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If you could ask an expert in your field one question about business or life, what would you ask? Business, Life, and Coffee podcast host, Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart:HR.

If you could ask an expert in your field one question about business or life, what would you ask? Business, Life, and Coffee podcast host, Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart:HR.
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If you could ask an expert in your field one question about business or life, what would you ask? Business, Life, and Coffee podcast host, Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart:HR.




169 - Beyond a Good Deal: How to Create Passive Income with Real Estate? Ft. Jeff Schechter (aka Shecky)

Our guest for this week is Jeff Schechter (aka Shecky), the co-founder and CEO of High Return Real Estate LLC. Since the ‘80s, Shecky has been involved with real-estate, gaining valuable experience by flipping houses he was living in. In 2016, he founded the High Return Real Estate LLC along with his partner Jack Gibson, who was also a guest on our podcast recently! Shecky also has his own consulting practice and over the years he has worked on helping hundreds of entrepreneurs with business...


168 - How To Build a Great Leadership Team? Ft. Jack McGuinness

Today we’re joined by Jack McGuinness, a leadership coach and co-founder of Relationship Impact, a consulting firm focused on helping great leaders build great leadership teams. Jack started his career serving as an airborne ranger infantry officer in the US Army’s prestigious 10th Mountain Division. Over the years, he has accumulated more than 25 years of experience in organizational effectiveness, organizational development, team effectiveness, executive coaching, and leadership...


167 - How to Use Influencer Marketing to Promote Your E-commerce Business? Ft. Moshe Hurwitz

This week, we’re joined by Moshe Hurwitz, a business development, brand management, and e-commerce professional. He is also the founder and former managing director of Art-N-Fly, a boutique brand of quality art supplies focusing on the world of drawing and illustration. Back in 2015, with only $12 000 and without knowing anything at all about e-commerce, Moshe decided to start his own e-commerce business which he sold three years later for just under one million dollars. Our topics...


166 - Unlocking High Performance: Top Tips for Implementing Performance Management Systems, Ft. Jason Lauritsen

Our guest for this week is Jason Lauritsen, a keynote speaker, author, and consultant. A former corporate HR executive, Jason has dedicated his career to helping leaders build organizations that are good for both people and profits. He is an employee engagement and workplace culture expert who will challenge you to think differently. Jason co-authored the book ‘Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships’ with Joe Gerstandt, back in 2012. His new book about using performance...


165 - How to Activate Your Passive Income Systems? Ft. Jack Gibson

Today we’re joined by Jack Gibson, a serial entrepreneur and founder of two multi-million dollar companies. He started his first company at the age of 21 based on coaching people about effective nutrition and fitness strategies. He ended up running a successful multi-million dollar company before he was old enough to rent a car. After being involved in the real estate business for some time, Jack co-founded the High Return Real Estate program, which has a mission to provide an elegant,...


164 - Growth Marketing Strategies and Tips for Small Business Owners, Ft. Hailey Friedman

This week, we’re joined by Hailey Friedman, an entrepreneur, marketer, co-founder of the Growth Marketing Pro and Head of Marketing at, a company which offers consolidated marketing data. Apart from co-founded the Growth Marketing Pro blog with Mark Spera in 2017 Hailey also runs the Badass Marketers and Founders community, one of the largest active groups of marketers in Silicon Valley with over 22 000 members. Our topics include: Hailey’s background and how she got into...


163 - Sudden Coffee: The Perks and Perils of Starting an Offline Business, Ft. Joshua Zloof

Our guest for this week is Joshua Zloof, co-founder and CEO of Sudden Coffee, a startup with a mission to make great coffee easier for everyone to experience. Mobile App Product Manager by trade, Joshua has over 10 years of experience in Lean Operations, Supply Chain, and Logistics. In the past experience includes working at McKinsey & Co., Apple, Walmart, and he was also the Lead Product Manager for Breadcrumb Pro by Groupon. Our topics include: The inspiration behind Sudden Coffee.How...


162 - How to Control Your Inner Pig: A Simple Technique That Will Help You Lose Weight, Ft. Dr. Glenn Livingston

Today we’re joined by Dr. Glenn Livingston, a veteran psychologist, author and the former CEO of The Livingston Group for Marketing Inc., a multi-million dollar consulting firm which has serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. Dr. Livingston is a specialist on the subject of bingeing and overeating, having spent several decades researching the matter inspired by his personal struggles with obesity. Our topics include: Dr. Livingston’s personal experience with bingeing...


161 - What is Microlearning and How Can Your Company Culture Benefit From It? Ft. Isaac Tolpin

This week we’re joined by Isaac Tolpin, a microlearning expert and Co-Founder of ConveYour, the #1 microlearning software company. As a self-proclaimed EdTech disruptor, he has a unique understanding of how to craft and drive forward the right organizational culture that engages, retains, and boosts employee performance. A proud father of 7, Isaac is looking to distance himself from the world’s definition of success and aspires to make a real difference. Our topics include: Three things...


160 - How to Organize Events and Conferences Which Will Help You Promote Your Brand? Ft. Rich Brooks

Our guest for this week is Rich Brooks, the president, Web Marketing Strategist, and Chief Blogging Officer at flyte new media, and also the founder of the Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference. Back in 2012, Rich started the Agents of Change as a weekly podcast and an annual conference that’s all about search, social, and mobile marketing. For this year's conference, Rich has prepared a special discount, exclusive to the listeners of our show. Our topics include: What is the...


159 - How to Utilize Twitter for Building Your Own Personal Brand? Ft. Anthony Brown

This week’s episode is coming directly from the Twitter Blue Room and our guest is Anthony Brown. He is the Senior Client Account Manager at Twitter, and he’s sharing knowledge that will help you build your audience and develop your brand on one of the world’s leading social media platforms. An exclusive inside scoop about how world’s biggest companies approach Twitter. Our topics include: How are big brands utilizing Twitter?Why is Twitter a must for company executives?The potential...


158 - Letting Go of Perfectionism on the Road to Brand and Identity Development, ft Dionna Dorsey

Today we’re joined by Dionna Dorsey, a creative designer, entrepreneur and founder of the District of Clothing. Dionna’s primary focus is Dionna Dorsey Design, a personal brand under which she aims to strategically create, develop, and nurture brands in a variety of sectors via timeless and innovative design strategies. She uses simplicity, consistency, and inspiring design to support clients in their brand development through creative services. Our topics include: How did the District of...


157 - The Future of Marketing: How Do Podcast Interviews Help You Promote Your Brand? Ft. Tom Schwab

Our guest for this week is Tom Schwab. He is the founder and CEO (that’s Chief Evangelist Officer) of Interview Vallet, a company that provides podcast guest marketing service. Tom’s passion is building and operating the Targeted Interview System which provides his customers a steady deluge of traffic, leads, and sales. Our topics include: How did Tom come up with the idea for Interview Vallet?Is blogging dead, and is podcasting the new blog?Why is it so important to know your target...


156 - Gut Health? How to Detect and Deal With Problems in the Digestive System, Ft. Wade Lightheart

Today we’re joined by Wade Lightheart, a 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion. Aside from being a bestselling author, he is also an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, and the current Director of Education at BiOptimizers Nutrition. Wade travels the world to spread his life mission, which is to help others achieve a richer experience of life through daily practice of rituals that lead to true health, real wealth and peace of mind. Our topics include: What is the All...


155 - How to Build Your Personal Brand Online? Ft. Greg Davenport and Joey Price

For this week’s episode, we went to Podcast Center LA, and our guest is none other than Joey Price! He is the founder and CEO of Jumpstart: HR, but you also know him as the creator and host of the Business, Life and Coffee Podcast. Yes, this week we’re turning the tables on Joey and our interviewer for the show is Greg Davenport, an up and coming graphic designer who is currently doing the Design a Day challenge. Our topics include: What is the Design a Day challenge and how does it help...


154 - Empathy in Customer Service: How and Why Should You Adapt to a More Customer-Centric Business Strategy? Ft. Michael Redbord

This week we met with Michael Redbord, who is the general manager of the Service Hub at Hubspot. Michael has worked with various companies of different shapes and sizes and helped mold their marketing plans, traffic acquisition methods, and competitive online strategies. Our topics include: Why is making customers more successful the key to business growth?How Hubspot came to be and the rest of its origin story.Recommendations and guiding principles for successful scaling and team...


153 - The Ins and Outs of Inbound Marketing, Ft. Dan Moyle

Today we’re joined by Dan Moyle, who is the Chief Marketing Officer at Interview Valet, a company that provides podcast guest marketing service. Dan is also a published author and a fellow podcaster. He is currently hosting The Storytellers Network. Our topics include: What are the three things people need to know about inbound marketing?How can people use inbound marketing to grow their business?How should you approach doing marketing in the so-called “boring” industries?The importance of...


152 - Workplace Culture Is Evolving and the Millennials Are to Blame! Ft. Julie Ann Sullivan

Our guest for this week is Julie Ann Sullivan, a podcaster, a speaker and an international best-selling author. Julie Ann is a business culture expert, with a goal to create workplace cultures where people want to come to work. Our topics include: How and why is business culture important?Are millennials affecting current workplace trends and how?The understanding of loyalty and how the concept has changed over the years.Julie Ann’s thoughts on the SHRM Blog Squad.Useful tips for attending...


151 - What is Balanced Leadership and How to Apply It to Your Day-to-Day Management? Ft. Rocky Romanella

For this week’s episode, we’re joined by Rocky Romanella, the founder of 3SIXTY Management Services LLC. He has more than 40 years of executive level experience. His areas of expertise include development and implementation of high-level strategies, merger and acquisition integration, and operations management, to name a few. This is Rocky’s second time on the show. He was also our guest in episode 79, which you can check out here. Our topics include: What is balanced leadership and how...


150 - The Importance of Employer Branding in Attracting and Retaining Talented Humans ft. Jörgen Sundberg

This week we met with Jörgen Sundberg, an employer brand consultant, and founder and CEO of Link Humans. Jorgen has a background in recruiting, and in 2009 he started a company with the idea of helping employers develop a brand strategy, in order to reach the right humans. Our topics include: What are some of the current biggest trends in employer branding?How is technology affecting the way employees are looking at employer brands?Are today’s employees selfish?Is the current business...