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In Conversation with Holly Wagner

Holly is a video marketer (which was a lot easier for me to say than videographer!), she's been running her business for approximately 3 years and has really found her niche as her business has grown and evolved over this time. Holly wasn't sure what she wanted to do after leaving university and after attending a talk for people just like her, met someone from Prince's Trust which ultimately led to her joining one of their programmes, getting funding from them and starting her journey...


In Conversation with Paul Rayner

In this week's episode, I speak to Paul Rayner. Paul is a habit and health coach. We talk about how he progressed from personal training, to being a research exercise scientist before returning to personal training and now his focus on nutrition and habit changes. I ask if Paul views himself as an entrepreneur, about his online course coming soon and where he hopes to take the business in the future. Paul shares how he looks after his own well being and some of the challenges he has...


In Conversation with Jo Ferrone

Jo Ferrone is the founder of How Does She Do It - an online Facebook Community and in person networking in Surrey and Wrapped Up Admin. Jo's own experience of isolation working for herself led to her setting up the online community which is now growing even more. She talks about her doubts, the need to step out of your comfort zone and learning to give it a go - even if you are not sure it's going to work! If you're interested in attending one of Jo's networking events - the next dates...


In Conversation with Mike Clark

Mike Clark is an Australian entrepreneur. Mike was living in London, England when we spoke but is in the midst of getting ready to move himself and his young family back to Australia. A hectic and exciting time for him. Mike came over to the UK with Triumph which has matured into Dent Global. 12 years on he has taken a on a new role, working with Daniel Priestley once more, as part of the Dent Global Leadership team in Australia. Mike shares his experiences and advice on selling, blockers,...


In Conversation with Tomas Svitorka

Tomas' shares his story on starting when he came to the UK from the Czech Republic 13 years ago. In that time he worked his way up from a pot washer into management and now he is a successful coach of OK is NOT Enough. In our conversation, Tomas shares his journey to become a coach, how he encourages people to define their own version of success, his upcoming book, the need to change if you're at OK and not happy being there, asking to paid for his coaching, gives some advice on getting...


In Conversation with Sam Gold

In this conversation, Sam Gold of Gold HR and I talk about how she helps employers whether they're looking to take on their first employee or adding to an existing team, managing the HR aspects of having employees, some of the challenges employers face, how Sam made the transition from being in a corporate environment and how she balances being a mother and a wife with running her own business. She shares the challenges of acknowledging what we're good at and recognising when to outsource...


In Conversation with Tom Watson

Wow - what a great conversation! Tom Watson and I chat about all sorts of things including his story of a very challenging childhood but how the right support put him on the right path, how sharing this story has touched the lives of many and enabled Tom to make another change in his life helping people to have a better life. He's a truly inspirational man! A best selling author of Man Shoes, 2 more books in the pipeline, a successful entrepreneur and doing his best to make sure his work...


In Conversation with Andrew Priestley

Andrew is a business leadership coach working with Managing Directors of Limited companies who are looking to take the next step in their growth. We talk about VAT (we're not too sure how we got there!) and then the importance of knowing the key elements of your business plan, what holds people back, how Andrew maintains his well being and about the books he's written and lots more! Andrew shares from his wealth of experience some of the areas that all business owners and startups need to...


In Conversation with Nikki Faulkner

Nikki Faulkner of Mulberry Bush Consulting speak about how Nikki made the transition from geophysics to people and processes. We talk about how she works with clients, some of the challenges she faced when starting out and more! We also talk about the challenges business owners can face when trying to expand which means letting go! Nikki shares how she found a business support network through a combination of networking and existing social networks. I work with people to put together...


In Conversation with Penny Power OBE

Penny and I speak about what she wants the Business Cafe to bring to small business owners and communities, the challenges of finding the right investor and how important it is for us to look after ourselves. Penny also talks about the most important skill any business owner needs! We also talk about how loneliness impacts usand the every changing demands of the digital world and how The Business Cafe will support business owners in getting started using the tools they need.


An Interview with Matz Skoog

The other week I had the pleasure of interviewing Matz Skoog. Matz started learning ballet at the age of 8 and the rest, as they say, is history! Following a successful career as a ballet dancer, Matz moved on to take on roles as an artistic director for ballet companies at the English National Ballet and Royal Ballet of New Zearland. Now he has moved into the world of high performance coaching - bringing his experience in the world of ballet to coach business people - whether they are...


Interview with Anne Renshaw

Anne talks about her business, referral networks, networking tips and some of the challenges of starting your own business. She also talks about how she started doing triathlons and how she now ties this in with charity work.