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Join Spencer each week for insights from successful startups and their founders to find out what they did right, and what they did wrong.

Join Spencer each week for insights from successful startups and their founders to find out what they did right, and what they did wrong.
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Join Spencer each week for insights from successful startups and their founders to find out what they did right, and what they did wrong.








Finding The Lowest Hanging Fruit In Your Business - Hailey Friedman - Episode 86

Growth hacking and other strategies work for businesses but too often as a founder you get overwhelmed or lost chasing one shiny tactic to the next. Hailey Friedman shares insights on what she’s done to find the lowest hanging fruit in her businesses which have caused massive growth. Many of these strategies that she shares are free and don’t seem scalable, yet their highly profitable and can be implemented super quick. Links and...


The Best Marketing Strategy for Service Based Businesses - Steve Gordon

For service based business owners they are faced with fulfilling on deliverables and if they’re lucky spend time doing marketing. What if there was an easier way? Steve Gordon talks about his company and how they are using podcasts as a medium to help service based business owners find their audience, share their message and then get that message in front of the right people. Episode Highlights How to meet people that may seem untouchable.Why podcasts feel...


WEYV App with Stephanie Scapa - Episode 84

Competing against Spotify, Pandora, Apple and Amazon isn’t something most founders have the courage to do, however Stephanie Scapa from WEYV has jumped all in to create an entire new platform and experience for media consumers. You’ll hear what she’s doing to get traction and the core KPIs she’s interested in. Links and Resources Use promo code:bizgrowth for 2 months of free access to WEYVApple: Play:...


How To Get Leads From Your Content - Daniel Daines Hutt - Bonus 83

This is step-by-step process where we talk about how to promote the content you create so that you can get more leads and customers. Part 1 of this process is about creating the content which you can access in the previous episode. Links and Resources Subscribe and Share Find us on Apple PodcastsFollow us on SpotifyListen onStitcherSay hi on Twitter@spencershaw If you like what you hear we’d love for you to leave...


How To Create Impactful Content For Your Business - Daniel Daines Hutt - Episode 83

Every business owner knows they should be creating content but most of us don’t do it on a regular basis and if we do it’s not giving us consistent leads. Daniel Daines Hutt is going to explain how to create engaging content that gets readers attention and how to turn those readers into leads. This is a brilliant episode that’s packed full of valuable “how to” information. Episode Highlights The best content to write that brings in new readers and leads.Why “How To Guides” convert...


How To Delegate Tasks And Projects In Your Business - Scott Beebe - Episode 82

If you’re looking to find better ways to train employees and delegate tasks in your business this is the episode for you. Scott Beebe has developed what he calls “the delegation roadmap” which helps business owners offload the unnecessary stress and work so they can achieve growth. Episode Highlights Why everything in your business starts with a clear vision and what that really means for small business owners.What to do when you hate your business or if you feel stuck.How to delegate...


Creating Your 5 Core Values - Jim Small - Episode 81

After having built a business that managed $2.5 billion dollars in real estate Jim Small then decided to start investing in large real estate deals. With a portfolio of over $200M and a team of high integrity people Jim shares how Sante Realty’s 5 core values guide their success. Links and Resources Mentioned Subscribe and Share Find us on Apple PodcastsFollow us on SpotifyListen onStitcherSay hi on Twitter@spencershaw If you like what you hear we’d love for...


What Makes Data So Hard To Believe with Patrick Campbell - Episode 80

If you run subscription model business that has recurring revenue this is the episode for you. We’re talking with Patrick Campbell, the CEO of Together we talk about how you can create smart growth and truly understand the data in front of you to check your ego at the door. Episode Highlights What holds businesses back from crossing the $1M ARR mark.How to emotions into measurable systems.When you should raise capital and when you should avoid it.The core KPIs to...


How To Get an ROI with LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox - Episode 79

Everyone talks about how expensive LinkedIn ads are so they end up skipping the platform and hoping it works organically. AJ Wilcox is going to demystify the cost of LinkedIn ads so you can see how there is a massive ROI on that platform and why it may be the platform of choice to increase your customer lifetime value. Episode Highlights Organic vs Paid on LinkedInHow LinkedIn has changed and what to expect right now.Why the magic number is a customer value of $15k for amazing ROIHow...


How To Create a Winning Store On Shopify with Jason Miles - Episode 78

If you’re trying to find the right niche or product so you can ramp up an ecommerce business this is the episode for you. Today I talk with Jason Miles who is the co-founder of a super successful ecommerce company. He also started a non-profit and is a world-class business educator. How does this guy do it all? Find out! He shares insights on what it takes to really win with ecommerce and especially on Shopify in 2018. Also a special thanks to Jason. Of all the guests I’ve interviewed...


Creating a Business That’s Sustainable Beyond Your Lifetime with Kim Butler - Episode 77

Kim Butler felt like she needed to create a legacy business that would make an impact on generations of people. She talks about the non-profit she created, why she’s motivated to do this work and how she manages her time and focus to accomplish the work ahead of her. Check out her podcast called The Prosperity Podcast which is about finances and being your own bank at Episode Highlights Why she runs a...


Former NASA Math Nerd Spots Data Patterns In Video Advertising with Tommie Powers - Episode 76

Tommie Powers has an ability to spot complex data patterns in video advertising. He shares the 3 levels of video engagement and how to build conversion conversations that actually work. He’s worked with the 500 Startups incubator which produced CreditKarma, Udemy and Intercom. Episode Highlights Understanding the growth side of video marketing through dataHow he was a former NASA Space Nerd and found his gift of spotting data patternsHow he saw the vision that “TV was going to be on...


Working Smarter and Harder - Episode 75

Hearing the phrase work smart not hard is a lie that often circulates around the business community. This false statement is the cause of so many businesses to fail, people to feel unproductive and is a source of revenue to people peddling products. My hope is that business owners realize that we need to work smarter and harder. Sure, productivity is important. But showing up and putting in hard work is what actually moves the needle. This episode is following a different format....


Using Freelance Workers to Grow Your Business with Connor Gillivan - Episode 74

Startups and established businesses should use freelancers as a catalyst for growth and in this episode Connor Gillivan of shares hiring and management strategies. If you’re looking to expand your business with virtual help this episode is for you. BONUS - Special listener gift from Connor where he will personally answer your hiring questions and help with that process Episode Highlights Two challenges every business owner should...


How To Sell Your Product To Big Box Retailers with Karen Waksman - Episode 73

Getting your products into big box retailers seems like an overwhelming task and that’s why most people avoid it and focus on Amazon selling. Karen Waksman is going to share why selling to large retailers may be easier than Amazon and a whole lot more profitable. Karen is the real deal when it comes to retail relationships and retail selling. In this episode she’s helping us see a new growth strategy that often adds millions to the bottom line of business owners with not a tremendous...


Understanding Cryptocurrencies As A Business Owner - Episode 72

There’s a lot of hype, speculation and confusion around cryptocurrencies. Today I’ve brought on my go-to source, Scott Paul to talk about cryptos. As business owners its critical for us to understand how the financial landscape is changing and see if this is something we want to accept as a form of currency. We are not creating a product about cryptocurrencies and we do not endorse any products or training about it. Also, we are not affiliates or making any offers to products or services....


Business Credit and Cash Flow with Gerri Detweiler of - Episode 71

As a business owner you know that access to capital is one of the most important things in your business. In fact, access to cash is often the constraint that prevents owners from growing their product line, expanding payroll or increasing ad spend. Today’s guest Gerri Detweiler is the world's leading expert about business credit and she’ll explain what business credit is, how to establish business credit and strategies and timelines for getting access to capital. Gerri is the Education...


Human Centered Design - Understanding Your Customer with Oscar Chavez - Episode 70

Oscar Chavez has a remarkable story about losing 169 lbs, being on The Voice TV show and now running a successful health coaching company. In this interview Oscar and Spencer talk about why understanding your customers language and mindset is so critical and why he’s focused on building a community for his customers. Episode Highlights What he did after a complete stranger told him he should get weight loss surgeryBattling the subconscious fears of being overweight and finding ways to...


Getting Investors to Fund Your Idea with Scott Paul and Austin Emery - Episode 69

We all come up with great ideas but only a small fraction of those ideas see light and even less actually get capital behind them. Scott Paul shares his perspective from selling multiple companies and investing in 25 startups. He talks about what he looks for in founders and why it's more about the person than the idea. We also have a conversation with Austin Emery who runs influencer marketing for one of the largest brands in the world. He also shares his thoughts on where the influencer...


Introducing the NEW Business Growth

After doing this podcast since 2013 I felt like it was time for a change. It needed to be something new and something bigger. Instead of trying to be like every other podcast out there I wanted to get to the root of the reason why I started - to share stories! The new format is foreign to most business podcasts and many of the stories and interviews will be with people you've never heard of. I hope you join us for the ride. This is the NEW business growth.