and Cornelia Gamlem offer insights into how HR professionals can add real value to an organization through taking an active leadership role. The authors present their...


Blog Bloke: Blog Comments As Conversations

Long time blogger, online privacy advocate, and search engine analyst Blog Bloke describes why blog comments are important but not in the way that many bloggers believe. Blog Bloke offers the alternative concept about comments as conversations, different from that given by the well known blogging gurus. Blog Bloke shares the idea that being a top blogger with the most comments is not the only, or even the most ideal way to achieve success as a blogger. Instead of being obsessed with numbers...


Jeff Klein: It's Just Good Business: Conscious Capitalism

Entrepreneur, CEO of Working For Good, and author of It's Just Good Business: The Emergenceof Conscious Capitalism & the Practice of Working For Good, Jeff Klein describes the alternative business model of Conscious Capitalism. Jeff Klein provides background into the principles that guide business leaders toward practices that honor people, the community, and the environment. Jeff Klein presents case studies of how the values of Conscious Capitalism are not only the right thing to do, but...


Charlie Sheppard: Save Your Drama For Your Mama

Speaker, educator, founder and CEO Of Sheppard Partners, and author of Save Your Drama for Your Mama: Drama or Leadership is a Choice, Charlie Sheppard describes the patterns of behavior that in people's lives that lead to drama or to leadership. Charlie Sheppard offers insights into why those who need development and direction most, are the least likely to embrace it, while those who need direction least are happy to receive it. Charlie Sheppard provides the concept that leadership is a...


Karen Phelan: Games For Leadership Development

Consultant, former engineer, co-founder of Operating Principals, and co-creator of Leadership Development Cards, Karen Phelan describes how games can be used effectively to develop leadership skills and build teams. Karen Phelan provides the background to using pretend style games to learn new leadership skills. The skills are based on pretending to be a famous leader of the past or present, from many different fields and accomplishments. Karen offers ideas for using the cards and games for...


Dana Manciagli: Cut The Crap, Get A Job

Long time corporate executive and hiring manager, career coach, keynote speaker, and author of Cut the Crap, Get a Job! A New Job Search Process for a New Era, Dana Manciagli describes the new and challenging job search landscape. Dana Manciagli provides the proven strategies, techniques, and tools needed to land a job in today's highly competitive job market. Dana offers insights into what hiring managers are really looking for in applicants, and shares insider secrets for being the ideal...


Sharon Birkman Fink: The Birkman Method: Personality At Work

Leadership trainer, President and CEO Of Birkman International, and co-author of The Birkman Method: Your Personality At Work, Sharon Birkman Fink describes the Birkman Method of personality assessment and how to discover the underlying drives and inspirations to achieve your own success. Sharon Birkman Fink presents a personality assessment tool that goes far beyond the usual tools that help you discover basic truths about yourself, and how to leverage those strengths and behaviors in your...


Bill Treasurer: Leaders Open Doors

Leadership guide, humanitarian, Chief Encouragement Officer at Giant Leap Consulting, and author of Leaders Open Doors: A Radically Simple Leadership Approach to Lift People, Profits, and Performance, Bill Treasurer describes how open door leadership creates opportunities and growth for followers to achieve their goals. Bill Treasures provides insights into how the very concept of leadership has become overly complicated, and has done real harm to overall leadership development. To counter...


Terry Pearce: Leading Out Loud

Executive coach, consultant, founder and President of Leadership Communication, and author of Leading Out Loud: A Guide for Engaging Others in Creating the Future, 3rd Edition, Terry Pearce, describes the importance of leadership communication based on authenticity, trust, and empathy with others. Terry Pearce offers the principle of self awareness as the cornerstone of achieving the critical element of authenticity in leadership communication. Terry goes beyond the standard how to methods...


Michael Houlihan & Bonnie Harvey: The Barefoot Spirit

Entrepreneurs, Barefoot Wine co-founders, and co-authors of The Barefoot Spirit: How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America's #1 Wine Brand, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey describe how they built their highly successful company and brand through a shared vision of living and acting on their personal values. Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey share their challenges and triumphs as they overcame obstacles through creative thinking and applying their values as a touchstone for every...


Blog Bloke: Intellectual Property & What It Means To You

Long time blogger, search engine analyst, and well known online privacy advocate Blog Bloke describes the concept of intellectual property and why it is so important to understand. Blog Bloke provides in depth analysis of intellectual property,including the most commonly misunderstood principles, in easily understood language, Blog Bloke offers his ideas on why bloggers need to understand how intellectual property affects their posts and their ideas. He also presents the concepts of idea...


Chip R. Bell: Managers As Mentors

Consultant, trainer, senior partner with the Chip Bell Group, and co-author of Managers as Mentors: Building Partnerships for Learning, Third Edition, Chip R. Bell describes how the relationship between a mentor and the protege goes far beyond coaching to become a real learning partnership. Chip Bell provides a fresh approach to mentoring that establishes every manager as a potential mentor for colleagues, co-workers, and team members. Instead of simply coaching to create improved...