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Join Spencer each week for insights from successful startups and their founders to find out what they did right, and what they did wrong.

Join Spencer each week for insights from successful startups and their founders to find out what they did right, and what they did wrong.
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Join Spencer each week for insights from successful startups and their founders to find out what they did right, and what they did wrong.






How To Get an ROI with LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox – Episode 79

Everyone talks about how expensive LinkedIn ads are so they end up skipping the platform and hoping it works organically. AJ Wilcox is going to demystify the cost of LinkedIn ads so you can see how there is a massive ROI on that platform and why it may be the platform of choice to increase […]


How To Create a Winning Store On Shopify with Jason Miles – Episode 78

If you’re trying to find the right niche or product so you can ramp up an ecommerce business this is the episode for you. Today I talk with Jason Miles who is the co-founder of a super successful ecommerce company. He also started a non-profit and is a world-class business educator. How does this guy […]


Creating a Business That’s Sustainable Beyond Your Lifetime with Kim Butler – Episode 77

Kim Butler felt like she needed to create a legacy business that would make an impact on generations of people. She talks about the non-profit she created, why she’s motivated to do this work and how she manages her time and focus to accomplish the work ahead of her. Check out her podcast called The […]


Former NASA Math Nerd Spots Data Patterns In Video Advertising with Tommie Powers – Episode 76

Tommie Powers has an ability to spot complex data patterns in video advertising. He shares the 3 levels of video engagement and how to build conversion conversations that actually work. He’s worked with the 500 Startups incubator which produced CreditKarma, Udemy and Intercom. Episode Highlights Understanding the growth side of video marketing through data How […]


Business Credit and Cash Flow with Gerri Detweiler of – Episode 71

As a business owner you know that access to capital is one of the most important things in your business. In fact, access to cash is often the constraint that prevents owners from growing their product line, expanding payroll or increasing ad spend. Today’s guest Gerri Detweiler is the world’s leading expert about business credit […]


Human Centered Design – Understanding Your Customer with Oscar Chavez – Episode 70

Oscar Chavez has a remarkable story about losing 169 lbs, being on The Voice TV show and now running a successful health coaching company. In this interview Oscar and Spencer talk about why understanding your customers language and mindset is so critical and why he’s focused on building a community for his customers. Episode Highlights […]


Getting Investors to Fund Your Idea with Scott Paul and Austin Emery – Episode 69

We all come up with great ideas but only a small fraction of those ideas see light and even less actually get capital behind them. Scott Paul shares his perspective from selling multiple companies and investing in 25 startups. He talks about what he looks for in founders and why it’s more about the person […]


BGP 067 Evan Tardy – Going an Inch Wide, and a Mile Deep

Evan Tardy is President of the company Dr. Axe. This year they are shooting to $100 million in revenue for their health and wellness online company. This podcast explores the driver of this 6 and ½ year explosive growth- providing value through insightful, not informative, content. Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:09 Evan Tardy, President of […]


BGP 066 Chris Laub – Understanding Your Customer

Chris Laub is a research copywriter and is in the quest for understanding what customers truly want by asking them questions in surveys or through phone conversations. He’s going to share the questions he asks and how to get beyond surface level information. Show Notes: 00:04 Episode highlights and summary 00:46 Introducing Chris 01:45 Helping […]


BGP 063 John Price Part 2 – Strategies For Managing a Fast Growing Company

Part 2 of our interview with John Price, the President of John is sharing insights about getting employees to buy in to the company vision, productivity tips to get more done every day, and why to focus on sales and not branding. Show Notes: Listen to Part 1 of the interview: 00:04 Summary […]


BGP 061 Dan Norris – Being a Serial Entrepreneur

Dan Norris is a serial entrepreneur and his ability to take quick action and iterate is impressive. We talk about the businesses he’s currently running and the recent sell of his last business to GoDaddy. By the end of this interview you’ll have a different view on failure, taking action and getting momentum on your […]


BGP 058 Jake Larsen – Growing Your Business with YouTube Ads

Jake Larsen is the founder of and has figured out the formula to get YouTube ads to pull in revenue for businesses. Together we talk about the creative and sales process that leads to profits. Jake is a world class guy and a true friend who I trust and you should get to know. […]


BGP 055 Travis Chambers – Growing a Scaleable Company

Travis Chambers is the founder of Chamber Media, an agency that makes scaleable social videos. Over the past 2 years Chamber Media has had experienced massive growth and worked on the world’s largest business marketing videos. He shares what it’s been like seeing the company grow, how he pivoted and saw skyrocketing growth, and what […]


BGP 053 Primoz Bozic – The Habit of Taking Action

Primoz Bozic is the founder of Skyrocket Your Productivity and has mastered the habit of taking massive action. He’s from Slovenia and went from being a computer programmer making $7hr to making over $400hr within a short couple years because of his ability to find good mentors and his dedication to taking action quickly. He […]


BGP 052 Patrick Combs – Creating Your Business Story

Patrick Combs is a master storyteller and has a fascinating past of having a show on HBO, consulting with Google and selling out theaters doing a one-man show. Patrick shares the mechanics of a good story so business owners can raise more capital, hire better employees, and convert more prospects into customers. Spencer runs a […]


BGP 051 Ty Crandall – Business Funding and Credit

Ty Crandall from talks with Spencer about business funding and business credit in today’s episode. On BGP episode #49 Spencer interviewed Gerri Detweiler from and talked about building your business credit, so in this episode we dive deeper into another approach to business credit and financing. Show Notes: 00:30 Introducing Ty Crandall 02:31 […]


BGP 050 Garrett Robins – Creating The Good Ole Boys Club

In this episode Spencer talks with Garrett Robins who is currently working on a venture in the home automation industry. They talk why you can’t do it all as a business owner and how putting yourself out there by creating a good ole boys club sets you up for success. Show Notes: 00:30 Introducing Garrett […]


BGP 049 Gerri Detweiler – Building Your Business Credit

Business owners that know their credit score are 41% more likely to be approved for a business loan. In this episode we talk with Gerri Detweiler the Head of Market Education at Nav where she shares insights on how business owners can establish and build their business credit. You can get your business credit score […]


BGP 048 Miguel Hernandez – How To Create Online Courses

In this episode Spencer talks with the founder of Grumo Media Miguel Hernandez. They talk about his fascination of learning and then deconstructing the information and applying it to creating online courses. You can see some of his best courses on the Udemy platform. This is a special interview because Miguel was in BGP Episode […]


BGP 047 Joel Widmer – Teaching Online Courses With Udemy

In this episode Spencer interviews Joel Widmer from Flux Digital Marketing and they talk about Joel’s success as a teacher on the Udemy platform. Joel shares insights on creating high quality courses and different strategies for marketing your material. Show Notes: 00:29 Introducing Joel Widmer 01:38 How to find a topic to teach 03:10 Using […]