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Keatron Evans on Cyber Security

Keatron Evans is the Managing Partner at KM Cyber Security, LLCand responsible for global information security consulting business which includes penetration testing, incident response management/consulting, digital forensics, and training. I will be hosting a webinar with Keatron on August 20th FIND OUT HOW THE MOST SECURE PLACES IN THE WORLD GET HACKED Keatron is also a Senior Security Advisor at Savvius, and a top-rated instructor for ISACA a global association of 140,000...


Leveraging The Field For Success - John Jay McKey

A recognized data analytics expert with Big 3 and Fortune 50 experience, McKey's new book, LEVERAGE THE FIELD FOR SUCCESS: Using Quantum Reality to Succeed in the Corporate World, explains how to use the scientifically-proven energy mechanism called "the Field" to achieve success in corporate America. “I’ve written this book to accomplish two goals,” says McKey. “The first is to help businesspeople understand how the energetic field is really at the core of everything we see, hear, feel...


GTD Methods for Visual Learners

Getting Things Done for Teens: Take Control of Your Life in a Distracting World This new book, Getting Things Done for Teens offers a fresh take on the GTD methodology, framing life as a game to play and GTD as the game pieces and strategies to play your most effective game. It presents GTD in a highly visual way and frames the methodology as not only as a system for being productive in school but as a set of tools for everyday life. It is described as a how-to manual for the next...


The Thinking Process of an Artist

Elizabeth Shanahan grew up in the foothills of North Carolina, a rural area that is nevertheless saturated with fine and performing arts. This being the case, she was exposed to and fascinated with the arts from a young age. Her homeschool education had a deep focus on art, music, theater, and literature, and these early exposures have a significant impact on her work and life today. Since 2015, Shanahan's work has been shown in group exhibitions throughout the Southeast, as well as New...


Bootstrapping a Subscription Service

SSD Nodes is an SSD hosting provider that offers simple, high-performance cloud computing with personal support, live upgrades, and incredible speed to enable growth and deliver an outstanding experience. Founded by Matt Connor, in 2011 and bootstrapped it into one of the fastest growing cloud hosting providers. Regarded as an industry leader in hybrid computing strategies and solutions, they have established world-class data centers having multiple layers of physical and operational...


Future of Collaborative Social Networks

Rob Cross is the Edward A. Madden Professor of Global Business at Babson College. For almost twenty years, his research, teaching and consulting have focused on applying social network analysis ideas to critical business issues for actionable insights and bottom-line results. He has worked with over 300 leading organizations (companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations) across industries on a variety of solutions including innovation, revenue growth, leadership effectiveness...


Marketing Research and Co-Creation

Stefanie Jansen trained in designing, implementing, and interpreting qualitative and quantitative research and uncovering consumer insight. Although an all-rounder, Stefanie’s target group specialization (and her passion) has always been children, youth, and families. In 2007 she became self-employed and established herself as a co-creation expert. Stefanie always puts the consumer first, and to her, co-creation is the only logical way to get from key insight to successful innovation. She is...


Culture is Not Something You Are

Where does great culture come from? How do you build and sustain it in your group, or strengthen a culture that needs fixing? Culture is not something you are—it’s something you do. The Culture Code puts the power in your hands. No matter the size of your group or your goal, this book can teach you the principles of cultural chemistry that transform individuals into teams that can accomplish amazing things together. In The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle goes inside some of the world’s most...


Branding: Always at the Forefront of Your Marketing

The first edition of the toolkit was made possible by 271 backers on Kickstarter in 2015 and from crowdfunded, self-publishing success to bookstores across the world: Brand the Change is now published by BIS publishers. With over twelve years of experience as a brand developer, Anne Miltenburg has worked with organizations and people as diverse as tech companies, artisans, women’s rights activists and bankers, from Zambia to Tunisia and from the USA to Saudi Arabia. To help her clients...


Freelancing in The Gig Economy

Marion McGovern was the founder and CEO of M Squared Consulting, one of the first gig- economy talent intermediaries before the term was even coined. She also founded Collabrus, a company focused on independent contractor compliance. She now sits on several private company and nonprofit boards and actively mentors entrepreneurs in the human capital space. McGovern wrote the book A New Brand of Expertise: How Independent Consultants, Free Agents, and Interim Managers Are Transforming the...


Poker: Lessons in Decision Making with Annie Duke

Annie Duke brings her background in cognitive science and poker together to understand how we make decisions. In the workplace, success depends on how we make those choices through decision strategy. Everyone, from the newest employees to the principals, is part of the continuous cycle of deciding and learning. These same strategies determine the quality of choices in relationships, health, and lifestyle, investing and consumerism, and parenting. Drawing on the unique combination of training...


Brave Leadership Tapping Into Their Illusive Want

While we may think that we need to follow some kind of prescription to get results, the most amazing leaders are those who dare to be their true selves, powerfully. People want to give them their best. But in a business world that’s so competitive and uncertain, how do you connect with others more authentically to tap into their illusive want? Brave Leadership: Unleash Your Most Confident, Powerful, and Authentic Self to Get the Results You Need About: Kimberly Davis life on the stage...


Lessons from the Rescue of 77 Businesses

If there’s one shared trait among the companies Bob Bethel took over, it was their approach to accounting. Each one of them was using what Bob calls “taillight accounting” – looking backward to see how the business is doing financially. He does not blame them for using this method of accounting, as this approach is preferred by the majority of companies in this country. The problem is that taillight accounting encourages business failure. His new book, Strengthen Your Business: Fail-Proof...


Using Lean, TOC & Six Sigma to Transform Schools

The Excellent Education System: Using Six Sigma to Transform Schools helps you discover and understand the technique of evidence-based learning and operations through which the modern school satisfies the need to increase the flow of successful students through the educational system from Kindergarten through Grade 12. This book explains, in clear terms, what educational excellence means and the principles of process improvement. In addition, it gives you an introduction to the Six Sigma...


2017 Business901 Podcast of the Year: The Lean Strategy with Dan Jones

Dan Jones is a management thought leader and advisor on applying lean, process thinking to every type of business across the world. He is the founding Chairman of the Lean Enterprise Academy in the UK, dedicated to pushing forward the frontiers of lean thinking and helping others with its implementation. He is also the co-author of the original books on Lean, The Machine That Changed the World: The Story of Lean Production and Lean Thinking: Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your...


The Power of Tribal Thinking

Christine Comaford believes we can do well and do good, using business as a path for personal development, wealth creation, and philanthropy. Her newest book, Power Your Tribe: Create Resilient Teams in Turbulent Times, will be released January 2018 but if you pre-purchase the book through her website there is an amazing collection of free giveaways. Power Your Tribe website: Her two New York Times bestselling business books are SmartTribes: How Teams...


Conducting Research Using The Oxford Review

David Wilkinson is the Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Review. He is also acknowledged to be one of the world’s leading experts in dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty and developing emotional resilience. David teaches and researchers at several universities including the University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division, Cardiff University, Oxford Brookes University School of Business and many more. He is the author of The Ambiguity Advantage: What great leaders are great at, published by...


Start-Ups Can Learn From Non-Profits

Maxine Harris is CEO and Co-Founder of Community Connections, a private, not-for-profit mental health agency in Washington, DC. She is also the Executive Director of The National Capital Center for Trauma Recovery and Empowerment. In the past several years, Community Connections has specialized in gender-specific approaches to treating women and men, trauma survivors, homeless persons, and substance abusers. Author of numerous books and articles, Dr. Harris has recently authored "Lessons...


Thriving in a Digital Age

THE DIGTIAL HELIX provides organizations the power to act faster and do it better than before by developing a digital culture from the ground up. Digital transformation promises a bridge to a future, where organizations can thrive with more fluid business models and processes. The few who get digital transformation right deliver twice as fast as other organizations, and see a near-immediate doubling in brand value. This new book, THE DIGITAL HELIX: Transforming Your Organization’s DNA to...


Engage, Retain & Develop Talent

“Organizations and managers should be intentional and aggressive about creating a culture in which people feel valued, significant, and fulfilled, a culture in which people truly look forward to going to work,” says Larry Sternberg. Managing to Make a Difference distills the authors’ fifty years of combined leadership and consulting experience focused on best practices in engaging, retaining, and developing top performers. The tools and techniques the authors present will enable managers...