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Talking money and markets. What's happening and why? We talk to expert guests, companies and traders.

Talking money and markets. What's happening and why? We talk to expert guests, companies and traders.
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Talking money and markets. What's happening and why? We talk to expert guests, companies and traders.




Jamie Susskind: tech and the future of politics

Tech author and barrister, Jamie Susskind, joins me to discuss the growing power of tech - ever more pervasive, integrated and capable. How will it impact Future Politics?


Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante

I'm delighted to welcome Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante, onto the show this week to talk bitcoin, gold, silver and US debt.


Roger Ver

In 2011, if we had all listened to Roger Ver, none of us would ever have to work again. Roger is an American-born businessman, now a national of St. Kitts, who became an early champion of bitcoin. In August 2011, with bitcoin around $10, he made a bet that bitcoin would outperform gold, silver, the US stock markets and the US dollar by 100 times in the next two years. He updated the bet a year later with bitcoin up only 11%, calling bitcoin "the most important invention in the history of...


Dan Hannan

This week in Stuff That Interests Me we are talking Brexit with MEP, Dan Hannan. Now we’re leaving it’s time to start thinking about what we want to be. “If we do a New Zealand or a Singapore, as a G7 country, the impact could be planetary. If we left the EU to become a Venezuela that would be catastrophic.” Daniel Hannan is a writer, who has been a Member of the European Parliament for 17 years. He is the author of nine books, the latest of which is What Next: How to get the best...


Comedian Ben Norris

This week in Stuff That Interests Me I'm joined by comedian Ben Norris. Ben is a veteran of the comedy circuit having played clubs up and down the country and around the world for some 20 years or more. His TV appearances include Mock The Week and Never Mind The Buzzcocks, but he's in that odd category of comedian (and there about 10-20 acts like this) which is: known and admired on the circuit, but not a household name, can play pretty much any room under any circumstances, the other...


Paul Burke talks advertising

Writer and producer, Paul Burke, is a veteran of the advertising industry. He's been in the game since the 1980s, has seen the booms, the busts, the highs, the lows, and has won loads of awards in the process. In this week's Stuff That Interests Me he talks about the state of advertising - and where it goes from here. As well as being one of the top copywriter-producers in advertising, Paul has also written numerous books. http://www.paulburkecreative.com/ Follow Paul on Twitter -...


Dan Kieran talks books, surfboards and setting up your own business

"Books are the most successful delivery mechanism for ideas in human history" So says Dan Kieran, my guest this week on Stuff That Interests Me. Dan is the author of 12 books, many of them best sellers, and is now the CEO of Britain's most dynamic new publisher, Unbound. He is about to fund his new book, The Surf Board, at Unbound. Follow Dan - @dan_kieran


Mark Littlewood

"Leaving the EU is the biggest blow to the overarching, regulatory state that I have seen in my lifetime" So says my guest on Stuff That Interests Me this week, economist Mark Littlewood. Mark is a former spin doctor and economics campaigner. He is now Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs.


Simon Evans

My guest today is comedian, Simon Evans. You may know Simon from his appearances on Micheal McIntyre's Roadshow or Live At The Apollo, you may know him from his Radio 4 show, Simon Evans Goes To Market, or you may know him from the live comedy circuit. He's an interesting guy - and I found his comments on his writing methods towards the end of the show particularly interesting. Enjoy! Follow Simon on Twitter


Julia Hobsbawm - networks and social health

"Your social health is as important as your mental and physical health". So argues my guest on today's Stuff That Interests Me, Julia Hobsbawm, OBE. Julia is an entrepreneur, and a writer and speaker on social health and modern interconnectedness. Her themes are around the power of friendships and networks Julia's new book, Fully Connected, Surviving and Thriving in an Age of Overload, is available at all good bookshops and online. Follow Julia. Check out her Names Not Numbers...


Jon Matonis

How big can bitcoin get? Jon Matonis, a central figures in the bitcoin and digital cash movement since the early 1990s, even before bitcoin existed, tells all. Listen and learn! Follow Jon @jonmatonis


Jamie Bartlett

Dark Net and Radicals author, Jamie Bartlett, talks to Dominic Frisby about the technological and political changes that are hitting the world. Our fixation with Brexit is like our fixation with the Pope in the time of Henry VIII just as Gutenberg's printing press had been invented. We should be more worried about the technological developments occurring. How we approach technology will be the big dividing line between left and right. Borders and sovereign nations, in their current form,...


Jim Mellon - living to 120

"You're going to live till you're 120 years old". That's what my guest today on Stuff That Interests Me thinks, one of Britain's most successful investors, Jim Mellon. Jim explains why - a combination of new drugs, technologies and lifestyles. What are you going to do with all your time? The next great investment trend will be around the fact that we are all going to love a lot longer. Find out more in the this fascinating interview. Juvenescence - Investing in the Age of Longevity is...


Alastair Campbell talks to Dominic Frisby

This week in Stuff That Interests Me I am joined by Tony Blair's head of media and strategy, Alastair Campbell. "I don't think I've ever known such a collection of A grade problems in the world and yet we have C/D grade leaders", he says in this far ranging interview which covers sport, politics, technology, Brexit and mental health. "I get creativity from my depression," says Alastair. The latest volume of Alastair's diaries, 2005-2007 - the period of transition from Blair to Brown - is...


Liam Halligan - Clean Brexit

This week's Stuff That Interests me is with Telegraph columnist and broadcaster Liam Halligan discussing Clean Brexit, written with economist Gerard Lyons. The second half, in which Liam describes the conspiracies afoot, particularly in House Of Lords, to undermine the vote and engender a second referendum are very interesting, as are the potential consequences to our democracy and economy of a re-vote.


James Delingpole

"The world is in a very dangerous place at the moment" says journalist, broadcaster and professional provocateur, James Delingpole.


Douglas Carswell

Today I meet with former Conservative and UKIP MP, Douglas Carswell, to discuss Brexit, his career and his book, Rebel. Make sure you listen through to the end - this interview gets better and better. @douglascarswell


Paul Kingsnorth

"Reformed environmentalist" and Booker-nominated author Paul Kingsnorth turns up at my house and we talk. paulkingsnorth.net


Sam Wilkin: Wealth Secrets of the One Percent

Wealth Secrets of the One Percent sounds like one of the self-help books what will show you how to unleash your inner potential. Actually, it tells the story of some of history's richest - from Crassus of Rome to John D Rockefeller to Bill Gates - and shows how they earned their vast fortunes by, simply, eliminating competition so they enjoyed vast monopolies. Its author is economist Sam Wilkin and he joins me on today's programme. Once you've listened to this I expect you all to be...


Jayant Bhandari on India's war on cash and its war on gold

Jayant Bhandari is an author and investor from India. In today's show, he discusses India's war on cash, and the likelihood of the next step, which is a greater war on gold. To find out more about Jayant, visit jayantbhandari.com Shows are not uploaded on a regular basis. To receive an email when we upload a new show, subscribe here : http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=podbean/RfAv&loc=en_US